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Canary Islands Favorites

  • Try the boat trips out to the...

    Try the boat trips out to the Whales and Dolphins most times you will see either or both. take good cameras as my shutter speed was a bit slow for the speed of the Dolphins so I ended up with lots of splashes and no dolphins :) We enjoyed the long walks possible all along the areas from Adeji to Los Chritianos then the taxi ride back. it helped...

  • Sand dunes

    GRAN CANARIA.The sand dunes at Maspalomas are worth a visit, although its really windy and not great for spending a whole day there. Warning - if you are staying in Puerto Rico, theres only 2 buses a day to get you back from Maspalomas. A cab costs about £12.

  • Puerto Rico beach

    Avoid the main beach, and go to Amadores instead. Beautiful beach, clean with a good selection of shops & restaurants.


    Track down Ian Needle and ask him to show you the dance of 'The King of Caracticus'.Avoid eating out at all costs!

  • GUANCHES - old names on the islands

    The word guanche was what the natives of Tenerife called themselves. Chenech was their name of the island, and Guan Chenech means "Man from Tenerife". After a while this became the word for all aborigins living in the canary islands.Chenech: Guanchename for Tenerife. The natives of the island La Palma could see the mountain of Teide with the snow...

  • GUANCHES - the language

    Most of the guanche vocabulary was lost soon after the conquest of the islands. There was a massive immigration from many european countries, and the guanches was either forced to baptize or were sold as slaves. Under the mass-baptizements most of them changed from their guanchenames to new christian names, and after a while they were mixed with...

  • SAN BORONDON - the ghost island

    This is the canarian name of St. Brendan from Clonfert (480-576). He was an irish monk who played the leading role in one of the most famous legends of celtic culture. He went on a journey to the promised holy land, the island of happiness and wealth.With some other monks he travelled out in the Atlantic ocean, in an old and fragile boat. After a...

  • LA VELA LATINA - latin sailing

    In the Canary Islands la vela latina (latin sailing) is just as popular and important as regattas. Noone knows exactly when this sport started, but there are proof that shows the aborigens of the islands used wood to construct boats.In this particular art of navigation the competition consists of characterized rolled cones that have three-edged...

  • LUCHA CANARIA - Canarian wrestling

    There have been references to the practice of canarian wrestling back to the time of the old settlers of the Canary Islands. They used it to dissolve domestical conflicts or arguments of property of lands. This sport is performed in a sand circle. Two luchadores (fighters) try through the use of techniques like luchas, contraluchas and mañas, to...

  • CANARY ISLANDS - guanches

    The islands was for a very long time inhabited by the guanches. Still noone knows where they came from, but the theories varies from berbers in the north of Africa to the vikings of the cold north.In the 1400's the spanish came to the islands, and after hard struggles with the guanches they had full control over the islands. Today there are no...

  • CANARY ISLANDS - the name

    The roman author and scientist, Pliny the Elder (23 - 79), was one of the first to mention the canarian islands. He referred to them as Canaria, coming from the latin word canis meaning dog.He describes large numbers of wild dogs roaming the islands. In spanish the dog is known as Perro de Presa Canario (dog of prey of the Canary Islands). The bird...

  • CANARY ISLANDS - the second conquest...

    The big invasion of tourists started in the 1960's. It was actually Franco who encouraged tourism in Spain, and this had a big effect on the Canary islands who gained popularity for their year-round good weather. Millions of tourists now flock to the islands every year.Many parts of the islands are dominated by big touristresorts, but there are...

  • CANARY ISLANDS - the conquest

    Jean de Bethencourt arrived in Lanzarote in 1402, and moved on to Fuerteventura later. He had to return to the mainland of Spain for more supplies and men, and returned to the islands in 1404. He then got Fuerteventura, El Hierro and La Gomera under his control. The Spanish King appointed him Lord of the islands and Bethencourt encouraged farmers...

