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  • Pub Crawl
    by allea
  • Wax Museum Bar
    Wax Museum Bar
    by veroniquecassar
  • Wax Museum Bar
    Wax Museum Bar
    by veroniquecassar
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    Calle Santalo-Maria Cubi: Great Area for Bar hopping

    by emilybcn Updated Feb 5, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Around Plaza Frances Macia in the northern area of Gracia there are several nice bars to go to and later you can head to one of the nearby clubs, ottozutz, or bikini. The area goes from Calle Santalo to the nearby Maria Cubi. There are several different types of bars ranging from very classy to a pub like atmosphere.

    Dress Code: no dress code.

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    Ufff!...a lot of places.....: Mmmmmm....The spanish knows how to get fun

    by Saldi Written Oct 2, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    last daaance, last daaanncee, tooooniiiiigghhttt!!

    For example: "Café Royal"... inside the gothic quartier and next to "plaza Real".
    "Club Salsitas"... very trendy, but a little bit expensive . At first time is a bar restaurant, but after 12:00am is a discoteque.... nice to go there.

    "The Filarmonical" is a pub where all the tourist meet other tourist or some natives... everybody speaks english and spanish so, if you want to see people from other countries and cultures in a small pub...this is the place, it's really fun!.

    "La Paloma".... a huge discotheque, wih great music, it was a antique theater, but now it's one of the most popular dance clubs in Barcelona....

    Dress Code: In some places, the club reserved the permission of admission... sometimes you are in the row, and the guard selects the people... always try to be well dressed...just in case (mostly in some clubs like "Café Royal", "Club Salsitas" or "Bikini Club")... so, try to watch first the dress code first , to avoid a bad or nasty experience after...

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  • ka5637's Profile Photo

    Bar Tequila: Great start for the evening

    by ka5637 Written Aug 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A good metal/hard rock bar at a side street right at the bottom of the Ramblas. You can place your music requests to the dj - ask for a pen and paper at the bar. Unfortunately he won't play everything - the boss's orders are mellower music for the summer months to attract tourists - but he did play Slayer for us after the 4th night of begging.
    Great place to meet local rockers - and they are a very friendly bunch! - and ask where the action is later. The bar closes at 3 am.
    Don't worry if the place is crammed with organised pub-crawl groups, they only stay for half an hour or so.

    Dress Code: what?!!!

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  • ka5637's Profile Photo

    Cruce de Caminos: late pub

    by ka5637 Written Sep 14, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wow, now that was a surprise!
    Just when we thought the night was over, at 6 am we were taken to the best late (or early) pub in Barcelona.
    Great laid-back atmosphere, hard rock, pool table, what else do you need?
    The place was still full around 8 am and nobody seemed in a hurry to drink up and leave. I think it closes around 9 or 10.
    Try to go there with some locals - regulars told me they try to keep the place hidden from tourists and the bouncer is pretty strict.

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  • Pub Crawl: Barcelona Party Nights: where the magic starts

    by allea Written Apr 13, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    and so...I was watching at Sagrada Familia when smiling girl came to me and asked what are my plans for tonight...ummm...well...explore Barcelona for sure...she said that she is promoting a tour for Barcelona Party Nights and it an event not to be missed. and it was...the night started in Gran Foc lounge bar with a welcome shot. this place is wonderfully decorated and at the same time keeping relaxing atmosphere...I looked around to see who else is joining the tour and everyone seemed to dressed really well, ready for the night out and speaking all possible languages...our tour guide announced that it is time to leave..Private bus took us up to Tibidabo mountain where is famous Mirablau bar with breath taking view of night Barcelona. Imagine standing in terrace, sipping cava, enjoying conversations and not believing that you are here and now in this magic city...after Mirablau we went back to bus, where was a party inside with great music and photographer...seems just the moment passed since we arrived to Universal club with one more shot of vodka, where we could dance and meet locals, though I already knew most of the people from the tour so the party got really crazy and hot hot hot...however, the best was just about to come, as our last stop was Opium Mar night club where we had VIP entrance...I did not believe at the beginning when a girl which sold me a tour told that Opium is most popular night club in definitely is, with great design, music, lot of space and more over terrace to the beach...this night was a highlight of my trip that I will never forget...

