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  • Mozhayevka is to the north of Yelan
    Mozhayevka is to the north of Yelan
    by hunterV
  • Priests and parish after the Feast Day liturgy
    Priests and parish after the Feast Day...
    by hunterV
  • During the cross procession on the Feast Day-2012
    During the cross procession on the Feast...
    by hunterV

Mozhayevka Things to Do

  • Exploring the Civic Center

    The civic center, as it were, is between Mir Street and Central Street.It includes several government offices, among them the old school, the village leisure center and the war memorial.The old school is worth visiting. Its building dates back to 1914. It is still a school - an elementary school with forty students.The village leisure center is...

  • View the Church Interior

    We walked around the cathedral hall and viewed the murals depicting the life of saints and the Bible scenes.There is an inscription in Old Slavonic - a quote from the Bible.

  • Visiting the Local Church

    It was great to visit the local church some parts of which are still under construction.The building itself is ready, but there is still a lot of work in the church courtyard. The cathedral's foundaton stone was laid on June 3, 1994. The construction was going on for more than ten years.The new cathedral was consecrated on May 24, 2006.The...

  • After the Liturgy

    It was especially pleasant to walk about the cathedral after the liturgy and the pilgrims' lunch were over.The walls are adorned with a lot of icons and murals pedicting Bible scenes and showing the portraiots of prophets and saints.The inscriptions are all in Old Slavonic that is not always easy to understand as there are a lot of contractions in...

  • Meet Anatoly, Fool-for-Christ's-Sake

    During the Feast Day I was surprised to meet a fool-for-Christ for the first time in my life.I even talked to him asking him for his blessing.A lot of pilgrims upon seeing him approachined him, brought him gifts and asked him for his blessing.Anatoly the fool-for-Christ is a frequent visitor of such festivities.He does not stand in the cathedral...

  • Walk Around the Church

    Take a walk around the church and admire its experior.It's a nice new church, only five years old.We saw that the construction work was still under way.I liked the bakery building that looks like a small hotel.


Mozhayevka Restaurants

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    Local Church: Meals for Pilgrims

    by hunterV Updated Jun 3, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are no restaurants or cafes in this village.
    My friend and I were privileged to have lunch together with Father Sergiy, the church dean.
    He invited us to the church kitchen where our lunch was served.
    He prayed at the beginning of the meal and blessed it.
    Everything was according to church laws.
    Father Sergiy was eating and kept listening to Gregory's stories about Elder Philip and St.Matrona of Moscow - the saints he reveres most of all.
    During our pilgrimage on the Feast Day of Vladimir-root icon of the Most Holy Mother of God in June 2011, 2012 and 2013 we had meals along with other pilgrims in the church courtyard.
    All the young people who live in this village tend to buy drinks and snacks and to consume them sitting at the tables located behind the store on the territory of the village civic center, next to the village club building.

    Favorite Dish: Village soup, chicken village style;
    Everything was delicious!
    Thanks a lot!

    At dinnertime Dinnertime Church of Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God Lunchtime after the liturgy Lunchtime after the liturgy
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Mozhayevka Nightlife

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    Village Life: All Is Quiet Here

    by hunterV Updated Feb 7, 2012

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is practically no nightlife in thus khutor as we are used to in the city.
    The villagers can attend a party at the local leisure center located opposite the old school.
    However, they tend to stay at home or visit each other, watch TV and have a drink or two.
    I always had my flashlight with me when visiting such villages.
    The roads are familiar only to the locals...

    Dress Code: casual

    Leaving Mozhayevka: the road cross Leaving Mozhayevka: the road cross Walking along Youth Street in Mozhayevka Walking along Youth Street in Mozhayevka Walking along Youth Street in Mozhayevka
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Mozhayevka Transportation

  • Carting Is Not Rare

    You can see horse-drawn carts in Mozhayevka - the traditional Russian village transportation.I have seen such carts during every stay in this village.They are usually used for cargoes, for example, I saw them deliver materials for decoration of the church in such carts.I couldn't help approaching the hard-working horses and asked the owner for...

