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Muranovo Things to Do

  • Izbushka of Baba-Yaga

    This is a small toy-house for children in the estate's park. It looks like a real one though doors are just 1.5 m high. Children were the most treasure of the estate in all times of its history. In times of Baratynsky family they've said that it was "small university" - eight famouse teachers worked here. Feodor Tyutchev has got 8 children (3 with...

  • Estate (II)

    ... After death of the poet E.Baratynsky his widow handed the estate to her sister - Sofia, who was married to the friend of Baratynsky, literary man - N.V.Putyata. Putyata's period of Muranovo laster from 1850s to 1870s...

  • Estate (I)

    This house was build in 1842 according to the draft of Baratynsky on the place of an old one. The estate belonged to the family of his wife born Engelgard. Her mother Ekaterina Engelgard born Tatischeva have bought the estate in 1816. ...

  • The church

    On the territory of the estate you'll find a small church - the Savior -not-made-by-hands, which has the vast collection of different sacred relics from all Russia and over the world. As it was Holy Trinity day the church was decorated with birch trees and the grass was layed all over the floor for the morning service.

  • The toy house

    The toy house is indeed very small in size, it's only 2 times higher than a standard human height. It was build for children and named "House of Baba Yaga".Baba Yaga is a Russian fairy tale charachter, who usually is a rather ugly old lady, who lives deep in the woods in a wooden house on chicken legs. She is obviously a negative character, but she...

  • Surroundings

    Very peaceful surroundings in Muranovo.....If the weather permits, have a walk around artificial lake or amongs the fields, feel Russia...

  • Dacha

    Dacha is a name of a country house in Russian, but it's much more than a country house ment by Western people.... that's why this word is never translated into any language. Dacha is dacha....This is dacha, where descendants lived and still live. This house is on estates territory, but it has never belonged to a museum.

  • The grave

    Near one of the church walls there is a small grave yard, where last owners and their descendants were buried ....

  • The well

    Behind the church there is a well, which was consecrated and the crusifiction was put on the top....

  • The belfry

    And this is the small belfry which stands close to the church. A young girl chimed the beautiful melody indicating that morning service was over.

  • Interior 3

    Tourists are alowed to visit both floors. The rooms on the ground floor (or the 1st floor in Russian) were dedicated mostly to social life- accepting guests, dining, reading, etc, while the 2nd floor served mainly the owners, where they had children rooms, bedrooms and private cabinets.

  • Interior 2

    All the furniture, carpets, china and books are original, majority of portrates and paintings are original as well, all this makes the museum really unique. It might be interesting no only for those who knows about Russian literature and history, but for an accidential wanderer who wants to see the ordinary life of Russian noblemen in XIX cent.

  • Interior

    The house interior was left almost unchanged as well and it happened mostly due to the fact that direct descendants of the last owners kept this museum secure up until eraly 80-s of the last century. They lived in the separate house on the territory of the museum. This can be considered as an outstanding example as majority of noblemen and their...

  • The mansion 2

    Baratynsky lived in Muranovo only 2 years. After his death the sister of his wife moved there together with her husband. Later on their daughter married a son of Feodor Tyutchev, who brought to the estate all the private belongings of his father, his archive, portraits, books, etc. thus creating a mini museaum of F. Tyutchev.This house has seen a...

  • The mansion

    This estate is called one of the most poetic in Moscow country side and it's closely connected with two well-known Russian poets - E. Baratynsky and F. Tyutchev.Baratynsky married daughter of L. Engelgardt, former owner of Muranovo. He built here a haus, which initially should have looked like English castle, but eventually got the look it has...


Muranovo Restaurants

  • Lalique's Profile Photo

    by Lalique Written Jul 11, 2003

    Unfortunately there is no any restarurant, nor even a proper snack place nearby.
    Howevere here are some options:

    - there is a kiosk on the estates territory, which is opened till about 4pm and sells chips, nuts and other non-liquid snacks
    - a couple of meters off the estate, just near the pond, there is a small store, where one can buy different drinks, ice cream, bread, chees, etc...... but don't expect the seller to speak ANY foreign language

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Muranovo Off The Beaten Path

  • Sergey Aksakov

    Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov (1791-1859)Russian writer, publicist and political figure.The most well-known books:Scarlet Flower - a fairy tail.Notes of a Provincial Wildfowler and others - popular books on hunting and fishing actual even now - 150 years later.Family estate of Aksakov's family - Abramtsevo, sold later to businessman Mamontov.

  • Nikolay Putyata

    Nikolay Vasilievich Putyata (1802-1877)- literary man, chairman of the Moscow Society of Russian Literature. From 1823 - adjutant of Governor of Finland, Count Zakarevsky; from 1830 - official in the goverment of the Grand Duchy of Finland.Polish noble family Putyata (in Polish smth like ~Putzata) from Smolensk sweared to Russian Emperor in 1655...

  • Evgeny Baratynsky

    Evgeny Abramovich Baratynsky (1800-1844)Famous Russian poet - (1800-1844 ) biography, friend of Alexander Pushkin. Some of his works - verses for romances:MuseConfessionWaterfall;Some translations by Yevgeny Bonver


Muranovo Favorites

  • Pablos_new's Profile Photo

    by Pablos_new Written Jun 10, 2004

    Favorite thing: It is almost over 15 years since I have a dacha (summer cottage) at the banks of river Talitsa just in 5-10 km from Muranovo. And shame on me !!! this is for the first time I visited this place ;-(

    Fondest memory: Calm and quite life of the village combines silence of museum-estate, farmers hard life around, careless dachas' life and closeness of rich villas behind high fences. Muranovo is very eclectic - it is life of Moscow region compressed in a small territory.

    river Talitsa

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