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Most Viewed Local Customs in Ljubljana

  • 1. Beer rivalry - Lasko or Union?

    Slovenes are generally quite laid back. But not when it comes to choice of beer. There are two major beers in Slovenia: Laško and Union. Apparently, loyalty for one's beer in Slovenia is somewhat...

  • 2. Famous People

    The monument was unveiled in 1905 and is the work of architect Maks Fabiani and sculptor Ivan Zajc. France Prešeren (1800-1849) is the greatest Slovene poet. His poetry is a symbol of longing for love...

  • 3. Traditional Costumes

    Everyday except Sundays is there an outdoor market in Vodnikov Trg. You can find lots of locally produced food as well as handbags, flowers, clothes, suitcases and jewellries, just to mention some of...


    I must admit, that even on my arrival in Slovenia in Summer 2004 I wasn't really sure about the name of the Slovenian currency. I only knew its abbreviation which is SIT. The official name of the...


    The lights are even nicer at night! They just add to the look of Ljubljana and turn the whole city into a fairytale town. There's some simple lights in the trees of Castle hill and the castle changes...

  • 6. English - widely spoken

    And I think I know one of the reasons why. I had been suffering in Rome because the TV in Italy is all dubbed. No subtitles. Really odd to see the actors in CSI chattering away in perfect Italian -...

  • 7. Wedding customs

    It seems very, really very popular to have the photos of the wedding taken around the Lubljana castle, while I was there I met at least 4 differents weddings and was really tempted to enjoy a couple...

  • 8. Križanke

    After being torn down in 1715, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy was rebuilt in Baroque style, and it was the first Baroque building in the region. The name of Križanke is derivated from "križanki", and...

  • 9. Old Postcards

    An old Postcard sent from Ljubljana on May 26. 1909 Townhall of Ljubljana - as it looked like nearly hundred year ago. Nowadays its nearly the same view, except facades of the buildings are...

  • 10. Popular mixed drinks....

    It's funny but I don't know! I reckon it takes a foreigner to see the cultural peculiarities of Ljubljana. Everything's normal for me as a native. Hmmm... oh yes, perhaps I should mention those funny...

  • 11. Seating order on the bus

    When you take a bus, do not occupy the first available seat. Front seats are meant for people who have difficulties moving around or crowding - i.e. disabled, elderly, people with young children. I...

  • 12. Seminary

    The Seminary is a Baroque building standing on the eastern side of Pogacarjev trg. Its monumental main enterance, adorned by two giants who hold the portal, was made in 1714. The Seminary houses the...

  • 13. Drinking tip - toast

    ALWAYS look people in the eye when making a toast. It's very offensive not to do this and I was corrected on it when I was there. In Ireland, we dont look ppl in the eye when making toast - we just...

  • 16. Generous Slovenians

    Be careful of your friends in Slovenia, especially Ljubljana, as they will try and buy everything for you. If they offer to carry your items in a shop, don't...

  • 17. Cycling

    The people of Ljubljana adhered to bicycle as a good transport in town. The city is plane, and though wit a good structure of public transport, claiming that...

  • 18. Slovensko Narodno Gledalisce

    If possible, visit Slovene Drama no metter of language barrier am sure you'll enjoy in the spectacle. Btw, if the performance is of a good quality we can...

  • 19. Some food perhaps?

    I don't know if Horse Burgers are very common in this area of Europe, in Sweden we do not have them. But they seem to be popular in Slovenia, long queus in...

  • 20. Riding a Bicycle

    Taken for granted in some Western European countries, Bicycle Lanes in the city is not a local custom in most of the world.This economical friendly to the...

  • 21. Black coffee?

    Slovenian coffee is very good, everywhere. And when I'm on holiday I'm quite happy to drink coffee the way locals do. Mostly.But: I really don't like coffee...

  • 22. Beehive panels

    One of the most common souvenirs we saw in Ljubljana was replica beehive panels sold in what I presume was their original size plus much smaller versions and...

  • 23. Superheroes!

    Not once but twice on our visit we ran into an interesting collection of superheroes walking down the street, no one but us paying them much attention. They...

  • 24. Art in Preseren Square

    In what I presume is a seasonal art display, there were a couple of pieces of outdoor art in Preseren Square. The 1st photo shows a cascade of rocks, at the...

  • 25. Keep your eyes peeled: Toplarjis & Curbside Altars

    LOOK OUT FOR THESE TRADITIONAL SLOVENIAN STRUCTURES WHILE YOU'RE ON THE ROADTOPLARJI: Double Hay Drying-FrameToplars are structures used for the drying and...

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