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Rota Highlights

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     Small town life, beaches, food 

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     Small enough to be quaint and annoying 

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     I had a wonderful memorable trip there. Would love to go back and visit again. 

Rota Things to Do

  • Our Lady of the "O"

    This church stands out on the Rota skyline with its odd shape and towering capilla. Built in the 16th century it has a complicated mixture of architectural styles and was financed by the de Leon family. The carved choir on the interior was done by Don Diego Roldan, the renowned artist from Jerez. The treasury is also open to the public as well as...

  • Wander the streets

    There are great little plazas and small streets to wander in Rota. It is small enough that it is almost impossible to get lost and just as easy to get wrapped up in the quaint atmosphere of the old town.

  • Castillo de Luna-Moon Castle

    Once used by the family of Ponce de Leon, it was built on top of a Moorish fort in the 13th century. The ground floor is open to the public for free but the second floor is the current seat of the town hall and is not open for visitors. The general plan is very simple and contains a beautiful interior courtyard with a fountain. There is evidence of...

  • Walk the Paseos

    The paseos that are along the beaches are a great place to stroll and watch the activity on the beaches below. They are usually tree lined and have intermittent cafes around them. They are particularly great for watching the sun set.

  • Play on the beach

    The beaches around Rota are clearly the biggest draw of locals and tourists alike. The Chorrillo and Rompidillo beaches are along the Bay of Cadiz. The water is calm and not as windy as Playa de la Costilla can be.

  • Torre de la Merced

    This tower has a pretty blue and white tile dome and is the remnant of the Convento de la Merced which was established in 1600 and destroyed by a hurricane in 1722.

  • Plaza Bartolome Perez

    This pretty plaza with the palm trees is home to two ot the main attractions in Rota, the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de la 0 and the Castillo de Luna. It's also a nice place to relax with a drink and a tapa at Bar La Concha.The plaza is named for a Rota native who sailed with Columbus on his second voyage to the New World.

  • Castillo de Luna

    The castillo was built as a residence on the site of a 13th century Muslim ribat. Today serves as the main government building (ayuntameinto) for the city of Rota. We didn't get any decent information about the castillo because since we visited during siesta, the tourist office located inside was closed and we couldn't get any brochures. Still, the...

  • Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de la 0

    From the outside this church is fairly non-descript except for the pretty arched doorway, bell tower, and location on the fairly expansive Plaza Bartolome Perez. Inside is where you will be amazed at the expansive decoration in the side chapels of this gothic structure. The first thing that will come to your mind is how does a town this small have...


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  • Buenos filetes! Great steaks, service...

    Juan's has a great selection of Kobe beef cuts. Our meal started out, like most meals in Spain, with bread rolls and crackers. We ordered for starters, a pitcher of sangria and a mixed sausage platter. The sangria was good, however, it slightly tasted as if the fruit pieces had been sitting in it too long. The sausage platter came with 5 different...

  • Alles gut geschmuck

    For the person missing home cooking of the homeland of germany this is the place to go. The fine wine imported in from Germany and the internet music of RPR2 really sets the mood of being in Germany.A GOTTA GO SEE place.

  • Churros in the morning

    Not a bad way to make a living. Open for a few hours in the morning, fry up some dough, keep the coffee hot and the customers will be lining up at your window. Churros are a quick and great way to have breakfast the Spanish way. Not much is done for breakfast so churros can be a fun alternative to the tostado. Churros can be ordered from this...

  • Filling portions

    This small tapas bar also serves sandwiches and some nice sized dishes for up to four people. Set on the Plaza de Espana, it has tables outside to enjoy the warm summer sun. The staff is really friendly and very helpful. The Paella Valencia and Mixed Solomillo are awesome. They are just right for four (4) people and are cooked upon ordering.

  • Great Mexican in Spain

    This is a great find and has some great home cooked menu items. It is authentic and a great place to take a large group of people if you need to; inside or out. Most of the menu items can be ordered as tapas (or parts) or as combination platters. Everything is fresh and they bring it out piping hot. It is also open late to satisfy those late night...

  • You have to try the Tapas

    I went to a few Restaurants and tried the Tapas and I'm hooked. You can visit any local Restaurant and ask them if they serve Tapas. If they do you need to try them. It's basically an assortment of local foods that's perfect for a group of people that are not accustomed to Spanish food to give them the taste of various dishes. Of course you can't...

  • Friendly Service and Good Food

    Good food and very friendly service, this establishment has a bar (through which you enter) and a fairly large adjoining dining room. The one employee there the night we went gave us a free tapa of fried fish pieces and also a free flan for dessert (to share amongst the three of us). Conveniently located just a block from the beach. doditas fritas...

  • Another tapas bar

    This place is not a bad choice for tapas and a drink or two if you can stand the sound of legions of motor scooters that whir by on Avenida San Fernando. This place is seemingly popular with the locals and by 9:30 is fairly packed. Be forewarned that the menus at the outdoor tables seem like they've been out there for eons. Yuck! But the food is...

  • Myrtle Beach or Spain?

    Only Americans were eating there the night I was there and I was told that is the case on most nights. With a dining room overlooking the Atlantic it is a definite draw for the tourists. However the decent dishes were not enough to offset the slightly cheesy nautical interior décor that made me think I was in Myrtle Beach.

