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  • Izborsk Fortress
    Izborsk Fortress
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Gorodischenskoye Lake
    Gorodischenskoye Lake
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Slovenskiye Springs
    Slovenskiye Springs
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

Izborsk Things to Do

  • St Nikola’s Church at Gorodische

    The stone church was built in1682. It’s a high domed one-aspide refectory with the Belfry on the western wall. The walls are decorated with crosses. Since 1831 it was attributed to the Church of the Nativity Izborsk. In the beginning of 1960 it was transferred to the Museum.You can watch my 4 min 12 sec Video Izborsk Truvor's Gorodische photos ...

  • Sloveninskiye springs

    The karst-fractured Sloveninskiye springs are close to Izborsk fortress on the waterfront terrace of the Gorodishchenskoye lake. Sometimes they are called Twelve Apostles’s Springs. The first written mention of these sources dates to the seventeenth century. They exist at least a thousand years. You can watch my 4 min 31 sec Video Izborsk Fortress...

  • Truvor’s Cross

    You will find the ancient cemetery with preserved stone cross of the XV century tear the Truvor’s fort. One of the crosses which height is taller than a man height is known as the Truvor’s cross on the Truvor’s grave. Folk legend connects it with the legendary Varyag Truvor.Catherine II, who believed in this legend, ordered to make a medal in honor...

  • Truvor’s fort

    Truvor’s fort or Old Izborsk fort is located near Izborsk. According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, the town was the seat of Rurik's brother Truvor from 862-864. It occupies a triangular cape high plateau - Zheravi Gorodishchenskaya Mountains above the lake. The settlement was founded by Kriviches VII and VIII centuries. Its area about 7000...

  • Gorodischenskoe Lake

    The Gorodischenskoe Lake located near Izborsk at the foot of a high hill on which the fortress of Izborsk stands. It is one of the main attractions in Izborsk. Gorodishchenskoye (Truvor’s) settlement is close to the lake.You can watch my 2 min 32 sec Video Izborsk Gorodischenskoye Lake out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

  • Korsun' Chapel

    The Chapel of Our Lady of Korsun’ located at the Talavskaya Tower on the northwest side of Izborsk fortress.It was built on the site of an ancient burial ground. According to the legend, this is a mass grave of soldiers- defenders of the Izborsk fortress in 1657.

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral

    You will find the St. Nicholas Cathedral inside the fortress, near the entrance. It’s a monument of architecture of the first half of the XIV century. Later the Bell Tower was added. St. Nicholas.

  • Fortress of Izborsk

    According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, the town of Izborsk was the seat of Rurik's brother Truvor from 862-864.The next mention of the town in Slavonic chronicles dates back to 1233, when the place was captured by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. Pskov moved the fortress to a more convenient site in 1302. The most ancient extant structure...

  • The Ryabinovka Tower

    The Ryabinovka Tower stands between the Vyshka and Temnushka towers and is a fortification point of the ?accessible? wall. The tower has 6 levels and, as historians say, its gloomy look was a psychological weapon sometimes enough to deter people from trying to seize the Izborsk fortress by force.The name we know at present is relatively new - its...

  • The Truvor’s Cross.

    That’s the most ancient and the most revered legend of Izborsk. One of the large crosses of the Truvor’s settlement is said to mark the tomb of the legendary prince Truvor, who came with his two brothers to rule Russia, upon the locals’ repeated requests. Truvor settled in Izborsk, and according to the same legend, died here in 864, 3 years after...

  • Truvor’s Settlement

    The beginnings of Izborsk can be found at the site of an ancient settlement, that existed long before the fortress was built, let alone the time when it was transferred to Mount Zhuravija. The ancient city occupied triangular cape of a high plateau. The territory was small, but the place was chosen wonderfully. The settlement occupied the top of a...

  • Nikolsky Cathedral

    The church of Nikola in the Izborsk fortress can be seen rising above the massive walls, its silver dome glittering against blue sky. The church, close to the main entrance to the fortress, is located and has been constructed approximately in 1330 when the city and the fortress have been transferred to the Zhuravija mountain. The cathedral was...

  • Kolokol’naja Tower

    Or, as it can be translated, the Bell Tower. It stands right behind the Nikolskie gate in the southern part of the fortress, overlooking the settlement of Izborsk and (since it’s in the same direction) facing the town of Pskov as well. The Bell Tower contained a bell (quite logical, that) that was expected to signal the approaching danger. The...

  • The Temnushka Tower

    The Temnushka Tower is the last tower of the so-called ’accessible wall’. It covered the main entrance into the Izborsk fortress and was the starting point of the road along the southern wall, with internal and external gates. Just as the Ryabinovka Tower (discussed above) it has 6 levels, but it is considerable less gloomy in comparison. Though I...

  • The Talavskaja Tower.

    The Talavskaja Tower is the only one square tower in the fortress. And the only one I remember that I’ve seen in my whole life. The 5-level tower stands in the North-West of the fortress, and is one of the strong points of the so-called ‘accessible wall’ (see other tips for my view on its accessibility). The height is 15 meters, and the...

  • The Lukovka Tower.

    The Lukovka Tower is the most ancient tower of the Izborsk fortress and is considered the most mysterious in the architectural sense of the word – don’t worry – no ghosts!It was originally part of an older, wooden fortress, that once stood on the spot. So the stone walls when they were constructed later, have bypassed a tower, having left it,...

  • The Vyshka Tower.

    The Vyshka (translated actually as ‘tower’) Tower is the highest and the most fortified tower of the Izborsk fortress. Its height now (which means after it having been ruined) reaches 19 meters. And in the past the tower was even higher because of a wooden structure (similar to a tower) that was incorporated inside. Hence the name. The Vyshka Tower...

  • The Izborsk Fortress.

    The Izborsk fortress also is the ancient city of Izborsk (not the Izborsk of today) which is mentioned in annals. Fortress in Russia, by the way, means ‘fenced place’. Well, with the fences like that, they had every right to called it a ‘fenced place’…The fortress which we now see, has been transferred from the settlement itself to the Zheravjia...


Izborsk Local Customs

  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    Archery in Izborsk

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Oct 25, 2015

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    Taking a walk around the fortress, you can try archery, imagining yourself as a participant of a long time ago battle.

    You can watch my photo of Izborsk on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 57° 42' 33.98" N 27° 51' 35.70" E or on my Google Earth Panoramio Izborsk Fortress Entrance Gate.

    Archery in Izborsk
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Izborsk Favorites

  • Zarina and Mirta fom Irin Hof in Izborsk

    I visited Izborsk two times.For the first time it happened in far Soviet times in 1991 when I with my son Pavel took an excursion bus tour to Pskov and Tartu. For the second time it happened in 2010 with my wife Irina and our two dogs Zarina and Mirta fom Irin Hof when we took part in a German shepherd dog-show in Pskov and when it was over we went...

  • Museum-preserve «Izborsk»

    The State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk» is the main attraction in Izborsk.It consists of:Fortress of Izborsk with St Nikolas Church,Truvor’s Settlement,Slovenskie Spring and Gorodischenskoye Lake.The museum’s collections have been formed as a result of the many years of archaeological excavations in...

  • Izborsk Town

    Izborsk is a town, which contains one of the most ancient and impressive fortresses of Western Russia. It lies 30 kilometers to the west of Pskov and just to the east of the Russian-Estonian border. It is located eight hundred and fifty kilometers from Moscow and three hundred kilometers from Saint Petersburg.Izborsk is one of the most ancient...


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