Slovakia Transportation

  • Bratislava hlavná stanica- the main train station
    Bratislava hlavná stanica- the main...
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Slovakia Transportation

  • By Train

    Bratislava Transportation

    My trip was taking me from Prague down to Budapest and then back again. On the way south, I opted to go via Vienna. On the way back north, I thought I’d stretch my legs in Bratislava. When I looked at going direct to Prague, the discount fair was reasonable (50EUR), but the ticket with allowed stop in Bratislava was high (88EUR). Instead I decided...

  • By Bus

    Bratislava Transportation

    Cheapest oneway ticket (bus): Slovak Lines first bus leaving from Suedtirolerplatz (get there with S1, S9, U1, tram O and 18) at 8 arriving via Vienna airport at 9.45, last bus at 19.25 arriving at 21, €7.70 (student 6.90): Blaguss Slovakia to Vienna Erdbergerstrasse (get there with U3)...

  • MHD/Public Transport

    Bratislava Transportation

    Devin still belongs to Bratislava city, so you can use public transportation to get to Devin castle and village. If you walk to Novi most (Novi bridge) in the of old town, two buses run here- number 28 and 29. Number 29 tops just nearby the castle, and number 28 has a stop in a village itself. If you walk from that village to castle, it is...

  • By Boat

    Bratislava Transportation

    Along the Danube, you'll notice these large tourist-oriented cruise boats. You can arrange an evening cruise or even a more extended cruise, but many require booking at least a week in advance. Prices are relatively inexpensive to similar services that I've seen elsewhere in Europe. Check out the website below for an example from one local company.

  • By Plane

    Bratislava Transportation

    "Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika" (BTS), or shorten "Letisko M. R. Štefánika" is located 10 miles north east of Bratislava. The airport is the largest and the main airport in the Slovak Republic. Bus 61 links the airport to Bratislava’s main train station every 15 minutes. Taxis are located in front of the arrivals hall. Ivanská cesta, 820 01...


    If you think your capable of driving in another country, then do so! This gives you a chance to see the beautiful back country where the scenic country villages are located, where life goes on at a slow place. Before heading to Slovakia to drive your hire car, you need to know the road rules for that country. For me, coming from Australia, there...

  • From Poland to Austria via Slovakia

    My rout along Slovakia from Poland to Austria in August of 2011 by car Lada-21173:Chyzne, PolandTrstena, SlovakiaNámestovo, SlovakiaOravský Podzámok, SlovakiaVrátna, Terchová, SlovakiaZilina, SlovakiaBratislava, SlovakiaVienna, AustriaDriving directions to Bratislava, SlovakiaA - Chyzne Poland1. Head south 33 m 2. Turn left toward E77 240 m 3. Turn...

  • Getting around Slovakia on public...

    In general I found getting around Slovakia very easy on public transport. Luckily, the cities/places I chose to stay in were located at or near major transportation hubs so it was all pretty simple.Crossing the international border- I came into Slovakia on a bus from Poland and left on a train to the Czech Republic. With the Schengen treaty the...

  • International Borders

    Slovakia has international borders with Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. All of these countries (except Ukraine) are signatories of the Schengen Agreement, therefore, there are no border formalities. However, Slovakia shares a common border 98 km long with the Ukraine. Crossing to/from the Ukraine you will have to pass...

  • Skoda

    The best way to get to Vlachovo is by SKODA, the car made by Slovaks!The best way to get around the town center of Kosice or Vlachovo is by foot. Vlachovo, because it is so small and Kosice because the town center allows only pedestrian traffic.One thing that was pretty interesting was that they put portable radios, plugged into the cigarette...

  • I am like a bird flying by Slovak...

    Slovak Airlines provides only some destinations regularly such as Brussels, Moscow, Tel Aviv etc. All information about destination you should check on the website mentioned here. In the country there are just flights to Kosice because it is a bit problematic to fly through such a small country. Trains are more convenient and cheaper :)And another...

  • Budapest2Bratislava Train

    To leave Budapest for Bratislava on a one-day trip, the best thing to do is hop on the train that leaves Budapest Keleti Palya Udvar at 5:28. By 8 o'clock you should be in Bratislava. The center of Bratislava is then within walking distance from the Railway Station.

  • Slovak lines buses

    The slovaklines buses are comfortable and cheaper than the Euroline buses. There are buses to and from Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and other nearby european cities. I enjoyed my trip to Prague and Vienna by these buses.

  • SLOVAKIA: Travelling between Bratislava...

    There are buses between Bratislava and Košice. The problem is that there are very few and it takes so long time to get to Košice – approximately 7 hours. The price should be 10 or 11 euros. The train (which takes approximately 5 hours) is the preferred means of travel to Košice. The price is less than 18 euros one way - though it is highly...

