Slovakia Tourist Traps

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Slovakia Tourist Traps

  • You Will Be Broke Before You Leave

    I don't know who posts those articles on Yahoo that list Slovakia in the Top 10 cheapest destinations. It's the most expensive country I've ever been to. They make their living by ripping money off tourists. They charge for things, they should never charge for, and the fees are just ridiculous.We took a day trip from Poland to visit a cave and do...

  • Wooden Bethlehem- really, it's made of...

    We went there because of this great wooden carving. It took some guy about 15 years to carve it. It is a wooden representation of Bethlehem, Slovakia, mountains, and anything else this guy could think of. Is it neat? Yeah. Is it worth the drive and moving through the cluster of old people standing around waiting to get in to see it? No. There is a...

  • The Miklus Prison Museum in Kosice

    I visited the Miklus Prison in Kosice as a time killer. It was late morning and too early for lunch and by the time I finished my visit it would be a reasonable lunchtime. As for the museum, well it seems like every town in Eastern Europe loves to display its prison and dungeons. Kosice is no exception. This museum details the prisons history where...

  • Slovakian police

    I have visited Slovakia many times during 2006, because of business, so I know the country well. First of all there is not much to see, apart from the old centre of Bratislava (you can see that in 1 hour); in any case is nothing compared to Prague or Budapest. The other cities (Kosice, Nitra, Zilina etc). are rather gloomy. People in general tend...

  • Petrzalka / Bratislava

    The only part of Bratislava I didn`t particularly like ... see for yourself. From the castle you have a good view across the Danube on this less attractive part of Bratislava.

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.In Hungary they have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you...

  • Everywhere are some tourist traps

    If you think that there is always just English needed to undestand what natives say forget it. Outside the big towns and tourist highlights there should be frequent problem how to explain what you really want, so I recommend to find out and learn some phrases in Slovak ..for some occasion just Please Slovak PROSIM ... or Thanks ...DAKUJEM...

  • Bratislava

    I have very mixed opions about Bratislava and to say the least my opinion might be tainted by the fact that I had trouble finding accomodation and I got fined on the bus. But never the less Bratislava does offer some interesting sights but really Slovakia is more known for its nature and at the end of the day Bratisalva is just another city. You...

  • Closed, closed, closed!

    GROCERIES AND STORESThey close their groceries very early. Usual opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8am (or 9am) - 5pm or 6pm (in Bratislava) but sometimes 4pm in the countryside,Sat: 9am - noon, 1pm (or 2pm),Sun: closed.Exceptions: stores at petrol/gas stations, areas close to borders with groceries for customers coming from abroad (from Poland for...

  • They could speak... Slovak!

    Most of folks - I met during my trips to Slovakia - could speak only Slovak, especially in the countryside. Although it goes slowly better and better nowadys. I mean that more young Slovaks learn foreign languages, mainly English and German. Older folks can speak usually a little Russian as Russian language was obligatory in Czechoslovak schools...

  • Unwanted costumers?

    It happened to me only a few times in 90' and twice later. But many times in 80'. What?Hmm... I was completely ignored by sometimes even rude salesmen/saleswomen in local stores. No good morning, no "can I help you?" (forget about any smile), no attention but rude "what do you want?" instead. I even was sorry to ask anything. It was quite typical...

  • Pozor na strechy

    Ked sa vyskriabete na nejaku strechu, tak nemusi to vzdy najlepsie dopadnut. Tento ujo s tym nema problemy, on predsa nosi stastie:-)

  • Bodliaky

    pozor na suche bodliaky. Nedavajte si ich do vlasov, zle sa potom rozcesavaju:-) tieto sme nasli nedaleko od rieky Hron, ked sme hladali Certovu skalu. nenasli sme ju, lebo bolo prilis zimno, ale v lete ju urcite najdeme:-)

  • Kamenne more

    Taketo nadherne usporiadane kamene v zime pokryte vrstvou cerstvo napadaneho snehu najdete kusok od obce Vyhne v Stiavnickych vrchoch. Nepotknite sa! su az na piatich hektaroch, tak zostrite pozornost:-)

  • Zvolensky zamok

    mesto Zvolen je zaujimave tym, ze sa v nom poprechadzate okolo rozpravkovo vyzerajuceho zamku a mozete ist dalej. Nespoliehajte sa na nejake vynimocne sluzby najma v nedelu:-)

  • speech

    maybe you'll have troubles with communication; matured usually at least understand russian or gerrman but have problems with speaking, young people mostly speak or at least understand english, just a little people speak italian, spanish or french.But this also depends on the place: in small villages the troubles are greater, in spa towns you can...

