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  • songs from 19th century!
    songs from 19th century!
    by mindcrime
  • Roman Aqueduct
    Roman Aqueduct
    by el_ruso
  • View of Segovia from Alcazar
    View of Segovia from Alcazar
    by cambrodu

Segovia Things to Do

  • The Aqueduct

    The Aqueduct of Segovia (or more precisely, the aqueduct bridge) is a Roman aqueduct and one of the most significant and best-preserved ancient monuments left on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the foremost symbol of Segovia, as evidenced by its presence on the city's coat of arms.

  • The Alcazar

    Half fortress half palace, the Alcazar doesn't look Spanish but German, reminding us the Bayern or Rhine castles. However, it really fits well in location, in a steep hill upon the river. Despite the successive fires, damages and restorations, it keeps being a really interesting piece of architecture.

  • The Old Town

    If you walk across old town (and you surely must do it) you will be so impressed by the immensity of monuments, that you risk not to look in detail, to the magnificent collection of old houses, in traditional style. Now that you're alerted, take your time, and enjoy.


Segovia Hotels

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Segovia Restaurants

  • Food and Ambiance

    You will surely see the local performance of cutting the suckling pig only by hitting it with the edge of a dish. We saw it at Jose Maria, where we were taken for the first time by local politicians (experts, I presume). A delicious meal, repeated several times, without local company. I went to Segovia for the first time in 2002, and after that...

  • Not just bad service: ANTI TOURIST...

    The food was adequate but not remarkable. Perhaps a little too salty.We had the following anti-tourist incident there: We went into this restaurant and ordered a starter, some drinks, and 2 entrees. The drinks came but the starter did not. After a reasonable amount of time the entrees came. About 10 minutes after we finished the entrees I started...

  • Mesón La Oficina

    Another excellent restaurent in Segovia. Speciality, cochinillo.To know more about ths dish, go to the Cochinillo Segoviano tip in this Restaurants section.


Segovia Nightlife

  • una cerveza por favor!

    This beautiful small pub was a great surprise for me. We were wondering around small streets behind San Milan church. It was a hot afternoon and I wanted a place with a cold beer when we saw LA ESCALERA pub just a few steps below the street that goes to plaza Mayor. t was a great afternoon! On the screen we watched the match Turkey-Czech Reb 3-2...

  • Irish Bars

    There are two Irish bars just off the plaza mayor in Segovia, Canavans and the Limerick. Neither are particularly Irish, nor was the Guinness particularly good in my experience.

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Segovia Transportation

  • Train

    I had arrived from Irun by AVE fast train at Segovia AVE station, the first thing i saw were cows grasing in a field, has the ave station is out of town, then the bus arrived that meets the train. Number 11 bus goes to the Aqueduct, and number 12 to bus station. This station is way out of town so you need the bus. The train i had left was going to...

  • Bus #11 from the Train Station

    Bus #11 from the train station to the aqueduct worked great. One euro, each way (September 2013). The photo shows the traffic circle on one side of the aqueduct and there are several bus lines that stop there. On that side of the aqueduct the bus coming from the station will circle around and stop facing away from the aqueduct. The #11 bus going...

  • Bus to AVE station

    Bus to AVE station leave from near Aqueduct in Pza Artilleria at regular intervals. Times are on number 11 bus stop. Shadow is from Aqueduct so you see how near the stop is. Actually the stop is the white board next to street light.


Segovia Shopping

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  • Pastelería El Alcázar (Segovia, Spain)

    Sweets You should not buy anything from these racists.I walked in today. A woman was sitting down behind the counter and just yelled "closed" at me. I had not even spoken a word (in English or Spanish). The sign on the door said "abierto", so I said should I turn it to "cerrado" if you are closed. She said "no" and I thought nothing of it. As I...

  • Ponche Segoviano

    They sell, apart from many other yummy cakes, their speciality, Ponche Segoviano, a very typical product.Go to Restaurant Tips just to find out what it is made of and the recipe (from some links I give you), but it is a registered product, so that, don't try to cook it on your own. I really don't know if it is expensive or not, just, if you are in...

  • lets go picnic!

    There are many souvenir shops all over the town but most of them near plaza Mayor and on the street that leads from plaza to Mayor to Alcazar (calle Marques del Arco). They sell more or less the same products and with no great difference in prices. Although I don’t like touristic souvenirs I found some of them interesting for me too but I bought...


Segovia Local Customs

  • Beer and Tapas

    Buy a beer and get free Tapas. This one 1-50 Euro. The wide main street of Sagovia has loads of Bars and Cafes.

  • Check out the tiled roofs!

    My Spanish teacher in Madrid actually came from Segovia and she's the one who made me aware that people in Segovia have traditionally built their tiled roofs upside down - or maybe I should say downside up! If you look at most roofs, you'll notice that the tiles are laid down facing upwards instead of downwards. The important thing is that it keeps...

