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  • Cathedral and Giralda
    by Wowmoment
  • Cathedral and Giralda
    by Wowmoment
  • Cathedral and Giralda
    by Wowmoment

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    Don't support cruelty!

    by JessH Updated May 31, 2006

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    Every country has its traditions, and traditions are lovely things, but I don't agree with traditions that promote cruelty... especially to animals.

    If you are an animal lover or simply concerned person with your heart in the right place, don't fall into the trap of "accidentally" supporting the horrible practice of bull fights with your holiday money.

    The authorities are working on a ban for this cruel "entertainment", and in the meantime there are numerous other things to do in Spain that don't involve suffering and death!

    Fun Alternatives: Eat Paella! Drink wine! Go sight-seeing & marvel at the gorgeous architecture! The list is endless!

    Don't support animal suffering in Spain
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    The boat trip

    by Alex_71 Updated Jul 21, 2007

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    In Sevilla there is the chance to make a boat trip on the river Guadalquivir. It's expensive and it doesn't give you something special to see or it doesn't give you a special point of view for makeing pictures. You just see the bridges, some were built by famous architectures but i think it's better, if you wanna visit the bridges (that are not absolutely the best thing to visit in Sevilla), that you decide first wich bridge you want to visit, and then move there by bus or on foot. The boat is really made for tourist and the price is too high for what it offers(about 20 euros for 20 mins on the river). You'll find lots of girls, around the river, that'll try to make you book a daily trip on the boat. It's nor really a tourist trap, but it doesn't give you anything new about Sevilla

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    Boat excursion

    by Carmela71 Written Jul 20, 2005

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    You pay 14 euros for less than an hour trip showing you the bridges as you can not really see more from the river, also the area of the Expo 92 is in such bad state that you can only see wild vegetation

    I would not recomend

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    Horse cars...

    by nulain Written Sep 8, 2002

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    There a many horse cars that get tourist around the city. I am sure it´s must be very nice, but... in my opinion it´s very expensive (1/2 hour, five persons, 80€) and the driver use to explain users the monuments and history of the city (of course in spanish). Sometimes I listen what the say, and it´s not true (they invent it).

    Horse Cars

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  • This magazine is really very...

    by Raffa Written Aug 24, 2002

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    This magazine is really very useful and interesting. It includes maps of the city, places to eat, most important monuments, items and curiosities of the city, etc. And IT´S FREE. Look for it at the airport, in most important hotels and at the tourist office.

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  • The banks are open of 09:00 -...

    by Raffa Written Aug 24, 2002

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    The banks are open of 09:00 - 14:00 h. among week and up to 13:00 o'clock on Saturdays.
    One can also go to the main hotels of the city in case he/she wants to change money outside of these schedules.
    City Buses: the price per ticket is 135 ptas (0,85 euros).You can buy a ticket in kiosks and tabacco shops which are valid for ten journeys. There are two forms: simple and ten journeys with transfer which allow you to catch two buses on different lines, without having to pay for the second journey, as long as you catch the second bus within an hour. Furthermore, there is a 3 day ticket for tourists for 1.080 pesetas, and another for 7 days for 1.600 ptas with which you can make all of the necessary transfers.
    Street Markets: There are maingly three streets markets ('El jueves' 'Alameda' and 'Alfalfa')
    El jueves: is the most traditional street market in Seville. Its set up every thursday in Feria Street. and its origin dates back to the 14th century. For sale are antiques, second hand things in general.
    Alameda: it takes place in Alameda de Hércules every Sunday morning. Here you can find the strangest and most different items that you can imagine.
    Alfalfa: Is an animal street market every Sunday morning in the Alfalfa square.
    Tourism information Offices:
    Avda de la Constitución,4 (954221404)
    Paseo de las Delicias,9 (954234465)
    Telephone number for municipal information: 010.
    Police telephone: 091
    Emergency: 092
    Fire Station: 080
    Civil Protection: 954234040

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    Shopping - what not to buy

    by fairy_dust Written Sep 27, 2007

    Don't bother buying those cheap black-and-red flamenco dresses in the souvenir shops - they scream "tourist" and if you wear it at the feria you'll stick out like a sore thumb. They look more like tacky Halloween costumes than like actual flamenco dresses. If you want a real "traje gitana", go to a boutique for it. They're much more expensive, but they look much better.

