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  • Strazky nabor, Spisska bela, Slovakia
    Strazky nabor, Spisska bela, Slovakia
    by prleprle
  • Pink house, Spisska bela, Slovakia
    Pink house, Spisska bela, Slovakia
    by prleprle
  • Old and New Protestant churches, Kezmarok
    Old and New Protestant churches,...
    by evaanna

Kezmarok Things to Do

  • The new Protestant Church at Kezmarok

    The new Protestant Church at Kezmarok is an amazing structure that one would be more likely to meet in the Far East than here. And I have just learnt why. The building was designed by a Danish architect for a church in Stanbul but for some reason it was never erected.Then the monumental eastern design was actually carried out here in Slovakia.It...

  • The Old Protestant Church at Kezmarok

    Hidden at the back of the new Protestant Church, which was built in the Mauretanian style and does not look right among the other buildings of Kezmarok, is the old Protestant Church, which we finally managed to see on our recent visit. Built in 1717 this all-wooden church boasts beautiful baroque interior. The painting covering the whole ceiling,...

  • The Town Hall

    The Town Hall or Kezmarska radnica was originally a Gothic building dating back to the mid-15th century and constructed by Master Juraj of Spisska Sobota. Re-built after a great fire in 1515, it was then given a Rennaissance look. Another fire, in 1779, contributed to its reconstruction in the classicist style. The tower, which is now a...

  • The Old Town and Museum of Home...

    The Old Town in Kezmarok consists of the market place and just two streets. The high sloping shingled roofs of the burghers' houses, the wide doors and the gates connecting the houses are characteristic of Spis. The town used to be surrounded by town walls with towers and gates, but only fragments of the old walls still remain. In one of the old...

  • Kezmarok-Main street(s)

    Main streets of Kezmarok are well dotted with colourfull buildings from different periods. Similar architecture you could find in all smaller towns all around former Hungarian Kingdom but every region has also something specific so it's really well worth to discover it. Main streets (squares) or kezmarok are Hlavne namestie (literally mean Main...

  • Kezmarok castle-Chapel

    During one of the numerous reconstructions of the castle interior of the castle chapel was renewed in the early-baroque style. Here is an interesting story about former owners of the castle:"Curiosity and courage were properties the noble princess Beata Laska of Kezmarok Castle certainly possessed. Otherwise she would never have set out on a trip...

  • Kezmarok castle-Paris Hilton & swords

    That was the reason why we get 50% discount when we purchase tickets!!! There were some film-making or maybe photo-shooting sessions and some of the rooms (not many of them) were a little bit out of order. Unfortunatelly, the movie they make is not from the period. In this room, where mediaeval swords and weapons were displayed we discovered modern...

  • Kezmarok castle-museum

    At present the castle spaces of the museum house the following exhibitions: 1. Exhibition of Archaeology (it presents a selection of the archaeological findings from Kezmarok and its close vicinity, and is focused especially on the castle), 2. Exhibition of Feudalism it has three parts: the city privileges, the guilds and crafts, and the town hall...

  • Kezmarok castle-furniture

    Casle is museum today and many of its rooms are well filled with furniture from different periods so, if you are admirer of old chairs and tables, you would enjoy here alot! I personally like when an castle, palace or manor is well equiped with apropriate furniture... if they fill it with stuffed animals or modern paintings I feel somehow cheated.

  • Kezmarok castle-inside

    Inerior of the castle will fulfill you expectations if you are interested to explore an rennaisance residence. There are towers, thick walls (very thick walls), small windows, wodden corridors that connect different part of residence areas and towers and even some wall paintings and decoration.

  • Kezmarok castle-in the yard

    The castle, originally a gothic building, had a double fortification and a water ditch. Tokoly family rebuilt the original gothic fort into an ornate rennaisance residence as it could be seen today. There are only few baroque additions and that don't disturbe rennaisance appereance of the whole structure. My favorite part is this inner yard you...

