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  • View of some of the information center
    View of some of the information center
    by BruceDunning
  • One of the exhibition rooms on 2nd floor
    One of the exhibition rooms on 2nd floor
    by LoriPori
  • Favorites
    by LoriPori

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    info on markets and transport and football-Malaga

    by gwened Written Aug 12, 2012

    Favorite thing: well not a fan of Malaga but the best information should come from the club itself

    the official store in English above

    never seem a market there by the stadium, but maybe they do, best there for me is at CALLE ALONSO CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ,5 to contact the city of Malaga for info on markets, below is the Centro information contacts
    Teléfono Municipal de Información: 010 inside the province and for outside the province you call +34 952-20-96-03
    Fax: +34 951 92 66 30
    email :

    and the bus system ,have friends who take me by car, never got use of it, but again the city has the bus system here, and if you to quiero will give the itineraries.

    hope it helps

    Fondest memory: visit my old friends and spending time with their families and the Malaga nights

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  • LoriPori's Profile Photo


    by LoriPori Written Mar 9, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Opposite the Cathedral in Malaga stands the 18th century BISHOP'S PALACE or Palacio Episcopal. The building is stunning with its brick arches of Mudejar style. The facade contains a baroque design which is constructed using different coloured marble. The interior consists of a patio resting on columns and a breathtaking and beautifully designed staircase takes you to the second floor, used for organizing large exhibitions. It is now occupied by the Museo de Malaga. The second floor housed some sketches by Picasso in one room, archeological finds from Athens and Greece in another room and some paintings by various artists in another room.
    We did not explore all the rooms as it was a maze of different rooms.
    There was no charge for entry.
    Located near the Cathedral at Plaza del Obispo

    Bishop's Palace One of the exhibition rooms on 2nd floor

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  • MarinaSpain's Profile Photo

    Olive Oil

    by MarinaSpain Written Aug 25, 2008

    Favorite thing: I wouldn´t go for the Olive Oil, I´m Spanish from the South and we are very proud of our Olive Oil, and think it´s the best, no matter what.........
    I would bring something from where you come from, something typical.

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  • fisherman's houses

    by blint Written Mar 24, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: From the road you squeeze down an extremely narrow alleyway passing these quaint little roads to get to the Pedregalejo beach.

    They were once cheap downtrodden fisherman's houses but these days are being snapped up at high prices as they aren't like the ugly blocks of flats being sold in the rest of the centre. Many look directly onto the the beach front too.

    I really enjoyed passing by them to get to the Paseo Maritimo and with out a doubt think they would be a nice place to live. I have seen other such streets dotted about Malaga. Village streets hidden amongst the concrete jungle.

    Definitely one of my favourite things about Malaga.

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo


    by call_me_rhia Updated Mar 14, 2008

    Favorite thing: I have mixed feelings about Malaga, I like it because it's very authentic and little touristy, I dislike it because of its dirtyness and abandoned beautiful buildings. In short, Malaga is not quite the touristic place the authorities want you to believe... just go to the tourist office: everyone speaks Spanish (and Spanish only)... which is certainly not a crime, but it's not very helpful if you want to attract foreigners.

    Fondest memory: Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians, inhabited by the Romans, ruled by the Moors and finally conquered by the Catholic Monarchs... which let it fall into decline. Malaga would really be a gem, there's plenty of wonderful old buildings in the city centre, all crumbling down, literally... I call it awasted beauty. Some recosntruction is going on, currently, but there's still a lot to do and it will take years to bring it back to its former glory.

    malaga calle lario, malaga

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  • Helga67's Profile Photo

    Explore and enjoy

    by Helga67 Updated Jun 1, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: To fully appreciate Málaga, spend some hours exploring the tiny backstreets with their Moorish character, explore the many churches, squares and historic buildings, and stop for a coffee or tapa in a typical bar.

    Fondest memory: What I loved about Málaga was its ambience. Malaguenos (people from Málaga) like to socialise, just walk around on the street or stroll through the park with the whole family or have a coffee or tapas with friends. The city is always very lively with local people enjoying life.

    Plaza de la Constituci��n historic quarter
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  • LoriPori's Profile Photo


    by LoriPori Updated Feb 21, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: MALAGA is the major coastal city in Andalucia. The Moors occupied Malaga until the mid 15th century. It grew to become one of the foremost merchant centers in the entire Iberian Peninsula.
    An absolute must see is the Alcazaba , a fortress dating back to 1065. Also worth visiting is the nearby castle Gibralfaro which was rebuilt by the Moors. It offers superb views from the Parador de Gibralfaro. You can see the Plaza de Toros, Malaga Harbour and the Cathedral very clearly from up there.
    Pablo Picasso is Malaga's famous son and there are several galleries displaying his work, including the 16th century Museum of Fine Arts, adjacent to the Cathedral. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to see the Picasso Museum. As it was Sunday, and admission was free, there was a huge line-up to get in.
    Remember, Malaga is always closed for the Siesta period, as is the custom through most of Spain.

