Europe Shopping

  • Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre
    Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre
    by spidermiss
  • Salzburg
    by lotharscheer
  • Flagship Maille store, Place de la Madeleine
    Flagship Maille store, Place de la...
    by CatherineReichardt

Europe Shopping

  • Galeries Lafayette

    Paris Shopping

    Most of you are too young to remember this, but back in the twentieth century it was customary for department stores to consist of – departments. If you were looking for, say, men’s trousers, all you had to do was take a deep breath, enter the store, find your way through a maze of perfume and jewelry counters, and then somewhere near the...

  • Harrods

    London Shopping

    Travelling with women, three "monuments" are mandatory in London - Oxford street, Marks and Spencer and Harrods. I visited all of them (of course!) but my favorite is this one - beautiful, with nice collections, but... expensive, shortenning the time (and cost) of the visit. Very good, indeed!

  • Souvenirs

    Rome Shopping

    Tacky tchochke shops, like the one above, clutter up every street and every corner around the tourist hot spots and they all carry the same junk: ‘David' key chains; glow-in-the-dark Virgins; plastic Pietas; lurid, mass-produced Venetian masks (wrong city, folks); Colosseum ashtrays; the Pope slapped on everything from tea towels to fridge magnets....

  • Souvenirs

    Amsterdam Shopping

    In Amsterdam center there are several Henri Willig cheese shops, specialised in selling Dutch cheese and traditional food like stroopwafels, cranberries and liquorice. The center city shops are located at: Singel 516/SOU Reguliersbreestraat 24. Haringpakkerssteeg 10/18 Cheese

  • Shoes / Clothes

    Barcelona Shopping

    Rollitoasi is a young, handmade and craft clothing and accessories shop in Barcelona. It offers unique,original and good quality bags, brooches, vintage neckless, dresses,skirts... They design and create all of their products where color,textures and patterns combine exclusively. Their shop is...

  • Murano Glassware

    Venice Shopping

    best prices on murano glass are in Murano Island. Go there for shopping. Murano Island can be reached by boat; trip managers get tourists to groups and carry to Venetian glass workshops. We joined a group of Japanese guys. When we reached the island, everything became clear to me: everything you’ll see is for tourists. It is an art of how each...

  • Strøget

    Copenhagen Shopping

    "Strøget" is far and away the most famous street in Copenhagen. The walking street is 1111 meters long, making it Europe's longest pedestrian street. There are other walking streets in Copenhagen besides Stroget. However, none of them can compare with atmosphere of Copenhagen’s best known street. The street is a wonderful place to go shopping or...

  • Shopping Centres / Malls

    Dublin Shopping

    This building originally was the city mansion of Viscount Powerscourt and was built in 1774 with granite from the Powercourt county Wicklow estate. In 1981 it was turned into an upmarket centre with galleries, antique shops, restaurants, independent fashion shops with upmarket clothes. The building retains its old character and the original grand...

  • Shopping centers and malls

    Lisbon Shopping

    The biggest Spanish chain conquered Lisbon. With the best accessibility among all the greater shopping malls (central location and Metro) this is an easy place to shop. Prices are not very cheap, but diversity in quality and brands, and the integration of space are the stronggest arguments. I must confess that, till now, I was forced to spend...

  • Souvenirs

    Berlin Shopping

    Quite a number of street-sellers and shops, situated mostly around Checkpoint Charlie, offers "reliquia - reliquiorum" of what was once DDR (Deutche Demokratische Republik). It is nothing but worthless trash! Do not waste your time and money here. DDR was created for one reason only, to punnish Germans even more, I am really glad it finally...

  • Leather

    Florence Shopping

    Behind the cash desk of this wonderful local leather shop, you can find Michelangelo, the owner of the store. He's one of the most lovable and charming persons I met in my life. The moment you start a conversation with him, you just can't denie his charm. He really makes your day with his eternal smile and politeness. He's one of the few people in...

  • Souvenirs

    Stockholm Shopping

    It is the Royal gifts shop where one can buy any souvenir items on the Swedish Royal family like postcards, writing pads, envelopes, pictures and other gift items that is somehow related to the Royal family. i took this picture with a crown on my head from this shop.

  • Shopping Malls & Streets

    Brussels Shopping

    Saint Boniface is probably one of the most vibrant places in Brussels. It located between the avenue Louise, porte de Namur and place du Luxembourg. It's one unique places in brussels where you can find such a multicultural mix. It's visited by artists, bankers, eurocrats, young, older, you can hear different languages on corner. It's a mini...

  • Plaka

    Athens Shopping

    Greek Fashion Designer Ioanna Kourbella has a unique modern style with obvious respect to greek culture and creates multi-functional clothes to embrace different feelings, expressions and moods and accompany our busy lives The most unique, top-seller, top-loved, multi-functional and ultimate greek-style piece is this...

