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  • Albarracín
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Albarracín
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Albarracín
    by jorgejuansanchez

Albarracín Highlights

  • Pro
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    blint says…

     NO foreign tourists!!!!!:-) 

  • Con
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    MarcosBroc says…

     There is only one daily bus service from Teruel (1 hour) 

  • In a nutshell
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    DanielF says…

     An ancient Arab town lost in time. 

Albarracín Things to Do

  • Get lost!

    It's easy to get lost in Albarracin - but that's the beauty of the place. The narrow lanes between the tall houses intertwine, up hill and down. But, it's such a small place (in spite of the massive crenellated walls) that you soon find yourself somewhere recognisable. It's a place to enjoy at leisure.Do note, the town is split into two parts - so...

  • The Rebel Without a Cause

    This is the only house in the whole of Albarracin that is not painted pinkie orange! I bet the people who live here are real rebels; revolutionaries; people who don't like to follow the crowd!Anyway, blue is my favourite colour and I loved turning the corner to find such a nice big blue surprise! It really complements the pinkie orange too!

  • History

    From 1012 to 1104 Albarracin was a small Islamic state ruled by Banu Razin of the Berber dynasty.From 1170 to 1285 it came under the Christian Kingdom of the Azagra family. Where between 1165 and 1333 it was the centre of it's own independent state, the Kingdom of the Azagras.

  • Watch out below!!!!

    Walking around the narrow streets; between the orangey pink bulging buildings I half expected to see a woman throw a bucket of slop out onto the street or two podgy middle aged men with beer guts to fall out of the local tavern sloshing tankards of beer and singing!Only the odd brightly coloured tourist, street sign or inconsiderate car spoil this...

  • Off the Beaten Path.

    We were the only foreigners there. I can't believe the Spanish have kept this amazingly well preserved medieval town a secret for so long! To me this is the most beautiful place I've seen in Spain; better than Granada, Cuenca, Ronda, Sevilla etc...Everything was so well preserved you really felt you had gone back in time........

  • On the road

    Try and travel in the daylight because the countryside is absolutely stunning. I have always wanted to go to Utah to see those incredible red rock formations; now I don't have to because they have them in Aragon too! This photo was was taken from my car window as we left Albarracin and headed for Cuenca! Along other parts of the road the rock is...

  • The Old Walls.

    If you fancy a walk, why not go up and walk along the old city walls. It's a great way to stay in shape and the view you get of the town is spectacular!

  • All Along the Watch Tower.

    Climb up the watchtower and take a look around. Pretend you are a medieval knight on the watch for the enemy; waiting for them to slip out from underneath the blanket of fog.

  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral dominates the skyline and has a beautiful bell tower, although I think it is out shone by the beauty of the rest of the town. I decided not to enter.

  • Chocolate

    The other place this little town reminds me of is the town used in the film Chocolate in France. That's the film, not the book! It's a whitewashed town in the book!

  • Plaza Mayor

    Plaza Mayor is the main square in which you can see the very medieval town hall building on one side and lovely old medieval houses on the other!Most roads lead from or to here. There is a little shop selling postcards and things and the Tourist Information is off one of the roads (the one heading out or maybe in to town depending on the way you...

  • The Julianeta House

    The Julianeta house is one of the most characteristic in Albarracín. It is located at the confluence of two streets that leed to one of town gates and has an amazing shape: narrower in the lower part that at the top, there is not a single straight wall in the whole building. And that all, many year before that Picasso guy figured out his excentric...

  • But it is worth

    The cathedral has clear Mudéjar influences. Although it was built in the XIII century, its present aspect is due mostly to the works done in the XVI century. Due to the lack of space, the cathedral is based of a single nave and a tower, with no monumental façade. In front of it there is a terrace that overlooks the whole town of Albarracín.

  • Neighbours

    All kind of neighbours like to keep their conversations or spy the street activity from their balcony.

  • Balconies

    Many houses are decorated with beautiful wooden balconies. They are sometimes some close to the opposite side of the street, that the people usually seat at their balconies and keep conversations with their neighbours.

