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Salamanca Things to Do

  • Catedral Vieja - Old Cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Old Cathedral of Salamanca was built between 1140 and 1200. Sounds very strange but today you cannot see this cathedral from outside. New Cathedral built in XVI-XVIII centuries totally covered its predecessor. The only way to see the Old Cathedral from outside is to go up on the belfry. This belfry is known as Ieronimus. Visitors are allowed to...

  • Catedral Nueva - New Cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The New Cathedral stands beside the Old Cathedral and is considerably larger It was constructed during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, after in the beginning of the 15th century, The interior architecture and decorations of the New Cathedral are rich and elegant Three chapels that are worth mentioning are the Golden Chapel, the Chapel of the...

  • Plaza Mayor

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Plaza Mayor or main square of Salamanca was built between 1729-1755 according to orders of King Felipe V. He was the first King of Spain from new Bourbon dynasty and he was grateful to citizens of Salamanca for their support during the War for Spanish Succession. First time this square was used for traditional bullfights but later it became one of...


Salamanca Hotels

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Salamanca Restaurants

  • Diner dishes and milkshakes too

    Set to be an old 50's style American diner, this place has a style not conforming to the Spanish norm. The inside has lots of old time photos, old record LP covers, some life-size reliefs of Elvis the King, etc. The chairs even have those cherry red vinyl covers found in the old diners.But what is a bit out of place is the fact that the music...

  • Close to Plaza Mayor

    Excellent local food. A bit expensive, it's true, but it's a good idea to go there if you can afford it. It's recommendable to book in advance, the place is not too big.

  • Great food in the heart of Salamanca!

    The DELICATESSEN Café is sited in the very heart of Salamanca, being just aside to The Universidad de Salamanca & Casa de las Conchas. The place itself seems small from outside although once that you are in, the space expands itself and they have also a little terrace covered very cosy. The restaurant is very trendy and modern decorated and also...


Salamanca Nightlife

  • Night tunos

    Salamanca is full of nightlife activities, the best example for this is the tunos, who are mainly university students who sing in the Plaza Mayor. They sing specially for women that is why they are so romantic and nice that every woman can fall in love with them. I like the tunos very much so this is an excuse to go back there, they are so...

  • Nightlife like no other

    Salamanca has so much to offer in this respect.. jacko's (a bar dedicated to micheal jackson) is great if you like obscenely large drinks on the cheap.. camelot is a club that can be quite cheesy.. usually only entered into on a friday/saturday..when everyones there dancing their socks off to the grease soundtrack and forgetting to be...

  • Late late late

    Salamanca is crazy. People dont go out clubbing till well after 1am 2am.... its friendly, cheap and fun. Crap music but thats half of the fun. This town is a mix of old people and young people, very little in between casual


Salamanca Transportation

  • To Salamanca by train

    To my mind the most convenient way to get Salamanca from Madrid is to take a train at Chamartin Rail Way Station. It took about two hours to get Salamanca from Madrid by train. You can also get Salamanca by the train from Avila as we did. Rail way station is not big but quite comfortable to wait for a train. It takes only half an hour to get...

  • How to come in and out ,Salamanca

    nice city with a cluster old city center. Still I come by car when visiting the city in the past.Easiest for most I think is to take a bus or train from Madrid. bus Avanzabus and train Renfe. takes about 2 hrs.By car take the fast expressway A-50; and there from other points the roads A-62 and A-66 are also helpful.The city center is pedestrian and...

  • Salamanca train station

    Salamanca train station is a modern building, trains from Madrid take about 150 minutes. The trains are run by RENFE.from Madrid Chamartin station. There are also buses to and from Madrid


Salamanca Shopping

  • Expensive, but nice

    I was browsing in the window of this shop just around the corner from the Casa de Los Muertes, when I happened to notice some cool looking mini-iron chairs. I have a very small collection of these objects, so I decided to go inside and check it out. The store had all kinds of cool artistic objects, photos, paintings, glassware and ceramics, but...

  • Main market

    The main market in Salamanca is nothing special to look at like La Boqueria in Barcelona or some of the other great markets in Europe, but it does have a full array of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, cheeses and more. It's worth a peek especially since it's just off of Plaza Mayor in the adjacent Plaza Mercado. You can find...

  • Typical sweets and cakes

    The nuns in Convento de las Dueñas make some tasty typical sweets which you can buy at the convent.You can also buy a ticket to visit part of the convent and enjoy the cloister.


Salamanca Local Customs

  • Pissing publicly on the monuments.

    Since I never seen such procedures as the *** on the monuments I concluded this was local custom. That’s young gentleman didn’t use public toilet, he didn’t try to have a *** under the bridge in hundred meters away he just preferred to *** at the stones of monument and did it quite publicly.

  • Leonese Nationalism

    I noticed this placard on the building of Professional Conservatory of Music in the city of Salamanca. Since this is the institution of the Government of Castile and Leon (Junta de Castilla y Leon) there was appropriate inscription. Local nationalists painted over the word Castilla (Castile). At the coats of arms of Castile and Leone they covered...

  • Tuna groups

    Tunas are groups of university students who wear 17th Century minstrel costumes and sing/play old Spanish songs in public places. Each faculty has its own tuna, and each tuna has a different colour sash, depending on the faculty. They sing songs, play instruments (guitar, bandurria, tambourine, accordion, bongo drums, etc.) dance, perform stunts,...


