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Guadix Things to Do

  • Cathedral of Guadix

    This impresive cathedral, in the Baroque style, was built in the 16th century and completed in the 18th century, in red standstone. It is said to be built on the site of a former mosque. I wasn't able to go in as my timing was a mistake -- it was siesta time, and rightly so in this incredibly hot place (i was there in the peak of summer)!

  • Visit the cave homes 2

    Take a good look and you will see that all the homes surrounding this street junction are underground, or at least partially. The second photo with Stacey in it gives you a way to judge the size of the homes, but there is more underground than meets the exterior eye. The third photo shows a view looking back toward Guadix center, you can see Stacey...

  • Visit the cave homes

    On the edge of the town of Guadix is a fairly large neighourhood composed of cave homes. People have dug out and settled INTO these hills surrounding the town. As you can see in the photos the front of the houses can look like a perfectly regular home in any ordinary town around the world....but when you look at the roof you will see that it...

  • Not your typical street scene

    My tips on Guadix and short, this is true, but it is because there aren't many words to describe it. Nor is there much information I can give on it. It is a place to see and marvel at not to give facts about. Saying that here is a fact for you: The origins of the cave homes are thought to date back to the Arabic times of Guadix

  • Run down?

    Even if some of the houses in the main part of town look a little run down, I think this adds to the charm of the place so don't rule out just walking around the streets. Go get lost and take lots of photos.

  • Guadix's Arabic Touch: La Alcazaba

    The Alcazaba is a military fortification and palace built in the 11th Century by the Arabs when they were in control of this part of Spain from the Centuries VIII to XV.As you can see from the photo these old fortifications are well preserved and add to the beauty of this little town.

  • Cave Homes

    Now these really are CAVE homes.Some cave homes look like normal houses on the outside and then you find out the rest is dug out cave. These type of Cave homes have most of the mod cons of life; others really are just caves that people live in. Look at the holes in the hills in the photo opposite and you will see what I am talking about.

  • Which planet am I on?

    "Barrio Troglodyte": This is the most interesting part of Guadix as it does not look like the rest of the town or a normal part of any non 3rd world town for that matter. The reason to come to Guadix is to come to the Troglodyte neighbourhood...... It s worth it!

  • Upper Market Cave Homes

    The little white houses you see lead back into cave homes too. If you are lucky someone will invite you in to show you around. They normally ask for a small donation. I recommend giving a euro if you can.If it a friendly gesture that allows them to show you that the are civilised people who just happen to live in cave homes. It is a chance for you...

  • protruding chimneys

    Many times the only evidence that there is a cave home below is the protruding chimney like the one shown in the photo below.Caves make great houses as they stay at the same temperature all year, making them cool in summer and warm in winter! You really do save a packet on energy bills!

  • Cathedral

    Like any 'respectable' Spanish town you can find a cathedral. So if you aren't interested in caves homes, maybe you can come and have a look at the old cathedral. Something for everyone in Guadix!

  • The Town Centre

    Not all of Guadix is like the troglodyte neighbourhood. The rest of it is like a 'normal' Spanish town which is pretty and well worth a look too.

  • Horses

    There is a large coral which is filled with horses roaming around. They don't look like they are the healthiest of beasts nor do I know if they are broken in. They are just there, wondering about suffering in the hot summer months. I have no idea what they are used for though I expect it isn't for show jumping or the such like. They are more...

  • Donkeys

    You can also see your fair share of donkeys which appear to share their residences with their human masters like in the Europe of old. These are working animals, not pets. You can see them carrying loads around the town on carts or wagons.

  • cuevas museum

    in a town where they have those kind of "houses" of course ,a museum, is a mandatory feature. free admitance, and you'll be able, to know the "story" behind the cuevas and what makes them still trying to keep a tradition, unique in the World. if you want to understand that kind of living you should visit the museum and enlarged your cultural...

