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    Balneario de la Concha: Expensive tapas overlooking Playa de la Concha

    by SWFC_Fan Written Oct 19, 2014

    We ate at Balneario de la Concha during our visit to Santander on New Year's Eve in December 2012.

    We had spent a few enjoyable hours walking along the almost deserted beaches of Playa de Los Peligros and Playa de la Magdalena, watching the huge Atlantic waves from the rocks on the Magdalena Peninsula and visiting the Marine Park with its penguins and seals. Now we were ready for an afternoon snack before heading back to Bilbao.

    It was a beautiful sunny day and this restaurant enjoys a great location, perched above the vast Playa de la Concha beach. The huge windows in the dining room allowed us to watch the surfers riding the waves as we enjoyed our meal. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace which I would imagine is popular in the summer months.

    The great location was reflected in the restaurant's prices, with small tapas dishes costing between €4 and €5 each.

    We decided to share the Selección de tapas (€19.90) – 5 tapas items which worked out slightly cheaper when bought in bulk rather than individually.

    The selection consisted of:

    a tortilla wrap filled with beef in a sort of teriyaki sauce;
    a mini burger with cheese and lettuce in a baguette;
    a slice of crusty bread topped with tomato puree and thinly sliced ham;
    a slice of crusty bread topped with tomato puree, white cheese, red pepper and an anchovy;
    a slice of crusty bread topped with chicken and yellow pepper.

    They were all tasty, but I didn't feel that they were good value for money at €4.00 each!

    The beers weren't too bad value at €1.95 each, but the soft drinks were quite costly at €2.00 each.

    Expensive tapas dishes...but great views over Playa de la Concha beach!

    Balneario de la Concha, Santander View from Balneario de la Concha, Santander Tapas at Balneario de la Concha, Santander Beer at Balneario de la Concha, Santander Balneario de la Concha, Santander

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    La Casa del Indiano: Pintxos bar in Mercado del Este

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Oct 19, 2014

    We visited Santander on New Year's Eve morning in December 2012.

    While Emma and her parents were browsing the shops in the Mercado del Este market building (which is located just inland from the seafront, behind Jardines de Pereda), I spied a pintxos bar and took the opportunity to sneak off for a glass of rioja and some nibbles.

    That pintxos bar was La Casa del Indiano and it had several wooden barrel-cum-tables out front and a sign advertising all pintxos at €1.00. Chalkboards above the bar advertised the various wines that were on offer. This would be the ideal place for me to hide out while the others did some shopping!

    The selection of pintxos wasn't very extensive, but I chose a rather tasty tuna baguette (€1.00) and washed it down with an enjoyable glass of Crianza Rioja (€1.70) – the "Crianza" indicating that it had been aged in an oak barrel for a year.

    La Casa del Indiano, Santander La Casa del Indiano, Santander La Casa del Indiano, Santander Tuna baguette and Rioja at La Casa del Indiano Tuna baguette at La Casa del Indiano

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    Los Peñucas, La Gaviota, El Vivero, La Chulilla...: Barrio Pesquero - Fishermen Warf

    by elpariente Written Jul 14, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the Barrio Pesquero, which is the area where the fishermen live there are restaurants where you can eat paella, good fish and even seafood
    You walk in front of the restaurants , you see how they are making paella on the street, smell the grilled fish ... and decide which is the one you like more and certainly you will not be wrong

    En el Barrio Pesquero, que es la zona donde viven los pescadores hay unos restaurantes donde se puede comer paella , buen pescado e incluso marisco
    Te das una vuelta por delante de ellos, ves las paellas que están haciendo en la calle , hueles los pescados a la plancha... y decides cual es el que más te gusta y seguro que no te equivocas

    Favorite Dish: Paella
    Rabas - Fried Calamar
    Marmita de bonito - Tuna fish stew with potatoes
    Bocartes - Fried anchovies
    Parrillada de marisco - Sea food grill
    Parrillada de pescado - Fish grill

    ... y en verano , bonito y sardinas a la plancha
    ... and in Summer time, grilled tuna fish and sardines

    Cooking paella

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    Tapas - Pinchos

    by elpariente Written Mar 23, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    DSi estás en Santander o en España , puedes utilizar esta lista donde aparecen los mejores bares y restaurantes de tapas y te recomiendan la especialidad de cada uno de ellos
    También tienes recetas para hacerte tu las tapas
    If you are in Santander or in Spain you may use this list where appear the best "Tapas"bars and restaurants and they recommend you the speciality of each one of them
    You have also receipes to make your own " tapas "

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    Restaurante Modena.: When in Rome ( or Santander )

    by Tricky_Dicky69 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is an Italian restaurant situated in the centre of Santander's old town district. The restaurant looks quite small from outside as there are only a few tables on the ground floor level but there are more tables in the basement area.

    Although quiet when we arrived the place soon got busy, mainly with locals. The menu wasn't translated into english and the staff spoke only spanish so we were glad of our phrase book as our spanish is very limited to say the least.

    Favorite Dish: Both our starters were good but our main course pizzas were a little disappointing. We noticed that the locals seemed to be sharing starters & main courses so perhaps we just ordered the obvious and a little local knowledge would have gone a long way.

    Our wine was reasonable value as were the coffees and the one shared desert. The overall experience wasn't bad but I was left feeling that the grand total price seemed just a little more than expected.

    Tricky Dicky's rating 7 / 10

    Restaurante Modena, Santander.
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    Restaurante Parrilla Gines, Santander.: Great tapas & menu of the day.

    by Tricky_Dicky69 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant looked appealing from the outside and had menus displayed - but only in Spanish. After using our phrase book long enough to realise that the tapas on offer and the menu of the day were enough to tempt us inside, in we went, only to find that the menus inside were also in English.