  • A Strange Practice Among Doctors

    well, it seems I am ***ting in my own nest, but this is truly ridiculous. own of our acquintances was charged 1200 SK for a bruise on his leg. it took the doctor about five minutes, but him the whole day to find him. if you can, ask a slovak friend to speak to his own doctor, maybe then he will not overcharge services. IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS...

  • Bratislava Downtown by Summer

    Excellent food, premium lagers, delicious wines in the ancient city. How does it look like during summer in Bratislava, you can see at: It takes one hour from Vienna airport (bus or taxi) to get to the city... Downtown is quite compact, you...

  • v niektorych domcekoch v...

    v niektorych domcekoch v Cicmanoch su spristupnene miestnosti v spodnej alebo vrchnej casti domu, preto pozor na schody:-)

  • ElectricityIn Slovakia is 220...

    ElectricityIn Slovakia is 220 V/50 Hz, sockets have connections to earth.Pictures of electricity plug used in SlovakiaTelephoneYou could call to and from Slovakia from the whole world. The country code is ++421 and is followed by an area code and telephone number.Image of telephone plug-in used in Slovakia (same as in Czech republic)Maybe you will...

  • Spisský hradSpisský hrad...

    Spisský hradSpisský hrad (Zipser Burg) is the largest castle in Slovakia. The castle was founded in 1209, wrecked by theTatars in the 13th century and reconstructed in the 15th century. Although the castle burnt down in 1780, the ruins and the site are spectacular. The highest enclosure contains a round Gothic tower, a cistern, a chapel and a...

  • The Malá Fatra National...

    The Malá Fatra National ParkThe Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) Mountains stretch 50km across north-western Slovakia; Velký Kriván (1709m) is the highest peak. At the heart of the national park is Vrátna, a beautiful mountain valley with forested slopes on all sides. Hiking possibilities vary from easy tourist tracks through the forest to scenic ridge...

  • some americans complained that...

    some americans complained that slovak toilet paper is a lot rougher than they are used to. you can buy german in some supermarkets however. i know this is silly but they really did express a dislike (well... lets not go into this too much)

  • not every POTRAVINY (food...

    not every POTRAVINY (food store) has free plastic bags. we always go to the store with our own bags. However, some big western companies will automaticaly attempt to increase the rate of pollution by presenting you with a free bag everytime you buy a chewing gum.

  •  Our hiking routes were in ...

     Our hiking routes were in  Mala Studena dolina Valley,Velka studena  valley and some other.I suggest buying a real map when you arrive, in some shop or press kiosk. That's what we did and never regretted. Here you can find hiking maps online: 

  • We came to no harm. We got...

    We came to no harm. We got warnings from well meaning people who told us (and we knew already ) to be careful with our VW Golf, old as it may be, you could find an empty parking lot or a car without wheels, mirrors etc. etc..Photo near Liptovska Mara where many storks were in the fields and sky, and gave a concert especially for us, the only...

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Slovakia Hotels

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  • Marrol's Hotel Bratislava

    This hotel is so great and the staff there do everything they can to help in any way they can. It is...

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Kosice

    Hlavna 1, Kosice, Kosice, 040 01, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Villa Siesta

    Novy Smokovec 88, Vysoke Tatry, Presov, 06201, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Holiday Inn Trnava

    Hornopotocna Street, Trnava, 91701, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Pod Hradom

    I stayed in the annex, of Pod Hradom hotel , 60 m down the road.. For single E 46.50. This included...

  • Penzion Sabato

    Sobotske Namestie 1730/6, Poprad, 058 01, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel U Leva

    We stayed two nights in Hotel U Leva on the square.The staff is very helpful, and the resturant...

  • Thermia Palace Hotel Piestany

    Winterova 29, Kupelny Ostrov 1, Piestany, 92129, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Holiday Inn Zilina

    Sportova 2, Zilina, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), 01

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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