  • Fashion and leather

    Milan Shopping

    Milan is a magnet for fashion-buyers and designer labels. The Via Montenapoleone and immediate surrounds is the home of most of the great labels of the world, where you can virtually walk out of Dolce & Gabbana and into Versace and then onto Armani, and on ... and on ... and on. It's a beautiful little area (bounded by Via Gesu, Via Andrea, Via...

  • Chocolate Stores

    Brugge Shopping

    Belgian chocolate is made exclusively with cocoa butter and is famous for its pralines. There are probably too many chocolate shops for the size of the town and many had offers on purchases - especially those away from the centre. However in each and every shop the displays are wonderful - our visit was just before Easter and some of the Easter...

  • Shopping Areas

    Madrid Shopping

    This is a classic chic shopping center on paseo de la Castellana,nearer the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, if looking for a modern place to relax, drink a coffee and do some serious shopping this is it, right off the nuevos ministerios line 8 airport line or Santiago Bernabeu on line 10. Walking is easy from Nuevos Ministerios thus,its what I do. The...

  • What to buy?

    Moscow Shopping

    Publishing house Moscow Time - 'Moskovskoye Vremia' Why choose dull ‘CCCP’ T-shirts made God knows where when you can get these lovely landscapes for the same price? I mean, not just one, but a set of ten! They have no weight, they need no space and they are as packable as any Ikea stuff. You put one set into your suitcase, then give them away by...

  • Traditional Products

    Crete Island Shopping

    It is a local tavern names 'Agia Paraskeyi' in Christos Vilage, 27 Kilometers from Ierapetra at Northwest. themselves make and sales honey from pine and olive oil from their olive trees! the bees are in Selakano forest and make one of the best honeys..! the olive trees are near there.. the place name is 'Sarakina'! both made without drugs and...

  • Jewellery/jewelry

    Santorini Island Shopping

    One of the most popular things tourists want to buy from Santorini besides local products is jewels. Prices are generally moderate and there are pieces available which are difficult to come by in other parts of the world. A popular and favourite shop is Nakis, offering a big collection of jewels. "Fabrica and Kostas Antoniou" jewelleries are...

  • Cloths, shoes, fashion

    Antwerp Shopping

    Urban streetwear for men/women. After the succes in Oostende / Gent / Knokke / Brugge, this famous shop finally settled in the fashion capital of Belgium. This shop has the most modern clothes in every other city!

  • Malls

    Warsaw Shopping

    The Zlote Tarasy (Golden Terraces) is in the center of Warsaw next to the Central Railway Station. The futuristic glass roof covers in interior courtyard and most closely, the food court on the top floor. Cleaning the glass takes particular skill and caution.

  • getriedegasse (street)

    Salzburg Shopping

    Getriedegasse is Salzburg's main street and is a pedestrian only street for much of its length. It's known for the custom held over from the middle ages of displaying signs on the outside of the shop that are descriptive of what the shop does. This was to aid the non-literate.

  • The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)

    Krakow Shopping

    The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) is siad to have been the first shopping mall in the world. Nowadays it functions as a kind of market for tourists. All kinds of Polish crafts and souvenirs are available here. The original Cloth Hall was built in the 14th century, but destroyed by fire in the 16th century. Directions: The Cloth Hall is located right in...

  • Clothes

    Tallinn Shopping

    Heaven is well designed baby and children store in De La Gardia mini shopping center near the old town gates towards to the city centre. The store occupies most of the third floor -- but as there is not enough tenants, the rest of the floor is empty. The selection of the store is laid out nicely and it is not crowded at all. They sell clothes,...

  • Galeries Lafayette

    Nice Shopping

    The famous Galeries Fayayette but seems things are less expensive thant GL in Paris. You will find almost everything for gifts and your own use. women and men clothes. Gifts As much as you can afford but things are not too cheap but not too expensive, either.

  • Arndale Centre

    Manchester Shopping

    A very large shopping centre in the middle of Manchester,built in two phases in 1972 and 1979.The centre was then redeveloped after an IRA bomb attack in 1996 that damaged a several parts of the building.It has a floorspace of just under 1,500,000 sq ft and is connected to Selfridges and Marks and Spencer's via a link bridge,making it Europe's...

  • Souvenirs

    Saint Petersburg Shopping

    We were given almost no time for shopping which was unexpected since most countries welcome tourist dollars and hard currency and often times guides also are compensated for bringing tour groups to certain shops. At several places we stopped for pictures, individuals often approached you and would bargain with you for a few particular souvenirs. We...

  • Manor

    Geneva Shopping

    The Manor is a very large department store. They have everything you're looking for, including groceries. You can buy Swiss chocolate here on the ground floor, as well as Swiss souvenirs on the first floor. A trip to Geneva is not complete until you've bought some Swiss chocolate. Prices of chocolate vary depending on the size and the brand name of...