  • Central Street

    We arrived to Mozhayevka via Gerassimovka - a Ukrainian border village located across the river.The bus fare is less than $2 and the travel time is about an hour and a half.There are only two big streets in Mozhayevka - Central Street and Mir Street. They run parallel to the border (the border runs along the middle of the Derkul here).The roads are...

  • Mozhayevka Hotels

    0 Hotels in Mozhayevka

Mozhayevka Shopping

  • Village Stores

    To the best of my knowledge, there are four stores in Mozhayevka.There is one next to Natasha store in Central Street and a households goods store located opposite the leisure center.We passed a small kiosk in Mir Street several times on the way to our lodging. The Mir Street kiosk was closed. It is closed on Fridays and Saturdays and is open from...

  • A Nice Village Store

    This store in Central Street may look a bit old from outside, but inside it looks OK and has everything you might need.Our driver Sasha bought some tea for his family here.Since I had no spare roubles, I did not do any shopping. Perhaps next time. But I could merely compare the prices by dividing all Russian price tags by four to get a UAH price. I...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mozhayevka Local Customs

  • Bathing in the Border River

    The River Derkul is the favorite leisure destination of many villagers.The village beach is located at the end of Novaya Street.The water is cold since there are a lot of springs. The current is rather strong and the river bottom is sandy, which makes bathing a lot of fun.There are pits on the bottom too.If you choose to bathe, be careful since it...

  • Divine Liturgy

    The Divine Liturgy of Vladimir-root icon of the Most Holy Mother of God begins at 8 a.m. on June 3, the Feast Day of this icon, and lasts for about four hours.The Divine Liturgy is then followed by Procession of the Cross.On June 2 there is an evening liturgy that starts at 4 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. and is then followed by dinner. All pilgrims...

  • Crusession Order

    There is a strict order of Crucession to which active parishioners are used.First comes the lantern. It is carried by an honorable parish member. Then comes the cross, flanked by processional banners and icons. The Choir and Clergy will come next, followed by the faithful. The altar servers carry the incense and big candles.The Crucession circles...


Mozhayevka Warnings and Dangers

  • Village Roads

    The village roads are not necessarily all asphalted.You can only see some parts of asphalted road in several streets of Mozhayevka.The majority of roads are earth roads. They are terrible even for walking, to say nothing of driving: very bumpy and full of pot-holes. You feel as though you are lame when you walk along Mir Street, for example.You...

  • Village Geese

    Unlike many other villages I have visited, the geese I saw here are friendly and not aggressive.They did not try to attack us when we passed them and merely stayed in the shadow of the trees in such hot weather.

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Mozhayevka Off The Beaten Path

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    White Swans of Mozhayevka

    by hunterV Written Jun 5, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking along Mir Street we couldn't help stopping at this man-made wonder: White Swans sculpture made of used tyres.
    Local people's fantasy is rich indeed!
    This is the landlord decided to identify his house at 46 Mir Street.
    Well done!

    White Swans of Mozhayevka At the White Swans of Mozhayevka Walking along Mir Street in Mozhayevka Walking along Mir Street in Mozhayevka Walking along Mir Street in Mozhayevka
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Mozhayevka Favorites

  • Contact Opportunity

    Mozhayevka is a village (khutor in Russian) in Tarassovsky County of Rostov region, Russia.Mozhayevka is a part of Voykovo rural settlement that includes seven villages all in all:Mozhayevka, Voykovo, Derkul, Yelan, Manotsky, Prognoy, and Ushakovka.The contact opportunity is the post office in Central Street: +7 863 86 3 44 45The mailing area code...

  • Streets and Lanes

    The khutor of Mozhayevka is a part of Voykovo rural settlement that consists of seven units, among them the khutor of Yelan that was the goal of our pilgrimage three times.There are sixteen streets in Mozhayevka:Riverbank Street Western StreetZarechnaya Street (“Beyond-the-River Street”)Steep StreetForest StreetMeadow StreetPeace StreetYouth...

  • Famous Fellow Countryman

    Nickolay Mozhayev was born in the village of Mozhayevka on May 22, 1928.He is from a Russian Cossacks family.He lives and works in Luhansk now. Nickolay Mozhayev is a well-known sculptor and a Merited Artist of Ukraine.He created a lot of sculptures devoted to the life of the Russian Don Cossacks, heroes of Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel “Quietly Flows...


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