Calella de Palfrugell Travel Guide

  • Fishing boats near the coast.
    Fishing boats near the coast.
    by Jerelis
  • The unique vibe of Callela de Palafrugell.
    The unique vibe of Callela de...
    by Jerelis
  • The church is towering over the village.
    The church is towering over the village.
    by Jerelis

Calella de Palfrugell Highlights

  • Pro
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    kixon says…

     cheap, short walkingdistances, personel in clubs, 

  • Con
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    Inimbrium says…

     Overcrowded sometimes, restaurants expensive (for a student). 

  • In a nutshell
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     The small town nearby Barcelona with atmosphere. 

Calella de Palfrugell Things to Do

  • Hiking – Game plan strategy.

    Most people try to rush Calella de Palafrugell on a budget so they end up missing some of the highlights in a whirlwind. The key to seeing Calella de Palafrugell properly is a game plan, you must know what you want to see before setting out. Before we visited Calella de Palafrugell we saw on a city map that the small town of Calella de Palafrugell...

  • Hiking – Take time to meander.

    Take time to meander - losing yourself in the maze of alleys, streets and lanes is one of Calella de Palafrugell’ old town's principal pleasures. The streets wind and wander with no discernible order or object. After our stroll we rewarded ourselves with a cool glass of beer or wine for our effort! We learned that you won't do justice to the entire...

  • Hiking – Built by fishermen.

    Calella de Palafrugell is a city a lot of history indeed due to its excellent setting. The old village had its golden age between the 17th and 19th century. The compact town of Calella de Palafrugell is easy to get around, and the ideal place to explore on foot. Calella de Palafrugell is Spain, and yet it is a culture unto itself. It is a small...

  • St. Pere de Calella – A must visit!

    Once were inside we had a good look at the interior. It’s not a particular rich church, but still gives away some beautiful ‘secrets’. Of course the beautiful stained glasses are worth a closer look. We noticed that the church has a single nave with some interesting vaults. The apse is semicircular on the outside while the inside remains of...

  • St. Pere de Calella – Lighting a candle.

    Although we were quite late when we first arrived at the Church of St. Pere de Calella in Calella de Palafrugell we were still allowed to enter it. A huge advantage of our late arrival was the fact that there were almost no tourists. Either the bus / coach was already on his way back to the hotel or everybody was having a cold refreshment at the...

  • St. Pere de Calella – Towers over the...

    The history of the entire area of Calella de Palafrugell is quite interesting. In advance we read on the internet that in earlier times an bit of a swampy area surrounded Calella de Palafrugell. Now it is surrounded with cliffs, beautiful coves, transparent waters and abundant vegetation, probably turning it into one of the best places of the...


Calella de Palfrugell Hotels

Calella de Palfrugell Restaurants

  • A true delight!

    Calella de Palafrugell is well known for the traditional architecture of its Voltes (archways) and for its traditional sings-songs at which Havaneres (sea shanties) are accompanied by cremat (coffee flamed with rum). A festival which is held in July every years. But Calella de Palafrugell is also for one ice cream parlour, namely the La Jijonenca...

  • Boy, the food is good!

    Situated on the main street parallel to the boardwalk it is a restaurant you can’t miss. It wasn’t our first choice for a diner in Calella de Palafrugell, that was Les Voltes. But after being served rather rude we decided to leave that restaurant and ended up at Can Gelpi … and we were not sorry for that!The main thing that attracted us was the...

  • A disappointment.

    After a stroll over de Cami de Ronda we had a refreshment at the terrace of Restaurant Les Voltes. The terrace had an attraction at us, because sitting on the terrace we had the village in our back and the beach area with the picturesque fishermen boats in front of us. Instead of an inviting welcome trying to keep us for diner we had some grumpy...


Calella de Palfrugell Nightlife

  • Polynesia in Calella

    Not really a nightclub but a really nice bar!The drinks were from 5€ up to 40€ coz you could get a share-drink for up to 8 persons. The bar used a cardsystem so you didn't pay in the bar, they just marked your drinks, and you payed on your way out. The drinks were mad! alot of tequila and freshfruitmixes in beautiful tropical glasses that you could...

  • Fun all night

    La Sala was very close to our hotel and was downstairs from a bar called Papa's, which was a quiet good for starters bar.. La Sala was so much fun, they played a lot of latino music which I just simply looove and that's why I probably liked it so much. the service was fast and the drinks nice. A energydrink mixed with vodka was damn expensive...

  • Clubbin', old music and crazy drinks.

    I loooved the people working there, they were so happy and were fooling around alot in the bar with magic tricks and dancenumbers.. You could enjoy yourself by just sitting next to the bar! After 6 drinks you get a free t-shirt. The entrance fee is 0, 5 or 6 euros. With the 5 or six euros ticket you get 2 beers OR a free drink and a glas of...


Calella de Palfrugell Transportation

  • Travelling with (young) kids.

    Are you nervous about taking your baby or child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about it. We have moved with Iris and Sam Tarragona Corfu by plane this holiday and drove some distances by car on the island itself and we learned a few things that hopefully will help you. General: Bring books, old favourite toys and new...

