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    Plaza Mayor
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    Outside the cathedral
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Palencia Things to Do

  • Roman Villa

    La Olmeda,60 kms.North of Palencia (near Saldaña), is one of the greatest roman houses ruins in Europe. For visiting it every day except on Mondays. Tuesday afternoon is free (15,30 to 18,30).

  • Puentecillas

    Puentecillas is the most famous bridge in Palencia.A pedestrian one builded in the Middle Age,possibly on an roman little bridge.The park around full of indian chestnut trees is beautiful.

  • Roman House

    The Villa Romana in Quintanilla de la Cueza is about 40 kms.Nordwest of Palencia.It was a kind of manor built in Third Century and whose wreckage was discovered in 1970. The best are the well conserved tiles and a system of heating called hipocaustum.Something similar to the one used for the inhabitants of this area until not many years ago....

  • Autilla Viewpoint

    Autilla is situated about 9 kms.far away from Palencia taking the N-611 road towards Villalon,and then taking the road towards Villamartín where there is another road which comes to the top of the hill where Autilla is situated.Another way is taking the B road from Palencia towards Ampudia. From the viewpoint can be seen more than 30 villages.The...

  • Casa Arroyo

    The house was built by Jerónimo Arroyo,whose statue is front of it,as if he would be taking notes or drawing something.It can fe found very close to Plaza Mayor.The best sight is at night.

  • Diputación

    The Diputación is a palace build in 1914 by a local architect,Jerónimo Arroyo.Just entering in look up the ceiling:there is a large painting showing the women of Palencia fighting against the English .As a result of their heroism they got the golden ribbons over their traditional dresses.

  • Frómista

    Frómista is a village 40 kms.away from Palencia on the way to Santander.San Martin church is one of most significant monuments of the whole spanish Romanesque.It can be classified as an archetype of Romanesque expression of the last third of the XI Century.

  • Cristo del Otero

    It is a huge concrete sculpture builded in 1931 on the top of a conical hill (otero).With 30 meter high is the second tallest sculpture of Christ in the world,after the one of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.It seems a kind of lighthouse for people of Palencia when they are coming to the town.It is possible to come up by car or on foot because it's...

  • Calle Mayor

    Calle Mayor,Main Street,is the most important street in Palencia.It is crowded when the shops (a lot) are going to close at 1,30 PM and 7,30 PM.

  • Church of San Francisco

    This franciscan foundation was erected in the XIII Century.One century later was seat of the royal courts and residence of the queens and kings of Castile.It was declared Natinal Monument in 1962.

  • San Miguel

    San Miguel Tower was builded by the XIII Century.The church began to be builded in the XI Century and ended a century later.It shows the transition from Romanesque to Gothic style.

  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Palencia is here called "The Beautiful Unknown One",because not many tourists come to this town.I can see it from my window and as a curiosity I counted more than 200 storks on its roof last August.

  • Palencia Mave -Santa María

    En el pueblo de Mave está el conjunto de iglesia y hospedería de Mave La iglesia es una de las grandes joyas del románico español con clara influencia francesa que se terminó en 1208 . Fue un monasterio benedictinoTienen una Hospedería muy buena , que puede ser una buena opción para estar en un sitio antiguo , tranquilo y agradableIn the Mave...

  • Palencia - San Pedro de Moarves 2

    No podemos olvidar el pórtico con sus talla s humanas que representan los oficios :músico , sansón ...We can not forget the Portico with the human carvings that represent the trades :musicians , Sanson ,...

  • Palencia - San Pedro de Moarves

    Este pequeño pueblo posee una iglesia parroquial románica con uno de los más delicados apostolados del románico presidido por un Pantocrátor sobre la portada con capiteles profusamente tallados de figuras humanas. Es sin duda una de las mejores obras del románico palentino. En el interior tallas góticas de Vírgenes con el Niño, del siglo XIV. ( es...

