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    by sedarico
  • Nightlife
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  • Nightlife
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Best Rated Nightlife in Salou

  • jakonotorious's Profile Photo

    bar zeppelin: hideous bar staff

    by jakonotorious Updated Sep 20, 2006

    Not all of them, just the one who thinks she's it, when in fact shes a woofer of the fist order. Well past her sell by date, would be rock chick, like your mums trendy freind at an Iron Madien gig! To cool for me (not difficult) I was obviously not cool enough for her pub, which was a shame coz the place itself was rather splendid. Possibly the best in Salou, great juke box, fab and groovy band, masive selection of spirts and beers and stuff. Kept going back just to anoy her, dont think she likes me. The toilets were a joke, but then again they usually are.

    Dress Code: much cooler than what I wore, let's describe her. Too tight jeans, all the better for showing off her flabby arse. Tacky belt with gut hanging over the top, in a really sexy way. Crap black rock t shirt, with rips, all the better to see her folding flesh. Chipped nails, and make up by a chimpanze. Rotton perm scraped back for that cheap face lift look. Oh and really, really bad jewelry. Throw a stick, she'd fetch it. Worth the trip just to witness the attitude.

    Having said all that its a brill pub!

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  • gunieverebmoist's Profile Photo

    bar zeppelin: cow bag

    by gunieverebmoist Written Dec 7, 2006

    what a place, the band was fantasticosuperisimo, well not bad. The selection of wines and beer and spirits and ice and stuff was brill. One of the bar staff was really helpful and friendly, the other however was.............dingodoggyaresendofacowbagsachofpoo,and not very pleasant with it. What a ***, bowsywowsy, we were here for ages so it cant have been on the crimson tide. Never in my life have I ever, ever wintnessed such an unpleasant woman. I'm sure it must be joke. She could have been in the circus; roll up roll up and see the worlds most unpleasant and ugly woman, only 500 euros a seat, you could sell out, bigger than the beatles, bigger than zeppelin! (ha) they could just have her on stage being her normal self. I did witness one couple just sitting laughing at her. they seemed to have the same idea as me, she's funnier than telly. She did seem to bring in a lot of repeat custom, but then again with the telly being what is here; endless reruns of Only Fools and bloody Horses, thats hardly surprising.

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  • gitarbob's Profile Photo

    bar zeppelin: ugg

    by gitarbob Updated Dec 13, 2006

    Ever been to Salou? Bar Zeppelin, that’s the place to go. A stupendous establishment populated by the coolest gringos in the known universe, and their donkeys. And speaking of donkeys, what’s that behind the bar? Tis a donkey. They seem to have trained it to stand on its hind legs and wobble about like a wobbly thing on ice. It must have been ill on the day they taught being pleasant to those who pay for your wages. I wish I was cool like it. All my life I have wanted to be cool enough too walk into such an establishment such as this and not be regarded as some pleb who has to be ignored, or at the very least made to wait for an eternity before being served. But, hang on a minute, like several others at the bar I began to realise that this is probably the best and most entertaining form of nighttime theatre known to man. Well it’s infinitely better than the endless reruns of “Only fools and horses” in every other pub in the town. I started to notice some familiar faces in the old Zepp after a few days. They, like me and mine, had obviously decided that watching the hatched faced donkey woman had way more entertainment potential than the balloon animal making Elvis/Frank impersonating comedians employed in lesser establishments could ever provide. So settle in for a good night of fun and splendour, good beer, good spirits, good big screen video juke box thing (at this point anything not showing “fools and horses” was considered high art) and a brilliant band, but better than that, better than anything…ladies and gentlemen, it’s the ugliest, nastiest, horriblest, most disgustingest bar stewardess in the whole wide world. Give yourself a fright; come to bar Zeppelin.

    Dress Code: Copy her, though where you would find a shop that sells such ill fitting clothes is beyond me. Have you never heard of changing rooms? do you get all your clothes mail order from an add at the back of an old Melody Maker?. Send for Trinny and Suzanna, but then again they are almost as bad. Almost!

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  • colinvanhelsing's Profile Photo

    bar zeppelin: children of the night

    by colinvanhelsing Updated Dec 19, 2006

    Take care, it's full of vampires, all waiting to suck your blood. It's even got Zoltan hound of Hades behind the bar, she barks and she fetches sticks, what a clever doggie, woof. You can tell shes a vampire coz shes obviously never seen her reflection or the light of day and shes about 500 years old. Leathery pasty skin, anemic, and downright ugly. see thats where she's gone wrong in all my years of vampire hunting all the girlies have been dead pretty and glam, but this one, she must be some lower kind of vampire, a sort of vampire chav. An aspirational vampire, but with no brain and therefore no hope, rot in hell cow bag.

    Dress Code: cape and fangs

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  • Charlies,snoppy, Cavern: CHARLIE Chaplins All the Way ::::

    by natdublin Written Sep 7, 2007

    heya i am 19 i have jus came back from salou wit a gang of friends all girls, i would recommend these places to other holiday makers around me age, we were in salou last year and loved it so would we went back charlie chaplins is a great spot if you like goin out dancin the staff are very friendly and always lookin out for every1, after charlies we used to head down the hill to snoppys were it is a bit more mad and not as safe but its good if u like to stay out and party its good cos girls get in free to the vip area xxxxxxxx

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  • Mum+2kids's Profile Photo

    Jugglers Bar: kids entertainment

    by Mum+2kids Written Sep 5, 2004

    What i found very dissapointing about Salou is the lack of bars for family entertainement, kids etc.... there was hardly none at all, and this is the reason we picked this holiday, but we only found 1 bar that was really good for kids called Jugglers, were a clown entertains kids all night, with balloon blowing, and dancing round, really good fun, and cheap drinks aswell, cocktails were only $3 .....

    Dress Code: any.........casual really....

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  • Umfufu's Profile Photo

    Equusbar...just across the...

    by Umfufu Written Oct 2, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Equusbar...just across the street was a place to go for us. We had a lot of fun there with our new friends.

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  • Ludders's Profile Photo

    the victoria: Good pub

    by Ludders Written Aug 12, 2006

    I was gutted like the bar to see the Victoria being reffittde during our stay in June 2006, this was a great little pub, please let me know what its like now?

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