Salamanca Warnings and Dangers

  • Unwanted/sleazy attention from guys

    If you're a girl, you'll probably get hit on at the discos. It can be fun, but sometimes it gets sleazy. My professor told us that telling the guy you have a boyfriend usually works, because it means that you're the property of another guy, but I tried that and it didn't work. A guy in a disco kept asking me for a kiss and I always refused. Then,...

  • Rip off Language schools

    In case you are looking for places to study Spanish, I want to warn you of a particularly bad school in Salamanca called Colegio Delibes.I attended the school for two months, and while the teaching was average to good, the administration of the school of was atrocious. A potential outbreak of lethal meningitis was mishandled from the outset,...

  • Salamanca is safe

    I personally think that Salamanca is a very safe city. My hostfamily hoped that I wouldn't walk alone while it's dark out, but I still did it every night during 2 weeks. There was absolutely no problems. Just keep your head with you, and there is nothing to worry, or be afraid of. Such a wonderful city!


Salamanca Tourist Traps

  • Be aware when calling overseas!!

    Spanish phones are very, very expensive when calling overseas. After spending in phone booths a lot of Euros, i learnt my lesson! A friend gave me a number that he uses and he gets much cheaper rates. I call through this number which is 902 99 53 01, from any land line or phone booth, and all i pay is just 4 cents a minute at nights and weekends,...

  • Buying from street vendors

    If you buy something from a street vendor, the object you buy might not be very good quality. I never had any problems, but one girl in my group bought a pair of sunglasses from a street vendor, and they broke a few days later. If you're buying something that has the potential to break (sunglasses, jewelry, other accessories and nick-nacks), treat...

  • The closer to the Plaza Mayor, the more...

    Since the Plaza Mayor is the middle of town and the most crowded (with both locals and tourists), the stores and restaurants have more expensive prices there. At the cafe where my favorite tuna played (right in the Plaza Mayor), an average-sized water bottle cost 2.5 Euros, while the corner stores further away from the Plaza Mayor sold big water...


Salamanca What to Pack

  • It's hot in the summer

    On both trips, I brought one suitcase and my backpack. During my second trip, I also bought a kid's backpack in a bookstore in Salamanca to carry extra stuff that I was bringing back. Since it was lime green, it was easy to spot when I retrieved my luggage at the airport! Comfortable summer clothes for the day. It can get hot in the summer. It...

  • Packing List

    Nothing special to take, just yourself and enjoy it.Salamaca is one of the great places specially for solo travellers Maybe a book to read while enjoying a sunny afternoon in a terrace drinking a glass of wine?just a suggestion lol

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Salamanca Off The Beaten Path

  • Monument to Maestro Salinas

    You will easily find this monument at Calle Mayor or Main Street near Casa de Las Conchas and Clerecia Church. Francisco Salinas (1513-1590) was famous Spanish theorist of music and organist. Although he was blind from early childhood he became the professor of Salamanca University.

  • La Purisima Church

    Church of the Convent of Agustinas Recoletas de Monterrey was built in first half of XVII century. Construction was ordered and financed by Manuel de Fonseca y Zúñiga he planned to have there his family pantheon. The same time, entire convent supposed to become a place for the seclusion of his daughter. Three architects Juan Gómez de Mora,...

  • Iglesia de San Benito

    Church of San Benito or saint benedict was founded in 1104 by settlers arrived from Galicia, although present appearance this church received after the reconstruction in early XVI century, after the reform undertaken by Archbishop Alonso de Fonseca and Acevedo. I was told that interior has a nave with star-ribbed vaults, highlighting the graves of...


Salamanca Sports & Outdoors

  • Soccer is huge in Spain

    During my first trip to Spain, I was there during the World Cup. Spain in general is obsessed with soccer. Every sports magazine has at least one soccer player on the cover, and soccer games are often playing on tv or on the radio. I remember on the bus coming back from Barcelona, they had the World Cup on the radio and Spain's team was playing at...

  • Cycling

    Apparently cycling is very popular in Salamanca. I remember during my first trip (June 2002), at one point some of the roads were blocked off for a bicycle race or something like that. My host father often went out biking in the afternoons too.

  • Swimming

    There aren't any beaches, but there are a few outdoor swimming pools in Salamanca. Very useful if you find the weather too hot! They're in an enclosed space, and the one I went to also has an area where you can sit down in the grass and relax. Your swimsuit, towel, and pool/beach sandals. If you don't have these things, there are many stores in...


Salamanca Favorites

  • Bypassing the city

    It always makes me feel sorrow when I pass in Salamanca, going somewhere else - I only visited the city once, slept only one night, and left with the idea that I should come back with more time. No way!I passed there a dozen times since then, but always with a few hours to arrive somewhere. No! Salamanca deserves to have another planned visit, and...

  • La Tuna

    When I say "tuna", I'm not talking about fish. I'm talking about the traditional groups of very cute male students (each faculty has its own group, represented by a different colour) who dress in olden-days minstrel/troubadour costumes and sing/play traditional Spanish songs in public places. They're very talented (both musically, and in the fun...

  • The nightlife

    The nightlife in Salamanca is great! The discos and bars are all downtown, and within walking distance of each other. Also, they don't have a cover charge, and drinks are usually cheap. I adore the music they play at discos - mostly Spanish pop, like David Bisbal (they played his music in pretty much every bar!), David Civera, Chenoa, Marcos...


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