    Dress Code: Dress to impress...
    For guys it is recommended to wear a shirt with collar and good shoes. Especially at Opium Mar there is a strict door policy. No T-shirts, sports jackets, shorts, flip flops, hats, sneakers etc.

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  • shawkneesea's Profile Photo

    Pub Crawl: El Rosal

    by shawkneesea Updated Jun 3, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    El Rosal, met great people and great service. Just a great place for the uninitiated to get their feet wet in El Born.

    As you can see it is nothing fancy, but the people who work here! Loved them all.

    You got a question, just ask the staff, and they will take care of you. They speak great English.

    Good cafe con leche and croissants in the morning too.

    Dress Code: Casual

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  • drei3t's Profile Photo

    Pub Catalunya: Local bar

    by drei3t Written Apr 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anything is heavy pricing after Pub Catalunia

    We got a bit lost outside the map when trying to find rock/heavy metal place Mephisto. It was closed so we ended up having a beer in a very local and authentic bar.

    There were only locals having a beer and playing domino. There were no decorations in the place, just the bar desk. The atmosphere was very relaxed, no one seem to have hurry.

    One bottle of beer costed 1,15euro, which was cheaper than in any place we could find. If you want to see how elderly locals spend there evenings, try to find this place.

    Dress Code: I think they will serve you beer even though you were naked.:)

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  • drei3t's Profile Photo

    Otto Sylt: A lot of beer labels

    by drei3t Written Apr 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was not actually easy to find a beer restaurant in Barcelona that servers beer labels from all over the world. We found this small bar by accident.

    The prices are not high, and there are variety of beers - most from Belgium and Netherlands. They even had one label from Finland, Lapin Kulta, but it was the only beer where there was no sign where the beer is from.

    They can serve you bratwurst with the beer if needed.

    Dress Code: From casual to anything.

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  • mcnico's Profile Photo

    Pub Crawl: Irish eyes are smiling!

    by mcnico Written Nov 24, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ramblas nov 2003

    Anyone wanting a good time in a friendly atmosphere can't go wrong with the irish bars dotted along the Ramblas on the side streets. My personal favourite is the Temple bar half way down the ramblas on the left. Good service and big screen if you happen to be there while Premiership football is on.

    Dress Code: Come as you are!

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  • gasca's Profile Photo

    Barcelona's Nightlife general Opinion

    by gasca Updated Dec 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sometimes people have discussed about Barcelona's nightlife. In my opinion Barcelona's night is not the best I've seen in Spain.

    This is primarily because we are a 'European-like' city and we are very modern. So this brings sophisticated night clubs, places closing at 2 o'clock...etc (2 o'clock is really very early). So if you want to go out at night so must go to a disco (in general discos are soft) till 5 or 6 in the morning, or die in the street. There's nothing else. There's nothing about street's nightlife, or there's much less than it should be.

    If you go to Plaça Reial (very nice at day) you can find a lot of people drinking on the floor and some artists doing some juggling and it's all very hippie athmosphere, but it's different to some other cities in Spain.

    I would rather recommend you Madrid or south of Spain if you wanna go to Spain for fun time: people is much nicer, more open, and like party more. Bars close later...

    In Barcelona you can have everything you want about specialized night clubs: Jamboree it's jazz club, bars with live music, Irish pubs, bars with flamenco shows...etc

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  • donal's Profile Photo

    the mond bar/cd drome records: the mond bar/cd drome records

    by donal Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the mond bar and cd drome records are lumped together because they are almost the epicentres of barcelona's pasion for all things pop. for them pop is bowie, pop is the cure, pop is new order, pop is twiggy, pop is about being superskinny and looking like an extra in a pulp video, pop is f**ked-up cool with a real twist of fun. everyone spends forever dressing up to dress down. being barcelona everything about pop is beautiful. in the absence of the long lamented pop place bar the mond bar in place del sol, gracia is the place to groove to the best from tortured melody freaks from jarvis cocker to serge gainsbourg. it is barcelona's own sound. check out flirt live if you can, they are barcelona pop incarnate.
    cd drome records is where the music gets pumped out from, just off las ramblas (well down a bit), this is one of the finest shops in the world where great new music from all over the world mysteriously surfaces.

