Slovakia Off The Beaten Path

  • John Lennon Street
    John Lennon Street
    by anadyr
  • John and Yoko
    John and Yoko
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  • From Abbey Road to Slovakia
    From Abbey Road to Slovakia
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Slovakia Off The Beaten Path

  • hrad Devín/Devín Castle

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    Devin castle is a wonderful day (or half-day) trip from bratislava.. it's just over 120 kilometres far, which means about 20 minutes by car/bus or 90 minutes by boat (but only 30 minutes back). The castle sits perched above a tall cliff at the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers. What you see is in fact not the castle as it once was, but...

  • Boèné ulièky/Off the beaten streets

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    Of course this is not 'off the beaten path' as such, especially if you have to use it. But I suspect most people will walk bu the building without noticing its rather lovely architecture (albeit now painted in rather odd shades of grey and terracotta). This is especially likely when the trees are in full leaf, for the Embassy lies on the long,...

  • Slavín/Slavín Monument

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    The Slavin War Memorial is surrounded by many gravestones of fallen Soviet soldiers, who died during the liberation battle against the Nazis in WWII. Some of the gravestones are adorned with black and white photographs of the soldiers. I visited the place on a snowy winter day, when the graveyard had a kind of mysterious atmosphere.

  • Zámky a mestá v okolí/Nearby Chateaus...

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    go to the SAD bus station, find a bus to Trnava, and pay the driver the 50 or 60 crowns to get there. Takes about an hour to get there, Once you get off the bus. Look to the North West and there will be a little bar. The people are nice and Staroprammen 0.5 liters are 20SK. There is also gambling and decent music. The staff or nice and you'll...

  • Sad Janka Krá¾a/The Garden of J. Kral

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    To cross the river and take a walk in Sad Janka Krala is a nice off the beaten paths :) activity. It used to be here the small funfair where I rode a centrifuge first time. This bank of the river Danube was usual place for watching fireworks in the city etc... I am here with my friend from Finnland Anna who learns Slovak. By the way, those who are...

  • Èuòovo/ Cunovo

    Bratislava Off The Beaten Path

    A modern art museum built on a dam in the Danube. Sounds odd? It is. However, it is great fun and a easy way to get out of Bratislava for some time. Use public transport: take bus no. 91 (Bratislava - Čunovo), get off at the terminal in Čunovo, continue to the Danube Dam in the direction of Dobroho?ť and Gabč?kovo

  • Paying Respect Slovak Style!

    Cemeteries play a big part in genealogical research. Also, they are pretty well visited by the survivors of loved ones even long after the funeral. Especially in parts of the world where political activities create traumatic change, the cemetery seems to be left unchanged. If you are searching your family history, or have relatives who have died in...

  • Blink and you will miss Vlachovo

    Vlachovo is not a big city and most visitors to Slovakia will miss visiting Vlachovo.The vacation traveler may not consider stopping in a place like Vlachovo, no matter how I present it. They do have a sort of "hostel" for visiting friends/family of the residents, but I didn't see any restaurant or shops, except a little convenience store. Though I...


    Historic Centre of Banská ŠtiavnicaLevoča, Spiš Castle and the associated cultural monumentsVlkolínecCaves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak KarstWooden Churches of the Slovak part of Carpathian Mountain Area

  • The castle of Zólyom

    The Roman Catholic Church provides the name of one of his Saints to the Baptized who should be his/her ideal and his/her patron in the matters with God. This is the main forename, in Hungary called "Christian name", given to a child at the baptism or "christening".I got my christian name from Saint Ladislaus, in Hungarian (Szent) Laszlo, who was...

  • Domica jaskyna (Domica cave)

    Although Slovakia is very rich in caves-this one is unique because it's a part of a large cave which is located in Hungary and known as Baradla barlang in Aggtelek National Park . Apart from all attractions typical for caves , you can also have a ride by boat along the river. What is more, it's on the list of World's Heritage.How to get there? When...

  • Cachtice Castle - Fantastic Ruins -...

    Discovered the location of the ruins of this castle when driving back from Trencin, Slovakia and was looking at some other ruins. On the map was the location of this site and thought why not. Follow the signs to Cachtice and then you will see signs to "hrad". You will drive up a long winding road and you hope that no other cars come down. At the...

  • Kysuce Open Air Museum / Nova Bystrica

    Slovakians seem to love Open Air museums .. I found there are quite a few with original and reconstructed houses from the 19th and 18th century, which show how people lived and worked in Slowakia a hundred years ago. Kysuce museum is in a beautiful setting - though it is a bit difficult to reach and not exactly well-signposted. If you go from...

