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  • time to sit down, time for I scream
    time to sit down, time for I scream
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  • Radovljica
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  • Radovljica
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Radovljica Things to Do

  • Graščina and Čebelarski muzej

    Thurn Manor has an outstanding double staircase. It leads to the Čebelarski muzej (Museum of Apiculture). Slovenia has a very long history of beekeeping. Apis mellifera carnica, the Carniolan Bee is today a worldwide known bee though, outside Slovenia, most beekeepers don't even know it’s Carniolan origin. In the XIXth, numerous colonies were...

  • Gorenjska cesta

    Though Art Nouveau Cebeliča is the most prominent building on Gorenjska cesta, some other buildings are worth a look. They are administrative buildings such as Court house, Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Defence, etc…Photo 1. At number 16, Gorenjska cesta, Gorenjska banka is in a 1920 building with an ornate entrance.Photo 2. Close up on the...

  • Cebeliča, Gorenjska cesta

    Cebeliča means Little bee. The Cebeliča house stands Gorenjska cesta, 18. It was built in Art Nouveau style in 1906 as a saving bank. It now houses local State administration.Photo 1. Cebeliča building;Photo 2. Closer view of Cebeliča building.Photo 3. Close-up on the entrance of the Cebeliča building, framed by magnificent...

  • Strange wood carvings

    In the small park near the church stand a series of strange wooden statues, roughly carved.Photo 1. A pile of school childrens?Photo 2. A mysterious girl, clad in a long tunique.Photo 3. The same, shot from another side.Photo 4. The question is not what you feel it figures but what the artist wanted to figure!Photo 5. It might have been inspired by...

  • Amazing house

    Near the church, on the opposite side of the street, stands a large house with stone lintelns. The front of the hose is painted in white and pink. I have been unable to identify the fresco on the right,

  • Modern church?

    Photo 1 in the northern part of Radovljica, we spotted this church. It does not look very old but I was unable to get any information on it.Photo 2. At the bottom of the clock tower, a modern iron sculpture.Photo 3. On the side of the church, a fresco with a shepherdess.

  • Lipniško valley

    Not far from the northern end of Lindhardtof trg, a terrace allows to have a full landscape on the Lipniško valley valley with the Sava river (not seen on the photo). The valley is mostly forests with some farmland

  • Župnišče (The rectory)

    Photo 1. South to Saint Peter (on the right), stands Župnišče (The rectory). St Peter church and the Rectory are not on Lindhardtof trg but on the Market place.Photo 2. The photo has been taken from the entrance. It shows the inner courtyard.

  • Church of St. Peter, the nave

    The vault of the church is supported by Gothic ribs ornamented with starry keystones standing on octagonal pillars. I quote from a document printed by Radovljica’s Tourist office:The ornamental sculptures and alters are the work of Lodovico Bombassi and Angelo Pozzo, while the side alters were designed by Janez Vurnik, Ivan and Helena Vurnik, Matej...

  • Church of St. Peter and rectory

    Sv. Petra (Saint Peter parish church) was built in 1300 in Romanesque style. It was rebuilt and made larger in the Xvth. It stands on the Market place, together with the Rectory.Photo 1: front of St Peter with its three entrances, built on the model of the parish church in Kranj.Photo 2: close-up on the three portals carved in Flamboyant Gothic...

  • Graščina and Glasbena Šola

    The Graščina (the Manor but better Thurn Manor) is the most imposing building on Linhardtov trg, standing at number 1. It has a long history as there has been a mansion in this place since the Middle-Ages. What we can see today was mostly built in the XVIIIth in Baroque style, when it was owned by the earls of Thurn-Valsassina. In the...

  • Šivčeva Hiša (Sivec House)

    Šivčeva Hiša (Sivec House) (Sivec House) stands 22, Linhardtov trg. It was built in the middle of the XVIth in late Gothic style. The vaulted hall with colonnades in the ground floor is used as a gallery. The first floor was the living quarters of the house, with a smoke kitchen and a granary. It is now used for weddings.Photo 1. Šivčeva...

  • Mali hiša

    Photo 1. Mali hiša (the small house) stands at 25 Linhardtov trg. Unfortunately, I could not take a good photo as there was a large sunshade standing in front. On the photo, it is the small house with a triple arch on the far left.Photo 2. On each side of the entrance, there is a bench that was used in the past as a pillory for those condemnedPhoto...

