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    by Norwegiantraveller
  • Restaurants
    by Norwegiantraveller
  • Restaurants
    by Norwegiantraveller

Almuñécar Things to Do

  • Castillo de San Miguel

    This is a pretty good castle, as castles go, and is certainly worth the trek uphill through the old town to the tip of the promontory.It's a very old fortified site, first created around 100BC by the Phoenicians and then expanded by the Romans during their period of control over Sexi (as it was then).But it was during the Moorish occupation that...

  • Cueva de Siete Palacios...more Roman...

    Although the Spanish names means 'caves of the seven palaces' this museum is not in a cave at all. It is housed in the vaulted basement of a Roman building which no longer exists. There are a series of such vaults around the base of the hill of San Miguel, now topped by the castle, and some are still inhabited. In fact, the vaults now used as a...

  • Iglesia de la Encarnacion

    As soon as Almunecar came under Christian control (1489) a church was built...probably on the site of the largest mosque, as was usual....but little is known about it. It is possible that it did not stand where the Iglesias de la Incarnation now stands. Historical documents show that stone from the old church was taken to build the new, so perhaps...

  • Find the Roman baths.......

    Almunecar was an important Roman settlement and trading port, known as Sexi and later created 'Firmium Julium Sexi' in recognition of its loyalty to the Empire.Public baths were essential in all Roman and Romanicised settlements because they served such an important function in everyday life. The baths were where Romans went every day to meet their...

  • Visit the market

    Almunecar has a weekly 'open market on Friday, held in the Paseo Blas Infante (between the bus station and the main coast road). There's a 'flea market' there on Sundays as well. You can easily find it just by looking for the 'Arc de Triomphe' at the entrance to the park.The market is open from 1000 to 1400 and I must admit I was amazed by the...

  • Explore the old town streets.

    Almuncar's old town seemed to me to be divided into two parts.The streets in the lower, later, parts were steep but fairly straight and wide enough for e.g. carts (and now, some, for cars). They rise to a small flattish area, where you'll find the 17th century (1600s) Iglesia de la Encarnacion and, around the small-but-pretty Plaza de la...

  • Walk the prom (or the beach)..and find...

    It wasn't my intention to visit the seaside, but I needed to find the Tourist Info office for a decent streetmap so I obviously had to have a look at Almunecar's beach.There's a long, wide strip of (naturally) greyish sand, boardwalks and all the requirements for a day in the sun (loungers etc). Very pleasant indeed if you are into beach holidays,...

  • Visit the Jardin Museo

    I didn't visit...the museum was open in January but simply not my thing...but when I passed by I was rather intrigued by the idea of a museum devoted to bonsai trees.The soothing strains of Enya's music were wafting through the greenery, and I could see several bonsai displayed on stand near the entrance. I imagine it would be a shady and peaceful...

  • Parque Majuelo & Loro Sexi bird park

    Parque Mahuelo and Loro Sexy birdpark are right next to each other. El parque Majuelo has a pretty botanical garden with sub-tropical plants from around the world many from Brasil and Cuba and ruins of the fish salting 'factory' which was founded by the Phoenicians in 4th Century BC and therefore - seriously old! There are several "casitas" where...


Almuñécar Hotels

Almuñécar Restaurants

  • My favorite restaurant in Almunecar

    I have visited more than 30 restaurants in Almunecar the last two years, but I return to Los Laureles again and again.They have, compared to most of the restaurants in the area, the ability to renew themselves and the menu. Especially the tasting menus they offer Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes they are excellent, sometimes very good – but they...

  • Best place ever.

    Il been to many restaurants in almunecar, but this place is simply the best, when you come in, you will see candle lights, fresh flowers on the table, there is a very romantic atmosfere, and lovely music playing.The owners, just had it for 4 months, and they are trying to do something completly different, with serving only fresh homemade food, the...

  • Michelin rated in Almunecar

    Highly recommended and apprently Michelin recommended top nosh restaurant. I have never been (no-one would come with me!) The kitchen this open fron: 12,30 to 14,30 19,30 to 21,30 Closed: Sunday evenings and all day Monday.July and August: Open evey day.*If anyone has been here lately, please pass on any tips !(ie have to book? good time to eat...

  • Top food, great venue, bargain prices

    El Horno Candida was a real discovery! Almunecar's catering students practise their restuarant skills here, supervised by top chefs. You get offered top quality food, beautifully presented, for bargain prices. The restaurant is beautiful too. The 'horno' is an ancient oven on the ground floor, which is so big they have a large table and chairs...

