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Isla de Fuerteventura Highlights

  • Pro
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    summer70 says…

     great beaches, marvelous weather, friendly people 

  • Con
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     ugly hotel architecture... 

  • In a nutshell
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     More than just a Volcanic Island 

Isla de Fuerteventura Things to Do

  • Calm wild beaches

    The blue Atlantic ocean is refreshing and one feels extremely good. The beach here is still unspoiled and the sand is soft and beautiful. Even windy days, its fun to be with wavy water - jumping up and down when waves come.

  • Visit La Olivia

    From the 17th to the 19th century, this village La Olivia, was the home of military governors and the capital of the island. The governor’s townhouse, Casa des Coroneles, has been renovated and is now open to the public. In the centre of the village, there is a stunning church which features a painting of the Last Judgment, a Baroque-style painting...

  • Fiesta Vega de Rio

    In September, thousands of residents and visitors descend upon the church of Vega de Rio. They travel by foot, by cart, by vintage vehicles and most bearing candles to get to the site, to celebrate. Some of the Pilgrims walk from Puerto del Rosario to Vega de Rio Palmas, via Tesjuate, Triquivijate, Antigua, Betancuria. We took the off-road between...


Isla de Fuerteventura Hotels

Isla de Fuerteventura Restaurants

  • overlooking Correljo harbour

    There are hundreds of bars and restaurants in Correlejo to choose from, especially if you walk along the beautiful harbour area.This is a cosy local restaurant/bar overlooking the beach and harbour. Stop anytime of day for a cafe con leche, a beer or glass of wine and chill out watching the world go by. I stopped there one evening as they have a...

  • Cordon Blue

    There are hundreds of cafes and restaurants in Correlejo, and many overlook the harbour and coast. Which one do you choose? I found the last but one place, serving evening meals, and I chose it because it had almost the best view of the coast and harbour.Cordon Blue is an English owned place, and normally I AVOID them, because the Spanish are so...

  • Good food, friendly service and a...

    A very welcoming British pub/restaurant type of place right on the harbour front, with views of Lanzarote and Lobos.Warm and friendly staff, lovely food - anything from an all-day breakfast to a full 3 course steak dinner - and all the usual beers, wines and spirits, plus teas and coffees. The drink prices are similar to most of the restaurants in...


Isla de Fuerteventura Nightlife

  • Dine and shop.

    You can stroll around the shopping mall, people watching.You can dine here they have varied continental resturants to choose from.You can even sit and have you hair braided. Smart but casual.

  • nightime escapades...

    Zumbar is a great place if your looking for loud music,a dance floor,and lots of friendly people to have fun with.Typical music played by the resident dj is Funky house,R&B,and club classics.Everyone who enters recieves a free shot,but,as in most places in Corralejo drinks are so cheap its unbelievable.Zumbar is usually open from 7pm to around...

  • Caletta

    There are many restaurants and cafes in the main resort area of Caletta. Most are basic 'tourist cuisine' - steak and chips, paella, chinese, etc. But the staff are usually friendly and the service is okay (unless you arrive much after 9pm, then the staff will sometimes pretend they do not see you!).After the restaurants close, there is not a great...


Isla de Fuerteventura Transportation

  • Car Rental

    We rented a car for 4 days. 30 Euros a day including everything.More just for my information. King AutoRent a carCosta Calma close to the Sotavento Shopping center.Easy to get a kids seat. However not Swiss standard.

  • Ferry to Lanzarote

    There are 2 ferry services criss-crossing the short journey between Playa Blanca in Lanzarote and Correlejo in Fuerteventura. They run most of the day between 7.45am til 20.00pm. The high speed ferry of Fred Olsen takes 15 minutes, the other company, Naviera Armas takes 25 mins. Prices start at about 10 euros for a foot passenger each way. Both...