  • CANARY ISLANDS - general info

    Noone knows exactly how the islands were formed, allthough many agree they were formed after volcanic eruptions, and they are estimated to be 30 million years old. Today the islands belongs to Spain, and are located approximately 100km off the coast of North Africa.The legend say that the islands were formed when the mythical continent of Atlantis...

  • "Puerto Rico"

    This is Puerto Rico's bus station. You can find The Tourist Office nearby in case you need to get information of this part of the island. All buses depart and arrive here. It's a good point of reference.

  • The Teide Mountain

    The Teide is the highest mountain all over Spain. It´s in the middle of a famous (and dry)park in Tenerife. It´s worthy because... it´s different!.

  • La Gomera Island

    A beautiful and small island. In its skyline you can see the Teide. Lot of trees, green landscapes and old mountains.

  • Tenerife Island

    Teide is one of the most famous mountains in Spain. It is, also, the highest one. It is situated in Tenerife Island, in the middle of an unique volcanic landscape.This mountain is an important identity sign in this island.

  • Best weather all year round.

    It´s so nice to feel the smooth warm breeze when back home you were freezing under the coat. If you snorkle already, I´m sure you never forget the set. If not, the Canary Islands are a fabulous spot to give it a go. Mind you, the ocean is not a calm pool but you don´t need to go a mile inwards to appreciate the beauty & peace of submarine...

  • Dragon Tree

    The dragon tree can only be found in the Canary Islands. However, once you're there, you should have no problem spying some of those very original trees.

  • explore

    don't stick to the main places, get out and about. There is much to see if you go and look the friendliness of the people. Although i can't speak the language, they apprieciated the fact that I did at least try to

  • Teneriffe

    Such trees we don't have in Norway . The North side of Teneriffe is green while the South side is more desert like. On the island it is possible to experience four different climatic sones , so it is possible for most of us to see something we never seen before.

  • Camel Capers

    Apologies to the poor camels for the trouble they received from us as we rode on them. We were laughing for the whole twenty minutes of the trip as the camel tried to wet our feet ... and soil our shoes. Myra may be 65 but you should have seen her feet move when the camel dispensed with a few gallons of water!

  • Black With Splashes Of Colour

    The island is very colourful. Having seen several volcanic places I was amazed at the brightness of the island. You have the black of the lava, the blue of the sea (and sky), the green of the plants and the pinks, reds, yellows of the beautiful little flowers that seem to be planted everywhere. I was also impressed with how clean everything was....

  • Los Reyes Celebrations

    We managed to find the arrival of Los Reyes (the Kings) as our trip coincided with Epiphany. The kings were throwing sweets to all of the children (and the bigger children too!!!) For the Spaniards (and people of the Canaries) this is a major celebration and really for them is very similar to the British Christmas Day.

  • Timanfaya nacional parque in...

    Timanfaya nacional parque in lanzarote.Really its just a load of lava rock a bit over rated but still worth a visit,if you do there is a fine restrante where you can have your lunch cooked over an oven that gets its heat directly from the crater

  • Beaches

    Drive through the desert to any secluded town or beach to make the most of the island. There is a little beach, like a lagoon after driving through the desert that is really nice. It has aquamarine water but shelves steeply, you can see where because the water looks dark blue (don't worry too much about the fact that people are fishing in the same...

  • Walk ARound

    Stroll the streets, visit the shops, and grab a cold drink al fresco while you people watch. Visit the Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the busiest ports in Spain, and its long harbour sees countless container ships, cruise liners and a host of inter-island ferries and jetfoils. Everything of interest lies within about 1km (0.6mi) of Plaza de España. The town has three museums, of which the Museo de la Naturaleza y El Hombre is easily the most...

  • Explore the several small...

    Explore the several small beaches at the southern part of the westcoast. My favorite one was in Puerto de Tazacorte, where you don´t have too big rocks and you can have both, waves and calm water. It also is not to far from the Los Llanos area where the most bungalows and appartments are located.

  • If you don´t need a big hotel,...

    If you don´t need a big hotel, stay at the westcoast. The weather is much better there than on the eastside where it rains more often.Take a hike along the vulcanic-route with breathtaking views over the island and after that enjoy a cortado (special coffee) at the main place in Los Llanos. The absolut best is the possibility to hike on high...

