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  • Magical Zahara from Afar
    Magical Zahara from Afar
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    VTer in foreground refuses to exit arcos...
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  • Front Facade Decorations in Arcos
    Front Facade Decorations in Arcos
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Arcos de la Frontera Things to Do

  • Santa Maria de la Asuncion

    The Basilica of Arcos is called Santa Maria de la Asuncion (Saint Mary of the Ascension). Like the most important church in so many Spanish cities, this is built over the remains of the mosque. Started (as a church) in the 14th and 15th centuries, it was remodeled and upgraded over the years. Interestingly, inside it is mainly gothic in appearance,...

  • Walking around the streets

    You will get lost! Accept it. You will. But please don't worry, you won't reach the end of the street and stare down into a precipice. One of the loveliest things about Arcos is the whitewashed buildings and the flower pots hanging. When I went (in late fall) there weren't many flowers left, so i can imagine this must be an amazing sight in the...

  • El Castillo (The Castle)

    Arcos has a rather large castle that dominates the Historic Center of the town. It was originally an Arab fortress from the 11th century. Its present look dates from the 18th century after significant repairs needed to be made following the Lisbon earthquake (1755). Prior to that it was reworked in the 14th and 15th centuries following the...

  • Convento de la Encarnacion

    The only working convent still in Arcos. You cannot visit the interior at all. The facade is pretty, in gothic-planteresque style. Built in the 16th century, it was a hospital, chapel and place for the brotherhood (cofradia) Later it was established as a convent. We passed it on the walking tour and the locals raved about the cookies and baked...

  • The lake/reservoir--Bird sanctuary

    Opposite the side of Arcos that contains the historical area, you can find a large reservoir. In summer it is used for water sports including kayaking, sailing, parasailing, water skiing.Because of the high reeds at the edges, this area has attracted significant bird populations.There are now organized tours specializing in bird watching. These did...

  • Walking Tour of Arcos

    The Tourism Office sponsors a walking tour of the town. It lasts an hour (more or less) and cost 3 euro at the time of my visit. Language might be a bit of a problem, it was limited service in other languages at the time.they take you around to see the main sights around town- the churches, the little narrow streets, the viewpoints, and tell you...

  • Spectacular views

    Being at the top of the cliff, you have a wonderful viewpoint to the surrounding countryside. It is fertile, rich land. Of course closer to the town it is much more rocky. To get an upwards view of the town, you can't really go down in the gorge directly in front of the town. However, before crossing the bridge coming into town there is a nice...

  • Arcos De La Frontera: View From...

    Both from the top of the hill on the town and below Arcos de la Frontera is an impressive hill town. It is no wonder that Arcos became such an important town for the Moors beginning in the early 11th century.To get to the valley, as opposed to the town, keep turning off to the right as you begin to enter the town. With a little difficulty you will...

  • Narrow but Colorful Streets

    As you walk up or down from the Plaza de Carbildo, get off the main street. Some of the streets are less than 12 feet in width but still wide enough for drivers of small cars with one way traffic only. From reading and talking to locals is that many of the streets were designed in a crooked manner so as to make it more difficult for invading armies...

  • Iglesia de Santa María de la Asunción

    Once you get up the hill to the Plaza del Cabildo and you look down the plaza you will see the Iglesia de Santa Maria. It is the most prominent building on the square. We could not find evidence of when exactly it was constructed. The most interesting feature is its southern façade which is topped by an ornate 18th-century Baroque belfry, but the...

  • Views From Plaza del Cabildo

    The Plaza del Cabildo has some of the finest views of the surrounding valley from its overlooks. It also contains some of the most prominent buildings in the City. On the right of the Plaza is the Parador which was a former palace of the Governor of the area. On the left is the Town Hall an interesting building that has been there for hundreds of...

  • Jardin Andalusi

    We didnt actually go in these gardens, didnt really have the time, but passed by and you could see a little bit of them. They are situated next to the Mayaorazgo Palace.It is an andalucia water garden.Winter opening 10-2pm 5-8pm Monday - Friday10-2pm Saturday and SundaySummer 10-2pm 8-11pm Monday - Friday10-2pm Saturday and Sunday


Arcos de la Frontera Hotels

Arcos de la Frontera Restaurants

  • Eating in a jail?

    In Arcos, none of the hotels or restaurants have any great facades or anything like that that really distinguishes them. Sometimes you will see some exquisite tile work and such.Trying to feed my hunger I wandered out into the streets of Arcos. Eventually I came upon this place. The name sort of amused me, La Carcel means "jail" in Spanish. Perhaps...

  • Parador Nacional

    Located on the banks of the Guadalete, this Parador, formerly the Casa del Corregidor, has an impressive panoramic view of the fertile plain of the river and of the old part of Arcos de la Frontera. The typical Andalusian courtyard is joined by traditional decorative elements such as latticework and ceramic tiles. Wooden beams, rugs and round...

