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  • Merchant's House where Lenin and his family lived
    Merchant's House where Lenin and his...
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  • Stalin
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  • Shaft leading down to Stalin
    Shaft leading down to Stalin
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Samara Things to Do

  • Stalin's Bunker

    During the Great Patriotic War (WWII) Samara was the back up capital of Russia should the government be pushed out of Moscow by the invading Nazi forces. The bunker was built during this time (in 1942). It was built in complete secret by workers working around the clock with the earth removed during the night. The design is apparently based on the...

  • Samara Regional Museum named after...

    The Samara Regional Museum is one of the oldest museums in the Volga museum, although the main building is relatively new - it was built in 1989 and has 2500 sq metres of exhibition space. It's rather more modern than most regional museums and has exhibitions that date from pre-historic (including some dinosaur-like skeletons) through to the space...

  • Lenin House Museum

    Lenin (known at the time by his original name of Ulyanov) lived in this house after leaving university in Kazan' from 1890 to 1893. During this time Lenin was preparing to take exams in order to be able to study law at St Petersbury University. It was in Samara that Lenin first became interested in Marxism. The house became a museum in 1940. The...

  • Sunset at the Volga beaches

    During summer head for the Volga river bank. Samara has kilometers of sandy beaches packed with people that swim, sun-bathe and drink (lots of) beer.Sit down in one of the many tents, have a beer, eat shashlik and enjoy the sun going down across the river.

  • Contamination of styles -- but so...

    This is the Drama Theatre in Samara, an old building actually, built in about 1880, but still looks as a toy house. It's my favourite building in Samara. It is said to include items of two different styles which normally do no wgo together but every time I look at at I am surprised how harmonic and complete it loks!!!Very attractive and charming i...

  • Zhiguli Brewery

    The locals are very proud of the Zhiguli Brewery, which was the second industrial facility in the town. You can smell it a mile away. Bring your own bottles to be filled up for 14R per litre. You can buy bottles at the dried fish stand on the eastern side if need be. They have a swanky restaurant and a basic pub on site, and you can find the...

  • The Beach

    This particular stretch of Volga where Samara is located is known for it's many beaches. Some are developed, some are not. Some are maintained, some are not. To the west of the Zhiguli Brewery a large strip of developed, maintained beach is a huge magnet on sunny summer days. There's a huge line of beer tents along the boardwalk above the beach and...

  • Stroll Along the Volga

    I took an afternoon walk along the Embankment by the Volga River. The weather was still a bit wintery, with just hints of the coming spring, but there was quite a crowd enjoying the day along the river. I hear that during the summer, the embankment is lined with tons of cafes and vendors, but there are a few cafes available even in the off-season....

  • Samara Art Museum

    Conveniently on one of the main streets in the center of town, the Samara Art Museum offers plenty for art lovers to see while visiting. The permanent collection includes a section devoted to local artists. And there is a large section of Russian paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Particularly interesting to me was the collection of modern...


    This Statue is located on the hill next to the 'White House', Samara's City Hall. There are great views of the Volga River and Zhiguly Mountains from here.


    Kubychev is the original name of Samara. The statue in front of the Ballet building is Kubychev himself. The Square is home to a market every Sunday and was the scene of many military parades during wartime.


    No Russian city is complete without its own Philharmonic Orchestra. The Samaran group is located in this building in the old part of the city. Tram lines run directly in front of this building.


Samara Hotels

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  • Holiday Inn Samara

    Alekseya Tolstogo 99, Samara, 443 099, Russia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Renaissance Samara

    Novo-Sadovaya St. 162 B, , Samara 443011

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Equator Hotel

    18 Sadovaya ulitsa, Samara, Russia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Samara Restaurants

  • Dining Out in Style in Samara

    If you're looking for a nice place for a business or formal dinner, the Basement is a good choice. The recently renovated restaurant has nice Orthodox-inspired d?cor and two spacious dining rooms. The food is impeccable, especially the fish dishes. There are plenty of wine and vodka choices, and you also are treated to live entertainment, with a...

  • Just like every other city in...

    Just like every other city in Russia there is a McDonalds! I think that it might be easier to find here than in the states if you are looking!!!! Stupid thing is thatI end up eating more McDonalds here than I did in the states, and I STILL don't like it!!um, well, isn't the lack of uniquiness part of the McDonalds...ahem....'charm'?? They have...

  • Samara Hotels

    21 Hotels in Samara

Samara Nightlife

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    There are only a few places to go in Samara in the evening:
    Phantom and
    The Embankment
    Stars, Iceberg and Phantom are all nightclubs.

    Stars is a multi-complex that includes a cinema, a casino, a bowling alley, several bars and pool halls as well as a nightclub. It costs 20 Roubles to get in. Plus any extra charge the nightclub costs.

    Iceberg is mainly a nightclub but there are pool tables available. Costs upwards of 50 Roubles to get in depending on what is happening.

