Tibidabo, Barcelona

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Collserola Mountain, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

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  • On top of the mountain
    On top of the mountain
    by Airpunk
  • Tibidabo
    by Benson35
  • Tibidabo
    by Benson35
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    Torre de Collserola

    by sinisar Written Dec 20, 2006

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    Torre de Collserola (or Torre Foster) is a uniquely designed tower located on the Tibidabo hill in Barcelona. It was designed by architect Lord Norman Foster, and built in 1992 for the 1992 Olympic Games. It features a pod for floor space like many towers but uses guide lines for lateral support like a mast. Mainly used as a TV and radio transmitter, this futuristic design provides the highest viewpoint over the city. The top antenna reaches 288.4m (946 ft) and the top of the pod, which has thirteen floors, reaches 152m (499 ft). The tenth floor of the pod is open to the public.


    27. XII 2004. 10:31

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    A "divine" view

    by rexvaughan Updated Apr 26, 2005

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    This is one of two mountains overlooking Barcelona. I read that the word "Tibidabo" comes from the Latin "to thee I shall give." James Michener, in his book "Iberia" tells of a proud Catalan man who insisted on taking Michener to this mountain for the spectaclar view of the city and surrounding area. When they reached the top the man explained that this is where the devil brought Jesus to tempt him - this is probably the origin of the name. At any rate, it is a great vantage point for great views. There is also an amusement park as you can see in the photo. We didn't venture into it, but it would be a good place for kids.

    Tibidabo view of Barcelona

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    I will give you

    by stiab3 Written Jun 10, 2005

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    Tibidabo gets it name from the bible. When Satan tempted Jesus by showing him all the riches of the world from a mountain top, he said "...haec omnia tibi dabo si cadens adoraveris me" which means "All this I will give you if you fall down and worship me"

    The name tibidabo refers to the views and that view is spectacular. The two main attractions at Tibidabo are the church (Sagrat Cor) and the amusement park.

    Sagrat Cor Church
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  • venteeocho's Profile Photo


    by venteeocho Updated May 22, 2007

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    The Magic Mountain

    The mountain of Tibidabo (512 metres in altitude) is the highest point of the Collserola hills, rising between the passes of Vallvidrera and Serola, and it hosts an amusement park which has recently been recovered by the Barcelona City Council. Everyone in the city remembers its fantastic grottoes, the dizzying experience of the Talaia, the Hall of Mirrors with its grotesque reflections, the excitement of the Aeromàgic, the fascination of the old fair of automatons ... sensations which can now be rediscovered by young and old since 15 April, when the park reopened its gates to the public. Barcelona has recovered its emblematic amusement park, the first in Spain and the second oldest in Europe.

    The origins of the amusement park

    The origins of the Tibidabo amusement park date back to 1899, when the pharmaceutical pioneer Salvador Andreu founded the Tibidabo Company, one of whose aims was to create a recreational area on the hilltop for the enjoyment of the people of the city.

    The Blue Tram, the Funicular and the attractions

    The Blue Tram and the Funicular were inaugurated on 29 October 1901, and shortly afterwards the first attractions were installed on Tibidabo. The park still conserves some of the most significant ones that have filled it during its hundred years of existence: for example, the Castle of Terror and the Big Dipper (roller coaster). Or one of its most unusual items: the aeroplane, which dates from 1928 and is a replica of the model that made the first flight between Barcelona and Madrid.

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  • Xeriss's Profile Photo

    Tibidabo Amusement Park

    by Xeriss Written Sep 11, 2011

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    The Tibidabo Amusement park, houses various attractions for both children and adults alike. Tickets are slightly expensive, costing 25.20 Euros per adult, but it is definitely worth spending a day in the amusement park especially if you're travelling with kids. Amongst the many attractions, if you have a "thing" for roller coasters, you might want to try the "Muntanya Russa" ride on level 1. They also have a 4D cinema on level 2 called "Dididado." [Movie is in Spanish, but it is still worth the experience if you've never been to a 4D cinema before.] Take a ride on the bumping cars and visit the "Krüeger Hotel" on level 4. The actors at the "Krüeger Hotel" are extremely convincing and they will scare the hell out of you!

    The only drawback is that the attractions (as well as the staff working at the amusement park) cater very little for tourists, in that, almost no one speaks English and all the actors and staff on board will explain things to you in Spanish.

    Park is decorated during the Christmas season Avi�� Ride Avi�� Ride Carrousel ride
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  • Builders!

    by mattalthor Updated Feb 4, 2007

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    A hundred years after it started and the builders are still working on it!

    Even so, it is an amazing site!

    It must have come from the mind of a warped genius!

