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Slovenia Tourist Traps

  • Limited parking spaces

    Piran Tourist Traps

    Parking in the centre of the town is payable. There is a gate at the entrance, where you must pay at departing from Piran. You can park your car at the parking place Fornace at the entrance to Piran. Then you can walk to the center or take the free minibus.

  • Lake Bled is a tourist trap?

    I have heard people saying good and bad about Lake Bled. "Bohinj is better", "Bled is a touristic circus", etc.. They may be right from their perspective. I don't know. My time spent walking around the lake, on a qiuet day in September, was beautiful, peaceful and rewarding. It is a gorgeous lake, well deserving its reputation as a place to see in...

  • Izola.

    Izola is a costal town located some km. far from Piran.There you can see some nice palaces and a nice church painted orange. Izola has also a large marina, lots of accomodations, restaurants and cafes.The old core of Izola is really ugly. This is my opinion. Have a drink or lunch (or dinner) or do some shopping. Visit Piran.

  • Vrsic pass in Julian Alps

    The top of the Vrsic pass in the Julian Alps (the highest mountain road in Slovenia). It is the only one pass in the whole Alps where you are asked to pay for the parking (it was a steep 6 DEM when I was there in August 2000). You can avoid that by either avoiding July, August and the weekends or by coming early in the morning or late at night or...

  • Crossing border to Italy

    Non-EU citizens can't get across border at Nova Gorica train terminal. Guards tell you to go elsewhere. This is the train you can take from Lake Bled station to Italy border. I think you've got 3 options:1) Sneak across square opposite train station. Unmanned as far as we could tell - just pretend you didn't read the signs (which aren't prominent...

  • Churches

    Not exactly a tourist "trap", just a reminder. Many Slovenian churches are not open for visiting. Even in cities like Ljubljana or Piran and even more so in smaller villages, you can only peep through a window or a gate. In some cases you may get the keys to the church by a neighbour if you check beforehand with a good guidebook or the local...

  • Coins

    Slovenian coins are very elegant. One side bears an animal and the other side the value of the coin.Tolar coins were used until December 2006. The new €uros coins have one national side.As soon as I get them, I will put here the national face of the new coins. I borough to Wikipedia their description:€ 0.01 : A stork, a motif taken from the former...

  • Banknotes, side 2

    Side two bears various drawings and music.These banknotes were replaced by €uro banknotes on January 2007. €uro banknotes are the same on both sides across the whole €uro zone.

  • Banknotes, side 1

    It is always important to know how the money, Banknotes and coins of a country look like. Here are some of the banknotes you will use the more often.The Slovenian banknotes bear on one side important figures of the Slovenian history.These banknotes were replaced by €uro banknotes on January 2007. €uro banknotes are the same on both sides across the...

  • Postojna Caves - Shops by entrance

    This is probably the biggest tourist trap in the whole of Slovenia as its right outside the biggest tourist attraction in Slovenia. There are all kinds of tacky stalls and shops that line the road up to the cave entrance that sell everything from photos on plates to tacky T-shirts and such like. Some of the stuff is quite interesting like the...

  • Bled castle - A place to avoid !

    Yes the castle is great but as a visitor there is really nothing to see inside excepted :- a souvenir shop- a wine shop- a bar- a restaurantMoney, money ! They knows that Bled castle is visited by thousands of tourists each year, so why should they bother offering something really interesting ? The collection showed in the castle is the poorest...

  • This is a kind of ancient...

    The locals take good care of their wineyards, arranging them with care and love. Some of them have placed tools from the past times.This is a kind of ancient tool, used in wineyard cultivation. It stands right in front of the Belec wine-cellar in area of Jeruzalem hills.


    When strolling up and down the hills of Jeruzalem area, you'll see a lot of cozy wine-cellars like this one on the picture. Remember, Slovenian word for wine is VINO. I suggest you to buy wine in the cellars coz it is much cheaper than in the stores. Of course, you can taste the wine before buying it, but try not too much coz after you may see...

  • Wineyards of Jeruzalem

    Wineyards of Jeruzalem (a winepath triangle Ormož-Jeruzalem-Ptuj) is situated in the eastern part of the country.Here you can find a good quality of wines; do not drink when drive coz you may have a lot of troubles with loco police officers.

  • Beer

    Not so much a trap as a way to make things a little cheaper!If you buy beer in the supermarket make sure you buy it by the can rather than the bottle, or you will have to pay a deposit on the bottle which you will only get back when you return it to them!

  • Supermarkets. You probably...

    Supermarkets. You probably have those at home so dont let yourself loose. Do you really need to spend? Slovenia has becomed overwhelmed by supermarkets. I am amazed we are capable of so much buying to support them all. But I guess we are. Forget the mountains - climb into one of them, buy something you dont need, get traped. Surprisingly, (a...

  • Lipica, the Cradle of the Lipizzaner...

