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  • Murska Sobota
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Murska Sobota Things to Do

  • Filovci

    In our day plan there were many more places to visit and our next stop over was settlement Filovci, well known for pottery. We were strolling around and very soon Mr. Drago joined us. He unlocked the door of an old house where pottery is displayed for viewing and also for selling. Biba and Silva purchased special pans for baking chickens. They are...

  • Bogojina

    It was peaceful Sunday morning, villages we were passing by were quiet, people were in churches or at home and our next halt was a settlement Bogojina, .known for the church one of the most interesting examples of architecture of the first half of the 20th century and the most famous sanctuary of Prekmurje.(designed by architect Jože Plečnik)...

  • Martjanci

    Next morning we first took a bathe in warm pool and after breakfast we drove off. Nearby, just a couple of kilometers from Moravske toplice there is another interesting village Martjanci. The village is known for its parish church dedicated to Saint Martin from who the village got its name. Church was built in 14th century. The presbytery is...


Murska Sobota Hotels

  • Ajda

    Kranjceva 12,Moravske Toplice, Moravske Toplice, M

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Ferienanlage Terme 3000

    The mighty power of water, which has been heated in the warm bosom of the Earth, squirts from the...


Murska Sobota Restaurants

  • pleasures of local cusine in Bakovci

    This 'gostilna' is an excuse to take a little longer walk (a few kilometers) from Murska Sobota, but hey - it's worth!Ideal meal will include one of thier soups so don't forget to order seasonal ones, like those with pumpkin, asparagus... herbs... and delightful creamy wild garlic (Allium ursinum) variety in spring time.As you'll notice by reading...

  • Another fine eatery

    This hotel has a wonderful selection of local and international cuisine. If my memory serves me well, I enjoyed some excellent traditional food here, and the atmosphere was lovely.

  • Hotel Diana - Excellent reputation

    The Diana Hotel has an excellent reputation for fine dining.. many people I know, frequent this place on special occasions or for family celebrations.


Murska Sobota Nightlife

  • He has no musical ear

    If I could have just one wish I would be able to read people's minds So I could hear your hopes, your fears And hear what's going on inside. JUST FOR YOU

  • sunday velvet

    MIKK has moved to better location and bigger place and it is now in- the Castle. It is wonderful idea to see concerts there and there are now more kinds of bands playing occasionaly from hip-hop, rock, emo to hardcore and so forth. They remain loyal to non-commercial music and it's great to know there is alternative to discotheques and bars in...

  • Murska Sobota Hotels

    2 Hotels in Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota Transportation

  • To Murska Sobota by train

    As far I lived in Murska Sobota, still I come there many times a year, and usually by train. This is probably best way to reach the city, especially after constructing new railroad to Hungary. Trains from Ljubljana are more or less recent, only problem is that they are usually late.

  • With bicycle around Murska Sobota

    The role of Murska Sobota as a tourist town hasn't been emphasized enough. Two hotels: Diana with its hall swimming pool and recreational centre, and Zvezda, the swimming pool and recreational centre in Fazanarija, some tourist offices and more and more guest-houses can change this picture very soon, along with the rich cultural offer. The more so,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Murska Sobota Shopping

  • 25tears's Profile Photo

    Internat: What ever you want to buy

    by 25tears Written Jan 8, 2003

    All people into this building is so young and very kindness

    What to buy: 1.) Prekmurski bograch

    2.)Prekmurska gibanice

    3.)Prekmurske deklice

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Murska Sobota Local Customs

  • Prekmurska gibanica

    Not a local custom, but a local speciality: the Prekmurska gibanica! This is a strudel that contains curds, poppy seed and nuts. You can get it not only in the Prekmurska area but also in the rest of Slovenia, usually as warm dessert. It's quite filling, so don't eat too much before eating this cake! Not so easy as portions are always so big...

  • Member statua on Russian soldier from...