    Also, you'll likely see souvenir shops and street vendors selling embroidered fringed shawls made of polyester for really cheap, but those aren't really worth buying - I have one and the fringe started falling out the first time I wore it. I later bought a nice hand-embroidered silk one in a boutique for 30 Euros and it's much nicer.

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  • Taxis in Seville

    by snafuwanleg Written Jun 5, 2013

    Avoid using Taxis in Seville, they are quite expensive.

    If required by phone,they have an unfair norm which is charging to customer the fare from the place where they get the call to the place where the customer is waiting for the service, plus the required service.

    Since the customer never knows where the taxi was when received the call, this fare in some cases is outrageous.

    Unique Suggestions: There are several Taxi Companies, get reliable information in any ofcial tourist office.

    Fun Alternatives: Use bus or metro instead.

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  • Take a lot of films with you

    by Joyce_HK Written May 24, 2003

    Sevilla is such a beautiful place that you want to take plenty of pictures. Though films are available in tourist shops near tourist attractions, they could be expensive. And it is always a waste of time to go out of the place to get a roll of film!

    Fun Alternatives: Take 1 or 2 spare rolls of film with you.

    In the Alcazar with my travelmate.

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    Beware of ladies bearing sprigs of rosemary

    by Fii Written Oct 18, 2003

    Nearby heavily-touristed areas in the south of Spain you may see ladies who are holding sprigs of rosemary or some other plant trying to get your attention. Ignore them, KEEP WALKING, and don't allow them to grab your arm! They offer the rosemary to tourists, and when the tourist accepts it they'll grab your hand and begin "reading" your palm. Then they won't let you leave until you give them money (and not just coins, a considerable amount!) and will harass you until you do. My partner and I were accosted by two ladies outside the Cathedral in Sevilla, where there were no less than 10 of these 'palm readers' waiting to grab unsuspecting tourists. After that we saw the same scam being tried in Granada. If someone tries to stop you like this, fold your arms, walk past and ignore them, or say "no gracias" very firmly.

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    La Isla Magica

    by Faracy Written Sep 5, 2004

    Conquest of The Americas Themepark.

    Unique Suggestions: Its actually kind of fun, especially if you have kids, or very enthusiastic people with you.
    You can´t go jaded, you have to enjoy the people in pirate costumes.. they´re working really hard and they must be really hot.
    Also go see the scale size Andalucia.. its really cool.

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    Sevilla taxis

    by JavierSanchez Written Mar 1, 2005

    Most of them will try to give you a big tour around the city on the way from the airport.

    Unique Suggestions: Always ask for a official receipt with all the details. The form should have the taxis license punched in. The Tourist Information Office should help you with the complaint

    Fun Alternatives: If you think it is too much, check with the hotel concierge paying the fare.

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    Narraw Streets

    by lilnation Written Oct 10, 2005

    Seville has very narrow pedestrian streets that can cause some dis-orientation.

    Unique Suggestions: Word of advice is bring a map.

    Fun Alternatives: Enjoy getting lost you might discover some local treasure

    Narrow Pedestrian Walkways Discoverying where Locals go to Shop Local Shops and their Treasures
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  • Mar 23, 2014 at 7:28 AM

    There is a good Seville boat trip.
    Don't use the large tourist boats, look for the Guadaluxe ecocruise. It was 15 euros each for a 45 minute trip on a small electric boat that holds a maximum of 11 people plus the captain. However they will go even if there is only two people as with us. It was absolutely delightful, and we had a half bottle of excellent red wine for only 6 euros. The problem is finding the place - the small brochure shows Puerto de Cuba (not on any map!) but it is badly named and should be better described as down the steps at Rio Grande cafe, 1 Calle Betis. There wasn't any schedule we could find but there are seats by the small pier, it's peaceful and you can always get a beer while you wait. Ron

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