  • Best pulpo

    The Handsome Man and I really liked the restaurant at the Hotel Casablanca, although the Little Rock Chic & pal weren't so keen. The food was fresh, of a high quality and they had some excellent wines from all over Spain rather than just the Granada region. Service was efficient and they really knew their menu and wines.It is also positioned in a...

  • excellent sardines

    There are two beach bars in this area near a very small children’s fair. The smaller one only has outside seating and serves beer in plastic glasses. There is an old rowing boat filled with sand where the sardines and gambas are grilled. The food is excellent, it is a great place to people watch but don’t expect sophistication.Update Sept.09. The...


Almuñécar Nightlife

  • Genuine flamenco bar/restaurant

    *Sadly, when we visted August 2010, this bar was closed. I'm not sure if that's permenant or not*This is a authentic flamenco bar which used to be run by Ricardo who is a very talented flamenco guitarist from a gypsy family, although I don't think he is the owner of this place now. This was probably be your only chance to see real flamenco...

  • Barbecue and flamenco cabaret

    A short and reasonably priced taxi ride took us out to a local flamenco restaurant /cabaret spot.I wouldn't say it was really flamenco at all the night we went, rather flamenco cabaret, but it is a great family night out, with a LOT of food in the way of an outside barbecue, some mexican style cabaret singers around the table, followed by some...

  • Rosca y cerveza

    As in most of (rather civilised) Spain, certain bars are visited at certain times; usually, the later the bar, the further away from residential areas it is....Almunecar is no different. You may start in the old town for a bite to eat, then move down further towards the sea front at Plaza Kelibia for a late night tipple, then onto the paseo below...


Almuñécar Transportation

  • By bus

    Almunecar's bus station is in the more modern part of the town centre, less than 10 minutes' walk from the beachside promenade and perhaps 15-20 minutes or so (almost all uphill) to the castle at the highest point of the old town.The bus station is a rather magnificent structure, a curving building painted in deep orange-red and rather reminiscent...

  • Fly Monarch

    **Very annoyingly, THIS ROUTE HAS NOW STOPPED - you now need to go to Malaga**(Ryan air have also stopped their flights there) let's hope something is done about this and soon!We always used to Fly Monarch airline to Granada. I have always found them efficient, friendly and reasonably priced. You can grab scheduled flights, choosing your dates for...

  • Hire a car in Almunecar

    Carjet - Easy to use website and reliable car hire (mostly running out of the aiports).The locals recommend Crown :Paseo San Cristobal, 7, Edf. Vista Azul T: +34 958 880 240 F: +34 958 633 396 Mon-Sun 0900-1300 Mon-Sun 1700-2000 Proceed to above address and look out for Crown Car Hire Signage. Drop off to be arranged with Crown Car Hire when...


Almuñécar Shopping


    Friday, February 22, 2013Located on the grounds near the "Arc de Triomphe Puerto", the ALMUNECAR "OPEN" MARKET or "Mercadillo Los Viernes", is held on Fridays. Sunday is the Flea Market at the same location. There were at least 200 stands, with lots to choose from. Known by the locals as the "Baratillo" because it is so cheap to shop there. Items...

  • Grab your fresh fish and veg

    Open 8 - 2.30 (ish) daily except Sunday.Selling fresh fish, locally grown produce, local cheese and chirizo etcYou can also buy flowers and plants.Reasonably priced.There is an car park under the market for those who don't wish to walk with shopping. Cheese, fruit, sausages, fresh fish and eggs.Flowers, plants etc

  • Vinos y Licores

    Actually, this little shop is packed full of loads of things as well as the vios y licores. In the center of the old town, right on the edge of the square, it is rather handy if you want to grab a few bits to take home without having to do 'a shop'. As well as some regional wines and liquors, they sell chocolate, garlic, olive oil, olives, Manchego...


Almuñécar Local Customs

  • Fiesta de la Virgen de la Antigua

    We have enjoyed this August fiesta for Almunecar's patron saint a few times now. It is incredibly well organised in the usual chilled-out style and fashion of the region. The week long fiesta is usually in the 2nd week of August, (book early if you want a hotel room) and work out where you're going to park. Paid underground parking on seafront is...

  • Fiesta de la virgen de Antigua & feria

    August fiesta and feria in Almunecar is a week long party. There are a variety of events ending in an extremely spectacular firework display at the end of the week (15th Aug). The fireworks are really something else. We have seen many firework displays in Spain, but this has been the best yet.It's all done in typically chilled-out style. You never...

  • Great complimentary tapas with drinks

    Like several other Andalucian towns, if you buy a drink in Almunecar bars, you will probably get a free snack. In fact, at all the bars I stopped in the free tapas were really very good indeed. Far better than any other I'd had on my holiday. Around the Plaza de la Constitucion I had a delicious bowl of chickpea stew. And then just around the...