  • Local buses

    The local buses are cheap, and plentiful. If you don't want to hire a car, or go off on tours there is a great bus service connecting most of the island.If you are staying in Correlejo its best to get a No 6 bus to Puerto del Rosario, which are on the hour and half hour from outside the bus station and 10 mins before that from the ferry port. You...


Isla de Fuerteventura Shopping

  • Biggest Shopping Mall Puerto del Rosario

    Las Rotundas is the island's biggest shopping mall which opened in April 2006. It is located in Puerto del Rosario. Buses run from most of the resorts daily. However when you arrive in Puerto del Rosario, the Mall is a 15-20 minute walk away from the bus station, or a 5 minute taxi ride (2.60 euros). It is on 3 levels and has over a 100 shops and...

  • Corralejo Main Street

    Wander down the main street of Corralejo and you will find a variety of private shops, selling jewellery, clothes, shoes, perfume, wines and spirits, souvenirs, towels, toys and things for the beach and several electrical shops. Bear in mind that if your electronic goods break down, you will have difficulty getting help from the shop owner if you...

  • Jandia market

    Jandia Market is every Thursday from 10am to 2pm.If you cant drive, you could get the bus. here are the timetables they are very cheap Souvenirs, clothes, shoes, African and Moroccan artefacts, jewellery and watches


Isla de Fuerteventura Local Customs

  • Beer

    If like me you enjoy a pint then it might be useful to know that the local draught larger costs from 1.20 euros to 4 euros for a pint depending where you drink. I found that most bars where the locals drink away from the tourist areas can be cheaper yet some English run bars can be less expensive too. If you like more than a couple of beers in the...

  • Supermarkets

    There are lots of supermarkets in Corralejo but I found that going to ones like the HiperDino you have more choice of products and lots more variations of fresh fruit, meat and vegetables wich is handy if you are on a self catering holiday.

  • Haggle

    Wether you are buying a camera or a camel always haggle the price. For example tell them your best price and go from there if you walk out the shop and they dont come after you then you know the last price you said is too low. You can pick up some good bargains if you are prepaired to stand your ground, sometimes you can bargain for an hour and...


Isla de Fuerteventura Warnings and Dangers

  • About safety

    Fuerteventura is a relatively safe island, yet as with all major tourist destinations, there are always reports of crimes against unsuspecting tourists. Petty crime such as pick pocketing and bag snatching can occur in busy areas. Always be on your guard and look after your belongings. Never carry all of your valuables with you and never flash lots...

  • beware of the 2 guys

    beware of these 2 guysthey are really bad people... all they do is sleep, surf, be in the vanhahahha

  • The Sea

    Be careful in the sea as the rips and currents can be very strong and large waves can appear from out the blue. If you like to go swimming out to sea for a distance keep looking back to the beach and focus on a certain point, like a building, rock, cetain scenary or people and make sure that the focus point is always in view and that you are not...


Isla de Fuerteventura Tourist Traps

  • watch out for the man in the british...

    stayed at costa tropical, AWFUL resort, there is a man who runs a british food style shop selling iceland foods and all common foods. watch him carefully and keep track of what you spend as he tried to charge over 25 euros for under 15 euros worth of food. if we werent penny pinching i would not have recognised. when i caught him out his mood...

  • Train tour

    While having a wander about Corralejo you might spot one of those little road trains that will take you on a tour of the town.... DON'T BOTHER!!!!!!The staff weren't particularly friendly (they weren't rude as such but they weren't what I'd call "tourist friendly") and the tour is just a completely load of rubbish..... much like the town.You'll go...

  • The 'Free' Blanket Trips

    The idea: A certain blanket-making company (Pal) take various tourists for a 1/2 day's sightseeing before a 45 minute presentation of their woollen health products. Free refreshments provided. The whole family is welcome.The reality: The rep on our coach took us to 3 very nice photogenic spots, but we were there at each for only 10 minutes - not...


