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    by LoriPori Updated Jan 3, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Update February, 2014 - The restaurant is no longer called the Cosy Nook. It has new owners now.
    Hans and I ate here three times. Once for lunch and twice for breakfast with VT friends Kay and Mike.
    Many at the Bajondillo raved about THE COSY NOOK so we tried it out and were not disappointed
    The first time we went - Wednesday February 9 - we both had the Lasagna Special - 1 meal for Euro 5,00 or 2 for Euro 9,00. The Lasagna was served with homemade chips and salad.
    The second time we went - Sunday February 13 - we met up with Kay and Mike for breakfast. Their breakfast special is Euro 4,50 and I chose back bacon, toast & butter, 1 egg, hash brown, Irish pork sausage and grilled mushrooms. Excellent!
    The third time we went - Thursday February 24 - we met up with Kay and Mike again for breakfast. This time I had 2 back bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled mushrooms, toast & butter, boiled ham. Again excellent!

    Update: February 11. 2012
    Met up with Kay and Mike for a Saturday morning breakfast. The breakfast is still 4,50 Euros and still a good value. This time I had 2 back bacon, two fried eggs, grilled mushrooms, toast & Butter.

    Update: February, 2013
    During this visit we had breakfast here once. They had a special for 3 Euros - bacon - sausage - one egg - hash brown paddy - beans - glass of orange juice. Plenty of food for such a low price

    Restaurant is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Favorite Dish: COSY NOOK
    1 Meal Euro 5,00 2 for Euro 9,00
    LASAGNE - Served with homemade chips & Salad
    COTTAGE PIE - Served with fresh vegetables
    LIVER & ONIONS, SAVOURY MINCE, CHICKEN CASSEROLE - Served with a choice of homemade chips or fresh mash & Fresh vegetables.

    Any 6 item Breakfast of your choice plus tea or coffee Euro 4,50
    Back Bacon
    Fried Egg
    Heinz Beans
    Black Pudding
    Grilled Mushrooms
    Cheddar Cheese
    Toast & Butter
    Irish Pork Sausage
    Scrambled Eggs
    Grilled Tomato
    Hash Browns
    Boiled Ham
    Fried Bread
    Bread & Butter

    Additional items ,50 cents each
    Breakfast available all day until 4:00 p.m.

    The Cozy Nook Menu Board My plate of Lasagna - home made chips & Salad Breakfast Special - 4,50 Euro My breakfast plate

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    Ciau Bella: Extremely kind

    by solopes Updated Oct 16, 2014

    We arrived in Torremolinos by dinner time, but I didn't want to eat before finding a room. The girl at the door pointed the restaurant when I asked her for a cybercafe, and we entered. After choosing Tortellini (very good) I asked for the computers and... there was none - the restaurant had wireless access, but useless without a computer.

    I cancelled the meal and announced that I would look elsewhere. Immediately the cook (boss?) exited the kitchen and told me that he would lend me his own computer.

    Noticing that Fernanda was not eating (she was sick, and the only thing that she could try to eat was a soup - absent in the menu) he decided:

    - I will make a soup for you.

    He went out (shopping?) an came with a few ingredients to prepare the soup.

    Well... it was great, and deserved the good tip that I left.

    Favorite Dish: Tomato soup

    Torremolinos - Spain Torremolinos - Spain
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  • Pizza Mare Restaurant: You have to Try PIZZAS in Torremolinos

    by p.leyva Written Jun 25, 2013

    The food is excellent, the ambience it's a restaurant which care about the beauty of the place, although it's have been here for more than 20 years old.
    Waiters are very friendly, and actually the have live music jazz.

    Favorite Dish: Pizza Bolognesa, Pizza Mare Salad , great Red wine, and homemade cakes.

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  • El Gato Lounge: Good Tapas Restaurant, beachfront of Torremolinos

    by live555 Written Jun 16, 2013

    This Torremolinos restaurant is located on the beach front of Torremolinos, close to hotels Melia and Bajondillo. The menu is a wide choice of Spanish tapas and lots of fresh salads.
    There are good pre-set tapas menus at very fair prices.
    The views from the terrace are very nice, overlooking the Mediterranean.

    Favorite Dish: Shrimps al Pil Pil are wonderful. This is probably one of the best shrimps al pil pil in Torremolinos.

    El Gato restaurant terrace Tapas at El Gato Lounge Mega Bruschetta with Tomato and Anchovies Night lighting at El Gato terrace
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    by LoriPori Written Mar 2, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Perhaps the most popular Heladeria in Torremolinos is the HELADERIA SAN MUGUEL. The day I went there, it was teeming with locals and tourists alike, as it was a wonderful sunny day. Just about every table in the large patio was taken. The ice cream shop offers many specialty ice cream dishes. I had a sundae for 5,50 Euros. It is quite pricey here, but they use artisan ice cream and let's face it, - you pay for the location - see and be seen!

