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  • Dunas de Maspalomas.
    Dunas de Maspalomas.
    by Regina1965
  • My favourite - The Ferris wheel at night.
    My favourite - The Ferris wheel at...
    by Regina1965
  • The beach as seen from the Promenade de Meloneras.
    The beach as seen from the Promenade de...
    by Regina1965

Maspalomas Things to Do

  • Moonlight Cinema - luxury outdoor cinema

    Moonlight cinema offers a whole new experience! Watch the latest latest and greatest films all under the stars, a romantic and special experience. Large comfy sofas to sit on, blankets provided too. Home made pizzas, popcorn and a whole list of other snacks that can be ordered from your sofa at any point, not to mention the cocktails! In Meloneras,...

  • Star gazing with very low light...

    South Gran Canaria has very good conditions for star gazing. It has step terrain, low light pollution and normally very clear skies. If you have the opportunity, it is a good idea to have a trip by night up to Mogan, or near Fataga and San Bartolomé de Tirajanas. A nice place is also the Macizo de Amurga area but this has to be walking and it can...

  • Faro 2 - Shopping Center.

    Faro 2 is a shopping center on 2 floors in what is called the Maspalomas country side "Campo Internacional de Maspalomas" - in this area there are many golf resorts and the price in Faro 2 is a bit on the higher end, but there are lovely shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars there and I always stop there while walking from Playa del Ingles to...

  • Drastical changes to the beach in...

    In January and February 2011 Maspalomas beach suffered the worst erosion in recorded history and the beach has all but washed away. I couldn´t believe my eyes when I saw it in February 2011. Almost all the sand has gone and there are big rocks there now. There used to be 3 meter´s deep sand here. What a loss.To blame for this were 4 metre high...

  • Playa de Meloneras.

    Playa de Meloneras is right by the end of the Meloneras area. It is a small beach but with less wind than Playa de Maspalomas. You can walk far into the ocean and swim there in calm waters, but watch out for the rocks as you walk into the ocean, people (I as well) were literally dancing on them, as they cannot be seen, only felt. But then the area...

  • The Marketplace - Maspalomas - El...

    El Mercado Municipal is an inside and outside market which is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00-14:00. But it starts to close around 13:00. It is quite big and very popular which all kinds of stuff for sale, mainly clothes and shoes, but also fruit stalls and jewellery. Here you can find all kinds of fake bags, Chanel etc. and the price is...

  • The Botanical Park of Maspalomas.

    Where ever I travel in the world I always look for a botanical garden, I just love them :) The Botanical Park of Maspalomas (El parque Botánico de Maspalomas) is a nice little (covers an area of 12.000 m2) botanical park located at the end of the golf area in Maspalomas, right at the bottom of the hill which takes you to Playa del Ingles. Because...

  • Faro de Maspalomas.

    Maspalomas is not only known for its beach and Dunas, but also for the old lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas, which is a landmark by the beach of Maspalomas. The lighthouse is 65 meters' high (some travel guides say 55??). It actually took 28 years to finish the lighthouse and it shone for the first time on February 1st 1890 - the first structure to be...

  • Holiday World.

    The Holiday World in Maspalomas is a kind of a landmark in this area as you can see the 27 meters high Ferris wheel from afar, be it night or day. There is also a roller coaster and a laserdrome and all the exciting rides which a funfair has. Inside there is a very popular bowling alley, Internet café, amusement arcades, a gym and a spa, two night...

  • Plaza de Colon square in Maspalomas.

    Now this is a lovely square, with a fountain and lovely mosaic benches, lots of flowers and a big entrance gate. Across the street is the oasis in El Oasis de Maspalomas. So this is a beautiful area to hang out in :D

  • El Oasis.

    The area around The Nature reserve in Maspalomas is called The Oasis in Maspalomas. Next to it is a lovely little oasis, a lot of palm-trees and walking under the palm-trees there gives you a feeling of being in a real oasis as the branches of the palms form a roof over your head. Just watch out for branches falling ;) This is a perfect place to...

  • The Information Center on Las Dunas.

    Behind the Riu hotel in Playa del Ingles there is an Information Center on Las Dunas. Here you can find all the information and pictures which light up when you press a button, on when and how the nature reserve of Las Dunas came about and the process and progress it has taken. And about all the animals, birds and reptiles in the nature reserve....

  • Meloneras.

    Meloneras is on the other side of the light-house Faro de Maspalomas. It is a beautiful area with a long promenade, lots of shops in Boulevard de Faro, beautiful luxury hotels, cafés and restaurants. It is always filled with life. It hasn't got big beaches like Maspalomas but people sunbathe in the rocks. At the other end of Meloneras there is a...

  • Las Dunas de Maspalomas.

    The Dunas of Maspalomas look like Sahara and are 25 km2, with a lot of sand hills, making it an interesting walk. The sand is mixed, some of it comes from Sahara, so this is authentic. A large part of the Dunas is a part of a nature reserve linked to the Charca in Maspalomas. Every day hoards of people take a walk in the Dunas, you can see the...

