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    the Castle
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    church of Saint Daniel
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Stanjel Things to Do

  • Church of Saint Daniel

    Located inside the castle complex, the late gothic church of Saint Daniel was built in the middle of the 15th century and reconstructed in the 17th century, when especially outstanding church tower was built. The church is architecturally quite unusual. Despite its baroque exterior it preserved its basic gothic elements and thus remains one of the...

  • The Castle

    The castle was built at the end of the 15th century as a defence installation against the Turkish invasions. The oldest remains of the castle reach back into the Middle Ages. In 1508 Štanjel was for a short time under Venetian rule, while after the decay of the Counts of Gorica it became a property of the Habsburgs. The final appearance was given...

  • Wall painitngs

    Stanjel is often a place where differnet art colonies take place. While I was exploring the catle of Stanjel, I found one room with some wall paintings. These were the remains of such an art colony from couple of years ago. I was surrprised to find something like that when I entered that room. The place is a ruin and is waiting to be restored as...

  • Grad Rihemberk in Branik

    The castle Rihemberg is a quite old castle which first was mentioned in 1230 and situated about 6 km far from Štanjel. It looks great with its gothic tower, especially if you come from Komen down the mountain. Unfortunately it’s only opened at weekends in the afternoon, so we couldn’t visit it. We only took a little look from outside, it would have...

  • St. Gregors cemetery & church

    St. Gregors church with its stone roof is found on the hill next to Štanjel. It’s part of the Fabiani path and you’ll find on its cemetery the graves of the Fabiani family. Interesting is the grave of Charlotte Fabiani (see the photo), the mother of Max Fabiani. He honours her in German, since her family were Germans, in Slovenien, because she...

  • Fabiani path

    Max Fabiani (1865-1962) was one of the most important personalities of the karst, mainly as architect and townplanner. He also was the mayor of Štanjel for 10 years. There are several footpaths between Štanjel and Kobdilj with interesting natural and cultural sites, named after Fabiani. You can get some information about this path and the sights in...

  • Ferrari's Garden

    The name of this garden has nothing to do with the Ferrari car, but is named after Enrico Ferrari, a well-known doctor from Trieste.The garden was built in the 1920s and 1930s by Max Fabiani, next to the villa. It’s a very nice park, well cultivated, with an interesting Venetian foot-bridge and some nice views on the surrounding area. There’s no...

  • Remain of the watchtower on Gledanica

    On the top of the hill you’ll find some few ruins of the former watchtower. Actually nobody knows if this really was a watchtower, it also could be part of a Roman forth. From there, you have a fantastic view on the surroundings, unfortunately some trees obstruct the view a bit.

  • Church St Daniel

    The church of Saint Daniel was build between 1455 and 1460 and contains a mixture of gothic and baroque elements – at least that’s what I’ve read as we wasn’t able to go inside as it was always closed.It has a remarkable steeple which was build 1609. It look s a bit strange - just see the photo, it was taken from our apartment in Štanjel.

  • The castle

    There had been very early a castle at this place, however like most castles it changed during the time. It has the current form since 1661. It was badly damaged during the WWII, but was renovated afterwards. Inside you’ll find a gallery and there's also a snack bar with some places in the yard.

  • Karst houses

    There several typical Karst houses in Štanjel, like the one on the photo. You can see the stone rainwater drains and a cistern made of stone. It’s typical for a Karst house to be made completely of stone, including the roof.You can visit the inside of such a Karst house, they’ve made a little museum, just ask in the castle.

  • Tower & Gateway

    The village has two gates, one in the west and one in the south-east. The western gate today is the main gate to the village - and if you stand in front of it you hardly believe that locals really drive through this narrow gate with their cars!If follow the path from the other gate, the south-eastern gate, you’ll come to the neighbour village...

  • Karst House

    This well kept 600 year old house (Kraska Hisa) is part of the tour. If you're on your own get the key from the cafe inside the castle. The roof is all made of stones to protect it against harsh bura winds. There's an old stone well right outside the house.

  • Hiking in the Karst

    There's a marked footpath to Kobdilj, about an hour's walk from Stanjel. Along the way there's a small chapel to stop at. If it's good weather, why not make a picnic out of it?

  • Look out tower

    The Tower near the Ferrari gardens has a gift shop inside and various exhibitions. When I was visiting they had some large, colorful puppets and looked like Jim Henson on acid - totally unexpected but cool.Wander through the tower's archway and you are heading on the path to Kobdilj village.

  • Ferrari Garden

    Very beautiful garden. I was quite surprised to find such a large garden layed out in such a small town. I especially like the small pond complete with tiny bridge and island. It was designed by Max Fabiani, the town's mayor at one point, and named after his brother. You can get a good view of Karst region from here. There's even a path leading to...

  • Church of St. Daniel

    If you're driving in the karst you know you're by Stanjel when you see this Pope hat, er, I mean cone-like steeple popping up in the distance. The church dates from the 15th century.

  • Take a Tour With a Local

    Highly recommend taking a 90 minute tour of the town with one of the helpful locals at the tourist office. If you have a group it's really quite affordable, about $20-25/group.Of course, Stanjel isn't that large and you can do it on your own but 2-3 entrance fees here and there for each person can be the same or more as a guide. Plus, you get...


Stanjel Restaurants

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    This restaurant was amazing, and if you can find it, you will have some of the best food of your life, for little more than a take-away in London. The food is definitely Slovenian, but with a strong Italian influence. I'm a vegetarian, but they managed to find something for me, a serving of pasta with a local mushroom sauce, a square of layered pasta and spinach that was flambéed on top, some gnocchi and a serving of local ciabatta style bread and salad. This was all washed down with a bottle of the local Teranje wine, and a glass of the fortified version. The wine is very distinctive, and peculiar to the Kras region, and was served in a crystal decanter. The service was fantastic, but they didn't speak a word of English. All of that cost me only 2200 SIT, which is about US$10.

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Stanjel Transportation

  • Take the Train

    Surprisingly enough, one can make it to Stanjel without their own transport. The train station is only 1km or so away. There are 6 trains per day leaving from Sezana (about 20 minutes) and 6 a day coming from Nova Gorica (40 minutes). You can come from Ljubljana fairly easily, by changing at Sezana.

  • Train

    There does appear to be a train service to the town, but I have no idea how far away the station is from the protected tourist town on the hill. The trains from Ljubljana are also very irregular, and take a long time, because you have to go via Sezana. It can take anything between two and four hours. If there are trains, then there are very likely...

  • Driving

    Driving is probably the best way of getting to Stanjel, and the Kras region as a whole, and the view of the town as you arrive is excellent. Just be careful of the formidable Burja wind that blows through the valleys, as it will really give your car a buffeting, which isn't helpful on the winding snaking roads of the region!


Stanjel Favorites

  • Picturesque Narow Streets

    I've always enjoyed walking the narrow streets of Štanjel as every corner offers another surprise. Many houses are built in stone and some of them have some really interesting architectural features made in stone. They are very picturesque with their narrow windows, portals and chimneys. There are many gothic elements demonstrating that already at...

  • Parking in Štanjel

    In the old town of Štanjel, there’s no parking, people who live there are happy enough if they can park there own cars somewhere. Besides, it’s quite adventurous to pass the main gate by car as it is terrible small, also the streets are very narrow, so nobody who doesn’t have to would drive into the old town!There are about 4 parking-places...

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