  • Banska Stiavnica IV (The 18th century...

    The next building overlooking the town is a baroque Calvary on one of the hills surrounding the town. The chapels are being renovated; a very special is the monumental building on the top of the hill which looks like a large church. In fact there are only two towers and a small chapel between them.

  • Banska Stiavnica III (Old Castle)

    A castle is overlooking the town and one could climb up the tower to admire the view. A small historical exhibition possible to visit.

  • Banska Stiavnica II (Botanical Garden)

    A nice place for a walk after eating at Matej(walk up the same street) , it's in the area of Academy of Mining and Forestry. The garden was started in 1911 and has some specimens of rare in this part of Europe trees

  • Banska Stiavnica I

    Not very big city located in the heart of Stiavnicke Vrchy. Beautiful old centre but unfortunately only partly renovated so far.Banska Stiavnica is very old-it was mentioned in 11th century for the first time , and for ages it was famous for its mines of gold and silver- in the upper part of the city there's a Museum of Mining. Now seems to be a...

  • Vihorlat-dark and warm rock to sit!

    Vihorlat is located in north-eastern part of Slovakia, north off Zemplinska Sirava. We didn't have much time so we made only one-day trip to the top of Sninsky Kamien and we were very glad we did it. After leaving the car at the parking zone we started walking up the road and after about a quarter we reached a lake called Morskie Oko, which was...

  • Cute Bardejov

    A small town, not very popular with tourists which has been redecorated recently. Situated in north-east Slovakia by the side road No 77 into which you have to turn in Svidnik from road No 73 leading from Polish-Slovakian border crossing to Kosice. A beautiful market square with a magnificent XV th century church of St. Egid, very worth seeing...

  • Vlkolinec - World Heritage site

    A UNESCO world heritage site: An idyllic living village in the Fatra region with nice traditional wooden houses and ca. 30 families living there. Unique place, a must-see.


    If you like the outdoors, if you love climbing, sweating, aching, hurting like nothing else, then by all means Slovakia is one place you should explore. It has some spectacular country side, beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls ect . For something a little different you could try it in winter, like my friend lucy here or you could be smart like...

  • The great outdoors......

    Slovakia is so full on off the beaten path activities. If you love or simply appreciate the outdoors, you will enjoy Slovakia. Primarily Slovakia is a very poor country. I witnessed so many gypsies and homeless people there. From a foreign point of view i found this distressing to some degree. The shops are old and tattered, the buildings a relic...

  • Open Air Folk Museum

    For a stroll through the last century, visit this open air musuem filled with buildings comprising a typical Slovak village. Walk through a church, school and home of this earlier time. See my separate travelogue below for more photos.

  • Visit Kremnica

    Kremnica is a very nice and not very big town, which is not covered in crowds of tourists.Located in Kremnicke Vrchy has got some places worth visiting.The first very special thing is a slanting market square covered in grass with a rich sculptured column.You can visit a museum of coins and medals- Kremnica used to be famous as a royal mint (funded...

  • Beautiful country from towns to...

    Slovakia is an easily forgotten destination when you travel Europe, but here you have all the beauty of central Europe. And the low prices let's you afford seeing and doing everything. I especially recommend Presov where we spent a few days. Great cafées, bars and ice-cream places, and so close to castle ruins and a beatiful landscape.

  • Kosice side streets (3)

    Perhaps my favourite street leading off Hlavna. I like the building in the left of the picture and the church at the end of the street.When it rains heavily the rain will pour down from the gutters along the rooftops of this street like a waterfall.

  • Kosice side streets (2)

    Wandering the streets off Hlvna on a bright day might be a good thing to do if you want to catch the light and the shadows playing on the buildings.

  • Kosice side streets (1)

    Nothing unconventional about slipping down one of the streets off Hlavna ulica in Kosice,but there are some nice ones to explore.

  • Hot Springs

    I don't know how 'off the beaten path' it is, but it's always nice to endulge in a little heated outdoors hydrotherapy. There is a place called Beszanova (Slovak spelling is a little strange and this keyboard doesn't have all the correct strokey/accenty things) on the way to the little Tatras. It's on the way to Hotop and other ski areas in the...

  • Hidden Beauty

    The castle Cerveny Kamen (or Red Stone) is unique site to visit and it is hidden on the way from Bratislava to Trnava (not by highway). It is quite big complex and you can find there many interesting views. First, there is a great museum and a little cave-like chapel, large cellars and in the summer also falconery show. For those who have heard...