    Once inside we were not disappointed with our choice. The atmosphere was friendly, service was really good and the place was spotlessly clean. Although the 3 course menu of the day was tempting at 18 Euros we decided to go for a selection of tapas dishes.

    Favorite Dish: We ordered shrimps in garlic, a chorizo dish, red peppers stuffed with meat & some albondigas ( meatballs )

    Everything was good. The shrimps were more like large prawns sizzling in a delicious garlic oil. Both the chorizo & the albondigas were just as good but our favourite was the stuffed red peppers ( pimientos rellanos ) There was also plenty of crusty bread to mop up the juices. Nothing went to waste.

    The wine was a real bargain. We had a bottle of nice dry white and half a bottle of house red which came to a total of 12 Euros. This was our lunch on my birthday and was a good choice. We were full up and went back, happy, to our hotel for a siesta. We would go back again if in the area.

    Tricky Dicky's rating 9 / 10

    Restaurante Parrilla Gines, Santander. Restaurante Parrilla Gines, Santander. Restaurante Parrilla Gines, Santander. Chris at Restaurante Parrilla Gines, Santander.
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    La Rana Verde: Best patatas bravas

    by milugares Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not really a restaurant, it is more like a fast food or a tapas bar.

    Near Cañadio and a restaurant area, the place is most visited at night, but it's always a good option whenever you want a portion of its famous "patatas bravas", either as tapas at lunchtime, for teenagers and families in the evening or busy at night.

    Favorite Dish: Patatas bravas!!
    Patatas alioli or
    Patatas with several sauces

    La Rana verde - great bravas in Santander
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  • Restaurante Zacarias: Check the tariff

    by silurian Written Dec 5, 2009

    Charming English speaking proprietor, pleasant non-smoking restaurant but vastly over priced items on the menu. Would only recommend if you have won the lottery. One small portion of hake cost 24 euros(cheapest item on the menu)with vegetables extra. If you like fish we would recommend the restaurants in the Fishermen's Barrio for value and local flavour

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    .: Snacking

    by bonio Written Jan 6, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Called into several cafes on our travels around town, no full meals for us but enjoyed snacks on offer.
    Special mention to the friendly cafe Feve at the feve railway station.
    "Thumbs up" also to cafe Espanyol close to the rail and bus station and Cerverceria Cruz Blanca on Calle Hernan Cortes

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    Gran Mundo: Chinese

    by bonio Written Jan 4, 2009

    Not too far from our hotel and welcome on a rainy evening.
    Good tasty Chinese food with plenty to tempt Mrs Bonio in the vegetarian offerings.
    Friendly and comfortable, pretty busy on a Monday evening too.
    Enjoyed our meal here.

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    Santander - Restaurant La Cania.

    by pfsmalo Written Dec 14, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Set back slightly from El Sardinero beach this was a bit of a splash-out as it was our last night in Spain. As in most restaurants in Spain, cigarette smoke is a problem, although it is illegal, but here there is a large part reserved for non-smokers. The bar was crowded as the local Santander football team were playing Real Madrid that evening but we had no problem with a table .

    Favorite Dish: We both had Calamar for our hors d'oeuvres and they were superb. Followed by a Chateaubriand in a delicious pepper sauce.

    We paid 58 euros for two inc coffee and wine.

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  • Valors: Best Chocolate con Chorros

    by suzr Written Jun 20, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the best Chocolate con Chorros I had in Spain. It's made from high quaility chocolate.
    They also did chocolate fondue and lots of other chocolatey concotions.
    Don't plan to eat for a few hours afterwards!

    Favorite Dish: Chocolate con Chorros

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    I wish I knew the name

    by katepj Updated Apr 6, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's on the seafront so nice location. The bar is comfortable, and there is plenty of outside seating. They are friendly. I have no idea if they speak English as I spoke Spanish.
    Coincidentally my partner also visited the same place - on different journeys to me and thought it was good too. Neither of us knew the other had been (we don't communicate well....!)
    Loads of Spaniards inside so had to be good... Fine for women on their own too.

    Favorite Dish: I had a great salad - one from the menu and I asked for a slight variation - no problem, freshly made, and excellent.
    Partner had sandwiches when he went there and said they were great, he also got one to take out for later. Good for vegetarians or vegans.

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    Rhin: Eating on the beach

    by DanielF Updated Mar 6, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do not let the gawky observation deck put you off this restaurant! The sea views from themain dining room are unbeatable, as it is litterally built on the First Beach of El Sardinero. The ambience is classic and elegant; and the food is of the best quality, focusing obviously on fish specialities.

    Book one window table for a memorable meal.

    The restaurant makes part of a local hotels group (Grupo Rhin), which includes a hotel across the road (Hotel Rhin), which also has a celebrated restaurant (La Cúpula del Rhin).

    Hotel Rhin
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    El Diluvio: Most Popular Pinchos

    by DanielF Updated Feb 23, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rather than tapas, Santander and the rest of Northern Spain prefer to have pinchos to accompany their midday appéritif. They tend to be more elaborate and the name refers to the stick that holds the food. The etiquete is similar in all the places and is based on a trust relationship: you take or ask for as many pinchos as you like from the trays displayed at the counter and you tell the waiter at the end how many they were, so it is important to keep track of all your consumptions.

    There are many places scattered around the city to sample pinchos with a glass of beer or a vermouth, but one of the most popular for the quality and the large variety of the offer is El Diluvio, which is located in front of the Mercado del Este. It attracts a crowd of office workers from the nearby area and is usually cramped before lunch.

    The food does not attain the level of sophistication and innovation of the most prestigious bars in Saint Sebastian or Bilbao, but it is quite satisfactory nonetheless.

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