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    Bovec and Kanin above from Celo Hill
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Bovec Highlights

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     Like sports, go there. 

Bovec Things to Do


    Bovec basin was a glacially-formed lake during the last Ice Age. There are several spectacular gorges found in the area along various streams which resulted from a rapid – in geologic terms – subsidence of the Bovec basin. Here, just east of Bovec and the hamlet of Kal-Koritnica off the road to Vršic Pass is the 150 meter long gorge of Kršovec. The...


    With only one hairpin to go on the south side of Vršic Pass - between 49 and 50 - there is a turnoff for Koca pri izviru soca. A short drive brings you to a small parking lot - come early in the day if you can - by the mountain hut. The walk up to the source of the šoca is about 20 minutes with the last stretch being over aided sections complete...


    There is a memorial to the US 10th Mountain Division in the main square here in Bovec which remembers a post-WWII ski competition up on the slopes of the nearby Mangart. Having skied on the slopes in Colorado where the 10th Mountain Division had started from, it was fascinating to find myself where those men had ended their European tours while...


    A pleasant walk through the western part of the Bovec basin will take you past this little waterfall just downstream from the little stream’s – Glijuna – source. Like many streams in the area, the Glijuna pops out as a ready-made stream. The pool at the base of the waterfall is perfect for sitting and contemplating. Turquoise waters serve as a home...


    This is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the whole country. The water comes out of the limestone rocks of the Kanin massif and bubbles forth just above the waterfall. The waterfall drops some 106 meters and, of course, is more spectacular in late spring or after a course of heavy rain. There are two paths which you can take for a closer...


    As you turn towards Vršiè Pass coming out of Bovec, a military cemetery is found on your right-hand side. Grave markers are only present for a quarter of the graves. Italian soldiers were removed after the war to the ossuary in nearby Kobarid. Many graves are unmarked and even those noted with a gravestone have no name.


    The views from atop the Mala Movjstroka are really special. The "easy" way up is from Vršiè Pass up the south east ridge, but between the wars this route was not an option for Slovenes as that ridge lay within Italy. In order to still get those views, Slovene mountaineers established this protected route up the north side of the mountain. You gain...


    Wow! For once a Slovene trail with no iron pegs - maybe there was one? - or cables or with a route that doesn't go straight up. The first thirty minutes don't count as you move up from Vršiè Pass - 3 euro to park or use the summer bus up from Kranjska Gora - and you gain the Vratica pass at 1799 meters. From this small pass, take the path to the...


    From the top of Mala Mojvstroka you have a wonderful view. The Špik-Škrlatica-Prisank massif is close at hand to the east; Triglav dominates the southeast, then Kanajavec; the Trenta veers deeply away to the south; Krn is on the horizon next; Bavški Grintavec is closer at hand on the southwest. You can just make out Jalovec hiding behind the nearby...


    Though it was early in the spring, we went to visit the Juliana Alpine Botanical Gardens in the Trenta Valley which is near to Bovec. This garden is situated near the majestic and fabulous mount Tiglav and along the river Soca. The garden is not very large but it is a very special place, that I immeadiately felt strongly. The many different flowers...

  • Mountainbiking on Mt. Stol

    Nice MTB trip from Bovec to Mt. Stol (about 1600 mt. high). Check the GPS track:

  • Cycle Hire

    There are a few companies in Bovec offering cycle hire, all at about the same price.I went to Outdoor Freaks ( and hired a very good Cult bike (made in Slovenia). I paid 20 Euro for entire day which included helmet and lock.Some of the cycle tracks were difficult, to the point that I thought I'd taken a wrong...

  • Forts of Kluze & Herman and Sv Lenart...

    Get yourself a decent map (available in the visitors centre and online) and your walking gear on then head out on some of the many walks around the valley.A particular favourite took in two forts (Herman and Kluze), 100m tunnel, Sv Lenart church and an old well.I started by walking through woodland towards Herman, you're free to explore the ruins...

  • SKI! Kanin/Sella Nevea resort in...

    Perched high above Bovec, Kanin is Slovenia's only high altitude (i.e. over 2000m) ski centre and boasts the country's longest "winter" season, actually running all the way from November until well into spring and the May national holidays. Previously a medium sized resort with 15km of ski runs, this year Kanin is joined with a new lift to the...

  • Kluže Fortress

    Kluže Fortress stands at the top of a narrow canyon between the slopes of Rombon and Izgora, which is shaped by the Koritnica River north of Bovec. It was erected as a control post at the crossing of the river. The time of origin of the older fortress at this site is not known, but a wooden building stood there already in the second half of the...


Bovec Hotels

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Bovec Restaurants

  • Don't miss this one

    A highly recommended Gostilna (restaurant) in case you are visiting the cosy and wonderful town of Bovec (pronounced Bovets).It is quite big, with a huge outdoor setting as well as an indoor one.The ambiance is very relaxed and, and it makes one feel home as it is run by a family.The staff speaks Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Italian, German and...

  • The restaurant that changed my life

    "Letni vrt" was the restaurant of Bovec where I had dinner the most often. I always ate pizza, because it was the cheapest dish and it was also good!If you eat a pizza, you receive a card where the waiter puts his signature. When you get nine signatures, you can eat a pizza for free. That's also why I went so often to "Letni vrt" and didn't...

