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    Rosas - Spain 1 more image

    by solopes Updated Dec 14, 2012

    Rosas has a long coastline, with several beaches. The local Spanish friend we met in Croatia, Irena, was expected to lead us to one of the better beaches.

    The meeting failed, and we used to beach close to the hotel - St. Margarita.

    I don't know if it is one of Irena's good or bad beach, but I liked it: not too crowded, warm water, soft sand... and dancing at night in a bar under a thunderstorm.

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    Rosas - Spain

    by solopes Updated Feb 1, 2013

    Good location, regular food, nice service, reasonable price.

    One more restaurant, one more meal, nothing to remember nor complaint

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    by mstinawu Written Oct 6, 2007

    El Bulli was everything I had read about, hoped for, and more. This was a true dining experience that can't quite be summed up in words b/c I don't feel like typing that much right now, but it was simply AMAZING. This is a sampling of the menu I had when we went:

    gin fizz
    spherical olives
    golden nuggets
    goat cheese "mercedes"
    beetroot and yoghurt meringue
    5 black olive bread
    m salty "catanias"
    salty chocolate with cassis, yoghurt and pistachio
    tangerines bombons, peanut and curry
    sesame sponge cake with miso
    fresh pine-cone and pinions dacqoise
    rasberries fondan and rasberries vinegar
    tiger nut milk flowers
    oysters yoghurt with px in tempura
    watermelon with blackberries caviar
    haricot bean with Joselito's iberian pork fat
    "caju" with yoghurt
    anchovy and ham with yoghurt yuba
    gorgonzola shell, walnut, celeery and apple
    tomato cous-cous with oil-olives, basil and parmesan cheese
    gnocchi of polenta with coffee and safran yuba
    "Padron" ravioli
    razor clam with seaweed
    " fideua" of shimensi
    teriyaki mackerel belly
    eel-veal bone marrow with mustard leaf
    hare juise
    "torta Canarejal" with red fruits
    snowy landscape

    Favorite Dish: If I HAD to choose one from each category..

    I'd say "Spherical Olives" for the appetizer. They weren't like any olives I've ever had before. They felt almost paper thin and had to be eaten in one bite otherwise all the juice (I don't know how that much was packed in there) would explode all over the place instead of in your mouth.

    "Teriyaki Mackerel Belly" for the main course. I have to say I'm always a sucker for any kind of super fresh and super tender fish part (chin, belly, etc.)--this dish wasn't particularly surprising like all his other dishes, but it was plain and simple sumptuously delicious. The plum-ish sea foam and prune on the side brought out even more of the flavor from the fish and the light teriyaki on top of it.

    The "Trufitas" I'm not even sure how to describe. They somehow denigrated in your mouth, yet were filled with a sweet, suttle, beautiful explosion of.. air? Not sure, or something chewy and then disappeared. I'd have to relive the moment to be sure. =)

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Rosas Off The Beaten Path

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    Rosas - Spain

    by solopes Updated Dec 14, 2012

    Near Rosas I passed a small town with a nice square, where old walls surrounded a church with an unfinished tower.

    I couldn't retain the place's name - Ulla... I presume.

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