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    by LoriPori Updated Mar 2, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Friday February 15, 2011
    OK it's Friday. And what do the English have to eat on Fridays - Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas of course.
    We chose NIGEL & CHERYL'S as they had a good special going on for Euro 5,50
    We both had Fish & Chips (Photo # 4) which consisted of Cod Fillet,served with peas (mushy or regular), chips and bread and butter. A starter of soup was also included and that day it was chicken and mushroom soup which was absolutely delicious. The fish was lightly battered and loved the chips and mushy peas. Reminded me of our Halifax UK fish and chip dinners.

    All together both meals came to Euros 13,00 with water and tip.

    Update February 2013
    We ate here once during this visit. We both had the fish and chips small dinner for 5,50 Euros. The chips were very good but I have to say that the fish was skimpy and the batter was very greasy. Hans had a coffee and I had bottle of water. Total came to 13,50 with tip

    Weekly Specials include:
    2 course menu for Euro 5,50
    Starter: Freshly made soup
    Monday: Cottage Pie - served with 2 vegetables, roast potatoes & Gravy
    Tuesday: Lasagne - topped with cheese and fresh tomato, served with peas and croquet potatoes
    Wednesday: Roast Chicken Dinner - fresh sliced chicken, 2 vegetables, mashed potato & Gravy
    Thursday: Banger and Mash - 4 Pork & Beef sausages with peas, onions, mash and gravy
    Friday: Fish & Chips - cod fillet, served with peas, chips + bread + butter.
    Saturday: Spaghetti Bolognese - with fresh garlic bread.

    Front of Nigel & Cheryl's Weekly  Interior of Nigel & Cheryl's My plate of Fish & Chips

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    by LoriPori Updated Mar 2, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    February, 2010
    A few times during our stay at the Bajondillo in Torremolinos, we had dinner in their restaurant, CAFETERIA BAJONDILLO, especially on the rainy days, when we didn't feel like going out into the rain. Most dishes were under 10 Euros. I really like the spaghetti dinner - great sauce ( I usually ask for extra). I've also had the 1/2 chicken dinner which comes with patatas. They also have pork chops and a fish and chip dinner - all good - all reasonably priced.
    They offer breakfast buffet in the morning. I think it was 8 Euros. Not bad, but I don't think it's worth 8 Euros.

    Update: Saturday January 29 & Tuesday February 15, 2011
    During this visit, Hans and I ate twice at the Cafeteria Bajondillo. Both times I had Spaghetti Bolonesa - Euro 5,50 (Photo # 2). The first dinner Hans had The special of the Day - Roast beef with gravy, vegetables and patatas - Euro 6,90 (Photo #3). The second dinner Hans had Escalope de Cerdo - Euro 6,50

    Update: February 2013
    During this visit, Hans and I ate once and had "take-out" twice at the Cafeteria Bajondillo. I had Spaghetti Bolonesa which is still 5,50 Euros and Hans had half chicken - 4,10 Euros and patatas fritas - 2,80 Euros.

    Favorite Dish: 1/2 Pollo Asado - half roasted chicken - Euro 5,90
    Espag. Bolonesa - Spaghetti Bolonesa - Euro 5,50
    Patatas Fritas - Plate of French Fries - Euro 2,50
    Update Feb 2013 - Plate of French Fries is now 2,80
    Cafe - Cup of coffee - Euro 1,30
    Update Feb 2013 - a Cup of coffee is now 1,45

    The bill please - La cuenta pour favor

    Bajondillo My plate of Spaghetti Bolonesa Hans' Roast Beef and gravy with vegetables

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    by LoriPori Updated Mar 4, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Also not far from our Bajondillo Apartments was the RESTAURANTE CHINO PROMO. They had a very good Menu Del Dia for 5.85 Euros plus IVA and we ate here three times. The third time the waitress gave us each a big hug - so cute!

    Update: February, 2009
    Hans and I again dined here and also brought Nel and Jean one night.

    Spring Roll ( Rollo de Primavera ) or soup or Salad

    Egg Fried Rice - Arroz Frito con Huevo

    Chicken with Almonds - Pollo con Almendras
    Sweet & Sour Chicken - Pollo Agridulce
    Chop Suey with Chicken - Pollo con Verdura
    Sweet & Sour Pork - Cerdo Agridulce
    Beef with Curry Sauce - Ternera con Salsa de Curry

    Chop Suey with Beef - Ternera con Verdura
    Beef with Onion - Ternera con Cebolla

    Dessert - Ice Cream or Caramel - Helado o Flan
    or Coffee or Tea

    Open every day 12:00 to 24.00

    Update - Sunday, February 7, 2010
    Hans and I ate here once again during our stay
    We again had the "Menu Del Dia" which is still 5.85 Euros plus Iva

    Update: February, 2012
    Hans and I ate here again during our stay. We again had the "Menu Del Dia" which is still 5,85 Euros. A bit disappointed tho in our meal, as the spring roll was very greasy, we had to ask to refill our teapot and we had to wait for our entree until the cook was done feeding himself. Probably won't be going back anymore. Too bad for them.