  • Kezmarok castle-outside

    Kezmarok has an of the most charming rennaisance castle in the whole region. In the year 1463 the Hungarian sovereign Matthias granted the census tax of Kezmarok to the Hungarian noblemen Imrich and Istvan/Stefan Zapolsky, who built a castle in the town. This is also the year the castle is first mentioned in the written documents. By the arrival of...

  • Kezmarok & High Tatras

    As you could see on the first photo, Kezmarok is really on the doorstep of the High Tatras National Park. If you have car, Kezmarok is perfect base for exploring this beautifull mountains... accommodation is much cheaper then there on mountain's resorsts and Kezmarok has few chain supermarkets (Tesco, Lidl) with very reasonable prices.

  • Kezmarok-the Holy Cross...

    Although basilica was reconstruced several times during its long history, an overall impression is gothic. The inner equipment of the church was originally much richer than it is today - the amount of 11 original gothic altars has slowly decreased to 5 in 1803. In 1868-70 the church was recnonstructed and new neo - gothic altars were assembled from...

  • Kezmarok-the Holy Cross...

    Little bit about history of this simple but great church... The Holy Cross Church became the central one in Kezmarok in mid-13th century. It was rebuilt few times, in 1320 and 1433. New, bigger church was needed in 15th century so this structure that we could see present day was erected between 1444 - 1498. In the 16th century the tower got a new...

  • Kezmarok-Renaissance belfry

    The renaissance belfry next to the Basilica is from 1525 - 1591. It is one of the oldest belfries of its kind in Slovakia. Unfortunatelly, this structure is not free-standing and all that buildings around hide a charm of this really nice belfry. Next to it there is the building of the former town's scholl from 1536.

  • Kezmarok-Evangelical church

    I though that i made photos of old and new evangelical churches in Kezmarok but I didn't. This photo, taken from the top of the castle is the only one I have. This red building with tower and dome is New evangelical church in Kezmarok. In 1894 Kezmarok protestants decided to build a new, more representative church. The plans were donated by Theofil...

  • Kezmarok-Old market

    This row of old small houses (as it is seen from the top of the Castle's tower) form a Old Market square. The Old Market is thought to be the oldest street in Kezmarok - foundations of most houses are from the 13th century. On both - the upper and the lower part of the street there are typical regional craftsman's houses. The most interesting are...

  • Kezmarok-The Paulinius church

    The Paulinius church was built on the place of three burgher's bouses donated to the catholics by (at those times) the protestant town Kezmaok as a thank for catholic's help with negotiations with the Thokoly family. The church was built in 1654. In 1741 it burned down and 6 years later a baroque reconstruction paid by the Paulinius parish begun....

  • Kezmarok-Town Hall

    Town hall has central place in old towns' core of Kezmarok. This structure was originally built in the gothic style in 1461. In 1541 - 1555 it was rebuilt in the renaissance style, in 1641 the tower was erected. After a fire in 1779 another - this time classicist reconstruction took place. It got the today's shape after the last fire in 1922 - the...

  • Spissky Hrad

    Rising 200 m above the plain around it, Spissky Hrad or the Spis Castle, looks really imposing from afar. The biggest castle in this part of Europe, it really is just a ruin, safe to visit only because of recent conservation work. Its oldest part, the enormous round tower dates back to the 11th - 13th centuries, later greatly added to in first the...

  • Levoca

    Levoca, now a sleepy town with just over 14 000 inhabitants, was once a thriving trading and cultural centre, given the status of a free royal town with all the accompanying privileges in as early as the 14th century. In the 16th century Levoca was an important centre of Reformation, in the 19th - of the Slovak national revival movement....

  • The Castle at Stara L'ubovna

    Stara L'ubovna is situated on the Poprad River, like Kezmarok, but more to the north-east. There are at least two places worth seeing there: the Castle and the, apparently interesting, Skansen Museum. But, as we missed it, I will describe the castle only. I must say I took a liking to this castle from the start. There was something charming about...