  • Clothes & shoes

    Verona Shopping

    At my hotel I asked where normal people in Verona go shopping for clothes, i.e. people who don't want to spend a fortune for the latest fashions on the Via Mazzini. One of the stores they suggested was Oviesse on the Via Roma, which did in fact have exactly what I was looking for, and at a lower price than I would have paid in Germany. Second...

  • Stockmann

    Helsinki Shopping

    Stockmann is the oldest and biggest department store in Helsinki. It is part of a chain with branches in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. You get almost everything at Stockmannns, from Finnish souvenirs to cars. There is even a 4-storey Academic bookstore of Stockmann next to the department store.

  • TZUM

    Sofia Shopping

    Most visitors head for TZUM, a relatively small shopping mall opposite the Sheraton, or the boutiques lining Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia's main shopping street Pirotska (near TZUM, opposite the mosque) is another popular shopping street, and it's a more pleasant experience than Vitosha Boulevard Stroll down here or head north after a few blocks to...

  • Buchanan Street

    Glasgow Shopping

    Discount store that's always packed with people trying to find good deals. I found really nice stuff that's was cheap (for the UK) - still expensive when you compare it from back home. It's funny that the sale prices is what we'd pay in Canadian dollars not pounds! Really nice clothes in the UK but very expensive.

  • Shopping streets

    Porto Shopping

    This is Portos main shopping street, when we visited on Saturday afternoon it was bustling with locals of all ages. Designer boutiques, shoe shops, book shops, household goods, stationery, jewellery, music etc can all be found. These cater for all budgets. As well as the shops and malls leading off this thoroughfare, there were hawkers and food...

  • Gradski Trgovski Centar

    Skopje Shopping

    Ask for GTC. A big mall with several floors and a lot of shops. You can buy anything from art to clothes and groceries here. Right next to Makedonija Square in Skopje.

  • Königsallee

    Düsseldorf Shopping

    You can easily learn the interesting background of the Kö. Where was the german king was thrown with horse droppings? And many more interesting news, tales and history. The game is only available in german language. Check out Buchhaus Sternverlag.

  • Souvenirs

    Innsbruck Shopping

    typical souvenirs of the tryol region, however the prices are killer and their return policy is not listed on their recipts. found them to be hostile and rude and particularly money grubbing sweaters are market up as you might expect in that sort of store where a tourist does not get value for money nor quality goods

  • Clothes

    Majorca Island Shopping

    Nat Nats is supposed to be one of the best shops in Majorca, i disagree. Its ok if you just want to buy a few nice things but you can find some better shops in Palma town centre. It does have a wide range of clothes & accessories for all ages, it sells clothes for women aswell as children of all ages, underwear, socks, tshirts & all for good value...

  • Welsh Crafts/Shops

    Cardiff Shopping

    The Wales Centre/Castle Welsh Crafts This is a big souvenir shop opposite of Cardiff Castle. It is thus very conveniently located. There is a wide range of the usual souvenirs, some of them a little crappy, just the usual bunch of magnets, T-Shirts, cups etc. In fact, you can probably get ANYTHING here on which it is possible to print a red...

  • Bull Ring

    Birmingham Shopping

    Birmingham’s bullring is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe. It is right in the heart of the city. There are over 140 shops including Debenhams and Selfridges. you can buy almost anything here.

  • Central market

    Ljubljana Shopping

    Ljubljana is the sort of town (it's hard to think of it as a city, even though it is) that lends itself to picnicking, and where better than to procure your picnic provisions than the main market in town? Slovenia is a country where you seldom run the risk of going hungry, and the market is packed with all sorts of tempting fare. The quality of...

  • food and wine

    Genoa Shopping

    Hmm, this is what I really love, fine fresh and moderately expensive fishes & crabs. It is, however, too much if asking 26€ for the wild orata (orata nostrana), should cost around 20 euros, not more then that. The other guy have put the price of 10€ for "orata nostrana" but there must be something wrong about it. Or this is breeded orata or it's...

  • Shopping Areas

    Oxford Shopping

    Cornmarket Street, High Street, Queen Street and the surrounding area are Oxford's main shopping streets. Apart from the chains such as Gap, Mango, HMV, M&S, Curry's digital, Primark and so on, you can also find some local shops, especially on High Street. The area is very busy especially on Saturdays, but you are likely to find more or less...

  • Eldon Square shopping centre

    Newcastle upon Tyne Shopping

    This shopping centre is huge with so many shops under one roof. There are also shops outside as well [Primark, TK Maxx] . Many of the shops are larger than other branches throughout the country and carry different stock at times. Marks and Spencer, Fenwick, John Lewis, Debenham, New look, Topshop, River Island are among the clothing shops. Game and...

  • Marmontova ulica (street)

    Split Shopping

    The main shopping area in Split for designer and name-brand goods (mostly for women) is the marble-lined street of Marmontova. It runs from the waterfront all the way back to the Trg Gaje Bulata, which is where the Croatian National Theatre is located. You will find jewelry, clothing, shoes and other goods and brands such as Versace, Armani, and...


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