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Map of Castilla-La Mancha









Puerto Lápice




Talavera de la Reina


Alcalá del Jùcar




Ciudad Real


Molina de Aragón


La Calzada de Calatrava




Campo de Criptana














Valverde de los Arroyos










Los Navalmorales


Gascueña de Bornova






El Toboso





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  • Alcazar

    Toledo Things to Do

    Alcazar castle has very long and old history. Romans built military camp on the highest hill of Toledo. Roman palace was built there later, then Visigothic Castle. During the Moorish rule Alcazar appeared. Then city was liberated by Castilians in 1085 castle again became Christian. Castle was reconstructed during the rule of King Carlos I (Holy...

  • Parador de Oropesa

    Toledo Hotels

    The Parador de Toledo is a unique experience. A converted Manor House owned and run by the Spanish...

  • Cristo de la Luz

    Toledo Things to Do

    Church of Cristo la Luz or Christ of the Light was founded as the mosque on December 13, 999. We know that from survived inscription in Arabic and it says “Basmala! Ahmad Ibn Hadidi ordered the construction of this mosque, paid with his own private wealth, to gain God’s reward after death. It was finished, with God’s help, by Musa Ibn Ali as the...



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  • Ciudad Encantada

    Cuenca Things to Do

    More than 20 Km out of town a very well promoted park may be... a nice stroll or a touristy trap. I read that it looks like Cappadocia, and that is insane. It is nothing special, but if you like an easy walk in natural environment, then it may be a very interesting option. The trail is easy, less than 3 Km long, and the rocks do show some odd...

  • Parador de Cuenca

    Cuenca Hotels

    The Parador is excellent. It is an old Convent, so the building itself is everything you would dream...

  • Carmelites convent

    Cuenca Things to Do

    A convent from the 16th century, located at the castle's entrance, was occupied since 1602 by the "Carmelitas descalzas". Nowadays it is used by the "Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo" and the museum of the foundation António Perez.



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  • Traditional products

    Valdepeñas Shopping

    You cannot leave Valdepeñas and La Mancha without buying some wine and a cheese. La Mancha area has also a very good reputation for its cheese, manchego cheese is one of the bests in Spain. If you go directly to the places of production you can buy good products for ridiculous prices. For logistic reasons I did not want to buy anything. So it was...

  • Hotel Central

    Valdepeñas Hotels

    C/ Capitan Fillol 4, Valdepenas, 13300, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • A nice competition

    Valdepeñas Local Customs

    During Christmas time Valdepeñas organises a competition to choose the best decorated shop window. Everybody do their best but only one shop can take the price and this year (2009) the winner was “El Desván”. El Desván is a "mercería" (notions store). If you need some buttons, sockets, wool . . . this is your shop. It is the kind of traditional...


Puerto Lápice

See all 23 Puerto Lápice Tips
  • Eat like Don Quijote

    Puerto Lápice Restaurants

    This is a unique restaurant devoted to Don Quijote and the dishes during the XVI century, all very original and with old names. All wsere delicious and very original. The names are very old, today we do not use them.

  • The Inn

    Puerto Lápice Things to Do

    This is a typical Spanish inn of the era that was featured in Cervantes "Don Quijote". This is where Don Quijote met his beautiful lady in waiting ( a barmaid).

  • A Community Square

    Puerto Lápice Things to Do

    During the towns fairs and festivals, the Plaza is used for entertainment in the form of theatre and dancing. In the centre of the plaza is a unique water wheel which looks like it is made up of bits and pieces of a farm surrounded by two seating areas with tiled backs with pictures and quotes from Don Quixote.



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  • The castle

    Consuegra Things to Do

    The castle is situated by the windmills, on top of the hill. It is a 10th century fortress, built by the mourish rulers of Cordoba, to prevent attacks and conquests of the northern Castilla. From then on, it has been refurbished and adapted accordingly to different ephoques and rulers, including a chapel. Nowadays it is open for visiting, although...

  • The castle and windmills

    Consuegra Things to Do

    Consuegra's main attractions are situated outside the city, on top of a hill named Calderico overlooking the surroundig plains and the city itself. From up there, you enjoy magnificent views both over the city and the Castilla la Mancha plains. We visited in Summer, so the surrounding fields varied between light shades of brown and green, providing...

  • Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz church

    Consuegra Things to Do

    The church's belfry and cupula stand out when seen for afar, that is, from the windmills. Also, when in city centre it is near the Plaza de España, so it is worth taking a look at it. This neo-baroque church dates from the 18th century and it is dedicated to Cristo de la Vera Cruz, the city's patron.


Talavera de la Reina

Alcalá del Jùcar

  • rooves of alcala

    Alcalá del Jùcar Favorites

    As soon as you approach the slope of the river Jucar canyon, you have stunning views of the the picturesque houses of alcala from above.

  • Troglodyte dwellings

    Alcalá del Jùcar Favorites

    The rocks to which Alcala clings are full of natural grottoes and tunnels. Like in many parts of Spain, the inhabitants of Alcala del Jucar have learned the advantages of living in caves: comfortable and stable temperature all year round and a cozy and unique atmosphere.

  • Agro Nights in the Cave

    Alcalá del Jùcar Nightlife

    Normally you do not expect a great night life in such a lost and small locality. However Alcala del Jucar boasts one of the weirdest venues I have ever seen. A large section of the grottoes and tunnels that cross the canyon have been transformed into a bizarre combination of cafe - discotheque - museum, that really deserves a visit even if you are...