  • Parador de Arcos

    At most of the paradores in Spain, their restaurants should be really good quality with typical dished of the area. I am afraid I did not try, but we really tried to have a coffee at the great terrace they have.We stayed on the tables for half an hour, enjoying the views, doing photos. The waitress passed near a few times but never stopped to ask...


Arcos de la Frontera Transportation

  • City Bus Schedules

    In general, you will not need transportation to see the main tourist sights in Arcos. The town is eminently walkable. However, if you want to discover more beyond the main historical center you will end up doing plenty of walking, and remember that you are walking up and down hills here. Though they are not terribly steep, you will notice after a...

  • Shankes pony (walking)

    Walking is the best way to get around Arcos. Parking is very limited especially in the old part on the hill. There is a car park in the square in front of St Marys. The roads are very narrow in the old part which can make driving difficult.There is a huge car park at the bottom of the hill near to a school. When we entered Arcos instead of driving...

  • Arcos de la Frontera Hotels

    20 Hotels in Arcos de la Frontera

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Arcos de la Frontera Shopping

  • shugoey's Profile Photo

    Galeria de arte "San Pedro": Ceramics

    by shugoey Updated Apr 12, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This shop is full of handpainted ceramics. You can watch will the artists handpaint all kinds of pottery. If you don't have the intention to buy anything, it is still a nice place just to look around.

    What to buy: Ceramics

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Arcos de la Frontera Local Customs

  • Legends of the Castle- The Duke's...

    A number of myths and legends surround the Castle of Arcos de la Frontera. As it is now private property and closed to the public, it's hard to know for certain about some of the details of these.Anyway. Legend had it that the daughter of the Duke or Arcos, fell in love with a young man of lesser status. The Duke, being the mean mean father and...

  • Mini Running of the Bulls-Toros de la...

    Arcos has a interesting local tradition. On the Sunday of Resurrection during Semana Santa two bulls are let loose in the streets of Arcos. Local men (mostly younger) participate in the running of the bulls tradition, the bulls run through the narrow streets of the town while the young men are running as fast as they can to get away. Remember, in...

  • Odd coincidence?

    Most tourists probably wouldn't really notice this at all. To me it was very interesting that the local accent in Arcos sounds virtually identical to the Spanish that Cubans and Cuban-Americans speak.Is it possible that Cuba was settled by a significant population from Arcos and the region around it?It is possible, sure, but it might be a bit...


Arcos de la Frontera Warnings and Dangers

  • Hilly

    As you would expect this town being on a hill it will not be easy for everyone to get around. There are steps to consider as well as steep inclines.

  • Drive a small car !!

    If you want to drive your car all the way up to the city centre, make sure you have a small car. Sometimes, the streets are verrrrry narrow !!!!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Arcos de la Frontera Off The Beaten Path

  • Magical Zahara

    Less than an hour away from Arcos is the magical town of Zahara. Follow the A-392 to the west out of Arcos and then watch for the signs to Zahara.Perched on a hill underneath a Moorish castle Zahara is a visual delight to view and fun to walk around. The Moorish castle is about a 15 minute walk from the town parking lot. There are also many...

  • Mirador de la Peña Nueva

    At Plaza del Cabildo, in my opinion the best views, but not for the other side of the city. Here is the Church of Santa Maria, the Town hall and the Parador

  • Mirador de Abades

    Just from the Mirador de Abades you can see the lake of Arcos from the top of the hill, with the typical terraces. Even if I was born in the north, and part of my family comes form Castilla, I had been in Andalucia on holidays (Nerja and Torrox areas) but other memories where to visit my grandmother that uses to live in Motril when alive. I...


Arcos de la Frontera Sports & Outdoors

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    Wakeboarding near Arcos & Jerez

    by delawake Written Jul 8, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wakeboarding camp on Guadalcacin lake near Arcos, Jerez, Sevilla, Cadiz
    Professional coaches from Scandinavia & UK, new Malibu wakeboard boats, Liquid force equipment, best wake & chill.

    Equipment: Malibu wakesetter boats
    Liquid Force wakeboards, ropes, and other equipment
    Trampoline for ground training

    Pro coach Riko warming up
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Arcos de la Frontera Favorites

  • Las Monjas Hill

    Exploring these tiny little alleys I find fascinating you dont know what you are going to see. Here in Las Monjas Hill is the Convent of the Incarnation (Encarnacion Convent) which is early 16th century.

  • Calle Corredera

    If you park in the car park at the bottom of the hill as I mentioned in my 'transportation' tip, and take the steps up, you can then walk either along the Paseo de los Boliches which gives you views over the valley or walk up the Calle Corredera which is like the main shopping street. Cafes/bars/restaurants, and hotels besides shops are along here....

  • Calle Maldonado

    This narrow winding street which leads to St Peters Church, which you can see peeping over the rooftops was once a street where nobility lived. When we walked down it there was a young boy revving his scooter up, oh how times have changed :-)


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