    Close to the Slovene-Italian border, lying deep in the heart of the karst countryside under the blue Mediterranean sky, is the Lipica Stud Farm, the cradle of the white Lipizzaner horse. Founded in 1580, the stud ranks among the most important cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia. Through the centuries, the stud has maintained the...

  • Terme Catez

    From the hot springs that were discovered at the end of 18th century has Terme Catez in 200 years grown into the largest Slovenian natural health resort and the second tourist centre in the country. The share of tourist overnight stays present more than 7% of all tourist overnight stays in Slovenia and at the same time 21% of all overnight stays in...

  • Bled castle

    Commanding cpectacular views across the lake, the medieval castle was the summer residence of the Yugoslav royal family.Lake Bled is a Alpine diamant. You can see all the beauty of Bled if you go to the island in the centre of the lake. Guess how...with a special boat. The island is a must.

  • Caves in Slovenia

    The Postojna cave is the biggest cave in Slovenia, excellent maintained and gives you a lot of wonderfu sights, but it is very expencive and crowded, ... there are many other wonderful caves in Slovenia to see, like "Skocjanske jame" (the Skocjan Cave nead Divaca), "Krizna jama" (the Krizna cave), "Otoska jama" (the Otok cave near Postojna),...

  • Symbols

    Avoid going to the most popular natural places over the weekend. Everybody is going there.Be aware that Triglav is symbol of Slovenia so when something is about Triglav or leading there it might be veeery popular. Go to less popular natural places, they are not worse at all, only less people go there. Go to most popular places during working days.

  • Ljubljana

    Don't come only to see historic centre of capital. It is charming but there are other places in Slovenia, too. ;)

  • Slovenian sea

    Short Slovenian coast doesn't thrill me with great mediterranean feeling. Slovenians usually spend their vacation elsewere. Visit Socerb castle to see sea and Trieste. Visit Piran and Koper for they are beautiful cities. You can even jump into sea in Piran. ;)Avoid Portoroz (might be good place to party though). Inner part of maritime province...

  • Bled, centre of continental mass tourism

    This must have been place to fall in love with some hundred years ago or shorter. It seems that its primary beauty changed it into unlucky experiment to build snob tourism place in Alpine paradise. Masses of hotels and overal feeling that makes me feel bad. Some people find this place extremely beautiful. Walk around the lake and make few photos....

  • Portoroz

    Portoroz is like Rimini... it's also Cancun's little cousin. What I'm trying to say is that there's a sea, lots of concrete, many discos and casinos and hotels galore. It's the place to go to have fun, not to go to the sea... needless to say, I wasn't too impressed go to Lucja in the suburbs of Portoroz, it's a bit nicer... or else take a hike out...

  • Slavica Waterfall.quite a hike nearly...

    This is only under tourist trap as I was lead to believe it was just up a few steps .huh! nearly 600, but it was worth it glad I saw it .To get there in the first place, starting at the bus drop off near to the cable car, walk forward along the road for 4.5km, I jumped out in front of a fourwheel drive and flagged them down, a young couple from...

  • In the neighbouring village...

    In the neighbouring village Portoroz, which is much more touristic, prices are up to 50% higher! ..... More over: The local wine (wheather red or white) is always described as 'very good' - it isn´t! OK, you will have to taste it, but don´t expect too much ;-)

  • Tourist industry facilities of...

    Tourist industry facilities of all kinds. Be aware of this business. Its purpose is not life and your happiness but its own profit. It doesn't care what you will learn and experience. It likes dummies since there is less work with them. And dummies like it, because there is less work for them. A kind of symbiosis. But, one can live decently only if...

  • The nature could be annoyingly...

    The nature could be annoyingly romantic. Beware. Dont look. If you do, you are taking a risk to becomme an Slovenia addict. Its your responsibility.

  • Keep in mind if you are...

    Keep in mind if you are traveling in Slovenia by car turn the lights on….they are obligatory 24 hours a day.

  • Ok this is not exactly a trap...

    Ok this is not exactly a trap but a suggestion, when leaving our country don't forget to change the Slovenian currency. It is very difficult to change our money in other countries.

  • I can't remember any apparent...

    I can't remember any apparent tourist traps, but here are some suggestions as to what may be traps:- being taken to Bled lake island by pletna (a typical boat)- riding Lipizaner ponies at Lipica (terribly expensive, as much as I can remember)- going to Portoroz- eating Bled cream cakes anywhere but in Bled - they have to be fake!

  • Slovenes are an honest bunch...

    Slovenes are an honest bunch and I did not experience any 'tourist traps'. However, everything is so cheap, being ripped off would probably go unnoticed! Bled is apparently (and understandably) heaving with visitors in the summer so perhaps that would be a tourist trap?!

  • There really are no tourist...

    There really are no tourist traps in Slovenia just yet. If there's any problem at all, it's that with grandeur like this, you just might not want to leave.

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