    After declaration of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 the town was the seat of the dirctorated for the Vendska krajina, in May of the same year the six-day republic Murska republica was declared here. In time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, a civil commissioner for Prekmurje was appointed in the town and later in the town and later on the...

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Murska Sobota Warnings and Dangers

  • 25tears's Profile Photo

    Those to do own work very good

    by 25tears Written Jan 8, 2003

    Police Directorate Murska Sobota
    Ulica arhitekta Novaka 5, 9000 Murska Sobota
    +386 2 522 15 05
    +386 2 532 13 57

    The Murska Sobota Police Directorate extends over 1,335 square kilometres with its 130,000 inhabitants. In the north it borders on Austria, in the east with Hungary and to the south with Croatia. With a total of 243.8 km of border, the Murska Sobota Police Directorate protects the largest part of the state border.

    Undisturbed performance of police tasks is ensured by individual expert offices which give advice, co-ordinate and monitor the work of 4 police stations, three stations of border police and a traffic police station.

    The Police Directorate also includes an outlet of Foreigners Centre in Prosenjakovci, which occasionally hosts up to 160 foreigners, and a division of service dog handlers police.

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Murska Sobota Tourist Traps

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    Swimming bats TERME3000

    by 25tears Written Jan 8, 2003

    First name: Telephone: +386 2 5122-200, 5122-280
    Last name: Telefax: +386 2 5481-607
    Town: Moravske Toplice Cellular phone, GSM:
    Zip code: 9226 Cellular phone, NMT
    Street: Kranjèeva E-mail:
    No: 12 Web site:
    Country: Slovenija URL of this page:

    Unique Suggestions: Das Hotel VIVAT ist etwas Besonderes: das moderne Objekt begeistert alle Generationen, denn es nimmt Rücksicht auf die besonderen Bedürfnisse der Gäste. Alle Hotelräume sind dem Wohlbefinden der Senioren und der Behinderten angepasst, gleichzeitig ist aber auch für Kinder, Bewegung und Sportaktivitäten wohl gesorgt.

    Unsere 40 Appartements und 14 Zimmer sind modern eingerichtet: In jedem Appartement und jedem Zimmer befindet sich eine kleinere Küche, die viel Freiheit ermöglicht. Für unser Hotel entscheiden sich sehr gern Gäste, die in ihren Ferien lieber selber kochen, so wie auch Familien mit Kleinkindern, die sich jederzeit eine warme Mahlzeit vorbereiten können.

    Unsere Gäste können sich in gemeinsamen Hotelräumen entspannen: im Café, in der Bibliothek, im Lesesaal, in der Turnhalle und im Kosmetikstudio, wo fürs äußere Aussehen und inneres Wohlbefinden gesorgt wird. Ihnen stehen auch ein Zahnarzt, eine Selbstbedienungswäscherei und ein Trockenraum zur Verfügung

    Fun Alternatives: Frei- und Hallenbecken mit erwärmtem Normalwasser oder dem
    einzigartigen Thermomineralwasser, welches für Heilung von
    rheumatischen Erkrankungen bekannt ist

    2.500 m2, ab Eröffnung der neuen Badelandschaft im Sommer 5.000 m2

    Gemütliche Hotels, Appartments, strohgedeckte Bungalows,
    Campingplatz der 1. Kat.

    Moderne Therapie mit hochwertigen Leistungen und Programmen
    (Akupunktur, Massagen, Fango,...)

    Wellness-, Fitness-, und Sportprogramme (Golf, Tennis, Ballspiele,
    Fahrräder, Sauna, Solarium, Fitnessraum,...)

    vielseitige Animation, reizvolle Landschaft, bekannte Kulinarik und
    Gastfreundlichkeit und vieles mehr steht Ihnen zur Verfügung.

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Murska Sobota What to Pack

  • 25tears's Profile Photo


    by 25tears Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Luggage and bags: The mysterious Postojna cave world is the part of Slovenia which has been carved, shaped and created by water; deep within these world-famous caves hide the most precious beauty created through millions of years, drop by drop, year after year...

