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  • 2013 Barcelona Taxi fares
    2013 Barcelona Taxi fares
    by FernandoTD
  • metro of barcelona
    metro of barcelona
    by gwened
  • Aerobus airport to city of Barcelona
    Aerobus airport to city of Barcelona
    by gwened

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    hop on off bus Barcelona

    by gwened Written May 16, 2014

    A nice quick way to see the city. For first timers looking to see the city, large families, folks with mobility impaired conditions, a way to hit the landmarks and come for more détails later on;all fit the city bus hop on hop off popular in many cities

    the city bus tour of Barcelona citybus tour around Barcelona
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    How to get in and out Barcelona

    by gwened Written May 16, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A city I come often about once a year at least for many years,and just recently back with the aim of taking pictures of all in sight lol!

    you have the Barcelona airport which is a nice modern airport in the outskirts actually in the town of El Prat de Llobregat , so commonly call the Prats . official site of it,

    then you have Spain airport authority ,

    the easy way is to take the aérobus airport bus for 10,20€ round trip as of today, you can go to plaça Catalunya or as I did Plaça Espanya,and link up with the metro line 3.or else. It goes from Terminal 1 or 2.

    there is a nearby Girona to the north airport
    Transport Companyia “Barcelona Bus”: Tel. 932 320 459 |
    Sortida: des de l'Estació del Nord; C/ Ali-Bei, 80.
    takes going 16€ / and returning 25€ by bus to Barcelona

    and there is Reus to the South
    Transport . Companyia “Hispano Igualadina”: Tel. 933 397 329 |
    leaves from the Estació de Sants; C/ Viriat, s/n.

    The metro system is very easy as well as the buses, plenty going everywhere.

    This is a good site to tell you about public transport options

    and of course the national train network is on
    with a local track rodalies here

    you have an extensive bike system, but better walk

    The train you have the Sants train station at
    Barcelona Sants Station
    Pl. Paisos catalans s/n 08014 Barcelona
    Time: 4.30am to 12.30am.
    Metro: L5 and L3. Bus: 27, 32, 78, 109, 115, H10 and V17

    or the France station as
    França Station
    Av. Marquès de l’Argentera, s/n 08003 Barcelona
    Time: 4.45am to 12am.
    Metro: L4. Bus: 14, 17, 39, 45, 51, 59, 64, D20 and H16.

    an a regional one at Passeig de Graçia
    Passeig de Gràcia - Aragó, s/n 08007 Barcelona.
    Time: 5am to 12am.
    Metro: L2, L3 and L4. Bus: 7, 16, 17, 22 and 24.
    Regional trains to Girona – Figueres – Portbou; Costa Garraf; Costa Dorada – Tarragona – Tortosa; Reus; Lleida – Zaragoza.

    You can,also, have the tramways nice thing to do
    tickets as metro , bus is 2,15€ as of today.

    The bus is plentyful like I said
    Barcelona Nord Bus Station
    Alí-bei, 80 (08013)
    Opening time: 5.15am to 1am.
    Metro: L1, stop Arc de Triomf.| Bus: 6, 40, 42, 54, 141 and V21.
    This is Barcelona’s main bus station operating services to the main Spanish cities, Europe and North Africa. Station facilities: Tourist Information Office, lockers, bureau de change, etc.

    Sants Bus Station
    Viriat, s/n (08014) – Next to the railway station
    Opening time: 4.30pm to 12.30am.
    Metro: L5 and L3, stop Sants Estació.| Bus: 27, 32, 78, 109, 115, H10 and V7.

    for bus rates and routes in Barcelona city see the bus site here

    this site helps you even with the night bus services

    And you always have the boats, Cruises etc
    Port de Barcelona
    Pl. Portal de la Pau, 6 (08039) Barcelona
    Tel. 932 986 000 |
    The Port de Barcelona operates services to the Balearic Islands and the main Mediterranean ports. Ferries depart daily for the Balearic Islands and there is a direct service to the port of Genoa, Rome and Algiers.
    From/to the Balearic Islands
    Acciona-Trasmediterránea: Tel. 902 454 645 |
    Balearia: Tel. 933 248 980 |
    From/to Genoa, Sète and Tangier
    Grimaldi Group Grandi Navi Veloci: Tel. 934 437 139 |
    From/to Rome, Livorno, Sardinia (Porto Torres) and Tangier
    Grimaldi Ferries: Tel. 935 028 163 |