  • The Castle at Kezmarok

    The castle at Kezmarok was built on the site of St. Elisabeth's Church, which is known to have been there even before 1251. The castle is first mentioned in the records in 1447. Re-built in the late neo-Gothic style by the then owner Imre Zapolya, it was re-built after a fire in 1575 in the Rennaissance style. What remains of the neo-Gothic...


Kezmarok Restaurants

  • Just as good as the one in Levoca

    After visiting the restaurant U 3 Apostolov in Levoca many years ago I discovered there was a restaurant by the same name in Kezmarok and, as we still remember the food we had there, we had to try the food served here. And on the whole we weren't disappointed. We had to wait some time for our food to be brought but then it all came at once so by...

  • Super food and a lot of it

    The restaurant is situated on the first floor with a view of the central square. The sculptures of the Three Apostles are part of the interior design. The food is fantastic, a lot of it local, extremely large helpings. To try more dishes, share them with your friends. We ordered a few and could hardly move when we finished. We simply couldn't bear...

  • Kezmarok Hotels

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Kezmarok Warnings and Dangers

  • evaanna's Profile Photo

    Don't lose your head

    by evaanna Updated Mar 10, 2006

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    If you stop your car or get off your bike somewhere in the country near Kezmarok, if only to admire the wonderful panorama of the Tatra Mountains, you may suddenly find yourself surrounded by a large group of gypsy children, asking you for sweets, money etc.
    We first heard their cries and then saw such a group of about twenty children of various ages run in our direction but, not having any sweets and not too eager to part with our money, especially that it was not the era of ATMs and we had to go to Poland every time we needed to change money, we swiftly got into the car and drove away. Our Polish unpleasant experience of dealing with adult gypsies did not let us trust their offspring. And how do you control a group of twenty noisy children, all over you to get what they can (and perhaps take what they can't), or just play with your camera or other belongings?
    You are most likely to come across such a situation in the country. The Slovak communist government conducted the policy of moving its gypsy population to the most remote villages to keep them away from the cities. Obviously, even if some of them wanted to find a job, they found it nearly impossible there. No wonder their children treat every tourist as a potential source of pocket money or anything they can get.

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Kezmarok Off The Beaten Path

  • Spisska Bela-History & architecture

    The development of this town was caused by the advantageous position on the crossing of business routes. In 1271 it was embodied in The Community of Spis' Germans. Then it was given as a deposit to Poland and after that it became a member of the Province of 16 Towns of Spis.There are several interesting burger houses around the town's center, some...

  • Spisska Bela-Roman-Catholic church &...

    The Church of St. Anthony the Hermit comes from 1263-1265 and is most interesting building in Spisska Bela but it didn't kept much of it's original gothic form. In 1612 the tower was renovated and in 1720 its interior was modified in Baroque style. From the Gothic equipment, only two statues on the main altar remained. Nearby is the belltower that...

  • Spisska Bela-Petzval Museum

    J. M. Petzval Museum in Spisská Bela is one of the detached exhibitions of the Slovak Technical Museum in Kosice. Located at his native house, the exhibition presents photographic and cinematographic technology developments on the background of J. M. Petzval’s life and work.There are more than 600 exhibits documenting the photographic optics...


Kezmarok Favorites

  • Wherever you go

    Wherever you go in Kezmarok, you will always see the Tatra Mountains in the distance. It is as if someone had hung an enormous painting of the mountains for everybody to see. And in fact it is even better as the picture changes depending on the light, the time of day, the season and the weather. It is never the same, a continuous spectacle. Even...

  • Straight from the dungeons?

    I was walking on the ramparts of the castle at Stara L'ubovna looking into the dungeons below and thinking of the people who had been imprisoned, tortured or killed there in the past. And not necessarily distant past as the castle had served as the prison for the Gestapo in WWII. Suddenly, I had a feeling I was no longer alone there. I thought...

  • View from the castle

    Visiting L'ubovniansky hrad, that is the castle at Stara L'ubovna, is worthwhile also for the view it commands. Here is a large part of Spis lying at your feet. You can see the Poprad River meandering in the valley below, the villages perched at the foot of hillsides, the fields and the forests. An idyllic picture, like many photographs taken from...


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