  • The rooves of Albarracín

    Seen from the hill dominating the old town, the buildings look unbelievable close to each other and displayed like there is no order in the urban dessign.

  • the narrow streets.

    In Albarracín the main monument is the town itself: the chaotic disposition of its narrow lanes, the beautiful wooden balconies, the wonderful sights that open at the most unsuspected places...

  • Hanging houses

    The houses that hang over the gorge defy all the rules of gravity. No need to say, however, that their builders were masters in their job, as they have stood there for centuries. The buildings combine the stone with wood and gips, so that the walls and structure are lighter.

  • A complicated orography

    A complicated orography and the sparseness of the available space has resulted in houses being built in the most unsuspected places. The traditional buildings match perfectly into the environment, even to a point where it is difficult to tell what is man-made and what is natural.

  • All of them picturesque,

    whatever their colour is. And they certainly provide hundreds of charming corners for the delight of the aficionado photographer.

  • The Plaza Mayor

    As usual in Spanish towns, the Plaza is the happening and gathering place. Albarracín's Main Square is particularly picturesque because of its small size that accomodates to the limited available space. The historic U-shaped, porticoed Town hall presides over the plaza. This curious building, from the XVI century, is of a remarkable rural...


Albarracín Hotels

Albarracín Restaurants

  • Don't miss this first class food

    The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxing and the staff is very helpful. The food is fresh and well prepared. My lunch was excellent, from the wine, down to the sourdough bread. It is a great place to take a nice break from the exploring and sit down to relax with an excellent meal. Rincon del Chorro could be a tad pricier than other...

  • Food with a view

    Don't be put off with the name. I don't exactly know why it's called Casino but hey!As you enter you'll see two rooms with large windows that look out around the edge of Albarracin so you ca see some lovely medieval houses perched on the edge of the cliff and the steepish climb up to the town.The staff are friendly and trustworthy. I left my bag in...

  • Albarracín Hotels

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Albarracín Transportation

  • Taxi - Taxis Barrera

    I found a nice taxi company before my trip and made arrangements to be my car during my trip to Teruel and Albarracin. I stayed at the Parador so I was not within walking distance of the train station. One of the hotels I had looked at recommended Taxi Barrera, and I was very pleased with their service. They waited for my arrival into Teruel by...

  • Take the bus from Teruel

    Due to the bus schedule, which as of the date this tip was written was 13:30 Monday thru Saturday. If you're planning to take the bus from Teruel to Albarracin you would either need to sleep over in Albarracin or find a taxi to bring you back to Teruel (see tip on taxis). So if you wanted to see both Albarracin and Teruel you could see Albarracin...

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Albarracín What to Pack

  • Plaza Mayor at night.

    by blint Written Dec 13, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: A hat, Gloves, a very warm coat, scarf and walking shoes. It is as cold as Britain in the winter. I went in December and it was 2ºC in the day. You can also find snow on the mountains just past Albarricin.

    Miscellaneous: If you go driving in the mountains make sure your tires have plenty of tred as Spanish cars don't usually have snow tires. Be especially careful if you rent a car. Check the Spare tire too. The roads past Albarracin can lead you up mountains of 1650m above sea level.

    Many Spanish people put chains on their tires when it snows to help them grip the snow covered roads.

    Be careful of ice too.

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Albarracín Off The Beaten Path

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    by nada1712 Written Dec 19, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The road between Cuenca and Albarracin is quit beautiful and remote. It winds around lakes and rivers and the spectacular arrival of Albarracin appearing s a wonderful site.

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Albarracín Favorites

  • Look at the other side

    And you will see the fertile valley of the Guadalaviar river and a good panorama of the Universal Mountains.

  • Climb to the top and get the best view

    It is possible to hike up to the town walls. The climb is hard, but what you will see is unforgettable.On the one side, you can see the rooves of Albarracín, its cathedral, the fortress and the Guadalaviar gorge.

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