  • Mudéjar style

    This is what cought my eye almost immediately after I finished "WOWing" at the Aqueduct. Once I passed the most important landmark and went towards the city center I noticed that many buildings in the city have some interesting ornaments that decorate the exterior. Mostly geometrical shape and some that remind flowers covering almost every second...


Segovia Warnings and Dangers

  • Be aware when calling overseas!!

    Spanish phones are very, very expensive when calling overseas. After spending in phone booths a lot of Euros, i learnt my lesson! A friend gave me a number that he uses and he gets much cheaper rates. I call through this number which is 902 99 53 01, from any land line or phone booth, and all i pay is just 4 cents a minute at nights and weekends,...

  • Check the train times!

    If you are travelling from Madrid to Segovia, make sure that you check in advance the return train times... after a certain point, the return trains will run only once every 2 hours. Since the station is quite set apart from where the central medieval town is located, there is a fair walk back to catch your train. We managed to miss a train by 15...

  • Very officious Traffic Wardens

    This guy was the driver of the little converted hairdryer (sorry scooter) that you will have seen in my transportation tips (no, I'm not bitter, he didn't ticket me!)He was ticketing anything in site and I think he got three cars whilst I was in the square, and then when i walked down to the Alcazar, he came roaring up there too and started...


Segovia Tourist Traps

  • morgane1692's Profile Photo

    by morgane1692 Written Oct 21, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These ladies set up shop right in front of the local cathedral; as soon as wary and unwary folks wandered across their paths and sightlines, the gypsies were onto them like bears on honey. Something like that anyway. Wave them off as they approach you, say no no no in your language or Spanish, whichever occurs to you first, because you don't want or need their cheesy mantillas today. Or ever.

    not so agressive that you can't walk away here

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Segovia What to Pack

  • MarvintheMartian's Profile Photo

    by MarvintheMartian Updated Apr 16, 2004

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Warm clothing!
    I visited in April and although most of my day was sunny with clear skies, it was also, at times, very chilly and the wind was always blowing.

    It is worth noting that Segovia is 1000 metres (3300 feet) above sea level.

    It's April and it's a quick blizzard!

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Segovia Off The Beaten Path

  • La Granja de San Ildefonso

    Ten kilometers east of Segovia, the small town of San Ildefonso embraces the Royal Palace and Gardens. Those monuments, the Glass Museum, and the whole site, reasonably preserved and under recuperation, deserves a relaxing visit for itself. Try to match the working period of the fountains.

  • Cows

    In many cities, the need to do something different gave someone the idea of painting and exposing colourful cows. I don't know if it is always the same exhibition travelling around the world, or only the same idea expressed the same way in different places, but I've seen it almost everywhere.Segovia was no exception, but, I must confess that, used...

  • La Granja de San Ildefonso

    L a Granja de San Ildefonso (or simply, "La Granja") was created by the king of French origin Felipe V, as a "copy" of Versailes.It has a Palace, gardens (more "Romantic" than the ones of Versailes), and is famous for its fountains, as well as the forests and mountains of its surroundings.


Segovia Sports & Outdoors

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    by easyoar Written Apr 4, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kamaki is an expression the Greeks use. There isn't really a direct translation into English! Basically it seems to mean acting like a bit of a tart and flirting outrageously with people you find attractive. I have normally heard it used only for men flirting with women (have you ever seen those Greek men on the beaches? Well that's what they are playing...)

    Anyhow what relevance is this to Segovia? well this couple seemed to be playing the game pretty well, and it did seem a romantic spot....

    Equipment: Hmmm, let me think....

    Playing Kamaki in the Park
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    • Castles and Palaces
    • Romantic Travel and Honeymoons
    • Historical Travel

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Segovia Favorites

  • Juan Bravo

    Juan Barvo is obviously a national hero or Segovia. So many things are named after him in the city: a theatre, a street, a cafe-bar... and there's a big statue of him next to the San Miguel Church. It really makes you wonder who Juan Bravo was?I couldn't find much information about him, but from what I could learn it is clear that he was a rebel...

  • The dog that did not like music!!

    This picture always makes me laugh because it reminds me of a funny moment that happened during our day in Segovia: that poor street performer was trying to entertain passersby, but the dog obviously had a very low opinion of his musical talent as it would start howling at the top of its lungs everytime the guy would play a note on his saxophone....

  • Tourist INFO

    After your arrival by bus walk down the av. de Fernandez Ladreda till you reach the Tourist Information Office (right next to the Aqueduct). The English speaking stuff were very friendly, they provided me with a nice free map, they showed me the basic parts of the town etc Inside the place there are some nice scale models of the city in the past...


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