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  • Warnings and Dangers
    by kevin36
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by s_type6
  • my opinion on IBERIA.
    my opinion on IBERIA.
    by cachaseiro

Best Rated Warnings and Dangers in Isla de Gran Canaria

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    "The Sun"

    by kevin36 Written Aug 21, 2009

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    The Sun can be very Fierce ,being so close to Africa can burn very quickly.
    I would recommend staring with a High Factor Suncream to start with.
    Sunburn is skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight. With too much exposure to UV light, your skin overheats and becomes red and painful, and may later peel or blister.
    When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces a pigment called melanin to help protect itself against the UV rays. This is what makes your skin go darker and is seen as a suntan.
    Melanin stops you burning so easily but it doesn't prevent the other harmful effects of UV, such as premature ageing and cancer.
    The less melanin you have, the less protected you are against the effects of UV light.
    If you have fair skin or red hair, or have not been in the sun much, you have low levels of melanin so are more likely to burn quickly. You may also have a different type of melanin that makes you more susceptible to burning.
    However, anyone can get sunburnt, even those with higher levels of melanin
    Sunburn does not only happen in hot weather. Light reflecting off snow can also cause sunburn. A breeze, cloudy sky or swimming may make you feel cooler but sunlight can still get through and damage your skin.

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    by cachaseiro Written Dec 18, 2005

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    you can go to the canary islands with the airline IBERIA, but try to take another airline.
    in 18 years of travelling it's the most unprofessional airline i have come across in europe.
    worldwide they are only beaten by continental airlines when it comes to treating people bad.
    when i went they kept cancelling the return flight to copenhagen.
    they said it was the weather conditions, but i discoverd that the plane was actually flying, but they were over booked.
    if you overbook on a european flight, you must compensate each stranded passenger with 600 euros.
    IBERIA gets around this problem by lying to their costumors and telling them the plane is cancelled because of weather conditions.
    this is not just bad service, but also very illegal to do.
    i advice you to fly with an airline that dosen't break the law systematicly.

    spanair also fly the route and they are very good.

    my opinion on IBERIA. IBERIA SUCKS.
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    by Maria_75 Updated Sep 20, 2004

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    I would say that the biggest danger, especially in the south, is drunken tourists... The police and hotels have much problems with tourists that are really drunk and start fighting or harrazing other tourists.

    Apart from this you might want to know that many of the people working in the south are not spanish, but immigrants from Africa. Like all over the world, poor people are attracted to places with many tourists and hope to make some money in one or the other way. But most of the time this is not a big problem, just take care with people who try to sell you things on the street.

    Some parts of Las Palmas can be a bit dangerous, especially in the night. Stay in places where there are many other people and don't wander off alone in dark streets.

    Another problem is the sun. Protect yourself with sunlotion and drink enough water. Alcohol just makes your body more dehydrated, so be sure to drink water too.

    The beach in Puerto Rico

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    by Maria_75 Written Oct 10, 2004

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    If you go to Palmitos Parque you have to watch the time... They close at 18.00 but will not give you any warning that they are closing (at least noone told us). One time when we were there we completly forgot about the time, and when we wanted to go out all the gates where closed...

    We didn't want to spend the night in the park, so in the end we found a place where we could sneak out. But then the alarm starting chiming very loud! We waited for a little while to see if anyone was coming so we could explain ourselves. But noone came so we just left the place. The next time we came much earlier and watched the time carefully... ;)

    My cousin happily unaware we are locked inside...
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    Red Flags

    by tompt Updated Feb 15, 2005

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    Altough Gran Canaria is a great place to have a beach holiday it can sometimes be dangerous to go for a swim. The island is in the ocean and the wind can cause dangerous waves. The major beaches have a warning system. A green flag means al is OK, the yellow flag means only experienced swimmers should go out in the water. The red flag says no swimming allowed. In Maspalomas a beachpatrol car is driving along the beach and they are ordering people to come out. But don't be a fool, the warnings aren't there without a reason!

    Red Flag: No Swimming Allowed; dangerous sea.

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  • sunscreens

    by s_type6 Written Apr 16, 2007

    Actually it's not a tip or warning but a question:
    Who knows the spanish name of the typical sunscreens one can see on the Canary Islands and even better would be if somebody could give me the name , address and website of company's supplying/installing such sunscreens ?

    Thanks a lot s_type 6

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  • Credit card exchange rate

    by chriskeen Written Apr 17, 2007

    Watch out when using credit cards for anyone "pre converting" into Sterling for you. My hotel did this and the rate was about 0.2 below my "normal" Euro rate. I didn't spot it until I got home.

    On the other hand, if you have a credit card that charges a fee for converting currencies (most do) then this could actually be a benefit to you. However, if, like me, your card doesn't charge a fee then check the currency before signing - you could save a few quid!

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  • Casino

    by Car84 Written Sep 23, 2005

    This is not "life or death," but if you're a blackjack player, this might interest you.

    Maybe it was just the people at the table at the particular time I was there, but the players were just STUPID. It was a minor miracle if they hit a 14, 15 or 16 versus a dealer's 7 or better. Worse, they didn't take too kindly to me playing basic "by the book" strategy. It's not fun to play when things get cold if you take a card on a 16 vesus a dealer's face card. (Okay, so I get the 6 and bust, and the dealer gets the next card (has no hole card) and it's a 10 to give the dealer 20, rather than 10+6+10 BUST. But I played the percentages correctly.) Even if my Spanish was good enough to explain, that probably wouldn't have helped. The dealer kept quiet - not that I expected her to lend any support.

    I've played blackjack in Las Vegas, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Aruba, and other places. Even the drunk people in those other places played smarter!

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    Buy one get one free drinks

    by trina1 Written Jul 8, 2006

    Twice this happened and i ordered two largers so i got four bottles back which were tiny and it cost 10 Euros ?????? well one bottle was about 2.50 anyway so i can`t see how they work it , i tried asking one barman to explaine how it works and it was " no understand" so i just think these bars are that you are not allowed tojust drink one drink sort of like a cover charge . One of the bars that do this is Keanes in the Irish center.

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  • DUNK67's Profile Photo

    Cover Up Or Burn Up

    by DUNK67 Written Sep 4, 2004

    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that refuse to put on suncream and opt for nothing or even baby oil or cooking oil in the naieve belief that it will help them tan quicker. It will not, it will only make you burn and then peel quicker.

    A high factor sunscreen is always a good idea, a healthy white skin is far more attractive than burnt, peeling red skin.

    When buying the sunscreen make sure that it doesn`t have water or agua as an ingredient, it evaporates in the heat and doesn`t help you at all.

    I would also recommend a hat, long sleeve shirt and sunglasses as well to help protect you from the suns harmful rays.

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  • very friendly waiter santiago

    by nickynakky Written May 20, 2011

    waiter named santiago at the eden apartments puerto rico. He's a flirt. He's dangerous . . He's false . He's a con artist, . He's a compulsive liar. He pesters women to meet him. He is actually in a long term relationship with a small son. check out the reviews ... many examples of him trying to get with vunerable female tourists. stay well away !

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