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  • Sunny April day
    Sunny April day
    by yumyum
  • First look at the beach
    First look at the beach
    by kay0674
  • Symbol of Torremolinos - Fishing Boat
    Symbol of Torremolinos - Fishing Boat
    by LoriPori

Torremolinos Things to Do

  • Beaches

    The centre of Torremolinos has two good beaches - La Carihuela and Bajondillo. The only visible difference is... location, side by side. The first time we stayed in Bajondillo, and, by commodity or by the first good impression, it was my natural preference in the second visit. It is wide, safe, and the restaurants in the sand a good place to eat.

  • Calle San Miguel

    4 out of 5 stars

    This year, I visited torremolinos again. I have gone from many years to torremolinos cause it´s got a lovely weather and it´s a small town so you can walk and see everything. In San miguel street,the main activity of there is if you wanna go shopping. You can find from clothes, jewelry, custom jewelery, shoes, gift shops... Always i go i shop a lot...

  • Paseo Maritimo

    One of the things that most impressed me about Torremolinos is the care with which they have done up the sea-front promenade, the Paseo Maritimo. It stretches for several kilometres, all of them nicely paved and well supplied with benches, so anyone can take a stroll there and enjoy the sea air. We saw so many people doing just that – locals...


Torremolinos Hotels

Torremolinos Restaurants


    Update February, 2014 - The restaurant is no longer called the Cosy Nook. It has new owners now.Hans and I ate here three times. Once for lunch and twice for breakfast with VT friends Kay and Mike.Many at the Bajondillo raved about THE COSY NOOK so we tried it out and were not disappointed The first time we went - Wednesday February 9 - we both had...

  • Extremely kind

    We arrived in Torremolinos by dinner time, but I didn't want to eat before finding a room. The girl at the door pointed the restaurant when I asked her for a cybercafe, and we entered. After choosing Tortellini (very good) I asked for the computers and... there was none - the restaurant had wireless access, but useless without a computer.I...

  • Pizza in Torremolinos GREAT

    Geat, food, good ambience, friendly waiters. The place was very nice, and sea views. Fresh Pasta, and Pizza Mare Salad


Torremolinos Nightlife

  • Lively nights

    Torremolinos is one of the liveliest beaches in Spain, which means... in the world. Everywhere we may see people strolling by night, specially by the seaside, with the many restaurants and clubs trying their best to convince the dwellers that theirs would be "the" place to enter.

  • Friendly bar for a late night drink

    My girlfriend and I ended our evening tapas bar crawl with a drink at El Abanico during our weekend trip to Torremolinos in February 2011.With it being the off-season, Torremolinos was pretty quiet as midnight approached and the brightly lit El Abanico, located on Plaza de la Union Europea in the town centre, looked like an inviting cafe bar in...

  • Illuminated Torremolinos

    Late January in Torremolinos is probably much tamer than during the summer months. We found that many of the restaurants and bars closed quite early, though when we got back to the Bajondillo Apartments for a night cap,(after our meal at Andaluz Tapas Restaurant- Please see my Restaurant tip for more information) the bar area here was certainly...


Torremolinos Transportation


    Torremolinos offers an excellent bus service PORTILLO AUTOBUS. Hans and I have used the bus on many occasions. For example, when we go up into the mountains to Mijas, the bus is only 1.25 Euros and it's about an hour trip there. We also took the bus to Marbella to visit our friends. That was 3.70 Euros and it was about an hour trip there.Other...

  • Trains to Malaga and Benalmadena

    Trains run every 30 minutes between Malaga city centre and Fuengirola, stopping at Malaga Airport, Torremolinos, Benalmadena (Arroyo de la Miel) and several smaller stops en route.Timetables can be found HERE The following information was correct as at February 2011:Trains leave Malaga Centro-Alameda on the hour and half past the hour from 05:30 –...

  • By bus to Marbella

    One day in April 2011 we took the bus from Torremolinos to Marbella. It runs more or less every half hour and takes one hour to get there.Please note that you need to buy the ticket in the ticket office across the street beforehand. We asked the driver but he does only sell tickets at the stations after the starting bus terminal. The fare was Euro...


Torremolinos Shopping

  • Chinatown

    Do you believe that Torremolinos is full of Chinese shops?Do you believe that they sell there exactly the same trash that they sell everywhere?Do you believe that, even so, there is still some people who can't skip them?You may believe!

