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  • Watching the sunset from our table.
    Watching the sunset from our table.
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    Approaching the restaurant
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Canary Islands Restaurants

  • Although this is not a...

    Although this is not a restaurant - it's an Italian coffee bar - Mille Miglia in Fanabe district of Las Americas should not be missed as they make the best coffee in Tenerife. Run by a young Italian named Marco, I would definitely recommend his espresso and capuccino!Since writing the above review, unfortunately the young owner Marco, was sadly...

  • Fantastic meat !!!

    A very good restaurant, with a large choice on the card. Prices are very acceptable and wine is very good. If you go ask for Senor Antonio and say you come with the regards of Albert and Jacqueline from Belgium , you will have a special service !!! all meat dishes !!!

  • Amadeus - Europa Centre

    Friendly staff, food pretty good. Most of the restaurants seem to have almost identical menus, as does Amadeus. Their food was of much better quality though.

  • All kinds

    Went there for new years eve. The food was nothing special but the service was very fast. They were running! It was like they had never had any guests before. This place is not an absolute must but you might want to check it out. We were 7 and meals, drinks and ice cream for all of us only costed around 57€!This was the only restaurant that didnt...

  • Italian food

    At the Meloneras beach is a small underconstruction shopping center. Next to the beach are a couple of restaurants and the first restaurant that we went to is Ciao Ciao. The food was ok but nothing special. Give it a try though! Lasagna Alla Bolognese was the only thing that I have eaten there. The ice cream is way to sweet for my taste. Try the...

  • Argentinian steaks and more!

    This lovely restaurant is both in Kasbah and in Yumbo. LOVED the food and the service is good, although it can be a little slow at times. Good prices! May I recommand the chicken breasts with mushroom sauce? An absolute must!

  • Delicious

    This is by far my favorite restaurant! We have been there twice and we will without a doubt go again. You can have everything you want, its a mix of everything. The service is good and the waitors are fun and entertaining. They speak several languages, or just a little bit. So I was able to order in Icelandic! They even have the menu in Icelandic...

  • Icelandic restaurant

    Cosmos is located in Yumbo shopping center and is runned by and Icelandic woman named Klara. We went there twice and we are not going again. For the first time we went we had to wait forever to only get our menus, then we ordered drinks and 10 minutes later someone came to ask us what we wanted to drink! I told him that we already ordered our...

  • you want to eat the best frech!!!! PAELA...

    The restaurant is situated between Las Americas and Los Cristianos, in the complex of Santiago 5, a nice place with an excelent service, a high standing staff. The prices are not excessive let us say more cheap in comparation with the quantity and the quality of the food served Our favorite dish is the mixed paela, they prepare it freshly on...

  • Cuisine of the Canary Islands

    Look for these Canaries specialties: Ranco Canario- a thick vegetable soup thickened with gofio(wholemeal or maizemeal toasted and milled.)Garbanzo Compuesto- chick pea stew Papas Viudas (roast potatoes with carrots, peas, ham, onion, green pepper and olives) Sancocho (a stew of salted sea bass with potatoes, assorted vegetables and a sauce...

  • You must try it all !!

    Canary food is quite particular. They have some really special sauces: red mojo (hot), green mojo( with cilander, mmm...), almodrote (cheesy acid one)...The small salted potatoes accompany every meal.Fish- no matter how simple- is unbelievably tasty.Desserts are to kill for. Do try them all: bienmesabe (tastes-me-nice), Oh, I better stop because...

  • Traditional Drinks

    Sangria - this is a typical Spanish drink with wine and fruit as the main ingredients. It comes served in a jug. Make sure if you and a friend share a jug that you have equal shares or you could end up staggering about after your lunch!

  • Try The Local Specialities

    You must try the typical sauces of the Canaries. I prefered the red mojo as I am a chilli lover. I found that the food in general was of a very high standard compared to some holiday destinations. There certainly seems to be quite high standards of food hygiene.

  • supreb fresh seafood

    Overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the harbour of puerto del carmen,this first class seafood restraunte is more expensive than average but so what ? You cant expect the best for the price of a macdonalds can you? Calamari,prawns and a bottle of the red stuff

  • I found several good and cheap...

    I found several good and cheap restaurants, but as I am gooing sids 14 years to Tenerife, I have a favorit.It is in Los Christianos, under the hotel ACHACAY, who is situated just in front of the Hotel PRINCESSA DACIL. When you are comming with the bus, stops at the Christianos bus station, you will see the blue publicity of Princessa Dacil. The...