  • BEWARE of TIMESHARE people! As...

    BEWARE of TIMESHARE people! As soon as I stepped out of my hotel there were 2-3 guys trying to have my attention and following me 500m. This was really getting on my nerves as it was the same ritual every day. They became very rude after few days because I still didn't want to listen to their TimeShare story!Anyway, it was the best way - just to...

  • The southern part is...

    The southern part is unpleasantly artificial with dull looking concrete architecture and huge modern hotels everywhere....but never mind as long the is shining and it's warm!

  • In Playa de las Americas and...

    In Playa de las Americas and Los christianos the main attraction is: sunbathing. Nevertheless here you won't see beautiful white sand beaches - there are all gray due the volcanic soil.The only 'golden' beach found on the biggest of all Canary Islands, is Las Teresitas, few kilometers from Santa Cruz. The reason: a man-made beach - the sand comes...

  • annasi's General Tip

    I love those palm trees.. I dont see them very often in Finland for some reason :) And taking a walk along the beach surrounded by palm trees and warm sun.. that is what I miss the most.

  • The central plateau of La...

    The central plateau of La Gomera contains the Garajonay National Park, declared by UNESCO as the Property of Humanity. It offers the Alto de Garajonay at 1450 m and the Cedro, a prehistoric sub-tropical rain forest with a large number of paths and tracks.

  • It was from the island of La...

    It was from the island of La Gomera that Christopher Columbus departured to the unknown world on 6th September 1492, and thus discovered America. Another picture of La Gomera's rain forest El Cedro

  • I have been to the Canary...

    I have been to the Canary islands eight times between 1980 and 2000. My preferred island is La Gomera, because this small island offers a wide variety of landscapes: from a dry, rocky landscape to cultivated terraces and banana plantations; from the sunny coast and its beaches to a tropical rain forest. The picture shows Los Roques in La Gomera

  • The temperature changes little...

    The temperature changes little from season to season with only about 6°C difference between winter (18°C) and summer (24°C). This mild climate allows cultivation of tropical fruit like papayas, citrus and bananas. These are partly grown on terraces cut into the steep valley sides forming a similar landscape to parts of south east Asia and Hawaii.

  • Gran Canaria, is the most...

    Gran Canaria, is the most varied of all the islands, it has so many different landscapes. Desert, tropical forests, mountains, beaches. You can be lying down in the beach having a sun tan, and at the sametime the watching the mountain peaks covered with snow. Places to see here would be Tejeda, Arinaga, Mogan, Arucas, Teror, and of course the...

  • Tenerife is the largest island...

    Tenerife is the largest island of the archipelago. There are most varied landscapes: a mountain range with the mighty volcanic crater Cañadas del Teide, with a diameter of 20 kilometers, and the 3.718 meters high Teide in its center; extremely fertile valleys with important cultures of bananas and tomatoes; and a seaside offering as well beautiful...

  • Visit el Teide on a bright...

    Visit el Teide on a bright day! The views are great and the National Park around the vulcano is beautiful.Some areas make you feel like you're on the moon!Also go and see Los Gigantes. Our apartment looked out onto them and each day this massive rock looks different!

  • If you are to visit in San...

    If you are to visit in San Sebastian de La Gomera, where I live, count with many stairs to climb. Some 400 steps from the lower town up to the upper part.I am posting one of them of about 150 steps

  • Well, there are two ways to...

    Well, there are two ways to spent your time as a tourist on these islands.The first way is to stay in a big hotel,somewhere in the south part of the island around Maspalomas or Puerto Rico,amoungst thousands of other tourists,spending your daytime lying on the beach,and a walking promenade (always the same one)during the evenings.Then you can spent...

  • Tamani's General Tip

    The volvanic south is a magical place to visit. You will see volcanic stones in magical colours. Also the fire-resisting pinetrees are interesting. Although it was misty and rainy when we visited (bring warm clothes) this was one of the most impressive days at La Palma


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