  • Chill out in the Plaza

    A great place to sit outside with a tinto verano and gaze out over the Plaza Bartolome Perez at the Parroquia and Castillo de Luna. My friend and I went during siesta (4:00pm) and had the entire place (the restaurant and the plaza) to ourselves. A very nice spot to relax with a drink. Sedate and mellow!

  • Great tapas/racions!

    This place is great! The owner is very friendly and speaks very good English. While stopped in traffic he noticed me in another car and yelled out to ask me how things were going! Definitely made me feel like a local. That aside, their food is top notch. Get whatever fish/seafood dish the owner tells you is fresh that day and you can’t go wrong....

  • Nice Setting for Dinner

    The dining room is in the first floor of this residence in a quiet part of town away from the hustle of the downtown area which is a nice respite from the bar/bodega scene. Smartly decorated with table cloths and interesting contemporary art work, the restaurant has only 8 or so tables but the food is innovative and delicious. While still...


Rota Nightlife

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  • Night Life

    In Rota, there are two Irish Pub establishments They are both very nice places to hang out and enjoy your beer and the local views.In Puerto, next town west of Rota, I visited an Irish Pub called Money Mallons. There you will find a great european atmosphere with wooden tables and a bar to sit at as if you were sitting in Irleand itself. They play...

  • Bar hopping

    well it seems irish have no trouble sattling down any where =) i recommend going an before you leave, make sure to take part in leaving a different kind of tip! they will allow you to glue a dollar of any currenecy with a personal memo or event just your john hand cock on the wall. my favorite thing about this pub is a poster on the wall with a...

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Rota Shopping

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  • Anything and everything

    There are a few covered streets that you can go shopping but essentially Rota has every kind of shop on every kind of street. There are clothing boutiques, to souvenier shops, housewares, to toys.


    Right outside the Naval Station Rota main gate there is a Gypsy Market set up on Wednesdays. There are so many good deals at the Market, the only thing you need are time and patience. If you have both of those things available you will have an awesome experience and come out with an armful of great deals. My favorite things were the shoes, there...

  • Rota's Main Pedestrian Shopping Street

    This is the center for daily shopping by the locals in Rota. Along Mina you can find shops with shoes, clothes, electronics, leather goods, pharmacies, and even a store that looked to have just about anything you'd be interested in. The streets off of Mina and around the small old part of town also have shops with toys, beach items, home...


Rota Local Customs

  • Street performers

    They seem to be everywhere. In almost every city there are musicians who add to the overall ambience to the place you are visiting. Rota is no different. We were able to listen to this guy play some traditional music on his accordian while we had lunch. They were very commonplace songs as some passersby were able to sing the lyrics. Keep in mind...

  • You Need to Ask for the Check

    In Europe, dining is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed and not hurried through. This is reflected in the wait staff service. You may end up sitting for quite a long time after your dessert has long been eaten and your espresso quaffed. That's because your waiter will not bring you your check until you've asked for it. They don't bring it...

  • Lavante

    Lavante is the term for the strong wind that blows from the south. Originating in Africa, the winds bring high temperatures and lots of dust. The old locals' tale is that a lavante will not end after an even number of days. So if you're in the second day of a lavante, expect it to be the same for at least one more day.


Rota What to Pack

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    by bpwillet Written Jul 5, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: You will want to lay out your clothes you want to bring then divide it in half and then see if there is anything you want to leave out. This will help with your desicion of how many bags to take. If you are doing more than just laying on the beach that is.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good walking shoes or sandals go great here but there is a lot of sand around. The sun can be very strong so be prepared to wear shirts whenever you are away from the beach. It can get cooler at night where a light jacket or sweater may make you more comfortable.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Plenty of sunscreen and aloe lotion. Vacation is the last place to be miserable because of a sunburn.

    Photo Equipment: It is very sunny in Rota and southern Spain for that matter. You may find a polarizer helpful. If you are bringing your camera to the beach the air and water are very salty.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: The water is very clear but you will want to bring a mask or goggles if you plan to do any underwater swimming. The water is very salty.

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Rota Sports & Outdoors

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    Football on Playa del Rompidillo; Rota, Spain 4 more images

    by bpwillet Written Jul 5, 2006

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    The beaches around Rota are great for many activities. However, most of the people who come to the beach are lounging under umbrellas or just soaking up the sun. For some of the more adventurous you can do a bit of bouldering around the rocks at Playa de Chorrillo. The sand at the far end of Playa de Chorrillo is a bit more rocky than it is towards Playa del Rompidillo so it is not as easy to run on. Most people who are doing any sort of sport are usually kicking around a futbol or using paddles and a small ball on a makeshift court. These types of sports are not as annoying to the sunbathers or the lifeguards on duty. If you want to play anything more like a game of ultimate frisbee, football, or a full game of futbol you will be asked to find an area that is clear of people. This means the areas on the beach that are farther away from the water. These are areas with a lot more sand and definitely less people. If you are just planning on throwing a football around or even a frisbee a lifeguard may ask you to move to one of those other areas. Playa del Rompidillo is great for this as the sand is soft and generally rock/shell free.

    Equipment: Bring your own ball: football, futbol, or frisbee, etc.

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