    CUEVA DE LA TEAIt looks more like a touristic place,but the atmophere stays the same like everywhere.The owner and his wife doing all the work,to serve you like a king. One of the typical meat dishes here is rabbit.Try it,you won't regret it.


    CASA CHERNADon't miss this place.You will be entertained by the owner. With no doubt,the best typical Tapas of the island.


    LOS COCHORRUOS and SIBORA.They are both typical for the restaurants at the interior of the island,one side is the pub and little store,the other side the restaurant,decorated with old pics of the island. In both restaurants you can eat verry good meat,roasted on a BBQ.

  • The 'el Pino' in Puntagorda ...

    The 'el Pino' in Puntagorda and the 'Bernegal' in Garafia.Both have a very nice ambience and a friendly service At the el Pino I have had a great rabbit in a whine sauce - mmmmmhhh

  • This restaurant I want to...

    This restaurant I want to recommend now has no name and is barely a true restaurant.It´s just a small kiosk with some outside tables roofed by palmleaves.The tables are directly at the waterfront in a small romantic bay, where the palmeros have their weekend huts. During the week it´s never crowded and you can watch the waves rolling in. Fish,...

  • Pescado con mojo – fish with a...

    Pescado con mojo – fish with a spicy sauce, either green or red, accompanied by potatoes, is a traditional dish of the Canary islands.

  • We really like to find the...

    We really like to find the 'local' places and try to avoid the tourist restaurants. We found 3 very nice places. 2 in Puerto de Santiago and the other on the road between La Orotava and El Teide.Puerto de Santiago: Jardin del Sol. The man and woman working there hardly speak English so you really have to make an effort in speaking Spanish and the...

  • Again I don't remember the...

    Again I don't remember the name, but it was near the harbour of Tarzacorte. We spent hours eating 'tapas para pinchar' and watching the storm rocking the boats in the harbour.Phot: Tarzacorte main square at nice weather.

  • I don't remember the name of...

    I don't remember the name of the restaurant in Los Llanos. It was very nice looking with several small rooms decorated with nice paintings. When we went in to celebrate our last night at La Palma a man told us in Spanish that the restaurant was closed because 'El Cuchero' was sick. The signlanguage he used to illustrate his message, left nothing to...

  • El Diabalo

    The restaurant within the Timanfaya national park is an excellent, if pricey place to eat. The food is cooked from the heat of the volcano and you can actually watch the chefs cooking it. It must save them quite a small fortune in fuel costs for the cooking. Chicken ... a la volcano!

  • Wakiki Restaurant(on beach at...

    Wakiki Restaurant(on beach at Corralejo)The prices are cheap in the day but in the evenings it converts into a bistro/restaurant with a differnet menu which is slightly dearer but still cheap overall Spaghetti Carbonara.They did it perfectly.I have never tasted it so good anywhere else.

  • Fresh fish from the sea!!!!

    Fresh fish from the sea is shown at the counter so that you can choose from there what do you want. I decided for some Calamaris and Pulpo, served with Papas Arrugadas (those typical salty potatoes) and Mojo Rojo,Mojo Verde and Aioli! Delicious! There is a outdoor terrace on the promenades corner and some tables inside. All tables are with...

  • UK_Man's Restaurant Tip

    On Gran Canaria you can quite often find restaurants where you can get a 3 course meal for 10 Euros! We stayed just outside of Playa Del Ingles in Feb 2002, and we found several of these on the main shopping street. The food wasn't the best, but is was certainly good value. Watch out for the drink prices at these restaurants - they tend to be...

  • El Varadero - Playa Blanca -...

    El Varadero - Playa Blanca - LanzaroteThe food in this restaurant is relativley cheap and the waiters are very friendly which creates a brilliant atmosphere.I have been to Playa Blanca 4 times so far and we have eaten in this restaurant many nights and now know many of the waiters. Chicken in Garlic Sauce

  • TENERIFE: Los Gigantes,...

    TENERIFE: Los Gigantes, restaurant Pancho. LANZAROTE: Village of Yaiza, restaurant El Campo Puerto del Carmen, many good restaurants El Campo is in countryside, very kind stuff. TENERIFE, restaurant Pancho: fish-menu, saladsLANZAROTE, restaurant El Campo: fish of the day, every fish-dishes, salads and nearly every dishes

  • Restaurante Indonesio Bali.