  • City Centre

    In a world where local commerce is fading, strangled by the big malls, it was a surprise to see the many shops surviving in the central area of Torremolinos. Of course, tourism is the main reason, but it doesn't explain everything, because most shops offer general articles, denouncing a large residential community. Torremolinos is,nowadays, much...

  • When feeling home-sick ;)

    What can I say - isn´t this what many people do when living abroad and feeling home-sick - or just longing for the feel of home? I didn´t mean to add a tip on IKEA per se, everybody knows what IKEA is, this is just to point out what to do when homesick in Torremolinos.


Torremolinos Local Customs

  • Feria Virgen del Carmen - La Carihuela.

    From the 15th-18th of July (the second weekend in July) is the Feria Virgen del Carmen at La Carihuela beach in Torremolinos, and all along the sea-shore as well. This is a very big event for sailors as she is the patron saint of the sea. Carmen is another name for virgin Mary. This is a ceremony where the statue of Carmen is carried out of the...

  • Roundabouts

    In the centre of a roundabout near the Tourist Information Centre on Bajondillo Beach is this sculpture, a reproduction in three dimensions of Picasso’s painting Two Dancing Ladies. We stopped to admire and photograph it on our first morning in the town, and only later did we start to realise that it appears to be the custom here to make all the...

  • Día del Turista - The day of the...

    "Día del Turista" or The day of the tourist was held this year for the 21st time in Torremolinos. It is held in honour of the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Torremolinos each year. Unfortunatly I missed this event only by few hours and the photos show what it looked like after the festivities. I add this tip here so that you will not...


Torremolinos Warnings and Dangers

  • Utterly crowded Sundays on the beach.

    This is by no means a danger tip, just a word of warning. On Sundays the beaches in Torremolinos get extremely crowded, to a degree that there is no way for a tourist to find a spot for the towel. The Spanish go to their beach on Sundays and every family brings with it a parasol and sometimes there are extended families which camp out on the beach...

  • The Rain doesn't stay on the plain in...

    Late January in Torremolinos, we experienced some rain, including some heavy bouts, where the roads were flooded, and man-hole covers were raised! So come prepared!We managed to rain-hop on most days....Just check the local forecasts and the sky for rain clouds!

  • robbery

    i am just back from Torremolinos and would never go again - I decide to walk down the steps to the beach at 9am in the morning - unfortunately for me, my timing was wrong - I met a very aggressive man who demanded money and eyed up my gold chain. I refused the man and he pushed me and yanked off the chain - could have been much worse - no one else...


Torremolinos Tourist Traps


    Update: February 20, 2010Took the train to Fuengirola as I wanted to go to the Saturday Flea Market at the Feria - fairgrounds. It is a short walk from the train station to the fairgrounds.The price was 3,10 Euro per person return. At the ticket booth in Torremolinos I asked for "dos - returno - Fuengirola". It came to 6,20 Euro for the both of us....

  • Holidayland

    The main problem I see with Torremolinos is that it isn't very typical or Traditional of Spain. It is a holiday resort town mainly populated by Northern Europeans. It is a great place if you are only looking for a beach holiday and a bit of sun, but if you would like to know what Spain is about, you won't find out here.In a nutshell it is HOLIDAY...

  • Be aware of the Internet

    OK then, so you've been here a day or two, and now you want to read your EMails and look at your VT Pages - can't resist it can you? Haha.There are lots of Internet places in Torremolinos, some just internet shops, others cafes. Our hotel was quoting 6 Euros per hour for the Internet. Go up the town and you'll find the dearest is about 2 Euros per...


Torremolinos What to Pack

  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    by suvanki Updated Feb 5, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: I travelled hand luggage only with Monarch airlines-so essentials only-10KG limit including handbag/laptop.The same with many budget airlines that land in Malaga. Vacuum roll bags are useful for condensing the size of clothes etc, but keep an eye on the weight of your luggage.
    Cargo pants/coat or jacket with big pockets are useful for stashing your heavier items
    Day sac for out and about...

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Layers is the way to go-Sunny one moment, chilly/rainy the next!
    Waterproof coat/umbrella
    comfy waterproof shoes/boots
    'Walking gear' that will dry out quickly if it rains, is preferable to jeans etc.
    Cutting down on weight carried-wear heaviest items for your flight, plain long sleeved tops that can be jazzed up with scarves or jewellry for night time. Tops and bottoms that you can mix and match. Crease free or crinkle materials - who wants to iron on a trip away?