  • Palencia - Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos

    Una familia lleva más de 5 generaciones cuidando y mimando esta iglesia y es un placer cuando uno de ellos te explica la historia , las anécdotas y todos los detalles de la iglesia para que por un rato te puedas sentir parte del pasado medievalEs una iglesia construida en la primera mitad del siglo XII, de una sola nave en dos tramos, que se cubren...

  • Palencia - San Andrés del Arroyo

    Es un convento de madres de clausura que por algún extraño motivo no permiten hacer fotografías Tiene un claustro mezcla de románico y gótico que es muy interesanteIt is a convent of nuns that for some unknown reason do not allow to make photographsthere is a very interesting cloister mix of Romanesque and Gothic

  • Palencia-Villalcázar de Sirga

    En el Camino de Santiago está este pueblo que tiene una iglesia monumental , la de Santa María la Blanca que perteneció a los templariosEs un templo de transición entre románico y gótico También se la conoce como Villasirga y bien vale hacerle una visita In the Camino de Santiago is this village that has a monumental church , Santa María la Blanca...


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Palencia Restaurants

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    by elpariente Updated Jun 7, 2006

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    Un mesón en el centro de la plaza Mayor , que no olvidarás

    A Restaurant in the center of the main square , that you will not forget

    Favorite Dish: La sopa castellana, lechazo asado y para terminar el "Licor del Peregrino".

    The Castillan Soup , roast lamb and to finish the "Pilgrim liqueur"

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Palencia Nightlife

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    by albert34 Written Aug 22, 2006

    On weekends La Zona is crowded with people in their twenties.It consist of 2 streets mainly:Rizarzuela and Estrada full of bars and disco-bars.
    There are more people on streets a usual saturday at 4 AM that 4 PM.

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Palencia Transportation

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    by albert34 Written Sep 2, 2006

    The more inexpensive and easiest way to go to Palencia is the following one:
    From Madrid airport:By subway (metro) to Nuevos Ministerios stop and then line 10 to Chamartin railways station.
    There are 7 "regional" trains whose timetables are:8'30, 11'30, 13'30, 14'30, 17'30, 18'30, 20,30 . The trip last 3 hours. There also are other trains more expensive.

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Palencia Local Customs

  • Holy Week

    Although the best processions in Spain are the ones from Sevilla,Zamora and Valladolid;Holy Week in Palencia is more and more important.Seven days of processions,but Holy Friday is the main day.

  • San Antolín

    September 2 is the main day in the year for "palentinos".That day is in a week of festivities. Bullfights,special theater seasons,street music,fireworks,concerts...and many,many people.

  • Santo Toribio

    It is believed that bishop Toribio was stoned by people of Palencia in V Century.Years later he was a saint.A kind of memorial day is April 16.Members of the Council Hall staff throw on to the people hundreds of bags with bread and cheese.


Palencia Warnings and Dangers

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    by albert34 Written Sep 8, 2006

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    December and January are months with frequent foggy days.Valladolid and Palencia have the record in Spain.In fact there is an area for that in center Castilla-León;all the plateau below 900 meter above sea level.
    Take care when driving those days.

    Fog.From my window. A cold day.The Cathedral on the right.

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Palencia Off The Beaten Path

  • Birdwatching

    The wetland of La Nava is located at 2 kilometer of the village of Fuentes de Nava and 25 kms. Nordwest of Palencia.It host 210 bird species.From October to March more than 42.000 birds were counted,included 10.000 geese (anser anser) and mallards.In spring there are coots,lapwings and more.The lagoon is almost dry in summer and is the opportunity...

  • Covalagua

    Covalagua is a natural area comprising a cave (Cueva de los Franceses),the viewpoint of Valcavado and a river emerging from a cave whose name is the same of the area,Covalagua. The viewpoint is 1220 meter above sea level and you can see Valderredible Valley 100 meter down. Cueva de los Franceses has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.The...

  • Mushrooms

    More and more people go to the pinewoods in central Palencia province to collect "níscalos" (Lactarius deliciusus) in October and November,until the first frozen days.


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