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Monino Things to Do

  • MiG 31

    This is the latest interceptor demonstrating the advanced Russian technology and popular around the world. The current modernization developed recently is designed to help it fulfill its mission against the so-called Fifth Generation fighters.

  • MiG 21 and MiG 23

    MiG 21 fighter jet and MiG 23 interceptor have been very good and successful airplanes, popular around the world. They were developed in the 1960s.

  • Iliushin 2/ 10

    Il 2 and Il 10 were the mass-produced armored ground attack aircraft that were the scourge of the German army. They called it "Black Death".

  • LaGG fighter

    LaGG was the most common Soviet fighter of WW II, used since 1941. It was the mainstay during defense of Moscow.

  • Su 35

    This is the latest heavy Russian fighter with superior avionics and in very high demand around the world.

  • Tu 144 and Sukhoy interceptors

    Tu 144 was the first supersonic passenger jet, developed faster and before the British Concorde. It enjoyed service on the Moscow-Almaata route, but was put out of commission due to high operating costs and lack of infrastructure. Russian firms are developing at this time supersonic jets for the new millenium.Sukhoy interceptors were designed to...

  • MiG 15

    This was a very successful fighter jet that has been the mainstay of the Soviet AF and was used in many conflicts including in Korea.

  • MiG jets

    These are the first MiG and Yak jets used by the Soviet AF and its allies. They have quickly gained respect and demonstrated advanced technology.

  • Experimental Bomber - Miasishchev 1

    This Mac-2 bomber was built and successfully tested in 1959, but the government decided not to proceed with the project due to its cost.

  • Strategic Bomber 1960's-present -...

    I don't remember the model number. This is the modern strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev company. The newest intercontinental Tupolev was not exhibited.

  • Bomber Tu-14

    This was the heavy post-war bomber designed based on contemporary American bombers. The first Soviet atomic bomb was released from this aircraft.

  • Mi-8 and Mi-24

    Mi-8 is the most common helicopter in Soviet Union and Russia, very successful and good model. Mi-24 is the main military helicopter in Russia. It is being supplanted the new superior versions, but those were not exhibited unfortunately.

  • Mi-6 and Mi-26

    These heavy helicopters are among the world's largest, used by the Air Force and for carrying people in areas with poor roads.

  • Antey

    This is one of the largest airplanes ever produced, designed by the Antonov firm. It was used to carry heavy cargo.

  • Mi-12

    This behemoth sits right at the entrance. This was by far the largest helicopter ever produced, and was used to carry ICBM's.

  • Guide!

    Even though - surprisingly - the Monino museum is one of the few museums where there is posted info in English, I recommend hiring a guide. Mine was a retired colonel, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but I forgot his name.

  • Historic personages

    On the right is the wing of the dive-bomber Tu-2. And on the rigth - WWII veteran, who 've made tens of battle flights on this plane in 1944.

  • Historical show

    This is a reconstruction of the field-aerodrome of the VVS RKKA (Air Forces of the Workers Red Army) of 1941.All pilots are in the historic uniform.


Monino Transportation

  • Getting There

    There are train from the Yaroslavskiy station, but I went by car.You need to take Shosse Entuziastov East out of the city. About 30 km out you pass Kupavna. On the next light, Moninskiy Povorot, you take left, another left right before the RR bridge, and then left into the AF base. Get them to explain the way to you throught the AF town to the...

  • Hardly could be called transportation.

    Tickets for air-show were sold in advance, including a special tickets for car parking. But due to bad weather on Saturday (read: no flights). Tickets for both days were valid on Sunday (!). Result: no parking places and need to left cars 2 km from airdrome and walk by this dirty... No need to mention that cash for parking place was not returned...

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Monino Favorites

  • Russian fighters

    Aerobatic group - "Strizhi" (swifts)The best group at the show! Fantastic curves!It was funny to learn that surname of the leader of this group is Dyatel (woodpecker) So... why do they called Swifts? :))) LOL!

  • Biplanes in the sky...

    On the photo: Eric Vormezeele (Belgium) on Boeng Stearman and Jean-Luc Moyaux (Belgium) on Stampe-Vertongen SV4.Last one showed some aerobatics - amazing for this old mashine.

  • Biplanes in the sky

    Boeing Stearman piloted by Eric Vormezeele (Belgium).There were no any dizzy aerobatic maneuvers, but the flight of the 70 y.o. plane is a trick by itself. This was one of the most picturesque planes of the show.


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