Andalucía Warnings and Dangers

  • Careful!
    by kaloz
  • Peg and Gil
    Peg and Gil
    by kaloz
  • Run for your lives!
    Run for your lives!
    by kaloz

Andalucía Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpockets & Thieves

    Sevilla Warnings and Dangers

    People of Sevilla stay up late, and stay out late. We had to walk a ways to a taxi stand at 4:00 am and were wondering if we would run into mischievious types.... but what we found were a lot of people still sitting in bars (not blasted, by the way)and many couples walking around after a night out. I suddenly felt a lot safer.


    Granada Warnings and Dangers

    When I visited there was quite a lot of dog mess on the pavements and much of it had been trodden in. Do be careful where you are treading. This was a particular issue in the streets around the cathedral.

  • Gypsies & Beggars

    Sevilla Warnings and Dangers

    When we visited Sevilla, there were a few gypsies around the cathedral area. They were typically ladies, and would approach people (mostly tourists, I'd say) and offer them a small bunch of rosemary or other posy, saying that they are lucky, and should have this gift. They would then try and get the person to pay for the 'gift'. We weren't bothered...


    Granada Warnings and Dangers

    WARNING FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING BOOKING OF THEIR ALHAMBRA TICKETS ON-LINE: (PLEASE READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH!!) Before visiting Alhambra, Granada we decided to follow various on-line recommendations and book the tickets in advance online. On a we didn't managed to get over first two steps (the page just went blank), so after a...

  • Siesta

    Spain is known for its custom of having a siesta in the afternoon. For many tourists this may be inconvenient as everything closes at that time.Many the time my mother demanded we go for a run in the afternoon in the car. Then she would fancy a cup of coffee and we'd drive from place to place trying to find any cafe open. She could never appreciate...

  • Mountain Roads

    Although the drives up thse roads are beautiful, keep in mind they can be very high - ear popping high and narrow. In places, if you veer off the road even 6 - 7 inches you are gone. When you come across another vehicle it can be pretty nerve wrecking. The main roads are great but stay on them unless you are sure you can handle the smaller roads.

  • Estate Agents

    If you are planning to come here and rent out a holiday home, coming to study or wishing to move here, please note that if you go to a travel agents to find a rented flat they charge you a months rent as their fee.Best to use one of the local newspaper such as Cambalache which even have a website, look at the posters pinned to...

  • Water, water everywhere...

    It doesn't rain much in Andalucia but when it does, it pours, and I mean, really pours it down!Because rain isn't that common for some reason this means that the drains aren't built to cope with the water on the days it comes down in buckets. Therefore minor flooding is VERY VERY common. Roads turn into rivers, squares to lakes and hilly roads to...

  • Tap Water

    Twenty or thirty years ago they warned you not to drink the tap water in the south of Spain. These days things have changed a lot and it is now safe to drink. Saying that you may find it has a lightly bad taste due to the fact it is hard water and from the pipes which are often old except in modern hotels. It also is warm most of the year round....

  • it can be 'stinkin' hot

    from June to September Andalucia can be 'stinkin' hot. your shirt hangs totally wet around your body, your hair is dripping sweat, your knee's wobbly and your constantly drinking other problem, you know what. I remember a day in Sevilla, egg could be cooked on the bonnet, not that I needed doing that.for me the early mornings...

  • Watch Out!

    As I am an American and also in the States to be considered a minority on at least 3 accounts ( you can just imagine what I am ;) ) , I am the first to protest generalizations and stereotypes, but facts and statistics can't be refuted. I've lived in Seville, capital of the economically, poorest region in the nation and ironically the richest in...

  • No street names...

    Arm yourself with a good street map, a great navigator and a lot of patience, as Andalucia bears almost no street signs. It is sometimes extremely hard to figure out where one is... for even civic numbers are absent; makes you wonder how a new mailman manages. The problem is even worse than in France, where I first noticed the abscence of street...

  • The gypsy ladies

    In some Andalucian towns, especially the larger ones, it a good chance that you´ll be approached by a gypsy lady who´ll try to hand you some type of little branch. DON'T take it or next thing you know she will claimed to have read your palm or some or such nonsense and then say that you owe her money (determined by her). This scam is easily avoided...

  • Don't turn over stones

    When out in rural areas in Andalucia beware of turning over stones or rocks, as my son found a scorpion.I don't know how dangerous the Spanish ones can be, but elsewhere they can give a nasty sting which can lead to death.

  • Vertigo

    Since i suffer from vertigo, I had a bad time here, even if I did not adventure into the risky zones. The verticality of the rocky walls and the height were impressive. In this picture I am about to collapse.

  • El Chorro

    El Chorro (The jet) is a spectacular canyon, but dangerous. A staircase and passerelle were built in the beginning of the XX century on the occasion of a royal visit. These were in state of total abandon at the time of my visit a few years ago. Several uncautious hikers had died there so far. I am not aware if it has been repaired, but in any case,...

  • buying a property at Costa del sol?

    Beware of fake agencies.I Knew this had happend in some cases, and even supposly good ones, try to cheat you as much as possible (I had own experience on that) but I saw this one newspaper, and wnated to warm all you that plan to retire in this great area.DO NOT LOOK AT THIS PAGEGrupo SM through their website ( CHECK FOR MORE INFO...

  • Earplugs against musicians

    This little musician fellow is the most powerful alarm clock ever imaginable. If you're lucky enough to have one in your room, you can experience it. Starting at 5AM with a loud chirrp hitting your ears hard, it won't stop until you get up (to seek the sound source). Then, after giving up the chase, when you thought it's over, and almost fell...

  • Spain addiction

    Be careful, Spain get very addictive.... once you come you will be back and maybe you will want to stay here for long or forever!!!A few friends came on holidays and now I think they still think that living here is as holidays.... so be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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