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  • Peace Museum
    by colares
  • Peace Museum
    by colares
  • The painting of Pablo Picasso
    The painting of Pablo Picasso
    by jorgejuansanchez

Guernica y Luno Things to Do

  • Peace Museum

    The written exlanations and texts in the museum are only given in Spanish and Basque! Thus the informative character of this "international" museum is limited. A pitty and so it is not worth the entrance fee, except you want to see the copy of Picassos painting "Guernica".

  • No English

    The written exlanations and texts in the museum are only given in Spanish and Basque! Thus the informative character of this "international" museum is limited. A pitty and so it is not worth the entrance fee, except you want to see the copy of Picassos painting "Guernica".

  • The Peace museum, Guernica.

    Located on Los Fueros square, just next to the town hall and on the other side of the street from the Tourist Office is the small Peace Museum. Originally the Guernica history museum, it changed its name in 1998 and over a period of 5 years has been completely revamped and gives a good insight into the harrowing period of the Civil War in Spain....

  • More in Guernica.

    The church of Santa Maria (not to be mixed up with the Santa Maria de la Antigua church ) is the parish church of Guernica. Work began in 1418 and wasn't finished until 1715. It was the peals of this church's bells that gave the first warnings of the impending approach of the bombers in 1937. In a corner of the Ferial gardens just by Iparraguirre's...

  • Elsewhere in town.

    Armed with the map from the tourist office (closed between 13h00 and 16h00) you should have no problem finding your way around the circuit of the major sites. Everything is pretty much within 500 metres of the centre. The schools shown here, actually in a u-shape around a wide patio, and along with the church of Santa Maria are the only buildings...

  • The Guernica tree.

    This was where I learnt (again) that lunch break in Spain is respected. No way to get into the Tourist Office, no way of getting into the museums, no way of getting into the Meeting Hall and the gardens where the "old" tree and the "new" tree are. The oak tree in Guernica is richly sympbolic to the Basques and represents traditionnal freedom for...

  • Assembly House

    The present oak tree was planted on 2005, at age of 19.The picture shows Asier, my host, and "The Old Tree", located in the garden and surrounded by columns.

  • The Assembly Chamber

    This room houses the Plenary Meetings of the Juntas Generales de Bizkaia, which is the highest representative body of the Parliament of Biscay.The origin of this ancient institution dates back to the Middle Ages, when meeting were held, complying with the tradition, in the open air around the Tree of Gernika.With the passage of time, the General...

  • The Stained- Glass Window Room

    The space, originally designed as an open courtyard, was transformed, on 1964, into a museum dedicated to the history of Biscay.The room, holding institutional uses, is roofed by huge stained- glass window.

  • The peace park

    This sculpture park is located near to the Basque parliament building and museums, and gives tranquility to the area.

  • See the tree of Guernica

    Gernikako Arbola is the Basque word for the tree of Guenica. It is a symbol of the Basque people and their liberties. What you see today was grown from the acorn of the original old oak tree, the trunk which is in the garden too. It is said that the orginal tree is a powerful symbol to the Basque people because it survived the infamous bombing of...

  • Ancient Caves

    Prehistoric Caves of Santimamine are fascinating. Five different areas await your exploration. My favorite were the cave paintings. The let the tourists into the caves in groups. The hours of admission are 10, 11:15, 12:30, 16:30, and 18:00. Closed on Sunday and holidays. You may want to bring a sweater even if you visit in summer as the...


Guernica y Luno Transportation


    GUERNIKA is located in a perfect place where the ria springs and easily you can get Bilbao or the beaches northwards with their beautiful towns

  • Euskotren to Gernika

    There are regular trains to Gernika from Artxuri Station (at least once an hour, normally two an hour) on Euskotren. It is the line that runs to Bermeo. The journey time is about 45 minutes.Hint. If you are travelling by metro in Bilbao, get off at Bolueta, as this is an interchange between Euskotren and MetroBilbao.

  • Guernica y Luno Hotels

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Guernica y Luno Local Customs


    over our heads in the main hall there is this gorgeous celing representing the spirit of the euskal law


    THIS HALL is used as a meeting place of "Juntas Generales de Vizcaya" (Vizcaya 1 of 3 regions of euskadi with Bilbo as a capital and the place that gather local politician of the cities and towns of Vizcaya)


    This is the place where Lehendakari ( first minister of Euskadi) swear his commitment after Euskadi democratic elections


Guernica y Luno Tourist Traps

  • Whiskey Tasting

    by Whiskeypilgrim Written Mar 6, 2007

    we had a great whiskey tasting session in Gernika´s Irish bar Scanlan´s Tavern the Basque regions only Irish owned country pub.

    Unique Suggestions: In Bar whiskey tasting´s or Group tastings,try the house speciality the Irish Coffee.Photograph the worlds largest Irish Whiskey collections.

    Fun Alternatives: If you have just stopped of from the route to Santiago and your feet are tired,relax in the all weather beer garden and enjoy a cool ale.

    Scanlan��s Irish Tavern,Gernika Whiskey Tasting��s Whiskey Tutor
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Guernica y Luno Favorites

  • Parking your car.

    Nearly got caught out here and almost paid a fine. In Guernica you can only park in one place for 2 hours and cannot use the same machine, even if you move the car. When I tried to repay for another 2 hours with my credit card, the machine kept telling me "NO" but without a reason. Let me warn you that the traffic wardens do not respect the siesta...

  • A Basque Pilgrimage

    Gernika is a place of pilgrimage for the Basques, being the seat of power (under the oak tree) of the independent Basque Country. This is why during the civil war it was targetted for destruction. The disputes over this action still rumble on.In truth, it is not like some other places where you can wander around exploring. The town is largely...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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