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  • Beautiful beach
    Beautiful beach
    by PrincessMonja
  • Mojácar
    by PrincessMonja
  • The promenade right outside the Beachcomber
    The promenade right outside the...
    by Keith10

Mojácar Things to Do

  • Maghrebian Look

    White houses climbing the hills, compose an unspoilt image of Mediterranean architecture, with a taste of Maghreb. We were so "cooked" that, after a swim, we left quickly to a milder place. But, next time, with air conditioned in the car, we will stop and look around. We did! Nothing much to add, unless... apartments. many!

  • Dive, quickly!

    A few minutes before arriving in Mojacar, passing in Sorbas, we were stopped by road works. We had no air conditioned, and the dust was so strong, that we had to keep the windows closed all the time. The temperature inside the car went over 60º C, for sure, during... I say almost ten minutes, Fernanda says... half an hour! Doesn't matter! We were...



  • Beach

    It is not a nice beach, but... it's a beach.The sand is dusty and hard, the sea was rough when we were there (red flag), but the weather is hot, hot, hot.The heavy construction in the area shows that a lot of people loves it.

  • Cycling in Mojacar

    We have been cycling for years and noticed a lot of teams use Mojacar as a base for the winter training camps, if its good enough for the professionals then its good enough for us. We rented two high end road bikes (MTB are available too) from rockroadnsurfadventures situated on the playa, they took us on the first day on a guided tour of some...

  • Out and about

    In spite of the oppressive over development that has taken place in the last few years you can still seek out the real bits of Mojacar.Coffee on the beach.Street Art exhibitionWater from the fountainVillage streetsTHe Village Balcon next to the Square ( Old Town)

  • Go to Market - and a pottery/painting...

    The weekly market is held on Wednesday mornings up in the Mojacar Pueblo. If you can walk there or get a bus, do so, because Parking can be a problem.It is a busy full market with just about everything on display that anyone could ever want or need.We were attracted to a ceramics stall displaying not the usual highly coloured mediterranean "pots"...

  • The white cake

    Mojacar has 2 parts, the old spanish/arabish part with white houses in it on the hill, and the modern tourist village on the beach. Both are great, however the beach part is similar to other spanish beach villages. But the old Mojacar is something special. You will find a lot of small and kind streets in it with small and kind shops. From top of...

  • The white cake

    Mojacar has 2 parts, the old spanish/arabish part with white houses in it on the hill, and the modern tourist village on the beach. Both are great, however the beach part is similar to other spanish beach villages. But the old Mojacar is something special. You will find a lot of small and kind streets in it with small and kind shops. From top of...

  • discovery tours trip to secluded beaches

    We visited Mojacar again in august 2006, myself, my hubby, my two teenage daughters, and two of their friends. I tried my best to keep them happy with shopping trips, days at the beach, as much nightlife as you can find in Mojacar etc, etc (it wasn't easy). We booked another trip with discovery tours (through e.mailing Mary who runs the show), and...

  • Mini-Hollywood

    A wild-west town set deep in the mountains near Tabernas . This town is where many of the great "westerns" such as "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" filmed in the 1960s. A great day out for all the family with shows and fun. This place reminds you of the Wild Far West! Nowadays you will recognise it as the town where David Beckham's recent Coca Cola...

  • Jeep Safari 4x4

    Discovery 4x4 Tours Mojacar...WOW. This was a great part of my holiday. We wanted to see the real Spain and we sure did that!What makes this company so good is they even sat down and asked us what we wanted from our trip...they did say they could be more flexable in winter months and would try and include places we wanted to see. We took their 4hr...

  • jeep safari into cabrera mountains

    Please, if you visit mojacar, book a trip with Discovery Tours. They take jeep safaris into either the cabrera mountains or the beda mountains. the trip we took was fantastic. our guide was mary, who runs the company as well. she was brilliant. we saw loads of wildlife. including cicadas, which i had heard but never seen before, and HUGE spiders,...

  • The Beach Front at Mojacar Playa

    The beach stretches for miles without hardly a soul on it. it is lined with little beach bars, some have live music, and food and drink.

  • Mojacar village

    This is a really beautiful white village in the mountains, if you are staying in the area it is better to go by bus then drive up. There is a car park but if the markets on its really difficult because most of the spaces are taken by stalls.From the bus stop or car park you walk up windy small cobbled lanes, which lead you to the top of the...


Mojácar Hotels

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  • Rincon De Diego

    Avenida Del Mediterraneo, Mojacar, 4638, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa

    Avda Del Mar 3 Urb Marina De la Torre, Mojacar, 0

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar

    Avenida del Mar, 7 | Urb Marina de la Torre, 04638 Mojacar, Spain

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Mojácar Restaurants

  • Gorgeous food and friendly atmosphere,...

    Gorgeous food and friendly atmosphere, you should go!It’s been a while since I was last in Mojacar and on arrival I immediately went for a meal to my favourite restaurant the Beachcomber. It's like going to your best friend’s house who happens to be a really good cook. The reception from the staff was as if I was a long lost friend, I said it’s...

  • Real Italian in Spain!

    I was bemused by another post regarding Mojácar in general and its restaurants in particular, so as one who has lived near there fo 10 years I feel the need to put the record straight.Mojácar beach is in fact 17 kms long - some of it is even blue-flagged. There is one small area of not much more than 1km which is dominated by a selection of British...