    I usually come with a car or a local friend's car so the traffic is important
    irregardless of popular beliefs this is from the city of Barcelona
    Most barcelonians, 38%, travel in public transport, whereas 36% use to go walking and 26% a private transport. On the contrary, 65% of the inhabitants in the Metropolitan Region who enter in and leave from Barcelona do it by car, and 31% in public transport.
    so car is it do not be afraid.
    Car parks can go as high as 35€ per day;one of the companies that runs thèses parking garages is B:SM

    Other more European is SABA

    and Parking viajeros

    tunnel of Cadi is the one I have taken several time coming from France

    and for the roads conditions,information,and route planning you can use Abertis
    or Repsol

    For taxi services in the city
    Institut Metropolità del Taxi de Barcelona
    Tel. 932 235 151

    Aerobus airport to city of Barcelona Airport T1 arriving to bus the bike stand at ave diagonal local bus by carrer sants tramway by maria cristina
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    metro train in Barcelona Sants

    by gwened Updated May 14, 2014

    Sants is main for international trains, so best is to take a train from Pl de Catalunya to Sants

    you can do it by metro on blue line L5 or green line L3.

    this is a site that explaines all very well

    metro of barcelona
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    cruising from Barcelona

    by gwened Written Nov 23, 2013

    a very popular destination for cruises in the mediterranean, my son has use and quite happy with it.
    Out of Barcelona to the islands and even Rome ,Italy
    you have in English all if not most questions you may have on the cruise port there at the contact link below

    important to know the T3 PORTBUS shuttle takes cruise passengers from Plaza de Colón in central Barcelona to terminals A, B, C and D (Palacruceros) on the Adossat wharf.

    and an even clearer site from unofficial sources but very well explained (better than I anyway) is here

    a leading site on cruises here

    and from Barcelona tourism board a full pdf file information on the cruise port here

    las golondrinas port cruise the cruise ship Balearia son took the inner harbor marina
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    bus transport from Barcelona

    by gwened Written Jul 7, 2013

    excellent service comfortable rides, done once,and from friends has been the same so decided to post a tip for all here
    the company is Sàgales takes you all over Catalunya and even Madrid, Girona,Zaragoza,and the Prats Barcelona airport.

    A nice way to let others drive and see the scenary and the local flavor of its people.

    ticket prices is here in Catalan, but self explanatory on the rates in Euros
    the price from girona to barcelona can be purchase in advance as it has connection with the Ryanair flights there

    even a shopping trip to Andorra

    some typical inter urban routes on the bus

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    T10 card

    by littlebush Written Jan 26, 2013

    From the airport a return bus ticket was 9.95 euro on jan13.

    But if you plan to use public transport a lot then get a T10 carnet card which allows you ten journeys on all transport in the whole city.
    You can share the card too.
    And it covers the airport.
    It costs 10 euros which last 24 hours.
    Good value as the metro is efficient and hits all the main sights.

    In 2002 I did bus touristic tour which is a good option if you want to hit all the sights in a short amount of time. In 2013 the price was 26.50 euro. It's a hop on hop off bus.

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    drive Valencia from Barcelona and see

    by gwened Written Sep 25, 2012

    Valencia is very nice, see Carmen neightborhood its lively with night life.
    this site tells you good on it

    a bit south at El Saler is the area of the rice of Paella, just around the Albufera national park

    and some attraction to do a paella in a boat!

    The water will be ok in those dates depends from where you are coming from. Should be in the 20's C out the water cooler.

    renting a car is glorious, see or
    and for route planning the Spanish gas company similar to Michelin is Repsol

    Then you have your days in Barcelona, I love the Exaimple are great architecture all around you and close to everything. park and shop at bulevar rosa

    You have it all, enjoy your visit.Hope it helps

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    parking a car in Barcelona

    by gwened Written Jul 18, 2012

    this page tells you all parkings in Barcelona with prices

    when I go I pay the hotel or sue the cheaper parking by bulevar rosa shopping center in exaimple.

    HOpe it helps on your choices

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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    how to move around

    by mindcrime Updated May 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I walked miles and miles in Barcelona but the Metro helped us a lot to move faster sometimes. It works 05.00-00.00 (some lines close earlier). Hopefully, on Friday/Saturday metro operates till 02.00. I noticed many stairs in some stations so have this in mind if you carry heavy luggage. Each metro line has a different number and color, eg. Line 1 (Red), Line 2 (purple) etc
    There are signs that will lead you to the exit, other metro lines, or buses (pic 2). Some funiculars are attached to the metro system, for exable go to Paraller by metro and change to the funicular to Montjuic park

    The bus network was very helpful too but we always have to ask a local about the line and the correct direction. On the days that we were more relaxed (having already seen the basic sights) we choosed bus because you travel overground, and you can watch outside.

