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  • Things to Do
    by jorgejuansanchez

Ulan-Ude Things to Do

  • Museum of History

    This museum explain the history of Ulan Ude, including the visit of tsarevich Nikolai Romanov, future tzar Nikolai II.

  • Ethnographic Museum

    This was my best visit in Ulan Ude. I took a local bus and went to the limit of the city where I entered the museum. Price was cheap. Inside I saw differents sections, the church of the Old Believers was the mos stunning monument (well, it was a true church moved there for exhibition), then a russian fortress, a section devoted to the first...

  • Make friendship with the locals

    They are nice and will give you much information about the places, much better than the so called tourist guides.

  • Odigitrievsky Cathedral

    I arrived there waking from the downtown, across the pedestrian street. I liked it, it was a lovely church built during the XVIII century.It is dedicated to the icon of the Theotokos.

  • Triumphal Arch

    It commemorates the visit of Tsarevich Nikolai Romanov (future Tsar Nikolai II) to the city in the year 1891.

  • Play chess in the street

    I found this statue of two kings playing chess while heading to the Ethnografic Museum. It was put there but the members of a chess club just in front of the monument.

  • Ivolginsky datsan

    All the monks in Ivolginsky datsan are buryats; I did not see any Russian monk. Inside this tibetan monastery (mahayana-gelugpa sect, or followers of the Dalai Lama), you can visit several temples, the museum, the library and the monks rooms.One of the monks gave us a lecture about one of his Lamas, called Itigelov. He said that his body is...

  • Revolution Square

    I like to sit in public squares and watch the activity. In addition to statues and monuments, there are usually lots of local people. There were lots of families out in this one because somebody was offerring pony rides on the day we visited.

  • Here's Lenin!

    One of the city's tourist attractions is a huge statue of Lenin in the main square. (Ploshchad Sovietov.) It is 25 ft. tall and weighs 4 tons. It was installed in 1974. The square also has a beautiful fountain and lots of benches. It's a nice place to relax for a bit.


Ulan-Ude Restaurants

  • Eat for less than 2 US Dollars

    They gave me a soup (borsch) plus a kotlet. Not bad, cheap, for only one and a half US Dollars, or 98 rubles. business lunch

  • Very nice restaurant

    I liked this place, although only drank a beer. In my hostel (UUHostel) there was a traveler from the city of Santiago, in Chile. He was hungry and went to this restaurant, Churchill. The atmosphere was very good and the food that my Chilean friend ate was also good according to him, So I advise you to go there. My Chilean friend ate a sandwich of...

  • Eat inside a yurt

    This is a lovely place to try Buryatian food and tea. I loved it! Buuz, or a kind of mante. Delicious!

  • The things on the menu, they did not...

    It is a Hotel restaurant. The servise was good. But the things we wanted they did not have that day. Maby it was because it was the day before New year. The have an English Menu, and the staff speaks a little English too. The soup was okay, but not plentyfull and the bread was old. The woman in the gardarobe where very nice and chatty.

  • It is okay but not to write home about...

    The food was okay, a bit from georgie. The shaslick was okay as where the salds. You are not alowed to smoke. The service is Old Russian, so without a smile. The second night we ate there, we find out that they raised the prises up to double. No discussion possiable.

  • Traditional Buryat Food

    "Stavka Batiya" means "Chingis Khan Camp".Here you can taste all traditional Buryat meals made of meat and milk.However, they have meals for vegeterians. 1. "Salamat" (Sah' lah' maht) - somekind of milk (cream) porridge. Should be hot !2. "Posy" (Po' see) - "pies" (boiled in water) with cutted mutton meat. After first bite you should drink "meat...


Ulan-Ude Transportation

  • Take the train

    The train is useful and convenient if you travel around Russia. But if you head to Mongolia, better take the bus, which is much cheaper and much faster.

  • The Russia, train number two

    We traveled from St Petersburg to Ekaterinburg and from there to Ulan Ude. Can tell you it was great we traveled on the number two train,this time we went first class. In the winter that is great, in second calss sleeping on yhe top bunk can be hell, it is so hot on the trains. At v first id did want to travel first class, was afraid of not having...

