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  • A submarine in Dubna
    A submarine in Dubna
    by aliante1981
  • Dubna
    by aliante1981
  • 2nd class train carriage - I prefer 1st, though
    2nd class train carriage - I prefer 1st,...
    by aliante1981

Dubna Things to Do

  • Go Swimming!

    Although there is a large indoors pool, the best place to swim in summer is the river Volga. Dubna is located quite high up the river, and hence before the pollution from industries situated further downstream. Water is usually warm enough starting from late May - early June, but do of course keep the weather in mind. Another thing to check is that...

  • Picnic on the Dubna River

    Starting from the May holidays (Labour day as well as May 2nd have been national holidays for years now) the popular weekend pastime is to go to the shores of the River Dubna for a spot of picnicking. The river is a much smaller one (and one of the three surrounding the island on which the older part of the town is built) compared to Volga but...

  • Go To 'The Arrow'

    First I guess I must explain what ‘the arrow’ is :))) ‘The Arrow’, or ‘strelka’ in Russian, is what we call the place where the Dubna river flows into the Volga river.It is not exactly inside the town of Dubna, however it is on the territory that is considered by law to belong to Dubna (that is the village of Ratmino which functions as a somewhat...

  • JINR

    Everybody in Dubna owes JINR a lot. In fact, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (for that is what the letters JINR stand for) is the single most important reason why Dubna was built in the first place. It is also several years older than Dubna, so the respect of all our citizens is due to it. JINR is also quite famous, for two new chemical...

  • Curious Occasions

    I realize this tip sounds mighty strange, but here it is. My hometown is a funny place were surprising things tend to happen. I have decided to make this one just for a taster of what you might encounter if you come.Submarines: OK, we do no live anywhere near the sea. But still, take a look at the picture connected to this tip. That is from...

  • Visit the University

    Yes! Dubna has its own University, though not a grand-old one. It was established in 1994 as an international university that was to concentrate mainly on the studies of nature, man, and society, though it contains much more departments now, such as linguistics, law, physics, economics, management, and more.The University was also the site of what...

  • Go Ballooning On The City Day

    End of July is celebration time in Dubna. Many things about the City Day are described in 'Local Customs' tips, but I decided to put some really attractive (in my personal view) things in the 'Must See' section of my Dubna page.Ballooning is one of these. Here you actually see our balloon in preparation for the feast. During day time (and if you...

  • Picking Mushrooms And Berries

    I really should have called it not 'must see', but 'must do'! Picking mushrooms and berries is a traditional pass-time for people here. Some do it to get food, others ? to relax and spend some time in the forest. I?m not sure, however, that the berries you see are eatable:))

  • The Daniil Chapel

    Dubna is not that rich in religious architecture, but... there's still something. For example, like this cute (it's not ancient, I am afraid) chapel, consacrated to Daniil - one of the Russian saints.The staff and people attending are really helpful, won't insist on skirt and head scarf for women and will with pleasure tell you about the saint and...

  • Go to the beach.

    Applicable only in summer, unless you wish for a swim in an ice-cold water:)) Quite a popular thing in Russia, too. Never do it myself, however...We have no sea here, only the Volga river, so many of the traditional beach entertainment options may be missing. However, there are water motocycles and windsurfing. That besides swimming in nice clean...

  • Music School and Tchaikovski monument

    The whole thing is rather picturesque really :))) I studied at the Music School for 7 years, so for me the place is quite special as well.If you like, you can enter the school and listen to the concerts (when they are scheduled, of course) by the pupils -- free of charge, if nothing has changed recently.Also, there are other events taking place,...

  • Listen to the Folk Choir 'Sudarushka'

    This is the way to experience both Russian folk culture and the talent of our people of Dubna :))The choir is not a professional one, but they do sing well and the performances are always as colorful as one might wish -- see for yourselves in the photo here!It consists women, mostly retired, who decided not just to sit at home, but to bring joy...


Dubna Transportation

  • Getting Around Dubna

    Despite having over 60,000 inhabitants, Dubna has very much a small-town feel, especially if you are sticking to the older part, the one where JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) is located. For this older part the best way to get around is on foot (unless you're in real hurry or have luggage). For going further out, to the so called...

  • Getting There - From Moscow

    In case you do not have a car, or simply don't want to be bothered with the Moscow traffic, your best bet for transport is a train.It will take you just under 3 hours with a standard one (which stops at every stop and is rather noisy and uncomfortable) or 2 hours sharp on an express train with just one stop at Dmitrov. Both trains leave from...

  • Getting there - Taxi.

    You can take a taxi from Moscow. It'll cost you approximately 40 USD if you are travelling alone. In case you are sharing the car, just divide the sum. Taking a taxi makes good sense in case there are several members in your party. There are several things to keep in mind, though:-The fare I said applies only if you catch the taxi at the...


Dubna Shopping

See all 2 Shopping in Dubna
  • Buying Food - 2

    Right next to Perekrestok, the location is, most probably, not the best one. Still, this is a bit of a different shop. You will find yourself better going to ýPerekrestoký if you need, say, loads of food for a week. If you need fresh bread & a snack, or a pack of ham or cheese, it is more convenient to go to ýGibkiy Putýý, because itýs small - you...