  • Linhardtov trg

    Photo 1. General view on Linhardtov trg, from the south end, in front of Thurn Manor (on the right). Josipina Hočevar monument shows in the middle, in the background.Photo 2. On both sides of Linhardtov trg, narrow vaulted alleys lead to inner yards.

  • Josipina Hočevar monument

    Midway to Linhardtov trg stands a fountain with on top the statue of a young boy. This is Josipina Hočevarjevi monument. It was built in 1908 by Joseph Pavlin, a local sculptor from the Vurnik stone-cutting workshop. Josipina Hočevar was a benefactress of the city.Josipina Mulej was born in 1824 in Radovljica from wealthy parents that...

  • Un named house

    Photo 1. This house is next to Gostilna Avguštin (Restaurant Augustin), Linhardtov trg 15 and in front of Vidic House but I have not found any information it.Photo 2. on the front, a fresco. Again, I have not found any information on its meaning.Photo 3. The side of the house with another fresco (next photo) and Josipina Hočevar monument (see...

  • Various shapes and size of lect

    Lectar does not only make heart shaped gingerbread. As mushroom grow abundantly in the country, it is another popular shape. Actually, they have a great variety of shapes. All are not shown here: besides heart and mushrooms, there are pigs, horses, houses, bees, etc… Each of them can be in various shapes. Moreover there is an almost infinite...

  • Lect living museum

    In the underground of Lectar House is set the Living Ginger Bread Workshop. Lect (ginger bread) making has been a tradition in Slovenia for centuries. A lectarija (lect workshop) was opened in 1766 in the house. You can now visit the workshop where lect is made both for sale and for the show. They make heart shaped lect, hence the name, lect heart...

  • Gostilna Lectar

    Photo 1: Gostilna Lectar (Lectar restaurant) with Vidic House in the background. Gostilna Lectar was built in the XVIth and has been an inn since 1822. It is now a restaurant that cooks typical Slovenian dishes. It is also a pension and they rent 9 roomsPhoto 2: In the entrance of the restaurant, they have a small museum with traditional furniture...

  • Vidičeva Hiša (Vidic House)

    Vidic House stands 3, Linhardtov trg. It was built in 1634 and is considered as a typical example of wealthy manor-houses built in Carniola in the XVIIth. It stands at the beginning of Linhardtov trg and with its corner tower, draws strongly the attention.The ground level is a Café & confectionery. They have a great variety of ice-creams. They also...

  • Birthplace of Anton Tomaž Linhart

    Photo 1: This house was the birthplace of Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756-1795) the first Slovene dramatic, historian and scholar. His name was given to the main street of ancient Radovljica, Lindhartov trg.Linhart was born in Radovlijca from a Czech immigrant. He began to write literary works in German. Later, he wrote in Slovenian . He wrote the first...


Radovljica Hotels

  • Gostilna Lectar

    Gostilna Lectar is also a pension and they rent 9 rooms. We plan to come back and stay there for a...

  • Penzion Kovac

    Langusova ulica 71, Radovljica, 4240, Slovenia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Sport Penzion Manca

    Gradnikova 2, Radovljica, 4240, si

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Radovljica Restaurants

  • Traditionnal Slovenian coking

    Gostilna Lectar is worth a look for its architecture and on that account, I have written a “things to do tip” but that would not be fair not to mention it as a restaurant, though we have not tasted their dishes. Unfortunately, that was not dinner time and we could not taste their cooking. We will come back as it seems worth it.They cook typical...

  • Slovenian cooking

    Gostilan Avguštin serve traditional Slovenian dishes. Unfortunately, that was not dinner time and we could not taste their cooking. We will come back as it seems worth it.I give here a part of their menu, taken from the board in front of the restaurant. Some items may be wrongly spelled! Domoc čebulni kruh (home made bread with onions)Domoca...

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Radovljica Favorites

  • picek's Profile Photo

    by picek Written Feb 16, 2012

    Favorite thing: Medieval town of Radovljica was strategically placed on elevated location above Sava plain, not far from confluence of the rivers. Today, the lower levels of a land below town remain widely open, mainly to let the river flow through landscape more or less smoothly and on the other hand, to let some land for agriculture.
    Upper areas are covered by forest, and at some places of the slopes there are individual farms, or here and there - shrines.

    This is one nice area to explore on foot or bike; the views from the terraces above in the town are splendid.

    Fondest memory: One best things about town is that is relatively easily accessible by public transport. If you're visiting Bled, this is just couple of minutes drive away. Really, why wouldn't you want to see something modestly nice, as Radovljica is?

    below the town, above the railway
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