  • To and out of Ulan-Ude

    There is at least one train per day from Irkutsk (7-8 hours), one per week from Beijing via Ulan-Bataar, one per week from Beijing via Harbin, and one every other day from Moscow or Vladivostok. There are local flights from Moscow but I never could make a reservation from abroad.Check the site of SIBERIA AIRLINES. The other airline is ENKOR. Both...


Ulan-Ude Shopping

  • jorgejuansanchez's Profile Photo

    any shop: Buy a map

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Aug 22, 2015

    In fact I did not buy any map since there were so many maps in the streets that I just took pictures. Those maps are very useful to move around.

    What to buy: maps

    What to pay: free if you take a picture

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Ulan-Ude Local Customs

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    Learn and practice reading...

    by Etmeu Updated Dec 18, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Learn and practice reading Cyrillic (the Russian alphabet) before going to Russia. There are some very good Internet sites for Cyrillic self-learning. You will not regret the effort. Knowing basic Russian helps you a lot too.

    People are very polite there. At least learn the basic greetings in Russian.

    Also, see the picture on the left to know how to kiss your beloved in Buriatia :- )

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Ulan-Ude Warnings and Dangers

  • Do not drive and drink

    Russians drink very mucha vodka and therefore there are many accidents, So be careful, and if you drive do not drink vodka.

  • not a danger, be aware, sometimes the...

    Yes It did happen to us. We had creditcards with us. The dutch readers will know the postbankcard, that one worked in most Russian cities. In Ulan Ude it worked at one ATP. but when we needed money agian, this one was emptie, and ti took a while to find one that worked with western cards, and the one we found at hotel Buryata worked with mastercard...


    IF YOU CAMP: MOSQUITOES in the forest. If you camp on the shore of Lake Baikal, it is usually ok. If you go into the forest they can drive you mad at dawn and at dusk. Insect repellent, a net and gloves will keep them away from your skin but not from your ears!!TICKS. If you hike in the taiga (Russian forest) wear long pants, put some repellent and...


Ulan-Ude What to Pack

  • Take warm clothes in the winter

    We had a great back, and small rucksacks, traveling first class that was fine, but if you go coupe it can be to much Buy winterboots in Russia, lined with fur, and good winter coats. A hat, a good woolen one, or a fur one is neccesary, and good warm gloves. We went in the winter and in Ulan Ude it was -40 c So tkae thermal underwear with you...

  • Packing List

    IF YOU GO CAMPING water purification pills are useful although I often drunk water from Lake Baikal without adding any. It is impossible to find APS films in Ulan Ude. Choice in film speed is limited for 135mm films but you can find most common brands and speeds. MULTIFUEL STOVE is essential if you go camping. I could only find car gas in...

  • Ulan-Ude Hotels

    0 Hotels in Ulan-Ude

Ulan-Ude Off The Beaten Path

  • Budist temple outside town

    There is a Buddist centre 30 km outside Ulan Ude. It is a great outing, and a baeutifull place.To get there go to the end of Ul Lenin, to the bus station. Take number 130 minibus tell where you going. It will cost ya 15 rouble. They drop you off not so far, then you have to take a taxi car, cost 10 rouble. and he will drop you of in front of the...

  • --no place else to put...

    --no place else to put thisSupermarket/Food Store--There is a small supermarket, 'Sputnik', off the main square. Nice selection of goods, fresh fruits, wines. One concern was the caviar section--the refridgerator was off (and was warm), while the caviar was still sitting in there for sale (and equally warm).

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ulan-Ude Favorites

  • Take a chance to go off the beaten...

    Take a chance to go off the beaten track. Visit the Zabaikalsky National Park.See "Off the Beaten Track" to learn more about it and the travelog "Kayaking in the Zabaikalsky National Park"

  • Ansgar's General Tip

    We did a trip to the Datsan Monastery one day - it was the most amazing thing to do in Ulan-Ude. You have to take the bus to Datsan, it leaves from the central bus depot. See the travellogue for some more infos and pictures

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