  • Cave Driny

    The only cave in Western Slovakia created by air and not waters of the underground rivers. See my Trnava page

  • Gabcikovo Slovakian Panama Channel :)

    Well, if you are in bratislava or nearby, it is a one day trip by boat and you won't regret that at all. There is possible to go through the iron door of the damn and enjoy the technical attraction on the river Danube. However, the surroundings of Danube is much more interesting, there is great environment for wild life such as bunches of birds and...

  • Tatra mountains

    There are many well trodden paths to follow in the mountains, but that's not to say you'll have to compete with crowds,there's plenty of space to find your own path.

  • Mala Fatra Mountains

    Mala Fatra Mountains and National Park was located south of highway 583, I drove. It's highest summit (1709 m = 5607 ft) is called Velky Krivan (Big Krivan). Drive to village of Terchova on highway 583 and turn southward along Vratna Valley (Vratna Dolina) towards popular ski center Vratna. There is a chair lift to Velky Kryvan (close to the...

  • Lime rocks

    Both Mala Fatra and Kysucke Vrhowiny were realatively young mountains so there were quite a lot lime rocks there like in the Tatra Mountains. They looked especially amazing lighted by automn/fall sun with colorful leaves at this time of year. Most famous rock formation are placed south of village Terchova along the highway to popular ski center...

  • Wooden bridges

    When we got off our car to take a short walk in Parnica we had to cross this wooden bridge over Zazrivka River on my picture. Hiking many times around Slovak mountains (close to Poland) in the past I discovered a lot of such simple bridges and more primitive ones like just a trunk of tree put over the river/stream. Sometimes it was not so easy to...

  • Experience the beauty of the nature......

    In Slovensky Raj national park in the High Tatry mountains. Nåja, seriously it was nice and green and.. but coming from Finland it wasn't anything really special for me - maybe it is for you, or maybe we were in the wrong place. Great place for hiking for sure.

  • Colours of the fall (autumn)

    The area of the manor in Vysni Kubin was fenced by low, white wall covered by wooden tiles. It looked amazing especially at places where was adittionally hidden among plants of golden-brown colours of fall/autumn.Btw fall/autumn or better to say very late September and early October (usually) was the best season to amaze colors of automn/fall trees...

  • Manor houses

    There were quite many, usually less or more neglected amazing manor houses in Slovakia. Some of them were or still are restored and renovated like renaissance manor house from 17th c. with amazing onion-shape domes in Vysni Kubin. If you see only the well-known high architecture buildings it will give you a false view of what most towns were like...

  • Roofs for wintertime

    Most of local houses in mountain villages had pitched or more steep gable roofs. Why? Although they looked much better than flat roofs they must be more expensive. Just my theory on it: there are heavy snow falls there at least from time to time in wintertime. Flat roofs would not endure tons of snows. People would be obliged to remove snow from...

  • Dormer windows

    I found many nice looking dormer windows walking around Slovak towns and villages. Just look around.Dormer window (or shorter dormer) in English means a window sticking out from a sloping roof. The word derives from Latin word "dormire" which means to sleep. People used to put bedroom just under the roof of their houses not heavy lighted by dormer...

  • Local, hidden churches

    Slovaks are mostly Roman catholics. I found a lot of catholic churches ("fara" in Slovak language) in each city and at least one in most villages. They were often restored, clean and well kept. Their interiors were usually highly decorated with paintings, frescos etc. and contained wooden benches for prayers and often wooden roof and columns as...

  • Nepomuceny

    I found a lot of old sculptures/statues of St. Nepomucen driving around Slovakia. They were called "nepomuceny". You can find them in Poland and in Prague, Czech as well - on Karl Bridge for example.The stone figure of St. John Nepomucen - on my picture - with two angels standed on a stone post on the left side of the trail to the Orava castle in...

  • Monuments of slavery

    In contrast to Poland there are still - although few - monuments typical to Stalin era to be found in Slovakia. There were very, very many huge monuments built in each city, in many villages or just along a highway in Czechoslovakia under communist regime after WWII. They usually showed statues of workers, various communist so called "heroes" (like...

  • There are many more places...

    There are many more places that are hidden than the popular ones. And in my opinion they are quite often more charming, clean, quiet... My favourite ones are in Slovenske Rudohorie, Cerova Vrchovina, Kermnicke Vrchy, Kysuce, Orava and many more.


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    This hotel is so great and the staff there do everything they can to help in any way they can. It is...

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Kosice

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    Satisfaction: Excellent

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    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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    Satisfaction: Very Good

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