    Phantom is a smaller nightclub that costs 100 Roubles to enter. On some evenings there are the ocassional 'strip' show for the duration of a song or two.

    Dress Code: Young Russians (especially the women) tend to dress nicely whenever they go out.

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Samara Transportation

  • Trains and Planes to Samara

    I came to Samara by train from Moscow. The train was overnight and left from the KAZAN Station in Moscow. There are several trains a day to and from Moscow and Samara.It is also possible to fly into Samara. Lufthansa provided flights between Frankfurt and Samara. Aeroflot has flights daily between Samara and many other Russian cities although...

  • Transport card.

    To bay transport card (transpotnaya karta) if plans to make over 50 trips by bus, trolley bus, tram or metro. In metro station weekly. In kiosks 10-12 14-16 mon-fri.

  • Motorbike trip

    The locals took us for a bike trip. It was fun, only I was afraid that we loose sb. on our way. As you see, helmet is not required


Samara Local Customs


    The money used in Samara and throughout Russia is the Rouble. This currency underwent a devaluation in 1998 and is currently stable. Roubles can be bought inside Russia in exchange for either US Dollars or Deutch Marks. It was also possible to exchange them at Sukhbaatar, Mongolia on my way through on the Trans Siberian Railway.In Samara it is...

  • Gas tubes in the middle of the road

    From Slovakia villages I am used to hens and goats on the road.. But this surprised me a lot when I saw a truck going off the road avoiding the gas tubes. A cheaper way than digging in the ground ?, heIn the same village in the Samara region I woke up one morning and saw a cannabis next to my sleeping bag. I looked around and found a small field....

  • KBAC

    I tasted it and it was like the apple fermented juice. It is a special drink that makes you run there and back until you find a toilet (therefore I took my pict before my friends drank it). Next time I will not be a coward and I try it on myself and drink the whole cup


Samara Warnings and Dangers

  • Do not take pictures in the ´metro´!

    We took a few photos in Samara´s underground, when a passer-by started to shout at us and finally must have called the police.In any case: we were held up when leaving the metro and passed 45 minutes in a police station. After recording all our details, passport number etc. we had to delete the pictures.

  • High Life Insurance Recommended

    being part of the working group I could experience the missing protective equipment, dangerous working environment (e.g. loose electric wires at the place where we were supposed to empty buckets of water, etc.) but nobody bothers too muchalso it is useful to have a good balance, not to break a single rib when falling down from rocking chairs while...

  • Look under your feet on the beach

    If you have a bad day, better do not walk barefoot on the beach. It is a sad thing, that the locals leave broken glass there :( I tried to excuse them, that when they do it, usually they are too drunken to realize the guilt


Samara What to Pack

  • If you plan to do some work as we did in...

    you will not regret if you bring some protective equipment, while it is not commonplace to use it when doing risky work here. I dont know whether these things are available in shops, they should be there. But the locals are used to save money not buying gloves, facial masks etc. When you give notice that there are loose wires and sparkling when you...

  • Packing List

    I brought a back pack with me to Samara as I had arrived via the Trans Siberian Railway and couldn't be bogged down with bags. Most Russians seems to travel with the ubiquitous plastic zipper bags in various sizes. They are made in China and are of VERY BAD quality. When I left Samara I had more stuff than would fit in my backpack so I bought one...

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Samara Off The Beaten Path

  • Fantastic view at the Volga and Zhiguli...

    This place called the Helicopter Landing Place is just within 20 min from the city. There are benches, an open air restaurant, a nice place with a fountain and of course the VIEW! that is so picturesque! Come over there to spend several hours just enjoying the scenery, the air and feeling freedom from the city noise.

  • Stalin's Bunker in Samara

    Yes, just imagine!!! Only in 1991 citizens of Samara learnt that in the very heart of the city, in Chapaev Square, on the other side of the building of the Institute of Culture, there is a tiny metal door that leads to the bunker that was built during WW II for Stalin.It is 37 m deep!!!(Cf.: Hitler's was 16 m. Churcill had an ascape room just on...

  • Space Museum

    Samara has important aerospace industry and also a university for aerospace science.One room in the university serves as a space museum showing models of Wostok, Sojus and other rockets, Buran, Mir, cosmonaute food etc.It may be locked, but we asked and then minutes later somebody came and opened the museum.The university is located on Moskovskoe...


Samara Favorites

  • LADA'S

    One of Samara's largest industries is producing the infamous Lada! Samara was a closed city to foreigners until the Iron Curtain collapsed about ten years ago, the city's industries was one reason for this. Lada cars are driven by almost everyone.


    It is a very popular pastime of Samara's young and chic to go Inline Skating along the embankment. The embankment is a hive of activity in the summertime and is a great place to hang out and watch life pass you by.


    The majority of Samarites live in huge apartment buildings that rose up during the soviet era. These buildings are very ugly and mar the urban landscape of Russia. However, in the old section of Samara these quaint houses can be found and not an apartment block in sight. I was told that these houses are very old and crumbling because only poor...


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