    I loved it. Must be one of the top 3 things to see in Barca

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  • Bixente's Profile Photo

    the Tramvia Blau

    by Bixente Written Sep 12, 2002

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    At the top of the Tramvia Blau tram line is the base station of a funicular, named for the Tibidabo mountain. This is the longest and steepest of Barcelona's three funiculars. It is also running somewhat older cabins than the other two, with manually operated doors and brakes. The cabins look like Volkswagen Microbuses and are painted by local art students (which at first looks like graffiti but looks right at home on vehicles that resemble Microbuses). At the top of the Tibidabo funicular is a 'fun fair' (a small amusement park) and a large cathedral overlooking the city of Barcelona. This funicular only runs half-hourly during the off peak season but is only a five minute ride.

    Funny view of the funicular

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  • Bixente's Profile Photo

    Tramvia blau

    by Bixente Updated Sep 12, 2002

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    At the north end of the FGC line U7, at Avinguda (Avenue) Tibidabo, is the southern terminal of a 'heritage' trolley line known as Tramvia Blau, the 'Blue Tram', the only tramway in Barcelona at this time. (However, Barcelona has many wide avenues that would do quite well with modern LRV light rail and in fact a test track was constructed along Avinguda Diagonal a few years ago for this purpose.) At the terminal there is a single track curbside on the northbound lane of a street. Just north of the terminal it becomes two tracks and runs in the middle (traffic) lane of the road. After crossing a bridge over a motorway, the Tramvia Blau heads up the side of the Tibidabo mountain, still street running, up a steep twisty road. Just before heading up the mountain, a small car barn is down a spur track on a side street.

    View of the Tramvia blau

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  • Church and funfair

    by biker7 Written Nov 20, 2002

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    Make sure you visit the church that overlooks Barcelona.

    This can be reached via a combination of metro/tram/funicular or bus/tram/funicular or the hard way like I did - walking from the Ramlbas to the funicular. Outstanding architecture, superb views across barcelona and - a funfair for the kids.

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  • feline01's Profile Photo

    Parc Atraccions...

    by feline01 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Parc Atraccions Tibidabo

    Amusement Park on hill overlooking Barcelona
    Great location with amazing views. Can get there by walking up side of mountain (no thanks) or taking a funicular to top of mountain (absolutely!). Nice way to spend an afternoon.

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  • ucbwalker's Profile Photo

    Tibidabo, the massive western...

    by ucbwalker Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    Tibidabo, the massive western hill overlooking the city, crowned with a basilica and an amusement park. We decided to go check it out, striking out from our hostel near Placa de Catalunya. We kept walking ... and kept walking ... and walked basically across the entire city, then up a huge hill to where the funicular railway began ... only to discover that the train wasn't running that day (it closes midweek). So we walked up the rest of the mountain, and when we finally got to the top, sunburnt and parched, exhausted but triumphant, we discovered that the amusement park was ... closed. D'oh! But the view was worth the climb, and the vending machines were still operating so we could snag some Bio Frutas Tropical.

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  • Hosell's Profile Photo


    by Hosell Updated May 18, 2004

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    Just outside of Barcelona,you can go to EL TIBIDABO,a mountain,where you can visit,this beautiful basilic,and the oldest of Barcelona´s Funfair,also called Tibidabo.
    To go up,the best way,is use the Funicular.

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  • JaumeBCN's Profile Photo

    The mountain of Tibidabo can...

    by JaumeBCN Written Aug 24, 2002

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    The mountain of Tibidabo can be seen from all Barcelona. You can notice a high mountain with a church on top. The church is called 'Sagrat Cor' and was built in 1961. At the feet of the church there is the oldest luna park which have ever existed in Barcelona (some attractions date from the 20's). The 'Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo' is still alive and the views of Barcelona from here are really amazing.

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  • Alan34's Profile Photo

    Visitors should visit...

    by Alan34 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Visitors should visit Tibidabo, the moutain behind Barcelona; it has a great view. Also check out the illuminated foutain downtown called Montjuic. I also enjoyed the Flamenco show at the Spanish Village.
    Tibidabo provides great views of the city day or night. The Spanish Village is a 'tourist' spot but well done. They have recreated the various types of architecture found in the different parts of Spain here. The fountain is amazing how they light up the water in different colors.

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  • draguza's Profile Photo


    by draguza Updated May 31, 2014

    Tibidabo is a mountain just northwest of Barcelona, crowned with the Church of the Sacred Heart. But the mountain's main draw is the Parc d'Attractions, a more than one hundred year old funfair.

    With a height of 512 meters (1680 ft), the Tibidabo marks the highest summit of the Collserola mountain range that borders the city to the north. The name (meaning I shall give you) stems from a fragment of the Latin version of the bible, in which Satan supposedly takes Christ to the top of a mountain and offers him the world with the words 'Haec omnia tibi dabo si cadens adoraberis me' (All this I shall give you if you kneel and worship me).

    From the top of the mountain you have an amazing panorama over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. These views alone are worth the trip to Tibidabo, The Sky Walk, Tibidabo
    Tibidabo Sky Walk, but there's much more to see here, including a communications tower with an observation deck, a bombastic church and an amusement park.

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