  • Varadero - Shopping center.

    Varadero shopping center is a large shopping center in Meloneras, surrounded by shops and restaurants in this area. It stands by the promenade and is on two storeys and has got many shops, restaurants and cafés. Netto supermarket is there as well. It is a bit more expensive than the shops in Playa del Ingles, but Meloneras is a more expensive area.

  • The Nature reserve - Charca de...

    Maspalomas pond and dunes were declared special nature reserve from 1994. This protected area, Charca, provides a resting spot for birds migrating from Europe to Africa (it was lovely seeing a whimbrel there, which migrates to Iceland in the summer time). A large part of the dunas are protected as well. This area is unique in The Canary islands for...

  • A park behind Faro de Maspalomas.

    There is a lovely park behind the lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas. If it is too windy on the beach one can seek shelter there and sunbathe between the low palms in the park which provide perfect shelter. There is a pond in this small park with a bridge and a scary looking fountain (see my picture). As the park is right behind the promenade of...

  • Playa de Maspalomas.

    Playa de Maspalomas is a very big beach and stretches from Faro de Maspalomas for kilometres by the large area of the Dunas de Maspalomas and by Punto de Maspalomas it turns into Playa del Inglés. All day long you can see crowds of people walking this walk from Playa del Inglés to Playa de Maspalomas and vica versa (see a picture under my Gran...


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Maspalomas Restaurants

  • Touristic but good

    This is one of the few restaraunt in the Maspalomas promenade.Although it is situated in the most touristic place ever, the food is amazingly good and at a good price too.Live spanish music every night.You can even watch German football on the big screen. Everything we had was really good!

  • Mad Manwell

    I can't remember the names of any of the places we ate in - mostly they were in CC Faro 2 though. There is a steakhouse down at the bottom of the centre, next to the 'Steakhouse' restaurant. The waiter there is called Manwell, and he is a little bit mad I think!He was very nice, and said hello to us every time we passed (we only ate there once) but...

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Maspalomas Nightlife

  • antz's Profile Photo

    The Banana Bar: Gone Bananas

    by antz Written Mar 9, 2005

    This was the bar that we spent most of our time in - largely due to one of the girls fancying a gay barman (she wouldn't believe me that he was gay!)

    It is a good, fun, lively spot - and the barmen are the main entertainment. I think that the majority of them are gay (some of them told us they were anyway, maybe they were scared we would try something!!). They do all sorts of crazy things like dress up as women, wear wigs and drop metal trays behind you to scare you!! All in a good nights fun!!

    Just watch out when you go to the toilet, you may come back to find clingfilm over your drink!

    Girlies gone bananas!

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Maspalomas Transportation

  • To Las Palmas Airport

    No matter what any one says, in a derogatory manner about the buses, IGNORE THEM, the service to and from the airport is fantastic. The bus is always on time...runs from early morning to late evening and costs € against €35+, before the tip, were one to travel by taxi! Route 66.....25 mins past the hour from Iguazu 3(a central example) but...

  • Buses around the island

    The cheapest way to go around the island is by "guaguas" (buses). The service is quite good, very cheap and on time!Try to learn a bit of Spanish, the drivers could be very rude...Check their websites you can print out your own timetables, it will save you from waiting for ages (not all buses are frequent....).

  • Tremendous Taxis

    The taxis in Gran Canaria are really good. We were lucky as when we wanted a taxi from our accomodation, our barman called us one! It came really quickly and the driver was great. The taxis are really cheap as well, if you are just looking to go a short distance. For example, we went from Maspalomas to Playa Del Inglis by taxi and it cost us about...


Maspalomas Shopping

  • Silver on sale.

    Schaefer Kanarias is located in the Varadero shopping center in Meloneras right by one of the entrances. It is a jewellery shop which specialises in beautiful silver jewellery and it was on sale when I last went for a visit (December 2009). Business was lifely I can tell you that and I was tempted to buy as well. There are stores like these all...

  • Shopping in a Circle

    From what I understand, most of the shopping areas in Gran Canaria are arranged into what are called 'Commercial Centres' - hence the 'CC' before the centre name. In the Commercial Centres you will find not only shops, but also restaurants, bars and cafe's - everything you need basically!We were lucky enough where our bungalows were as we were...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Maspalomas Warnings and Dangers

  • Good offers??

    Take care not to buy things on offer at Netto supermarket without checking out what it cost before. I found these "offers" in all of the Netto supermarkets I visited but took these photos in Netto supermarket in Varadero in Maspalomas.

  • Going on boat trips

    These trips can be really good fun if you are into boats. They are worth while if you like dolphins and are lucky to see them but more often than not you don't. Also they tell you that you can go and dip your feet. They tell you that there are no dangers of shark attacks but it is not just the sharks you have to worry about. There are other things...

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Maspalomas Favorites

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    by Maria_75 Written Feb 19, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Webcams in the Maspalomas area:


    Maspalomas golf

    Playa del Inglés

    Maspalomas golf

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