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Parnica Transportation

  • Road trip

    I was driving to Parnica by my car from Poland on short, 1-day trip around adjacent to Poland areas of Slovakia and Czech Republic. I can recommend you my itinerary. Drive from Dolny Kubin to Parnica (highway 70, watch for direction signs to Martin and Zilina in Dolni Kubin, I... missed them). Then, in Parnica turn right to local highway 583 to...

  • Where Kathy disappeared :-)

    We had to stop a car in front of closed railway crossing to give a way to this train on my picture in Parnica. Kathy got off the car and suddenly we saw her crossing the highway, running away to take closer pictures of the train and she disappeared (crazy camerawoman? :-). We had to start to drive because of next cars waiting behind us. And we...

  • Parnica trains

    We were driving through Slovakia and got caught at this train stop.I jumped out to get a picture of the mountains, when I looked down the street, the railroad sign had been lifted.WOWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAA!Did Maciek take off and leave me in Slovakia in the mountains....... :O)


Parnica Shopping

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    by matcrazy1 Updated Jan 21, 2007

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    Driving along highway 583 from Parnica through village of Terchova to city of Zilina I noticed locals standing on a shoulder or sitting on a small, folding chair. They didn't sell drugs but so called "syrove korbaciki" - local, home-made, smoked sheep cheese.
    I like this, unavailable in Poland, cheese a lot. It goes well especially with beer :-). I never had any problems with my stomach after eating them!!!

    The vendors were usually equipped with a small table or (more modern and younger folks :-) a cooler or they just kept their treasures to sell in hands (inside plastic bags).

    What to buy: Syrove korbaciki.

    What to pay: After some bargaining I paid 50 SKK (= $1.38 = 1.66 euro = 5.28 Polish zloty) for three bags of syrove korbaciki (half a kilogram or one pound or so).

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Parnica Local Customs

  • Local, smoked sheep cheese

    Natives make delicious sheep, smoked cheese at their homes not only in Parnica but around this region of Slovakia called Orava as well. The cheese is called "syrove korbaciki" which means cheese, thin pigtails in Slovak as the cheese is formed in shape of a thin pigtail. Usually you can buy a bag containing at least a few cheesy pigtails. "Syrove...

  • Folklore costume

    Driving around county of Parnica I didn't notice people wearing local, folklore costumes. They are used only for special celebrations nowadays. But I noticed older women walking along highway with shawl over their head. One of them sold "syrove korbaciki" on a highway but she refused me to take her a picture.Instead I took a picture of Parnica coat...

  • Parnica Hotels

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Parnica Warnings and Dangers

  • Dangerous rocks and cliffs

    There are a lot of limy rocks in Mala Fatra mountains, many with deep and not fenced cliffs. Be carefull, do not walk close to their edges not to fall down which would be mostly fatal for you.Just in case you survive and have a cell phone call: ambulance - 155, Mountain Rescue Service (Horska Sluzba) in Vratna and Terchova - +421 (41)...

  • I missed my direction signs

    Driving from Dolny Kubin I wanted to take highway 70 that is the shortest way to Parnica. Hmm... I didn't notice (I missed) direction signs and I drove through Ruzomberok and Kralovany that was 44 km instead of... 8 km. Hmm... direction signs often are small, somewhat hidden, put too close to crossroads and not repeated on the crossroad and after,...

  • Dangerous bridges

    There are quite many simple bridges over local rivers and streams in that area of Slovakia. Sometimes they are built of wooden tiles with wooden handrail on one side like this one on my picture. But sometimes there is only a trunk of a tree put over a stream.Notice that wooden bridges have limited resistance. Don't swing in the middle of a bridge...


Parnica What to Pack

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    by matcrazy1 Updated Jan 11, 2004

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Comfortable walking shoes preferrably water-resistant: like good trainers or better special walking shoes (Danish Ecco are very comfortable and... expensive but worth the cost).
    Sun-glasses esp. in winter and summer and always a rain coat.

    Read info on climate in Slovakia:
    Climate of Slovakia

    Check 10-day weather forecast for Sliac (97 km south of Parnica): Weather forecast for Sliac Region
    Check weather (4-day forecast) for Dolny Kubin (8 km east of Parnica, in Slovak language):
    Weather forecast for Dolny Kubin
    Remember that the weather changes very fast in this mountaineous area!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Toilet paper, soap (small bottle of liquid soap), paper towels or tissue papers. Usually available in public toilets (restrooms) but... not always.

    Photo Equipment: For pictures at night and bad light (weather) take a tripod.

    Miscellaneous: If you are going to climb the mountains buy good map of the area, detailed with mountain trails marked. There are maps covering whole Slovakia by VKU (Vojensky Kartograficky Ustav) which are numbered (area by area) and the best in my opinion. Available in bookstores in Dolny Kubin/Zilina and sometimes (rarely) in bigger petrol/gas stations.

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Parnica Off The Beaten Path

  • Aspen leaves in wind

    There were many aspen trees especially along banks of Zazrivka River. It's popular tree both in Slovakia and in Poland with leaves that move in the slightest wind - it looks really great especially in the fall. It's often said in Polish language about a man who is scared/afraid of sth: he/she shakes like aspen in wind. Is it the same at your...

  • Kysucke Vrhoviny Mountains

    Mountains called Kysucke Vrhoviny were located north of local highway 583, I drove. They were lower than Mala Fatra. Its highest summit - Javorinka was only 1210 m = 3970 ft high. Their slopes were covered by mixed, both leaved and coniferous, forest and there were some amazing lime rock formations seen even from the highway there.

  • Mala Fatra Mountains

    Mala Fatra Mountains were located south of highway 583 I drove. It's highest summit (1709 m = 5607 ft) is called Velky Krivan (Big Krivan). Drive to village of Terchova on highway 583 and turn southward along Vratna Valley (Vratna Dolina) towards popular ski center Vratna. There is a chair lift to Velky Kryvan (close to the summit) there. I was...


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