  • Nothing special

    I ate twice at this restaurant with my friends. I had pizza both times, in order to spend little money.Pizza is not better than at "Letni vrt" and we had other inconvenients.The first problem was that they didn't accept payments by credit card and I had very few tolars in banknotes.The last evening (Saturday 27th August), since many students had...


Bovec Shopping

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    Some of the painted Beehive Endings 1 more image

    by songlines Updated Apr 7, 2007

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    This gallery is a delight. It contains plenty of copies of the famous folk art, the Panjske koncnice or in English the 'Painted Beehive Box Endings'. These are the small front boards of the hive boxes, that beekeepers started to paint because they wanted to cheer themselves up. I found plenty of fine examples there and was able to purchase some to bring home. The actual copies of the Beehive Endings are sold in different sizes, you can also find them incorporated in, for example, clocks etc... a visit to this place is very useful when you are in Bovec as it is also an introduction to this type of folk art.

    Some of the originals date from 1758 onwards. Most of them contain scenes of everyday life. Some of them religious, some educational, some satirical. All of them very colourful and artisticly painted.

    What to buy: Here you can find a selection of copies of this original folk art. The pieces are not expensive and the selection is large. The shop assistant is not only helpful, she talked to me for an hour or so explaning in detail the history of Bovec, a revelation to be sure as I never realised the extend of the importance of Bovec in history, both first world war and Napolionic. She also helped me a gain a better idea of how the history has affected this area and its people, very interesting.

    By the way this folk art is not local, it is found all over Slovenia.

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Bovec Local Customs


    In Bovec people make a special treat for Easter time, this is a desert made with a fine pastry and filled with a special type of pear, brown on the inside, and nuts. The pasty is boiled in water for a few minutes. The brown sause on top is made of breadcrumbs and butter. Not sure what other special ingredients are added to this dish. It tasted...

  • Dressing up for !!!!

    Here you can see a group of people, VTers all getting dressed up for the local custom of throwing yourself into a raging river to be dragged over rocks and nearly drowned in the name of "FUN". What is really fun is seeing all these apparently normal people getting dressed up in these funny outfits, hey guys, pay attention you're getting your...

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Bovec Tourist Traps

  • Some of the Slovenians I met were not so...

    First of all, I must point out that I have nothing against Slovenija and the Slovenian people and that what follows are the impressions I got while staying in Bovec, so they must not be generalized. After this introduction, that will hopefully avoid misunderstandings or accusations of racism (which is not at all the case!), I will explain here what...

  • "Mala porcija" and "velika porcija"

    All the restaurants where I have eaten in Bovec offer everything in small portion ("mala porcija") and big portion ("velika porcija"), but you are never informed about that and they often try to cheat tourists to earn more money. If only one price is indicated, it's for the small portion but when you order, if you don't specify anything, you will...

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Bovec Off The Beaten Path

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    Model enthusiasts gathered on the field at Bovec 3 more images

    by mtncorg Updated Oct 2, 2011

    Letišèe is the small grass airfield set on the south side of Bovec. It was originally built by Italian forces when the Soèa watershed was under Italian occupation between the two wars. The Yugoslav air force took over after 1947. Today, the grass fields are a popular landing site for paragliders. At the time I was here the whole ground was taken over by an international group of model sailplane enthusiasts. Rising above on the north side, high above Bovec is Rombon where heavy fighting took place in 1915-16.

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Bovec Sports & Outdoors


    Bovec tries hard to make its claim as the capital for adventure sports in Slovenia: kayaking, rafting, canyoneering, hydrospeed – river boarding here in the US – as well as tandem paragliding, spelunking, climbing and skiing. Most come for the water sports and you can find enthusiasts camped out at several of the nearby campgrounds with their...

  • Adventure sports playground

    Bovec is beginning to develop into an excellent mini-Queenstownb (as in NZ). Good range of activities, especially rafting and kayaking on the Soca river.The "X-point" company who work with Exodus travel are very professional - to quote them : "you must wear suit of neopreme" and can be recommended.Their canyoning experience is also absolutely A1 -...

  • Biking in Bovec

    Bovec is not only a skiing and rafting paradise. It also counts with a lot of biking trails. Everybody will find something adequate as trails range from easy to very demanding. The easiest are around the Bovec city and the most demanding are uphill tours to the high passes or saddles. Especially interesting are side valleys (Zadnjica, Lepena,...


Bovec Favorites

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  • Jonatan: the angel I shared the room...

    Jonatan from Deutschland is one of my two room-mates in Bovec. When I arrived at the hotel and got the room, neither he nor the other boy, Bernhard (who has not become a friend of mine), had arrived yet and I was worried. What if the other boys speak only Slovene and we cannot communicate?Well, Jonatan brought a sunshine into our room. As soon as...

  • Sara: an "elder sister" and a "friend...

    I have the impression that Sara was, among my new female friends, the one who grew the most fond of me and I grew the most fond of, for sure.She comes from Vittorio Veneto, a little town in Veneto, near Treviso and looks much younger than she actually is.As you have probably already read in the tip about Tanja, I first talked to Sara at the...

  • Enrico: quel homme!

    Enrico is another of my new best friends. It was very easy to get in touch with him and it happened on the same day as I got to know Tanja. We talked a lot about national identity, minorities and Europe that day and we agreed on many points, even if I seemed too "Euro-optimist" to him.However, I discovered later that Enrico was also a very nice...


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