  • Real Spanish

    Mojacar is two towns the 'pueblo' up in the hill and the 'playa' the strip on the beach. (Long strip about 4 miles/6kms). It has got plenty of tacky restaurants that are designed to attract the tourists who are 70% English (except on Spanish holidays when there is a big weekend influx of Spaniards). Almost at the end of the playa the Restaurant...


Mojácar Transportation

  • katepj's Profile Photo

    Bus from Murcia airport to Mojacar

    by katepj Written Mar 22, 2012

    Choice of transport from an airport is always going to be down to individual preference. Some people like using public transport, and the cost savings are significant compared to using a taxi over 100 plus kms.

    Spanish buses are well organised, and luggage doesn't go on the bus on longer journeys, it goes in the specific compartment underneath, and the driver invariably supervises this activity, so that it isn't thrown in higgle-piggle, and it is organised according to where people are getting off. Small hand luggage/bags etc can go on the overhead racks.

    You will probably pay for the bus into Murcia central actually on the bus, it will be around three or four euros.

    To get the Mojacar bus, you will need to buy your ticket from the ticket office in the bus station. Make sure you go to the correct office if there are more than one, as each different bus company has its own office. This is an Alsa service, so you look for their ticket office, they may have more than one window open too, but it doesn't matter which one you use.

    Make sure you ask which platform the bus goes from 'anden'. Sometimes, they automatically write it on the ticket for you, if they don't and you don't speak Spanish - ask them 'scriba, por favor.' (that's write it please). The seat number is usually allocated too on longer journeys so have a look at your ticket for that, I think it is 'plaza' - place - they automatically seat couples/groups together.

    The cost according to their site is 11.09€, and the return is 19.96€. There are two morning buses back from Mojacar at 7.05 and 11.00, then nothing until 19.35, so again depends on your flight times.

    The buses are full of holidaymakers who enjoy the adventure of Spanish buses and the cheapness.

    A couple of other tips. Unlike the stereotypical mañana mañana syndrome, most buses leave incredibly punctually, sometimes a minute or so early. That's partly because the bus driver gets a printed list from the ticket office of the number of passengers to expect, so once they have counted them up, they are ready to leave. Never plan to catch a Spanish bus with only a couple of minutes to spare.

    Secondly, they are very comfortable, and they have been no-smoking for a number of years. You can usually take food and drink on the bus too. For a journey of two and a half hours it is unlikely to stop anywhere for passengers to get out (as they do on the longer ones, eg six hours Madrid to Málaga).

    Hope that helps anyone interested in using public transport generally, and specifically from Murcia to Mojacar.

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Mojácar Tourist Traps

  • doptee's Profile Photo

    Rent a car danger

    by doptee Written Oct 11, 2007

    Never forget any valuable things in your car! Break in the cars are often, even if you park in an open area. If it happens in Mojacar, then you need to go to the next village to find a "Guardia Civil", who will take care of you. What is worses, they cannot speak english, and it is written on the door, that if you cant speak spanish then you need to get an interpreter.

    Fun Alternatives: If it is possible, never let your things in the car.

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Mojácar Off The Beaten Path

  • See the real Spain Jeeps

    by mez64 Written Nov 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a great activity as you get to see the real spain. There are a range of tours including mountains, beaches (includes snorkelling, or teaches you to snorkel if you`ve not done it before.) Horseriding in the mountains (1 hour treks for novices or 2 or more hours if you know what your doing) and its western saddles. BBQ`s are available but we were told some restriction in the dry season because of fire risk. even if none of the tours offered are what you want speak to Mary and she will try and put together a tour with your requirements.
    Family Tickets and Group Discounts available.
    Dont confuse this with being thrown around it really is for all the family and we did rough bits bug hunting is great
    Mojacar is a very traditional place and is not "touristy" like some parts of Spain whih gives it its appeal. However this is one of the only trips that run all year round 7 days a week.
    In the winter Mary also organises walks, she will put you in touch/organise with car hire she will also organise apartments for you. This is a phone number well worth putting in your address book if your visiting Mojacar or the surrounding area!!! I think they are doing work to the website but they have a merchants page on Virtual Tourist website with photos.

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Mojácar Sports & Outdoors

  • carnsoreboxer's Profile Photo

    golf in the desert

    by carnsoreboxer Written Oct 23, 2007

    A group of 8 girls travel abroad every year playing golf. We run a ghost pairing where you don't know who your partner is until last night when best joint cards win, also individual prizes every day and nobody comes home empty handed, plus a team of 4 event every day when best 2 scores count and overall individual prize which is the Hollys Girlies Shield

    Equipment: Golf clubs etc

    One of a pair of horses surrounding green View of Desert Springs Desert Springs Club house at Desert Springs Valle de Este
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Mojácar Favorites

  • solopes's Profile Photo


    by solopes Written Sep 8, 2010

    Favorite thing: I remember!
    Thirty years ago we were caught in Sorbas by road works that forced use to stay 15 minutes inside a car without air-conditioned, with closed windows, under more than 40º Celsius.
    As soon as we could leave, we drove to the sea, passing Mojacar and jumped to the water in the first opportunity - a pebble beach, that, since then is commented as our "Mojacar relief".
    We've been in vacation nearby, and decided to visit Mojacar and "our pebble beach".
    Well, it is not there...
    What we saw has nothing to match our memories, and even discounted the heavy construction, couldn't be the place.

    Back home I consulted an old map, and realised that the old road goes from Mojacar to Garrucha, and that must be the place of the beach. To check next time.

    Mojacar - Spain Mojacar - Spain Mojacar - Spain
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