    We never used a taxi but there were everywhere and they have good prices (the airport is an exception). You will easily recognize them because of their black and yellow color (pic 3)

    The single ticket for metro/bus costs 2euro but it’s much better to buy a 10rides-ticket(Tarjeta Multiviaj) for 9,25euro. You can use it together with your partner. The ticket machines are in Spanish/catalan/English so don’t worry about it, they are very easy to use, just check for the T10 ticket. If you plan to use more than 6 rides per day check the day tickets (5,80e) or for 2 days (10,70e), 3(14,30e), 4(19,50), 5 days(23,10e).

    Finally, there is a touristic bus (Barcelona Bus Touristic) (pic 4) that I don't support anywhere but if you dont have much time it will take you from all the main sites. There are 2 different lines(blue and red) that covers a huge area of the city. You ticket is valid all day so you can hop on and off as many times as you like. 1 day ticket costs 21euro and 2days ticket 27euro

    If you rent a car, you have to watch out the other drivers (they seem aggresive sometimes like in every mediterranean country, respect the speed limit and always put your seat belt on (even at the back seats). During the night it is much more peaceful on the side streets (pic 5) but at the big avenues (Gran Via etc) the traffic never stops...

    Barcelona Barcelona black and yellow taxi in Barcelona Barcelona Bus Touristic Barcolona street at night

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    Arrive by Cruise Ship

    by BruceDunning Written Dec 5, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We picked up a cross Atlantic cruise ship at the harbor. It was a 17 day cruise, and a few stops along the way; like Mallorca, Malaga, Canary Is, and Freeport Bahamas. This may be the way to go home once, but no more. Beside getting something replicating the Legionares Flu, we put up with very obese people, and a number of scooter chairs they get around the ship in.
    The ship was new and could hold 4,000 passengers plus crew, but they did not expand the ship facilities very much, if at all, so the whole ship was more cramped than when there would be 2,000 passengers on board.

    Cruise ships in harbor area CArnival Magic Ship View of harbor with ships Close up of the ship

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  • Martin_S.'s Profile Photo

    Cable Car Montjuic to Barceloneta

    by Martin_S. Updated Nov 8, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On Montjuic, you have two cable cars. One gives access to the fortress on top of the mountain. The second goes between Montjuic over the boat harbor into Barceloneta, that is the one we took.
    We arrived at the cable car station before opening time so had an hour before it began (change in schedule between summer and winter times, our fault for not checking). Our luck was in operation and I will talk about the small restaurant there on the edge of the mountain later.
    The cable car ride is gorgeous and gives you a good perspective of both the size of Barcelona and also a better idea of just how close everything for the tourist is. You can see from Rambla street to Park Guell and from there to Sagradia Familia and down to Barceloneta. You can actually walk all those distances.
    This is an excellent ride for the kids also.

    Montjuic/Barceloneta cable car, Barcelona Spain Montjuic/Barceloneta cable car, Barcelona Spain Montjuic/Barceloneta cable car, Barcelona Spain Montjuic/Barceloneta cable car, Barcelona Spain Montjuic/Barceloneta cable car, Barcelona Spain
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  • eden_teuling's Profile Photo

    BY CAMEL.....

    by eden_teuling Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I met this Camel in the streets of BARCELONA and he offered me a lift......

    Better safe than sorry he must have thought because despite the wonderful evening he was wearing his raincoat and Southwester
    maybe it was his DISGUISE.....

    He made me laugh...


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  • grayfo's Profile Photo

    Tramvia Blau - Blue Tram

    by grayfo Written Feb 1, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Barcelona's Blue Tram opened in 1901 and is currently run by TMB. The tram connects Av. Tibidabo Metro Station and Funicular Station (at the base of Tibidabo).

    Adults: 3.00 Euro (return)

    September 2005

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    Transbordador Aeri del Port – Cable Car

    by grayfo Written Nov 22, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cable car was built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona and links Mount Montjuïc and the Port of Barcelona. Be warned this is not for the faint-hearted and although it states maximum 20 people I doubt if it could manage 12. The ride last about seven minutes.

    About 15 minutes from Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4)

    Daily: 11:00 am to 5:30 pm

    Return: 12.50 EUR

    Teleféric Port Vell
    Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88

    September 2005

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  • smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo

    Teleferic de Montjuic

    by smirnofforiginal Written May 6, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From Estacio Parc Monjuic up to the castle. It is worth taking as the walk is long and steep - it is hard work.
    Stupidly, I did it the wrong way round and used the cable car to get back down! Great views.
    The funicular will take you to the cable car terminus.

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