  • Danube Ferry to Bratislava

    Even better than bus... take the Danube Ferry! I was in Vienna a couple of years ago and was getting bored after a couple of days, so hopped on the ferry to Bratislava. It took about an hour and went onto Budapest but I think that was about another 4 or 5 hours.Bratislava is totally safe and the heart of the Old Town has been completely facelifted...

  • Traveling around and from Slovakia

    As for traveling from Slovakia to further European countries, I would definitely recommend plane. Especially if you know the dates of your travel well ahead, there is a great chance of getting some cheap tickets. Check also for flights from/to Vienna, as it is very close to Bratislava and no problem to get to Schwechat (Vienna airport) by bus. With...

  • Bus it

    I love getting around by trains, but sometimes you will be paying more for... someone to join you at 6 am and turn the light on in your cabin. After I got my fill of trains and sleeping lengthwise, I decided to save money and unstrap my backpack from around my legs.Student Agency offers the best seats and service. Don't misplace your ticket though...

  • na vlakom

    On my last trip to Slovakia (April '07) I flew to Bratislava and then caught a train across country to Kosice in the east and back again. Relatively cheap and comfortable, as well as highly scenic, I took a lot of pleasure travelling this way. Inter-city trains are regular and efficient I have always found. Also mostly uncrowded when you go 1st...

  • Bratislava Airport

    The Bratislava airport is about 20 minutes by car from the city centre, depending on the traffic. A taxi to the centre should cost 350-500 Kronen. If you pay more, you`ve been cheated. If you stay only in Bratislava, you don`t need a car as all sights are in walking distance. If you plan to go elsewhere, a rental car is recommended. The motorways...

  • The Tatras Electric Railway

    Traveling from trailhead to trailhead throughout the Tatras Mountains could not be easier. This is because of the excellent electric railway system that passes through most of the towns in the vicinity of the mountains. All the trains start in Poprad and head to Stary Smokovec and then split up once they get there. Trains either head to Tatransk?...

  • By car

    If you drive your car and you are not in a hurry in order to speed through Slovakia , choose side roads.Then you may admire the surroundings, nobody wants to kill you :-)), you visit places which are not touristy at all but extremely beautiful!Last year we were in a hurry so we took the motorway to Bratislava, but two years ago from Terchova (where...

  • Eurolines

    There is agreat web of eurolines connection throughout the whole Europe so Slovakia is among them too. You can easily travel to Vienna, German cities, England etc...

  • Trains

    Trains aren't that clean but there is a good net of them so you can go everywhere. Tickets aren't that expensive as in other countries and it is much more comfortable as in crowded buses.Especially in High Tatras there can be seen improvement, if you're lucky going from Tatranska Lomnica to other points you can go by train we jokingly call...

  • Public Transport

    There is a good net of public transport almost in every bigger town. In the capital and big cities (if towns in Slovakia should be called cities in general) is a variety of trams, buses, trolleybuses lines but there is no subway in Slovakia. So, if you will see something that looks like subway ;) you probably will be dissapointed ...Check this...

  • By bus to Slovakia

    There are quite many scheduled buses from Austria (esp. from Wien to Bratislava) and other neighbouring countries to Slovak cities.There were scheduled buses to Bratislava by Eurolines from:Austria (Wien, Salzburg)Belgium (Brussels)Croatia (Makarska)Czech (Prague)France (Paris, Nice)Germany (Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart)Hungary...

  • On foot

    The best way to explore the area of compact Slovak oldtowns was walking on foot. Especially that some of them were closed to traffic (except for taxis usually). If you get tired you always can take a bus/tram to continue your trip.Another great opportunity not to miss is hiking along numerous mountain trails in Slovak mountains esp. in Mala and...

  • Timetables online

    For both international and domestic trains check your timetable: European train timetableFor both buses and trains (domestic) in Slovakia check your connection online (in Slovak, English and German):Trains and buses SlovakiaFor scheduled buses to Bratislava from abroad check your connection: Eurolines - page in English, German and Slovak.

  • By train around

    I travelled from Tychy, Poland to Zilina, Slovakia through Czech by train once. It was quite cheap but rather slow trip (slower than by car, I think). But anyway, train is a good choice in Slovakia for those who doesn't want to drive a car there in my opinion. And there are quite many railway tracks around Slovakia.Classification of trains (from...

  • By bus around

    I used scheduled buses only twice in Slovakia in late 90'. Each city and town and most even the smallest villages are connected by scheduled, usually old, white-red buses run by SAD (Slovenska Autobusova Doprava) company. Timetables were shown on (often neglected) bus terminals and bus stops but they contained a lot of secret abbrevations and...

  • Parking a car

    I never had more problems with finding a place to park my car even in centers/downtowns of cities where sometimes traffic was not allowed inside small, strict old town zone. There were uncovered parking lots signed by large "P" and direction signs "Parkoviste" (enlarge my picture) located in front of most points of tourist interest. Although they...

