Isla de Lanzarote Travel Guide

  • Bus tour throug volcanos
    Bus tour throug volcanos
    by LNata
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by LNata
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by LNata

Isla de Lanzarote Highlights

  • Pro
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    lomi says…

     Low-rise white washed houses 

  • Con
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    nigelw6443 says…

     Can get very windy 

  • In a nutshell
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     Outside tourist areas you can still find the original beauty of Lanzarote. 

Isla de Lanzarote Things to Do

  • Yellow submarine

    For the sheer experience of being in a submarine with windows this 45 minute trip is a must for kids. Costing approx $5 million,this marvel in modern engineering silently glides through the water among the fish as the commentator keeps you informed on your progress past submerged wreck whilst a diver swims around the boat. As you can imagine it's...

  • Moon-like landscape

    No trip to this volcanic island would be complete without visiting the interior, specifically the National p#Park. These trips are usually organised through hotels/tourist agents and start off with an optional camel trek, once beasts of burden for the islanders, brought over from the mainland they now bring tourists pleasure. At the tourist centre...

  • Jameos del Agua

    You enter via a huge cavern,which is also used as a restaurant.Steps take you down through a section of tube with an underground lake.Small albino crabs which live on the dark rocks can be spotted in the lake,and on a clear day a beam of light is projected into the water from a hole in the roof of the larva tunnel.If you carry on through you will...


Isla de Lanzarote Hotels

Isla de Lanzarote Restaurants

  • Tapas take away

    A fantastic variety of typical local tapas. Each dish is priced individually from about 3 euros, choose as much or as little as you please. If you dont speak Spanish, just point. Great way of experimenting with Spanish food. The shop sometimes serves goat (cabrito) or rabbit (conejo) octopus, (pulpo). Jamon Serrano - cured hamPapas Arrugadas-...

  • Bistro with a twist!

    Barstro has only been open a short time, but they are already on the radar of top restaurants to visit in Lanzarote.The restaurant is located just off the main road into Nazaret, near the resort of Costa Teguise and well worth any effort to track it down. The first time I visited I knew this was going to be something special. We were welcomed by...

  • Beachside Tapas Bar

    I love eating al fresco! This is one of my favourite tapas bars that look over the ocean. Its open 10am-10pm, closed on Monday.The tables and chairs outside El Caleta fill up pretty quickly after they open, as its a popular spot with locals and cyclists who hire bikes to cycle along this beautiful promenade. Shady umbrellas provided or you can eat...


Isla de Lanzarote Nightlife

  • Warning for Puerto del Carmen

    I was a month in Lanzarote for an internship. At the end of January i went with some friends to Puerto Del Carmen, to Nikki Beach. 1 day later I couldn't remember anything of the night, everything from me was stolen, from my socks till my cellphone and my wallet. People said somebody drugged a girlfriend of mine with the drug Burundanga. I drank...

  • Relaxing

    Not much in the way of real nightlife on the Island, but plenty of good restaurants.Good prices too.And just because I am nearly 40, doesn’t mean I didn’t look. I can look, that’s for sure.What I wrote above here seems crazy now. Im now nearly 51 years old, and to think back when I posted this tip I was only nearly 40. And well, my views have...

  • A Real Bar.

    At last I found a bar you can sit in, have a nice gin and tonic and talk, without loud music or Television, and with great drinks to boot ! No food either only crisps, Magma sells the cheapest beer in Costa Teguise, their cocktails and other drinks are of good value.The owners are very friendly and will give you a warm welcome.Open only in the...


Isla de Lanzarote Transportation

  • Water Bus/Taxi

    The Water bus to Puerto Calero from the old harbour in Puerto del Carmen, is a twenty minute ride down the coast and you never know what you will see on the journey, this year (2013), I was lucky enough to see literally hundreds of Dolphins and a few Whales enjoying their swim in the beautiful sunshine.The trip costs €10 for a return ticket. 2013...

  • guagua.

    The buses on the Canary islands are called "guagua", pronounced "wahwah". They are cheap to use, and run between the main resorts of Costa Teguise/Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen, not so frequently to Playa Blanca and Puerto Calero. Taxi's are reasonable, but please note, that the main holiday change over day in Lanzarote is Thursday, so taxi's are...