    Fondest memory: Spending a wonderful sunny day, in a wonderful city with some very special friends.

    View of Malaga Harbour & Plaza de Toros Malaga Cathedral Castillo Gibralfaro Alcazaba Alcazaba
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  • LoriPori's Profile Photo


    by LoriPori Updated Feb 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The Lighthouse or LA FAROLA is one of the best-known features of Malaga and can be seen in my picture of the Malaga Harbour.
    Its name in Spanish is unusual, the feminine La Farola, as the word for lighthouse ( El Faro ) is normally masculine. The building itself is 21.64 metres high and it dominates Malaga Port.

    View of Malaga Harbour & La Farola ( Lighthouse )
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  • Pauldelabar's Profile Photo

    One man's meat........

    by Pauldelabar Updated Nov 13, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: another man's poison. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and for those who like Malaga, fine.
    However, having been around Malaga so much, I absolutely DETEST the place.

    I find this town dark and forboding. It has not decided whether it wants to look old traditional Spanish, modern and purely functional, or just plainly a building site!

    I do not like large, built up areas and I'm not a shopping adict.

    If it wasn't for using the airport, I would never go to or through Malaga again!

    Fondest memory: Without doubt, in my humble opinion, the best thing about Malaga is the quickest road out of it!

    Like I say. This is my opinion. If you think different, so be it.

    (You are leaving Malaga) - Caption.
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  • happybonzo's Profile Photo

    Malaga Town

    by happybonzo Updated Sep 14, 2005

    Favorite thing: Most people just get to the airport and can hardly wait to get out of town ASAP.
    Take a day and explore Malaga itself - brilliant place - don't know why more people don't do it

    Fondest memory: Finding a wonderful musical instruments shop. The owners let me play a real Les Paul for two hours and no hassle from them at all

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  • Malecka's Profile Photo

    Plaza de la Merced

    by Malecka Updated Mar 1, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Ok, close to the Plaza del General Torrijos there’s a tunnel taking you directly to Plaza de la Merced – a place very much ALIVE, full of bars, cafes and of course, people. Located at one of the corners of this plaza you can find the house where Picasso was born and lived the first ten years of his life. An interesting place to visit – they have nice souvenirs (though a bit expensive) and also it is open on Sundays also. “Enfrente del Pintor” (very cool name by the way) is a bar located (as the name suggests) opposite of the Picasso’s house. In case you’re feeling kind of hungry, just turn right when stepping outside the house and go straight, and you reach a marvelous pastry-shop called “José María.”
    And in the same line where the house of Picasso is, you can find nice cafes, like El Portón - HAPPY HOUR: Tasty coffee and nice staff.
    At night, especially Fridays and Saturdays the Plaza de la Merced is PACKED with people, tourists and locals.

    PS. I have no idea how I managed to actually take a pic on a rainy day. I promise though, it is Costa del Sol! ;-)

    Fondest memory: The morning coffee, the afternoon "Tinto de verano" and the evenings spent in "Latina"

    Plaza de la Merced
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  • Carmela71's Profile Photo

    Elisabeth style door

    by Carmela71 Updated Feb 5, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: thie si one of the back doors of the catedral complex, while doing the photo, the group of retired people that were outside the Picasso Museeum pass by, one of them was commenting to their friends....

    this door is more interesting and has more value that the whole musseums we have seen

    lol I guess if you can buy a Picasso, you would not say so

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  • Geoff_Wright's Profile Photo

    The concrete river

    by Geoff_Wright Updated Jan 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Málaga is split into two halves by the Guadalmedina River, which flows from the mountains some 30 miles or so away. The River is much prettier in the mountains, and runs throuch the city in a, well, sort of concrete trough ( for flood relief purposes!). I didn't think it al all picturesque, although you can walk alongside the river here, and there are the odd fountains and so on. On one side of the River lies the older city, and on the other is the much more modern city.

    The Guadalmedina River

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  • Geoff_Wright's Profile Photo

    A walk in the park

    by Geoff_Wright Updated Jan 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: Suddenly you leave the city, and find yourself walking along the Paseo Del Parque, filled with its wonderful trees and statues. On the other side of the Paseo, high up behind the white tower, you will find the Roman Fortress.

    Along the Paseo Del Parque

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  • JennEph's Profile Photo

    Open your eyes and your mind even more!

    by JennEph Written Mar 2, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I would take someone to the beach and spend the day walking up and down it...the beaches are beautiful!

    Fondest memory: My favorite thing about Málaga is that everyone (natives) have told me the same thing: "If you can learn to speak Spanish here, you can speak it anywhere"...and they´re right!

    Just beautiful
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