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  • Urals as seen from White Mountain monastry
    Urals as seen from White Mountain...
    by 19ghost73
  • White Mountain Monastry
    White Mountain Monastry
    by 19ghost73
  • Perm'
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Perm' Things to Do

  • White Mountain Monastry

    Visit the ongoing building of the main church of the "White Mountain Monastry" in the Ural mountains, some 120km east of Perm.

  • the great church-interior

    When I came to this church a church-service was going on and so I could just take a few photographs through the open door, so that nobody could feel disturbed. This church is without doubt the most beautiful that you will find in Perm, but most probably it normally closed during the day.And once again this church was not mentioned on our guided...

  • the church close to the cruiseport

    This is the interior of the beautiful church close to the cruise-port. You will be able to enter it freely and without restrictions during the day. When we were there with the tourgroup, we had been told that photography is forbidden inside that church, but I had made my pics already some time before we went there, because I went there in the...

  • the old town-quarter of wooden houses

    There is an old town-quarter in Perm, where at least 40 or 50 of old wooden houses were built close to each other like in a small village, and although people are living in these interesting houses nobody seems interested to maintain or restore them.We passed by these houses in our tourbus and not a single word was mentioned about them by our...

  • and this is finally the Balletschool of...

    The Ballet-school of Perm seems to be quite popular all over Russia, because a VT-friend of mine had a strange reaction, when I told her that I will make a cruise from perm to Moscow : "I wonder what they will show you in Perm, except maybe the Ballet-school"In any case this building will always be mentioned, when the tourbuses are passing by.

  • The monument for the victims of WW II

    This is the really impressive monument for the victims of WW II and you will find it in the centre of a giant sqare and park in the centre of the town. I had been there shortly before May 9th , the day when the victory against the Nazi-regime is celebrated each year with several festivities, a lot of people wear badges, cars are decorated etc.

  • a nice building in the city

    This is another building in the centre of Perm and I simply cannot remember its name or function, but at least it is one of the older buildings that are proudly shown to the tourists, during a guided bustour. It was not easy to take my pics trough the bus-window, unfortunately buses never seem to be washed before they make a tour.

  • In the city of Perm

    This is one of the major buildings in the city of Perm and we passed by it on our guided bustour through the city. I could not understand the name of the building, maybe a theatre or university, it does not matter a lot for tourists anyway, as long as it looks nice like this building dating back to the glorious time of the 19th century.

  • the school of the Transsibirian Railway

    The local tourguide told us that this building is the school of the Transsibirian Railway, and in fact you will see some signs and other railway-stuff in the back of the building, that is next to the train-station of Perm.

  • an old palace close to the river

    Take a look at this great building, it even does not matter that it is in a very bad condition, you still might see its former glory someway shining through. Obviously the restauration-works have started already and I really hope to see it in a better state maybe next time !

  • a great church close to the cruise-port

    This great church is close to the ship-landing-station and it will be lighted at night and you will see it from the ships-decks.It is also part of the guided tour for most of the organized bustours and includes also a seperate a belfry in the church-court, whose entrance-gate is not really easy to find, because the church is surrounded by several...

  • Get really big ears in Perm

    This small "monument" is the favorite sight of all tourguides in Perm, and tourists seem to like it as well, as you see on my photographs, dont miss the last one, showing a notorious globetrotter...There is also a "story" behind these ears : In medieval times many people of Perm used to carry large sacks of salt on their back and obviously got red...

  • The museum of Icons

    The museum of Icons is inside the former monastery-church, it is an impressive building and it is a pity that I did not have enough time to go inside the museum.

  • The lovely blue Art-Nouveau-house

    This lovely blue Art-Nouveau-house is my favorite building in Perm and also the local tourguides are all proud of it and will take you there. And like all art-nouveau-buildings you also have to take a look at the accessories like the fences and gates, they will always match to the great architecture of the building.

  • The State Theatre of Ballet & Opera

    The State Theatre of Ballet & Opera is part of every sightseeing-tour through the city of Perm and even Papa Lenin has survived on his monument next to it, as you will see on my last photograph.

  • one of the most beautiful churches of...

    This church with the 5 golden domes is without doubt one of the most beautiful churches of Perm. This is another sight that will not be shown by the official sightseeingtours, so I went there on my own and I was lucky that the gate of the church-court was open, and inside the church there was a service going on and so I could enter and take a few...