  • Blanket Trip

    Blanket Trips are either loved or hated a little like Marmite, however, love or hate them they arguably good value for money!!! probably as most of them are free. Quite rightly so nothing is FREE you have to pay one way or another. The way it works is that you will be picked up from outside your hotel by English Speaking Staff who have generally...


Isla de Lanzarote Shopping

  • Shopping mall Puerto del Carmen

    OK a mall is not particularly original ! but Lanzarote has been the cinderella of the Canary Islands when it comes to shops. This mall, opened in 2002.Selling mens and women's clothes and shoes, sports goods, funky jewelry, and well known shops like Zara, Mango, Timberland, Natura and Oysho and several other shops. There is also an artisans shop...

  • Cheap bargains

    My husband and I stayed in Lanzarote for 2 weeks 1 week in Pto del Carmen and 1 week in Costa Teguise and we came across Soul Fashion Outlet where we found outstanding bargains on designer label clothing. This company owns 2 stores one in each resort and we couldnt resist to the temptation of buying our favourite brands such as Tommy Hilfiger,...

  • Local figurines

    The usual gift to a prospective husband or wife in times gone by, on the Canary Islands was the giving of a terracotta clay male or female figurine with exaggerated, overly sexual body parts. Many of these figures area available to buy in gift shops. 15 - 50 euros


Isla de Lanzarote Local Customs

  • How to chill out in a Spanish bar

    Relax ! Its not very English, so you need to practice. Sit down and allow the waiter to come to you.For a large beer order a jarra (pronouced harra). Or for a small beer a caña (pronounced canya), no need to lean on the bar and get in the way.. Chill out!! And pay for food and drink after the meal. Learn the art of chilling out by having fun, chat...

  • Go on dress up for Carnival in Feb,...

    Carnvial kicks off in Arrecife at the Recinto, with the election of the Carnival Queen, Gay Carnival Queen, voting of the floats. Next is the hilarity of the solemn procession of the Burning of the Sardine, also in Arrecife. These are followed with the Carnival parades. Starting in Arrecife, it moves to Puerto del Carmen, Teguise, Costa Teguise,...

  • BBQ with "volcanic" style

    In Timanfaya (Fire Mountain) you will be never out of fire to do your BBQ!Natural heat still go out from hot (I mean very hot) holes dated from the last eruption (several centuries ago)... El Diablo restaurant in the National Park visitor center offer a live and hot BBQ demonstration.Bon appétit!


Isla de Lanzarote Warnings and Dangers

  • Do not walk on lava fields... Hazardous...

    Be aware that walking on lava fields is risky due to sharp rocks, unstable rocks, friable soil could collapse under your weight. So stay on the beaten path for once and be safe.

  • Distortion

    These give a very distorted view of our beautiful, safe island. Yes, PRs outside restaurants can be a nuisance sometimes (go in and complain to the owner), don't put your handbag on the floor and no girl in her right mind would walk alone on any beach late at night

  • Restaurant Touts

    This is not so much a "danger" tip as a "nuisance" one.Since the onset of the great recession the restaurants of Lanzarote have suffered greatly, losing a huge amount of passing trade as tourists prefer to stay in all-inclusive hotels. Accordingly, the eateries have established various ways to encourage people inside. By and large these consist of...


Isla de Lanzarote Tourist Traps

  • Thoughts on choosing a Lanzarote resort

    There two or three larger, popular resorts but, having stayed there, I would recommend Puerto Del Carmen.Its very near the airport, and I think it's the biggest resort. Nice beach, loads to do, good shops and bars and great choices for eating-out.Playa Blanca is popular but for me it's sort-of stuck-out on its own a bit.Costa Teguise is the other...

  • Teguise Market

    This is held every Sunday, in the old town which is also the old capital if Lanzarote,Teguise. (not to be mistaken for Costa Teguise) The whole of the Island seems to descends on Teguise, it is heaving with wall to wall people, and, sadly the pick pockets. The usual tat can be found. Football shirts, table clothes galore, some crafts and...

  • Sunday Market at Teguise - horrors...