  • Buying Food - 1

    This is the first big, really western-style food self-service supermarket in Dubna. Opened in December 2003, ýPerekrestoký belongs to the chain of Moscow food stores.Most common food costs 10-30 percent less than in any other store of Dubna. There are also more expensive goods that other stores rarely stock.Its single disappointing feature at this...

  • Dubna Hotels

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Dubna Local Customs

  • When a person tells he lives in...

    But these weird names do not complete the local map. Here’s what else you might find useful. These places are all points of orientation that we feel quite difficult to omit when describing to somebody how to find his or her way. I tired it once myself – I had to explain to a woman from Ukraine who has only arrived where she can purchase an electric...

  • When a person tells you he/she lives in...

    This is a chapter on our local, known only to residents and frequent visitors, place names. The funny thing is that people here are so accustomed to using our own made-up place names, that we rarely know the location and proper names of the streets, except the one we live in. I can certainly recall a proper name and location of may be 10 more...

  • Dubna and Science

    If you ever come here, you must be prepared for people talking about the scientific achievements of our (relatively) small town, about all the famous physisists who worked there. Nobel Prize winners among them, too!You'll be told about it for sure! Yes, we are a conceited bunch of people here:)) Among those will come many experiments conducted by...


Dubna Warnings and Dangers

  • aliante1981's Profile Photo

    No such things encountered in 21 years!

    by aliante1981 Updated Mar 26, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, I know I am not totally objective on Dubna. But, this is the only place I know in Russia where I can walk in the streets at any hour of day and night and encounter no dangers.

    Then, the drivers are certainly more courteous here than in bigger cities and will *not* try do their outmost best to run you down with their cars. Few drunk people in the streets, again...

    Dubna View from Satellite

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Dubna Off The Beaten Path

  • aliante1981's Profile Photo

    The Lenin Monument

    by aliante1981 Written Oct 1, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During the Soviet era I would have been obliged to put this one as first in the ?Must See? category. Presuming there would have been Internet and VirtualTourist here, of which I would have been doubtful? But that?s off topic, for I try to keep travel and politics safely separated from each other - not the attitude you could expect from a political science student:)))

    But let?s go back to our monuments? This one is one of the biggest ones to Lenin that exist (or existed), or even it was the biggest - that I can not tell with 100% certainty. It is little visited for it is not strictly inside the town zone, but rather in one of those big water-and-greenery zones that do formally belong to Dubna. Built long ago, it then had company - there was an identical statue to Stalin, but we were rid of that even before the Soviet Union collapsed. I believe, though, that there?s still the pedestal of the monument to Stalin standing. Another sight of the Soviet era?

    I actually wondered why the Lenin statue is still standing? Maybe because the people here (and we are not a communist city - just look up our voting records!!!) thought it was somehow wrong to bring down the memories of the past - however gruesome it might have been?

    That's the monument

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Dubna Sports & Outdoors

  • Water Skiing

    Over 15 years ago - somehow (I don't think anybody quite remembers how and why!) - Dubna became one of Russia's main water-skiing centres. To the point that the town hosts a world cup stage on the Volga river close to the dam connecting the two sides of the city. A bottle of beer, a sandwich, and a fizzy drink given it's spectator sport we're...

  • Ice Skating in Dubna

    One of the few benefits of really cold weather is that you don't need artificial ice skating rinks. Every winter, the pitch of the football stadium, as well as the open air tennis courts, are covered with ice. While the tennis courts are sometimes used for ice hockey, the football field rink is for recreational skaters only. You are also free to...

  • Skiing in Dubna

    My original hometown's favourite sport was skiing, though of the cross-country, not the downhill variety (as we had plenty of forest but no hills to speak of). Indeed, local schools devoted one term of physical education lessons each year to skiing.To cater to the enthusiasts, skiing trails are usually prepared as soon as the snow falls and are...


Dubna Favorites

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  • We Are Small, Aren’t We? - Part 4

    …This is Part 4 of my previous tips, dealing with Dubna and its comparison to some of the other countries… We are small, aren’t we? Now, that really depends… I have always considered Dubna to be a small town, with its 67,500 thousand people. And it is small - by Russian standards. And once, when this thing came to my mind again, I just decided (as...

  • We Are Small, Aren’t We? - Part 3

    …This is Part 3 of my previous tips, dealing with Dubna and its comparison to some of the other countries… We are small, aren’t we? Now, that really depends… I have always considered Dubna to be a small town, with its 67,500 thousand people. And it is small - by Russian standards. And once, when this thing came to my mind again, I just decided (as...

  • We Are Small, Aren’t We? - Part 2

    …This is Part 2 of my previous tip, dealing with Dubna and its comparison to some of the other European countries…We are small, aren’t we? Now, that really depends… I have always considered Dubna to be a small town, with its 67,500 thousand people. And it is small - by Russian standards. And once, when this thing came to my mind again, I just...


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