  • the big mosque of Perm

    This mosque is in my opinion one of the most interesting sights of Perm, but when we made the official tour through Perm we saw it just from a large distance of maybe 200 meters, while sitting in the bus. In the afternoon I went back to see it again and I can simply recommend you to do so as well.

  • the innercourt of the mosque

    Dont forget to take a look into the innercourt of the mosque otherwise you will miss some interesting details of the great local architecture. There are 2 gates, where you can enter this public area and take a closer look at it !

  • The fire-station

    The firestation and its watchtower were interesting sights in almost every town that I saw outside of Moscow and St.Petersburg. That might be because they always have a solid tower, mostly dating back to the 17th-18th century, the time when most of the great buildings were made in Russia and these houses were mostly also in use by the firebrigades...

  • Satues/lenin!

    Ah the statues russia has on offer!!!This is on Komsomolsky prospect - one of the main 'hangout and look cool!' streets in Perm.Its actually near the university, you`ll see all the students about.So if anyone needs a translator, thats the place to find one!!!English is NOT spoken by many here - so have some russian or be prepared to struggle.Theres...

  • Parks!

    I got to love the parks in russia, Perms a pleasure for parks.A meeting place for russians, a place for drinking, walking, eating etc....heres a pic of a monument to the great war in Perm.the statue of the front and the back, i think its called.


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Perm' Nightlife

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  • close to the cruise-port

    This russian Discotheque and Cafe is the only place where you will be able to take a drink in the evening next to the cruiseport. It was almost empty, with just a very small dancing-floor and no local people around. This might be better during the high season of cruising. We had been there in early May. Take a look at the facy toilets in my last...

  • Russian Billiards

    Well this could go under anywhere in Russia, I just did it in Perm' first and so felt it needed to go here. There is a billiards club just around the right hand corner to Hotal Ural (see Hotel Ural tip/info for location) and through an archway. It gets cheaper the later in the evening that you go. Russian Billiards is different to other...

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Perm' Transportation

  • take the Transsibirean Railway to get to...

    Perm is one of the main stations of the Transsibirian Railway, in a distance of 1397 Km east of Moscow. Take a look at my link, I found it in a german brochure of a travelagency, so these prices are just in order to give you an idea, how much it would be. With these trains it is also mostly not possible to easily book them after your arrival in...

  • By air to Perm

    I arrived by Sibirian Airways on a flight from Moscow to Perm and I had to set back the clock 2 hours upon arrival. The airport is not very big and also not really well organized. The luggage of all airplanes arrives in a tiny belt conveyer, there is just a small cafe in the hall, some telephones and I dont remember any transportation-wagons. So I...

  • The cruise-port of Perm

    This is the cruise-port of Perm, in the north of the city and at the same time opposite of the station of the Transsiberian Railway."Rich-noi Vauxhall" is the russian word for it and it might be good to remember it, when you intend to take a taxi from the airport or from the city to the cruiseship.The buses #1 and #3 will also go from the city to...


Perm' Shopping

  • globetrott's Profile Photo
    Piratski Sunduk / Pirate accesories 4 more images

    by globetrott Updated Jul 25, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Piratski Sunduk is the name of this great Antique-shop and they also have a wide selection of nautical accesories, like the ones that you will see on my photographs. I really never expected to see such things for sale in Russia, at least not outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    This shop is open for customers
    Monday - Saturday from 11.00am till 08.00pm
    and every Sunday from 11.00am till 07.00pm

    What to buy: What-ever a pirate might want to buy...

    What to pay: Prices are not really very high !

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Perm' Off The Beaten Path

  • the building in blue

    This building in blue is next to the State Theatre of Ballet & Opera and maybe its a hospital or university, the tourguide did not mention it at all, while we were passing by. It is a nice building anyway and worth seeing in my opinion for its great architecture, dating back to the last years of the Tsars time.

  • Papa Lenin did not have to go into Exile

    While in many other places of Russia the monuments for Papa Lenin had been taken away after the last revolution in 1989, here in Perm nobody forced him to retire and so you will see his monuments still :The one on my main photograph is close to the sculpture with the big ears, the other one is inside the park of the State Theatre of Ballet & Opera...

  • the sad end to a funny idea

    It is a pity that this great restaurant / bar is out of function nowadays. Unfortunately it burned out but it certainly was great fun, while in operation: this former gliding-boat that was decorated in a funny way like a shark can be found directely at the place, where the cruiseships are docking and over a small bridge you will even be able to...


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