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  • Kuskovo
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Kuskovo
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Kuskovo Estate palace
    Kuskovo Estate palace
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

Kuskovo Things to Do

  • Matrix Reloaded

    Had a chance to feel like being in the movie:Trinity: Connect me to the operator!Operator: Operator!Trinity: Download the program of Cadillac CTS piloting. Quick!Operator: Just a second....... Done!Trinity: Thank you! Now, lead me outa here!Operator: Ok, follow the white rabbit....Ooouuuph! How much beer have I already drunk??!!!

  • Blasted Trinity

    Ok , Ok!Yes, this is me....After a couple of beers and N margaritas....We decided to come up closer to the stage to listen to a live concert of B-2, but I started to dance much in advance the guys started to play....Oh, my!Don't ask me how I felt the next day!Mummy, Mummy, I promise, I won't drink again!

  • Aaaannnnnndddd.... here it goes!

    It finally started.... the first volleys, the first sparkling color umbrellars of fireworks in the yet blue sky, peoples exitment had just arisen...

  • Final glance....

    ... at the young moon and yet pure sky......Still some time was left, that let us think about the passing day.... Was it great? Did we enjoy it? Did we manage to fulfill everything we wanted?yes, yes, yes!!!!!

  • Getting ready

    All the guests started slowly to relocate the Palace and the pond, to see the fireworks....Spectators tried to occupy the best seats, i.e. the Palaces staircase.... Soon the 2nd part of the show would begin.....

  • Thw farewell ray of the sun

    The concet was over, the day was dawning but the show was still on!Looking for support tobe picked up from the ground, I threw back my head and saw this..... good bye, the day, good bye! you were beautiful, but the night brings more fun usually..... :)))

  • Bravo, bravo!

    Don't know how many pics I took during the concert, it seems that I forgot take my finger off release buttom... or was I that exited that I wanted to picture everyone around me.... errrr, can't remember now.....

  • Smoke on the water (c)

    The celebration is in full swing!!!By the way that bulding with green roof, which you can barely see behind the stage, is the Count's green house. It says that he grew even bananas and pine apples there! Indeed it's a very spacious and big green house.

  • Old McDonald had a farm, eh-ya,eh-ya,...

    I spotted these guys near just another place, where beverages and food were sold. Despite the fact they played rather loud, very few people listened to them, majority were preoccupied with consumption process....But the guys played very good songs sometimes - rock songs, country songs - and the people around ate and ate.....

  • Dance, dnace, dance (c)

    You see, you see!Not only me was having fun! I still remember those two waving stars & stripes in unison with music beats.Hm, yet, I remember something anyway....Hey, a good recipe for party blusters: take you digi cam with you, drink as much as you wish, don't switch off the cam and glue you finger to the shutter button, then the next morning...

  • The best margarita

    One of the famous tex mex place in Moscow "Santa Fe" had vendor spot presented and it was the place, where one could get the best cocktails during the celebration, especially the margaritas....Actually we were sitting very close to that very place, just to save on the energy spent on going just for another portion....Oh my, the biggest surprise was...

  • Girly talk

    And here we are, our small girly team. While sending our male escort to buy us another margaritas, we are drinking just another pint of beer and flirt with the neighboring guys asking them to take a picture of us.....Women are so nice and cute, aren' t they? ;)))

  • Proud to be a republican

    Oh...I may not sound very politically correct here...But...It looked really pathetic....However American government still knows how to manage its nation opposite to Russian one, and I even saw a few true republicans, who signed the support appeal.But statistics is stubborn thing and some time ago appeal against war in Iraq was signed by much more...

  • Formal park

    For one day in Summer the formal park behind the Palace is turned into the feasting place.... different music can be heard from all the corners and sides.... smell of BBQs.... melted by the sun and drinks people aimlessly wonder around.... constant rings of mobile as friends try to position their friends, who might be just 2 meters behind.......

  • Up in the air

    Now I pity that I didn't do it, but there was a possibility to ride a baloon.... Being an air zodiac sign, I proof all the descriptions.The feeling of flight, of freedom, of unanimity with wind and the sun.... ahhhhh.... divine!


Kuskovo Transportation

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    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Jan 13, 2008

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    At time of Sheremetyev’s the Estate was 7.5 km from Moscow, between Vladimir and Ryazan roads. Moscow grew up since then. Now actually Kuskovo situated in Moscow not far from the Great Ring.

    Address: 111402, Moscow, 2, Ulitsa Yunosti.
    Location: From metro station 'Ryazanskii Prospect' take bus 133 or 208 to the stop named after the museum.

    Kuskovo by bus
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Kuskovo Favorites

  • Early History (XVIII-XIX centuries)

    Kuskovo was known since the beginning of XVIth century as situated near Moscow ancestral lands of boyars Sheremetyev. These woody and marshy places were of little use for economic development and were used for hunting.The history of the estate dates back to 1715, when Tsar Peter the Great awarded the village of Kuskovo to Boris Sheremetyev, a...

  • Kuskovo in XX-th century and nowadays

    In XIX century the Estate fell into decline. In 1919 Kuskovo Estate got the status of the State Museum, and since 1938 it was consolidated with the only Ceramics Museum in Russia. Nowadays the museum possesses one of the richest collections of glass and ceramics from the Antiquity till modern times in the world. The funds of the museum number over...

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