Isla de Fuerteventura What to Pack

  • Ryan Air

    BE aware that if flying with Ryan u will be charhed of every kg above limit!! I never seen in my life such a long line to Ryan air cash desk. And the other tip there is no place to check ur luggage :(

  • Suncream - lots of!!!!!

    Bring a hat. I don't normally bother coz I've got really thick hair so sun on my head doesn't usually bother me. But, I got sunburn on my head and now it's peeling - NOT Pretty!!!!Also, if you want to get off the main tracks make sure you take some good shoes. The ground is very rough and loose - NOT flip-flop friendly!!!! It's really hot!! The...

  • Gallons of sunblock!

    You could travel very lightly if you wanted. T-shirts, shorts, sunblock, and a toothbrush were all I needed most of the time. It depends what you intend to do: sandals for the beach & trainers for walking most other places. T-shirts and shorts during the day. Maybe jeans & one jumper or sweatshirt if you're concerned about chilly evenings or...


Isla de Fuerteventura Off The Beaten Path

  • Tour the island by hire car

    If Italy is shaped like a boot, then Fuertuventura is shaped like an upside down chicken leg.Of the seven Canary Islands it is one of the largest. To make the most of the island I recommend to hire a car, the roads are reasonably quite, well signposted and tarmacked.It is full of surprising villages, secret coves, beaches and unspoilt nature.Cars...

  • La Atalayita- the old Canary Settelment

    La Atalayita lies on the half way between Pozo Negro and the crossroad with the road FV2. Going from the road FV2 take the road FV 420 to Pozo Negro. The Settelment of la Atalayita lies on the left hand side.There was no sign indicating the settlement at the time I was there. You can see some reconstructed stone houses of the original inhabitants....

  • A Ship wreck

    A suberb wreck of an old American liner. The only problem is that it is at the end of a two mile VERY rough track.The remote beach of Playa de Garcey, on the west coast of Fuerteventura, is home to one of the world's strangest tourist attractions, the shipwreck of the American Star ocean liner. This huge ship has been wrenched in half by the force...


Isla de Fuerteventura Sports & Outdoors

  • Get in shape on the beach

    The island of Fuerteventura offers an ideal environment for a sports vacation - perfect sunny weather and not that many sightseeing things ;) I tried some trainings with Fuerteventura Fitness & Conditioning group and I was very happy with the different trainings. I really trained like a professional athlete. I have learned how to structure my...

  • Surfing

    There are a few surf schools in and around Corralejo. I went to the Home Grown surf school for a morning surf and it cost me 35 euros for transport to the beach hire of the board and wetsuit. You leave around 10am and are back around 3pm. The surf and sea conditions will dictate wich beach you will travel too. Be prepared to travel across some very...

  • Windsurfing

    The windy conditions of Fuerteventura are ideal for Windsurfing, the day and residential schools are right on the beaches near the harbour in Corelejo or amongst the white dunes near Hotel Oliva Beach. In July/August in the south of the island, at Sotavento, near Jandia and Costa Calma, the World Windsurfing championships are held.


Isla de Fuerteventura Favorites


    Hie I'm Claudio and i'm italian but i have 15 y.o. experience of this island also because i have home there and also one little apartment for rent.. ihave two PERSONAL web sites ABOUT FUERTEVENTURA: & here i put in internet many fotos of this placesI SUGGEST THE NORTH SHORE FOR HOLIDAYS ALSO IF THE SUD IS VERY...

  • Biking

    Whatever your level, beginner or expert, there is a wide range of off-road routes on Fuerteventura. If you are in search of steep trails and wild off-road routes you can find here. I visited Fuerteventura in Jenuary and February and the weather was not too hot for biking. There are some places where you can rental a bike. The price is 7€ for one...

  • Fountains

    Again like the shops, some of the Hotel entrances are Off road. This picture is taken out side of a hotel, safe because there is no traffic. Much nicer than pavemented streets with traffic rushing past.


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