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  • Cheese

    Almagro Shopping

    Cheese is a very typical product, not only in Almagro, but in the whole region of Castilla-La Mancha. Maybe you have heard "Queso Manchego" (cheese from La Mancha).

  • Rusticae La Casa Del Rector

    Almagro Hotels

    Pedro Oviedo 8 Cuidad Real, Almagro, Ciudad Real,

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Almagro by Night

    Almagro Things to Do

    If you happen to spend the night in Almagro, don't forget to stroll it, you won't regret!Pics: - Main: City Hall- Second: Plaza Mayor- Third: St. Augustine Church- Fourth: Street in Almagro- Fifth: Convento de la Asunción de Calatrava


Ciudad Real

See all 9 Ciudad Real Tips
  • la zurra and pandorga - last 3 days in...

    Ciudad Real Things to Do

    La zurra is the start to a great few days in ciudad real. The festival is on the last 3 days in July. Basically you go to a park with your friends and make a massive bowl of drink usually consisting of wine, lemonade, coca cola, sugar and lemon. From this you drink and throw the drink over anyone. There is live music playing throughout this and...

  • Hotel Guadiana Ciudad Real

    Ciudad Real Hotels

    Guadiana 36, Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha, 13002, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Daimiel

    Ciudad Real Things to Do

    It seems that most of the people that stay in Daimiel, do it because the proximity to the National Park (as we did LOL), and there is a big publicity campaign promoting that also people should visit the city of Daimiel. I will not say it is an spectacular one, but It deserve a visit, it will only take you a couple of hours to enjoy the few churches...


Molina de Aragón

  • What is in a name

    Molina de Aragón Local Customs

    Molina reached a particular significance during the Muslim occupation, when it even was the capital of a small Taifa kingdom.The town was rescued from the Islamic oppresion by the Kings of Aragon in the XII century and that is the reason why it bears such a family name (de Aragón). In the XIII century, Molina became Castillian but has preserved its...

  • Cock river

    Molina de Aragón Things to Do

    The river Gallo flows across the town of Molina. In the background you can see the tower of the convent of San Francis, topped by a wind statue (Giraldillo) in the same fashion than the Giralda tower in Seville. In the second picture, you can see the three arched Romanesque bridge over the Cock river, one of the most scenic corners in town.

  • Aristocratic manors

    Molina de Aragón Favorites

    A number of small rural palaces can still be admired in Molina that belonged to the aristocratic families that ruled these lands. Of these, the Lara family is the most outstanding.


La Calzada de Calatrava


See all 4 Jávea Tips
  • Fraud

    Jávea Warnings and Dangers

    Javea Bay Villas Unauthorised to hire certain villas but still very willing to take your deposit and run! Do not deal with Sally Taylor. Do not pay her through pppay as you may never see your money again.

  • Javea Market

    Jávea Shopping

    Every Thursday Javea has a market in the Town area. It's usually quite busy in the summer months and tricky to find a parking spot!There's everything here from Leather, jewellery to sweets and fruit! Lots of the stalls will haggle, especially those that don't display their prices.

  • Not the best place for a thrilling night...

    Jávea Nightlife

    Javea doesn't have a huge selection of nightclubs or discos. Usually things don't start to get going until the early hours of the morning.The Arenal area is probably the best place to look for a good selection of bars and restaurants. There is also the Moli Blanc nightclub nearer town on the Cabo de la Nao road.Out of season lots of the bars and...


Campo de Criptana

  • on a hill above the town are many...

    Campo de Criptana Things to Do

    It is said that Consuegra with its dozen windmills is the most photogenic or impressive of all the windmill spots - but Campo de Criptana's collection of 10 or so makes an impressive visit also!The sun was setting when I got here which meant I had less light than I would have preferred but the next day on another clear blue sunny Spanish day when I...

  • By Car

    Campo de Criptana Transportation

    Campo de Criptana is about 150 kms. south of Madrid. From this city, take road A-4 to Puerto Lápice, then turn left to Alcázar de San Juan and Campo de Criptana.Or check:...

  • General Info

    Campo de Criptana Favorites

    Tourism OfficeBarbero, 3913610 Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)España/Spain- Tel.: (+34) 926 56 39 31- Fax: (+34) 926 56 22 31- Internet: E mail:



See all 4 Riópar Tips
  • Green Oasis

    Riópar Things to Do

    15 walking to get the waterfall and the rocky "pot"..surrounded by lusj vegetation and all green like the pyrinees mountains..its just a day trip 2, 3 hours as max no more to behold this grand natural marvelThen i suggest to go to have lunch to Riópar where at the end of the avenue surrounded by leafy trees you could see a great restaurant with...

  • Waterfalls

    Riópar Things to Do

    Stunning soil and slope track rides to the top where you can touch the pouring water falling down from the highest point ....the floor is quite slippery but it worth while the feeling ..All the sloped path is protected by a wooden fence so its not harm For the most adventorous people you can climb higher from that point where the water falls and...

  • An Amazing Cascade

    Riópar Things to Do

    This Natural Oval over 100 meters high is full of waterfalls running down ... this water spurts from the top of the cliff in fact there is a inner caves and galleries (15kms long and 4kms wide) where the pouring rain and snow put on and then it filter by the cracks of the walls and become a waterfall and some small lakes where you can plunge indeed


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