    Every Sundays a market takes place in the pretty town of Teguise. Nearly all the streets have stands, but all of them sell the same stuff: t-shirts, lava jewellery and the things you put on your chimney between the Venice gondola and the Paris Tour Eiffel.Nothing traditional, completely tourists oriented.Huge parking lots are waitings hundred of...


Isla de Lanzarote What to Pack

  • Tiny things that bite and other useful...

    You are stuck with the airline you travel with when it comes to baggage weight restrictions. But normally dont bring much in hot months, you will probably wear t.shirt and shorts most of the time and swim gear, with the odd dress for the ladies or a nice shirt for a man for the evening. No one in Lanzarote does bling! you will look overdressed &...

  • Some things I find you need

    Nothing special Bring shoes that have sturdy soles because the ground is often rocky. It can also be very windy in (higher) parts of the island. It makes the temperature go down, especially on a cloudy day in February/March. Something windproof to wear, would be good and do take it along always when you go sightseeing. Nothing special. There are...

  • Walking shoes

    Pack a pair of walking shoes. The volcanic nature of Lanzarote is best explored on foot. See my of the beaten path tips!


Isla de Lanzarote Off The Beaten Path

  • Burning of the Sardine, Teguise

    In the old capital this ancient festival is re-enacted every year in honour of the importance of fishing to the island.Procession of carnival proportions with mourners... every March starts: 21.00 hrs followed by the burning of an enormous paper maché sardine and later fireworks. Best wear black... And bring a hanky!Location: The PlazaMany, many...

  • Haria Market

    Every Saturday in the north of the Island. 10am -2pm.Stalls selling art works, textiles, contemporary art, souveniers, craft products, local fruit & vegetables, organic produce, German speciality bread, jewellery, woodwork, toys etc etcIn Haria town plaza, the market under the shade of the trees is a thriving place along with small shops, bars &...

  • La Graciosa

    La Graciosa is the smallest inhabited Canary Island, just about 2Km to the North of Lanzarote, it's made totally of Volcanic rock. It has around 700 inhabitants who live in the two villages of Caleta del Sebo and Casa de Pedro Barb.Caleta has a busy little harbour, ferries arrive from Lanzarote (Orzla) and other Canary Islands, tourism and fishing...


Isla de Lanzarote Sports & Outdoors

  • Dive Now... Work Later

    I dive with Dive College Lanzarote, a scuba diving center next the Natura Palace with a second base in Timanfaya Palace Hotel. The morning dive is by the boat (max. 15 minutes to dive sites : Flamingo wall, Punta Berrugo, Colorados) and the afternoon dive is from the shore (Timanfaya Reef, Moray Reef).Underwater volcanic canyons or artificial sea...

  • Ironman Competition, May

    Every year in May Lanzarote hosts the Ironman semi-finals. .This is one of the world's toughest tests of endurance. 3.8 km swim 180 km cycle ride 42.2km run Nearly a 1000 competitors took part in the last contest.Entry deadline: 1st May or sooner if the limit of 1200 participants is reachedUntil the 21st of March every participant has the right to...

  • The Lanzarote Ironman

    Lanzarote Ironman one of the Worlds most grueling triathlon takes place every May, starting off with:38km swim +180km round the Island cycle, followed by a 42km marathon. All this done in the soring heat, this year (2012) it was 36%


Isla de Lanzarote Favorites

  • Beaches

    Many of the beaches in Playa Blanca suffered badly from a hurricane and are yet not fully recovered.Papagoaya beach in Playa Blanca is difficult to get to. There is a toll of about around ?5 to enter the beach. It is long and sandy the nicest beach on the island.It does have nudist beaches. There are no sunbeds or umbrella's for hire on this beach....

  • Tea drinkers

    Lanzarote is not an island of tea drinkers! If you go to a cafe bar or restaurant you will find cafe con leche (coffe with milk) decaffeinated coffee, expresso coffee, white frothy coffee (americano), and cafe con leche con leche (coffee with milk AND evaprorated milk...very very sweet). camomile tea is popular (manzanilla), at most Spanish bars....

  • Carnival February

    February and early March is carnival timeBring a costume or fancy-dress and join the crowd - everyone does- dancing in the town square until the early hours after the main processions.If you drive into carnival areas (particularly Playa Blanca or Puerto del Carmen), or the capital in Arrecife, parking might be restricted, congested and long queues...


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