    This restaurant is a place where you can go and enjoy a tasty food acompanied with a nice atmosphere and a charming service. Rijsttafel which means Ricetable

  • Earth-Grill

    I don't know the name of the place, but Earth-Grill covers it quite well! It is in the centre of the volcanic national park and due to the volcanic activity there is a stream of HOT air coming up from the ground , where they roast the meat on. It's of interesting taste and I haven't seen this way of cooking anywhere else so far... Raosted Pig

  • err, well... the ships...

    err, well... the ships restaurant!On the way to New Zealand, via South Africa, I remember eating cornflakes for the first time. That was nice!What I remember best though, were the meals on the trip back home to The Netherlands. My brothers and I ate without our parents at the first sitting of every meal. It wasn't specially for children, though. We...

  • I must admit it is not easy to...

    I must admit it is not easy to find a really good restaurant in the Canaries. Most of the restaurants are specially meant for tourists and even if the quality and prices are all right, the food is not particularly tasty. I personally prefer to taste the local food and that is only possible in the lost villages where few toutists arrive. Sometimes...

  • my favourite bar/ restaurant...

    my favourite bar/ restaurant was a place calles ST EUGENES the compare MIKE (from leeds uk)is excellent and a very funny man (also not a bad singer) the food is tasty and reasonable and the beer is chilled and cheap its great for familys/couples/older people in fact just about anyone but if you want a meal try to book the day before or you might...

  • well, they're the same. just...

    well, they're the same. just about everyone of those restaurants has the same menu. even the different cultural restaurants... but, the food is cheap and not too bad... so, you really can't go wrong. just look for one that meets your atmospheric tastes.nice outside feeling of restaurants. most of them don't have front walls and usually half of the...

  • Restaurants Almacen de la Sal...

    Restaurants Almacen de la Sal - Avda Marítima, 12 - Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. The old salt store, built at the beginning of the century, is nowadays one of the most peculiar restaurants of the island. El Burro - C/ Reina Sofia, 36 - Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. Over the old harbor of Puerto del Carmen you'll find one of the most authentic...

  • Bodega

    A place designed for tourists, with all the kitsch spanish things that make you giggle. Lots of little Madonnas on the walls in niches, serrano hanging from the ceiling and live spanish music. Didn't eat here but they do have great 'Magic Formula'cocktails ;)

  • Restaurante Avenida Del Mar

    Right on the promenade you can eat while watching the moon rise over the rocks and sea. The sea food is brilliant and u absolutely have to try canary potatoes with mojo sauce! They have the best grilled squid i've ever eaten!

  • The best place from my point...

    The best place from my point of view is Corralejo due to the North Track surf spots, there are many Restaurants along the main street in Corralejo town centre too many to mention, they are all of a good to reasonable standard. all the Restaurants have patio areas where you can sit and watch the night unfold..... Steak and Baked potato after a long...

  • Rincon Iberico...It's around...

    Rincon Iberico...It's around the corner of my apartment in San Fernando. It's a typical spanish Tapas Bar, which means you can eat some small dishes and it's very relaxing to be there. The service is very spanish, therefor it will not always be very fast but without doubt very friendly. Spanish people don't care some much about time...

  • mmmmmm..........Starter:...

    mmmmmm..........Starter: papas arrugadas (little canary potatoes) with mojo (canary sauce) and hand made bread with garlic sauce.Main course: chicken in canary sauce and 'ropa vieja' (canary speciality)and canary salade with avocados.Dessert: local fruit (depending on season).Drink: canary wine, water

  • Is situated at the beach of...

    Is situated at the beach of Pozo Izquierdo, one of the best beaches worldwide for windsurfing. Every year, the Grand Slam of Windsurfing is using Pozo Izquierdo as one of its stops. If you need a place to stay, to get some delicious food or to have a drink, come and meet Mila & Suso, the owners and runners of 'La Ola'

  • 'Volcanic Restaurant'

    I don't really remember what the place was called but it was quite amazing. The food wasn't really special, but the way they made it sure was. As Lanzarote is a volcanic island, they just dug a hole in the ground and barbecued the food on the heat from the lava underground!! Grilled chicken.

  • If you don't have breakfast in...

    If you don't have breakfast in your hotel, it's good if you have a fridge in your room. We had everything we needed for breakfast in our room, and we could eat it whenever we wanted. If you want to have your breakfast out, there are many places that serve different kinds of breakfast.


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