    Sunglasses - the January sun was quite low and very bright at times

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Our apartment didn't have soap/shampoo-and the shops don't seem to offer small bottles of shampoo etc., so bring with you.
    Plenty of pharmacies in Torremolinos - bring your medication and prescription.
    - Plan for airport delays etc when packing your pills-bring an extra days supply.
    There are Medical centres in case of emergency.

    Photo Equipment: There appeared to be a lack of photographic shops in Torremolinos-I was trying to find somewhere that stocked SD cards-didn't find anywhere! I did see disposable cameras in the supermarkets and some gift shops.
    Bring as much as you can-There are photogenic opps in Torremolinos!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Camping in January is not really advised, though I'm sure some might disagree!
    We did see a few sun worshippers, and a few youngsters braving the sea.
    There were some surfers too! (pic 3)

    Miscellaneous: Binoculars-for views from Apt balcony etc
    Bubble wrap-for pottery etc

    The Rain in Spain.............. Don't forget your camera... Not quite Hawaii.....
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Torremolinos Off The Beaten Path

  • San Miguel

    The main commercial area in town is the pedestrian street of san Miguel and the same name square, dominated by the church. It is a Neo-classical simple structure, with the typical white walls as used in Andaluzia.


    Friday, February 24, 2012A group of us from the Bajondillo Hotel in Torremolinos went on a bus tour for the day. Included in the tour was a stop in Antequerra, a ride along a scenic route and lunch in Periana.Situated 51 km north-east of Malaga, PERIANA lies at an altitude of 547 metres and within the area of Axarquia, on the scenic " Olive Oil...

  • Day trip to Mijas and Ronda

    After being herded like cattle around La Alhambra the previous day, we wanted to experience something free and easy. So we hit the road south in our convertible VW hire car and headed towards Mijas and Ronda.I had heard about these places from lovely LoriPori here on vt and her awesome photos. Well Mijas was very crowded and we could not find a...


Torremolinos Sports & Outdoors


    There is so much to do on the beaches of Torremolinos. When the warmer weather comes, paddle boats and canoes can be rented.When we were there in the month of February, there were many days when the beaches were sunny and warm. Many restaurants offered for rent, beach chairs and cabanas, which shelter sun-bathers from the wind. I took two pictures...


    February 2010Again, we were in Torremolinos and were able to witness the huge Marathon MEDIA MARATON TORREMOLONOS. Over a thousand athletes participate in this popular Marathon. The course passes right by the Bajondillo Apartments along the beach road. The weather was absolutely perfect for the runners. The event is well-attended by crowds, who...

  • Parasailing and Windsurfing

    Torremolinos and in deed the whole of the Costa del Sol lends itself to watersports including Windsurfing and Parasailing. While the winds off the beach are not as strong as closer to Gibraltar, there is still a lot of enjoyment to b e had certainly for...


Torremolinos Favorites

  • Ugly Beaches

    I must confess that I found all the beaches in Torremolinos area very common, even ugly. Dark sand, artificial beaches, heavy construction, are negative details. In the positive side I may list the temperature in the water, the professionalism of Spanish hotels, the distance from Portugal and the competitive prices.


    Torremolinos now boasts a new TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER. It is much bigger than the little kiosk that was there two years ago. The young lady was helpful when I asked about flea markets in the area and she gave me a list of all markets being held in the Costa del Sol. There were many brochures and leaflets showing what to do and see in the area....


    Near the Mausoleum in Torremolinos is a BEAUTIFUL BOUGAINVILLEA. I was curious about this vine, so decided to look it up and tell a little about it here.Bougainvillea are evergreen desert woody vines that flower several times throughout the year. The most common colors that you will see are magenta, purple, pink and red. This native of Brazil,...


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    I am travelling to Torremolinos for 7 nights first week of September. I will be travelling alone and am a male aged 33.

    I will be staying at 'Torremolinos Centro Hotel, Plaza de la Independencia, 12, Torremolinos.

    I am just wondering how far away I would be from any nightlife. Was thinking I'd like to visit a few bars of an evening and whether or not I would feel safe walking alone at night??

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