    Restaurante Chino Promo Menu del Dia
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    Vinoyeca El Elefante: Tapas and Good Wine

    by mustertal Updated Feb 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This was the chosen venue for VT lunch on the Saturday of the Barney awards, an excellent choice I must say, serving good wine and wonderful authentic tapas.
    It's tucked away in a little side street, not easy for the tourist to find. This is very much a locals tapas bar, so, if like me, you like to eat were the locals eat, then this is the place for you. Lots of wine and tapas on offer. They sell soft drinks but not coffee.
    The very Spanish interior gives the place a good relaxed feeling.

    Favorite Dish: You order a drink and you get a small tapas to eat with it, not sure what we got, but I ate it and enjoyed it.
    We ordered a selection of tapas which if my memory serves me right included a Russian salad, small pieces of bread with meat or fish and a glass (or 2 ) of white wine.

    Find them on facebook here,

    Great Tapas

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    Rias de Galica: Try the menu del Dia

    by mustertal Updated Feb 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We visited this restaurant twice, once for lunch and we tried the menu del die, then again in the evening.
    It has a long dining room running from the Paseo Maritimo through to the Calle Bulto and you can enter from either end. It wasn't a busy time, in fact in the evening there was only the two of us in the place, so the service was very good and the atmosphere was nil.
    You can sit overlooking the sea,which is very nice and pleasant.

    Favorite Dish: We first had the menu del dia, and at €14 for a three course was very good, we started with Avocado and Prawns, very good but to much sauce for my taste. That was followed by Pork steaks and salad with Ice cream for dessert.
    In the evening it was Mushrooms and ham, chicken and veg, with creme caramel.
    The food was good but not anything to talk about.

    Mushroom and Ham inside the long room.

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    Snowwhite: Best Pancakes in town

    by mustertal Updated Feb 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Oh what bliss this place was, pancakes of all kinds, sweet or savory,with or without cream,ice cream chocolate sauce..........................I'll stop right there. The only downsize to this was,we only found it on our very last day.
    It isn't a large cafe, but you can eat inside or out. They cater well for children, there is a toy and book area to keep them occupied. The place is run by a Dutch couple, who make you most welcome.

    Favorite Dish: We both had a plate of 10 (yes I did say 10),small pancakes, covered in sugar and lemon and a cup of very good coffee. They made the pancakes to order, so there was a short wait, but well worth it.

    Deliscious pancakes.

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    El Dorado: Tapas anyone?

    by aussirose Written Jan 5, 2012

    Our first tapas experience in Spain. El Dorado is located in the midst of the market shops near Apartamentos Bajondillo. The restaurant is upstairs with a lovely view and atmosphere. It was busy at the time but it wasn't long before we were able to be seated outside on the verandah.

    The tapas were not the best but the service was good and prompt. It is a good place to eat if you have a big crowd as there is plenty of seating.

    El Dorado restaurant Torremolinos review El Dorado restaurant Torremolinos by aussirose El Dorado restaurant Torremolinos review
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    Pescaitos Restaurant: Seafood

    by aussirose Written Jan 4, 2012

    Pescaitos Restaurant is located on the beach front at Torremolinos across the road from Apartamentos Bajondillo. We were hungry after our walk along the prominade and this looked like a good place to try the famous seafood we had heard about.

    Well...the seafood was average compared to Australian seafood restaurants but the atmosphere and lovely staff certainly made up for that :o)

    We were made welcome and the staff certainly could not have done a better I had to have a pic with the nice manager as a momento of the lovely time that we had here.

    I would recommend this restaurant because of the location and atmosphere.

    Pescaitos Restaurant Torremolinos by aussirose Pescaitos Restaurant Torremolinos by aussirose Pescaitos Restaurant Torremolinos by aussirose
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  • DON CUCO Restaurant: Steak House whit fabolous homme desserts

    by chistineCD Written Nov 6, 2011

    I went with my family to eat at a restaurant that is in front of the hotel don pablo. There could eat an exquisite meat.

    They have menu at 11 euros, but decided to ask what each wanted. I will recommend the toast and pans of appetizers. main course I ate beef tenderloin, and I loved it.

    very good tiramisu is homemade dessert was very good.

    we stayed a few days in the hotel, so sure we will go days at Don Cuco Restaurant for lunch or dinner.

    Favorite Dish: the meat is very tender, and the accompanying sauces are homemade and are also very good.

    tiramissu and the cheesecake is delicious, perhaps because they are also homemade.

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    Lowry's Pub and Bistro

    by yumyum Updated Apr 10, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lowry's also shows football games on a TV screen. We came here for lunch which I really liked.
    Staff was very friendly and attentive and the visitors are mostly English/Irish. We sat on the outdoor terrace. I liked my food very much because it wasn't greasy at all.

    Lowry's is located near the Bajondillo Apartments on C/Antonio Navajas Ruiz. If you have the beach in your back then it's in the small street off the Paseo Maritimo to the right of the Bajondillo Apartments, just up from the fast food place.

    No meals between 4 and 6 pm. This we found out when we wanted to revisit.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for the fish and chips for Euro 6.90 and a soft drink for 1.80.

    Lowry'y Fish and chips

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