  • the cathedral

    In the centre of Guadix, you should not miss the Cathedral. an impressive sixteenth-century red-sandstone monument gives to the centre of this modest but pleasent old town and huge view, and well worth strolling and visit with yur tourist eyes.*later i'll try to had more info about that beautifull monument

  • barrio troglodite

    if not for the magnificent cathedral the troglodyte barrio would be the main atraction in guadix. you can drive through the cave area, but you should also get out and take a stroll. The "troglodytes" are very friendly people and also very house-proud, or "cave-proud", as you wish... If you show an interest in their homes, you will be sure to be...

  • Town church

    Just one of the many Eclesiastical buildings around the town... I dont recall the name of this church.


Guadix Hotels

See all 8 Hotels in Guadix
  • Abentofail Hotel

    C/ Abentofail, Guadix, 18500, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Cuevas Abuelo Jose

    Camino Guadix s/n, Guadix, 18500, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Cuevas Abuelo Ventura

    Camino De Lugros 20, Guadix, 18500, es

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Guadix Restaurants

  • Alarcon Cave Hotel Restaurant

    This is a local restaurant and we saw local families having a drink or dinner there while watching the football game. These things are usually a good sign that the food will be in good portions and good taste, and we were right. You can see in the photos that Zohara, Carmen and Stacey were all enjoying themselves, from the steaks to the wine. Yes...

  • Versalles for Churros

    We had been hearing of this local dish since our arrival and even read of it before...Churros is usually only served in the mornings, sometimes as late as 11am, but we never found it later.It is a pastry type dish, made in sprial strings laid out on your plate. What you see in the photo was a single serving and is enough for at least two people....

  • Churrros at Cafe VErsalles

    Great value and tastefull...5 euros for 3 chocolates, one coffe, and two raciones of churros.. amaizing!!


Guadix Nightlife

  • quartinb's Profile Photo


    by quartinb Updated Sep 20, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i 've only spent one nite in guadix, and thou' they we're helding summer festivities guess that they don´t have much nite offers...
    a stroll around the old barrios side by side with the cathedral will offer yu images like that shown in the pic...
    tigh your shoe laces and go ahead!

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Guadix Local Customs

  • Martin_S.'s Profile Photo

    "Things" on floor

    by Martin_S. Written Jul 3, 2008

    When we first arrived in Spain and entered a small bar/pub/restaurant we observed people standing at the bar and throwing things onto the floor. When we looked closely we found that the entire floor was littered with papers, wrappers, napkins, straws, sugar packages and others. No, not food, just "litter". Carmen explained that it was a custom and that they would not sweep up the floor till it became too littered or at the end of the day. This litter was to show how popular the establishment was. If you go to the high priced tourist places you will not see this.

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Guadix What to Pack


    by blint Written Jun 18, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Sensible shoes are a must. You will do plenty of walking, many times up small sandy hills. So you will need shoes that grip and (ladies) without heals to enjoy Guadix to the max.

    Photo Equipment: You must take a good camera with zoom and flash to get all the facets of this great town.

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Guadix Off The Beaten Path

  • Lacalahorra

    Small town just a few kilometers from Guadix, it has a spectacular hilltop castle, some interesting buildings and incredible views of the Sierra Nevada mountains.More info on my Lacalahorra page.

  • Visit La Calahorra Castle

    This would have to be called the visit in the perfect day, the view of the castle, the trees in blosson, and the snowed mountains of Sierra nevada at the back....

  • Guadix Hotels

    8 Hotels in Guadix

Guadix Favorites

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  • Guadix view of Sierra Nevada Mountains

    This view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was from our room at the cave hotel, sorry about the blue spot, that happens sometimes with the camera and I have NO IDEA WHY....But anyway it still does not take away from the beauty of the mountains we were planning to travel into on the morrow on way to Bubion.

  • Guadix sunset

    It was nice sitting on the quiet hillside (or rather on our porch) at the cave hotel and enjoying our first Guadix sunset. It was surprising that we were less than 100 meters from the highway, yet we could not hear the cars.

  • Cave Hotel, exterior views

    Some exterior views of the cave hotel we stayed in, the first photo shows the exterior of our rooms where you can see Zohara standing in the doorway...the smallest hotel door I have EVER experienced, only 60 centimeters wide unless you open the second "half" which made it 80 centimeters wide. The second photo shows the entrance to the suite of...


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