    The 20-kilometre-long underworld system is a miracle in itself, but one becomes truly astounded at the look of the mysterious "human fish" (Proteus Anguinus), wondering at the strange form of life preserved in the underground kingdom. Another mystery of the underground ...

    The cave is accessible without special equipment, and has a constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Visitors are taken for a tour by a special cave train, accompanied by experienced guides. A visit takes an hour and a

    Miscellaneous: Jaskinia Postojna (Postojnska jama) - jedna z najs³ynniejszych jaskiñ œwiata, napisano o niej ju¿ tomy literatury wiêc przypomnê tylko najwa¿niejsze fakty. Ca³y system jaskiniowy Postojnej liczy ponad 27 km korytarzy, sal, galerii, a w jej sk³ad wchodz¹ groty: Postojnska jama, Èrna jama, Pivka jama, Otoška jama i Magdalena jama. Podczas 1,5 godz. zwiedza siê ³¹cznie 5,5 km Postojnskiej jamy z czego 4 kilometrowy odcinek przeje¿d¿a siê kolejk¹ elektryczn¹. Bilet kosztuje 20 DM. Liczba zwiedzaj¹cych jest olbrzymia, iloœæ osób k³êbi¹cych siê przed kasami przera¿a. Na szczêœcie przepustowoœæ jaskini jest bardzo du¿a i nawet w sezonie nie czeka siê d³u¿ej ni¿ godzinê na wejœcie. Nie ma co ukrywaæ, ¿e komercjalizacja Postojnej jest zatrwa¿aj¹ca ale naprawdê tê jaskinie trzeba zobaczyæ. Takiej szaty naciekowej nie zobaczycie w ¿adnej innej jaskini, praktycznie nie ma pustego miejsca na stropie i œcianach z których nie "sp³ywa³by" zastyg³y kalcyt w ró¿norakiej formie.

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Murska Sobota Off The Beaten Path

  • film festival in Grad at the castle

    This is new festival on Slovenian film scene and it covers broad environmental and societal subjects which makes it for very specific public I guess - and prehaps for that reason it get smaller public attention.But less visitors doesn't mean any bad - I thoroughly enjoyed all my time spent here, and though wanted I only could go for some stuff...

  • Goricko is amazing!

    You should simply take a trip to lovely Goricko hills which are not far from Murska Sobota - this is one of most unspoiled landscapes in Slovenia and one most remote which makes it little difficult to travel if you don't come by your own transport.As name suggests this is hilly area with extensive agriculture on fertile and sunny slopes, while...

  • A village called 'Dobrovnik'

    Another village in this region, much the same in appearance and lifestyle. This was one of the few villages in this area, that had a doctor in residence. (back in the good old days ?..)


Murska Sobota Sports & Outdoors

  • 25tears's Profile Photo

    25 tears for my love??????

    by 25tears Updated Jan 8, 2003

    As I sit here all alone
    I think of only you
    I think of how I love you
    and how you make me feel
    I think of what could be
    a wish come true
    for you to love me too

    I'm holding on to my love for you
    and hoping one day soon
    you will love me
    like I love you

    Equipment: If I could have just one wish
    It would be to move on with my life
    Because you were my one true love
    And you cut my heart like a knife.

    If I could have just one wish
    It would be to forget all about you
    Because you see I can't live with myself
    Knowing I'm not with you.

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Murska Sobota Favorites

  • Surrounded by interesting places

    After exploring the city of Murska Sobota, and enjoying all the culture and history it has to offer, you can visit many neaby villages and towns, which are all very different, and enjoy a very different lifestyle. The relaxed and easy going atmosphere of this place is something I will always remember. Also the close proximity to many other lovely...

  • World with kindness people

    Power through the historyAs a town Murska Sobota was mentioned for the first time in 1366. In 1479 the Hungarian king Matthias Korvin allocated the town free fair rights. In the time of the worse Turkish invasions in the first half of the 17th century Murska Sobota was enclosed with the exterior defense wall, defense trenches and a ditch. After the...

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