    Dress Code: boys and girls: sexless 'farah' or 'lois' style trousers with oversized retro underwear always showing. topped off with little white tee-shirts and tight wool jumpers with slight polo necks. the girls wear long hair whilst the boy all want to look like they've just been seen by brett 'suede' andersons personal coiffure. pics to follow i promise!!

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  • YsndHalf's Profile Photo

    Yeah, the nightlife in...

    by YsndHalf Written Sep 2, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yeah, the nightlife in Barcelona is really good! You have there the most rich offer, wherever you are:
    - Maremàgnum, if you are near the sea port. Discotheques, bars and some Irish pub.
    - Barri Gòtic (gothic quartier), beside Les Rambles (you can ask for Plaça Real). There you can find typical inns (I recommend you La Ovella Negra or La Musiqueta).
    - Get Back, for Sarrià zone (near Balmes street crossing Diagonal avenue... sorry I don't remember exactly the place). A very good discotheque.
    - Near the Hospital Clínic zone there are a lot of bars and discotheques.
    - At the north-west, near the Barcelona F.C. football ground, you can find some 'chic' discotheques like Carpe Diem, Torre Melina or Jimmys.

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  • Zoe_bcn's Profile Photo

    Barcelona is full of different...

    by Zoe_bcn Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Barcelona is full of different kinds of clubs and bars. Choose the kind of music that you want and you will find it! Reggae, House, Techno, Rap, Salsa, Jazz... all is possible in Barcelona!
    The differents areas where i use to go are: Gothic Quarter, Eixample (known also as Gaixample, because there are a lot of bars, cafés, pubs and discos for gay and lesbian people) This is also a nice area to go at night, where you will find funny people. Sure!!, also Gracia and Born...
    Some places that I consider the best:
    CAFE ROYALE (Funky music)
    MY FAVOURITE!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!! (Jenniferchin... u know what im talking about!! ;-)
    3, Nou de Zurbano street

    JAMBOREE (Rap, Hip-hop, R&B)
    Pl. Reial

    SALSITAS (House music)
    Nou de la Rambla street

    DISCOTEQUE (Techno and House Music)
    Pueblo Español

    LA TERRAZZA (House)
    Pueblo Español

    OTTO ZUTZ (House, Rap)
    Lincoln street

    FONFONE (Escudellers street).House

    Dress Code: As you want but in some clubs like Discoteque the doorman will look you from up to down, so it will be better to dress fashion clothes....

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  • Cyndel's Profile Photo

    Dance under the Latino...

    by Cyndel Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dance under the Latino rhythms, with a tequila sunrise or a chupistos under the hand!
    Ah the nights in Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!
    Reappointed so that I would not nearly have need to speak of it to you.

    In fact Barcelona is born again the night, the bars light music, people leave, drink, live!

    There are bars so and other to make the feast that I cannot give you any addresses. Go therefore to the sound that attracts!

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  • Raffael's Profile Photo

    Republica : Dancing club ,...

    by Raffael Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Republica : Dancing club , mixt ambient, fun!! (next to Estacion de Francia)
    Dancing bars: Risco and Fuse (mixt ambient) good!! (Area of Eixample)
    For latin music: at Maremagnum (but very touristic)!
    Gay places: Medusa,Dietrich (Bars in Eixample) and Salvation (Club in Urquinaona square).
    Then you can find many small bars around the city, and major you can walk or take a taxi, though dont think is nesesary!
    They are above, its a live City, especially during starts at March till November), lots of sun, beaches, open poeple..cosmopolitan city..want more???

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