Almuñécar Warnings and Dangers

  • amapola66's Profile Photo

    by amapola66 Updated Sep 6, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    *Please note - No jellyfish invasion that we could see summers 2009/2010 *

    The Med (and apaprently many others seas so I've read) have in recent years had large invasions of jellyfish coming to the shore making a total nuicance of themsleves and interrupting the joy of nipping in for a quick carefree dip (especially at night!)

    They say this is due to global warming, pollution of our oceans and over fishing of the fish that eat the jellyfish (tuna and mackerel in particular). Building madness along the costas has ruined the breeding of turtles which are also big jellyfish eaters.

    These brainless blobs can't actually swim and float en mass in the winds and tides, so they can be there one day and gone the next. They have always been in existance, but used to stay out in much deeper water - now they come close to the shore as shallow water temperatures rise.

    Having experienced a couple of invasions along the Granada coast myself and done plenty of research to back up the locals theory, here is how to treat a sting should you be unfortunate enough to receive one :

    Rinse affected area in seawater, NEVER use fresh or bottled water as this enhances the pain.

    Ideally apply ALOT of vinegar, I know you don't usually take vinegar to the beach, but I can tell you, savvy locals never go swimming without a small bottle of the stuff in warm countries these days (and often there will be a nearby chiriguito that may give you some)...

    Take anti histamine tablets to the beach (easily available over the counter) to ward off and allergic reaction.

    If there is a serious allergic reaction call the emergency services immediately.

    If (unlikely) there are any tentacles still attached be careful how you remove them (!) flood with vinegar first. (Dismembered tentacles can still sting, as can dead jellyfish).

    The stings in the Almunecar region are not usually that bad, a friend's daughter got stung a couple of years back and laughed it off without much fuss and they usually subside within a few hours, but maybe she was 'lucky'. Obviously, if you are diving a wetsuit should protect you.

    The local councils are trying their best to reduce the problem with jellyfish lookout and hoover boats, netting and a flag warning system . Apparently, the Chinese are wanting to buy them for food! This year has so far seen invasions in the south of France, the Balearics and elsewhere as pedicted by marine scientists. If these little pests make an arrival while you are in Almunecar, there is always the (seawater) water park until they have moved off.

    *Update*- Summer 2009 - My daughter got stung by a jellyfish after doing a handstand in shallow waters, someone had put a jelly fish in a plastic bag and buried it, the handstand dragged it up. So please think carefully if you want to dispose of one. Maybe in a bin away from the shore! the sting left a tell-tale mark, red cross washed it in salt water, dabbed it with vinegar and stuck some light gauze over it (told to keep out of the sun). The ' little rock sta'r wore it like a badge of honour!

    Nasty jellyfish on the beach
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Almuñécar Off The Beaten Path

  • Laurie Lee memorial

    I had entirely forgotten that Laurie Lee, an English author best-known for his autobiography 'Cider with Rosie', had walked across Spain during the 1930s, as far south as Almunecar (As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning') and had later fought in the Spanish Civil War ('A moment of War').Quite by chance I noticed a memorial to him marked on the...

  • Marina del este

    Popped into Marina del Este for breakfast on our recent visit. It's kind of classy, a quiet place, with alot of villas and apartments and nice boats bobbing about in a pretty port. There's small beach 'Playa de los Berengueles' which boasts a chiriguito, interesting rocks and a laid back atmosphere. There is also a diving and watersports center and...

  • Salobrena

    We always visit Salobrena when in the Almunecar area. It has a quirky charm that we always enjoy and has one of our favourite beaches. To the right of the penon (rock) as you are facing the sea, there is a lovely little cove surrounded by sugar cane. It's a pebble beach, but flat pebbles, so you can still lie on them or hire an umbrella and bed....


Almuñécar Favorites

  • Public toilets

    There are clean, free public toilets on the seafront, accessed from Paseo del Altillo or Paseo Maritimo.Rather strangely, you have to go into the underground parking area to find them. Once you are inside you'll see signs to the toilets. There are several different entrances to the car park and more than one level, so it's a bit of a maze. But as...

  • Tourist Accommodation

    It is quite hard to find good accommodation tips on Almunecar. Below is a link foryou to save time.Tourist Accommodation

  • Pretty pedestrianised streets

    Almunecar was an extremely pleasant town to wander around on foot. But also very easy to get lost. Even with a basic map I found myself going around in circles. There is a maze of very small, steep lanes which run over the hill between the Castle and Calle Real. Some of them you could just about get a car up. But most you would have problems even...


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