  • So near yet so far

    It's really easy to get around in Calella and if, which is understandable, you want to get out of there you can easily go to Barcelona with train. The train there takes one hour. Nothing in Calella is far away, the village is really small even if it seems very big on the map. But remember that after a full day of walking you'll be pretty tired and...

  • Car Hire

    The area it's not well connected by public transports. You can get there easily flying to Girona's Airport, but once there, I reccomend you to hire a car because the best way to visit the area is going town by town, and there are neither taxis nor buses in all the towns, some of them are really small.


Calella de Palfrugell Shopping

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    Handmade candles

    by catnl Written Sep 15, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While walking this candleshop drew our attention.
    There was a girl inside who creates beautifull peaces of art by hand.
    I bought one of them as a gift for my borther and he loved it:-)

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Calella de Palfrugell Local Customs

  • Siesta, even if open

    many shops and cafés in Calella keep siesta between 12-14 but not two hours, just maybe a half hour or so. They keep every door open but it's still closed, so if it looks empty and "dead" then it is :D

  • Keep piece of paper-pay

    A few beggers have copied papers in english that tell you about the begger's life and why you should feel sorry for him.. After a while, after giving out other papers to other tourist he will come back, and if you don't give the paper back you have to give him money, if you don't want to, give the paper back..

  • Calella, older men playing domino at a...

    Like in France i saw older men play domino in a cafe at Calella, i think this cafe was a hostel a well for them.


Calella de Palfrugell Warnings and Dangers

  • Reading a map!

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the catchy title of the 1992 bestseller by John Gray, succinctly expresses an ancient dilemma. What--if anything--do men's and women's brains do differently?The general statement that men and women respond and behave differently under the same circumstances is true; For example, from the crib, male babies...


    DO NOT GO SWIMMING! The tide is very strong in the costa barava area, we nearly drowned, and since there's no one on the beach it could've gone really bad! And the water was icecold, so if we wouldn't have drowned we would've froze to death! Damn I can be stupid sometimes!

  • Money withdraws

    To get cash from the banks, u should go when the banks are openend and choose the ones with "Telebanco".They are the safest ones i was told and i didnt have any problem.The tourguide told me that sometimes the cards are swallowed and u could have a problem getting the card back when the bank is closed.


Calella de Palfrugell What to Pack

  • Travel light!

    * Map and guidebook;* Crackers;* 2 Liter of water;* Fruit / power bars. * Hiking boots;* 1 extra t-shirt;* Shorts with many pockets;* Sunglasses;* Fleece type jacket;* Hat / cap;* Raincoat. * Lip balm;* (Neck) sunblock;* Band-aids. * Camera and lots of films!* Filter;* Extra batteries;* Lens 210 mm. * Binocular;* Compass.

  • Sunshine,beaches and sex

    It's not warm in april-may, even if you would like to think so! If you are sexually active, then remember this! Spain is a catholic country and you have to go to the doctor to get a recipie for emergency contraception pills! They also make you take a pregancny test before they give you he pills, and the medical insurance will not cover this...

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Calella de Palfrugell Off The Beaten Path

  • Restaurant les Voltes

    One of the best restaurant in Calella is Les Voltes in the same Port-Bo beach you can have lunch or dinner outdoor but always enjoying watching the sea and beach.An advice...Its a little bit expensive

  • I love the beaches in...

    I love the beaches in Calella Palafrugell.I discovered the sea when i was a child there..The best for me is El Golfet. It isnt in the same town, you must go on foot 15 minutes on the coastline.. impressive sights walking over the sea!Another great beach is Port-Bo where i dont remember exactly the day but i guess its on 1st of July when Catalonian...


    CALELLA DE PALAFRUGELLI suggest two excellent campgrounds to stay in Calella for no so much money, cause appartments are too expensive in summer seasonthere are LA SIESTA and KIM'S.The first better for me but try to book your place any months beforehandAppartments there are a lot, and hotels of course but the price isnt so fine ,lolLa Siesta...


Calella de Palfrugell Sports & Outdoors

  • Snorkeling – Unexpectedly colorful.

    I can easily state that everything was taken care of perfectly by the organization. They launched a trampoline (for the kids) into the water and gave us perfect instructions how the handle the equipment en telling us about all the possible dangers and the no go areas. It's the calmness of the water and the crystal clarity makes this an ideal...

  • Snorkeling – Unique in the...

    So, off we went for our drive from Pals to L’Estartit and 25 minutes we arrived at this huge (free) parking lot at the Passeig Maritim. A 15 minute walk along the sea side brought us to the small office of the snorkeling company. They gave us 5 snorkels and the ticket to go on board. Just a short period of time we had to wait as the boat was right...

  • Snorkeling – Booking the Safari Tour.

    Initially L’Estartit was a fishing village, but the influx of a large sum of visitors to the town during the summer months made a hug change to the village. Like many other tourist resorts around the world, massification and uncontrolled growth led the town to lose the charm that had made it popular in the first place. Lucky enough for L’Estartit...


Calella de Palfrugell Favorites

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    by catnl Written Sep 15, 2002

    Favorite thing: u can find the agenda of cultural events on this url:

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