  • Rules, police, fuel, tolls

    BASIC RULES1. It's forbidden to sit in the front seat for children unless they are at least 12 years old and over 1.5 metres tall,2. Buckle-up: seat belts are compulsory for front- and rear-seat passengers on all public highways,3. Don't drink and drive: the legal blood alcohol limit is 0 mg !!! If you drink any alcohol you can't drive.4. Speed...

  • Traffic, highways, emergency

    TRAFFIC :-)Road traffic in Slovakia even in summer weekends and on main highways was usually light or medium, I never stayed in traffic jams there. Many local, mountain highways were almost empty. Exception: rush hours on some streets of Bratislava.Watch for pedastrians walking along highways (add bicycles and very slow and old trucks). Watch...

  • By car or not by car?

    That is the question! There are many advantages and disadvantages as well. I think that for many travellers it's the best choice - especially those who want to touch real Slovakia. And especially for those living in surrounding countries: Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czech and even more far Germany, Slovenia, Croatia etc. Although... it's...

  • By tour bus

    I noticed quite many tourist buses on parking lots in numerous touristy places in Slovakia. The buses were usually from Slovakia and from Poland as well. I think that many Slovak tourist offices/travel agencies offer bus tours around various regions of Slovakia.I love more freedom (and more problems hehe) so I never take any tours excpet when...

  • SK = Slovak Republic

    Most of cars registered in the Slovak Republic have a sticker placed on back windshield or back side of a car with letters: SK. The sign was obligatory to cross the border by Slovaks (PL for me). Each European country has 1-3 letter abbrevation used on car's stickers. Additionally SVK is Olympic 3 letter official abbrevation for Slovakia. Nowadays...

  • NO entry

    Whenever you drive a car in Slovakia watch road signs.Tip for non-European drivers:This round sign on my picture (white circle with red rim) in the whole Europe means: NO entry or NO traffic - even for bicycles unless otherwise stated on additional small table below.In Oravsky Podzamok this sign was put in front of aspalt walkway by parish church.

  • Do not stop any time

    Whenever you drive in Slovakia watch road signs.Tip for non-European drivers: This sign on my picture like in the whole Europe means: NO stopping any time. In Slovakia the ban works from the place where the sign is put on to the nearest crossroad or to the same sign with a table "KONEC" (the end) added below.In most touristy places like in Oravsky...

  • the roads are OK

    the roads are OK I think. The motorways are comparable to those in western europe (just are not so busy), trunk and district roads are worse. The minor roads are not too good but the cars should withstand them without any damage - just the signs are often missing. Drivers: look out of unexposed bikers in the night. Otherwise, biking is widely...

  • ship

    from late april till late september the hydrofoils can take you to Bratislava from Vienna or Budapest. Trips from BA to Devin, Gabcikovo are also available as well as cruise trips to Budapest, Melk, Passau or Tulln.

  • air

    several round-year connections to/from Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad (see,, low-cost airline flights also available ('s also common to fly to Vienna and then continue to BA by bus or train(Ba-Vienna cca.60km)The low-cost flight is considerable alternative to train or car.

  • bus

    many intl. lines, e.g. Vienna, Rome, Venice, Belgrade, Budapest, London, many destinations in Germany and Czech rep.and a plenty of domestic lines. Buses can take you to the places where trains can not, larger towns are connected with express buses (altough slower than trains) and even the smallest village is reachable by local bus at least twice a...

  • train

    good connection with neighbouring countries, direct trains to Berlin, Hamburg, Bucharest, and Moscow also available.(see; the bus and train connection finder I have the best experiences with is www.vlak-bus.czin general, train is a best solution for longer journeys, it`s much faster and more comfortable than...

  • Getting to and around Slovakia

    Best way is to arrive at Bratislava Airport because it is the smallest airport I have ever seen and beats the hell out of those massive, glitzy airports in other places.I should say train, but...I haven't traveled enough by train yet. So...find someone with a car. My chariot was a Skoda. My driver should be the next Michael Schumacher.

  • Cable in High Tatras

    When in High Tatras you can go by cable e.g. Tatranska Lomnica to Skalnate pleso and Lomnicky stit (second the highest peak) but remember to wake up quite early to get tickets and everything depends on weather :) Expect that it is more expensive than normal tickets ...

  • Go First Class on the Train

    For a few extra dollars (and I mean a FEW) you can buy a reserved seat first class ticket on the train. You will likely have a cabin to yourself, complete with waiter, and the alternative second class ticket will have you standing by the aisle windows for the entire trip, trying not to breathe in the cigarette smoke. We paid about $5 each for first...


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  • Marrol's Hotel Bratislava

    This hotel is so great and the staff there do everything they can to help in any way they can. It is...

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Kosice

    Hlavna 1, Kosice, Kosice, 040 01, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Villa Siesta

    Novy Smokovec 88, Vysoke Tatry, Presov, 06201, Slovakia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

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